PSA: Bargain Nyx

Posted by meronpan on December 17, 2008


Queen’s Blade (figure) fan?  Megahouse afficionado?  Been looking for Nyx?  Looking for a deal?  If you answered yes to all of those questions, head right over and go buy Nyx at hlj now.  Seriously, stop reading and go buy her.  She’s on sale for only 2500¥.  Dunno if that’s old news, but the instant I saw that price all I could think was wholy crap, and the next thing I knew my order was placed.  Even if you only answered yes to a couple of those questions, still worth considering because of the discount.

Don’t quite understand why they have her at such a low price.  That’s basically 50% off, right?  Was she not a popular character?  I mean, she’s not the greatest PVC out there, but the quality is very decent and the elegance combined with weird tentacle monster accessory ^^ …umm, btw, another preview this is, gomen m(_ _)m


Hlj has a whole section of sale items that you may be aware of. It’s sorted by category, and you’ll find Dolls/Actions figures starting at around page 12 and regular figures at about page 14. They go on until page 27! Alternately, use the radio button to switch to list view and you only have to go through pages 3 to 6. Another nice thing about the list view is that you can see the manufacturer easily.


Lots of stuff to sift through there, and perhaps Nyx isn’t for you, but hey, when the potential for a deal this good is out there, I don’t mind spending a little time window shopping. Getting back to Nyx, she’s cast off like the rest of the Megahouse Queen’s Blade gals.  Click for the uncensored version, as usual.


Should’ve been cutting back on my spending but with that kind of bargain (on a year old figure I had kinda given up on, no less) I went for it. Decided to move Narika to my desk so the Queen’s Blade girls were all together.


aaaaand yet again I’m up later than I want and still no progress on my Hayate review ;_; …and I have an early meeting tomorrow. ;_; Aaaah, sorry, enough complaining out of me. ^^;;;



23 Responses to “PSA: Bargain Nyx”

  1. Blowfish said

    You Devil! How dare you to tempt me with an offer like this!
    Why must i be such a weak human…I know exactly where this is heading…
    Didnt check HLJs Sale for a while.There werent any good figs lately

  2. Blowfish said

    There you have it…I just placed an order with HLJ….
    Managed to snatch Iori Minase from Idolmaster for 10 €uro aswell.

  3. optic said

    I knew about the sale but there wasn’t any figure I liked from the range. Iori Minase was like the only one but I already got that from HS bargain bin. lol
    Thanks for the heads up but I guess other ppl are appreciating this deal. ^^

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Damn! I thought i missed her with low price in the toys fair, but this bargain is really a real deal!

  5. Panther said

    Dammit, now I feel ripped off since my Nyx was bought at somewhat original pricing. :(

  6. James said

    Saw her but didn’t buy , even if it’s a great figure for the price . the tentacles are not cute enough :p

  7. phossil said

    Me too! I think you got a good price.

  8. meronpan said

    @blowfish sorry ^^;; i was tempted to get the idol master girls as well… also insanely cheap!

    @optic now that you mention it i remember you posting about minase earlier. it’s amazing how much they have for sale at hlj… and how little of it i wanted ^^;;; i did notice a couple cold cast atrocities for sale… i say atrocities because they were reaaaally plain poses and boring overall… no wonder they’re on sale… the boring pose was bad enough, the premium of cold cast made it outrageous!

    @sonic_ver2 crazy deal, made my day ^_^

    @panther can’t be helped i guess… though it’s not like you got nothing for it – secured your copy, and had it in your hands a lot earlier

    @james haha, yes if that’s you’re going for, uncute tentacle monster is uncute ^^;

    @phossil now if only they’d do this for alter figures…

  9. lovelyduckie said

    I’m not much of a fan of Queen’s Blade figures. But your Nyx would probably be my favorite.

    I must admit I’m mighty jealous of your Hime figure. Every time I see her in your pictures in the background I wish for her!

  10. Q said

    Wow 2500 Yen that’s like the same price as a figma! @_@

  11. meronpan said

    @loevelyduckie my first queen’s blade figures were actually more impulse than anything else, but once i had them in had my opinion of them went way up ^^; nyx/airi are probably my favorite at the moment

    given your impressive preorder list i’m surprised you didn’t work hime in somewhere! on a similar note, you avatar is constantly tempting me to go rider figure hunting ^^;

    @q yeap! that’s why it was an insta-buy for me ^^;

  12. Persocom said

    not a bad deal at all, but cannot get

  13. Rin said

    Nyx is an amazing figure…
    My friend has her…but I might consider on getting her since she’s sooo cheap right now!!!!!!

  14. ron~ said

    yah this one is good figurine, but i have to cut my figurine spending as well, bad A$ atm :(

  15. Nomad said

    beautiful figure, I absolutely love your setup, very well done :D

  16. meronpan said

    @persocom over your spending limit? (like i should be yet alter keeps releasing and i can’t resist… orz)

    @rin just do it before they run out! :P though at the moment she still has a green stock indicator so i guess they must have a ton of her ^^;;

    @ron~ yeowch yeah your exchange rate is pretty harsh ;_;

    @nomad thanks ^_^ though hopefully i’ll get some free time soon to improve upon it soon…

  17. gordon said

    that’s quite a good bargain! but there’s still quite a few figures i want to buy. how i wish my printer can print money. :-(

  18. meronpan said

    @gordon i guess the next best thing would be danny’s job where he just gets figures sent to him all the time :P

  19. Eetaku said

    Wah, I bought this figure at full price! Soooo worth it though…hmm…I’m not sure how much I would save since I live in USA. I think shipping would kill the deal.

  20. meronpan said

    @eetaku should still be a pretty good deal unless you have some sort of killer store here. even with ems shipping she is less than the sticker price i think. with sal that drops significantly

  21. […] of Nyx is shamelessy stolen from Meronpan (Hope you are alright with it ^^;;) PVC […]

  22. Blowfish said

    Hey Meronpan ive got a question about her thorn/scarf thing:
    How do i actually put it on her?Ive found the holes where im supposed to fit the scarfs pegs in but i somehow cant find a way…Dont wanna bend those fragile plastic pieces

  23. meronpan said

    @blowfish ahh gawd that thing took me 30 minutes or some crap to get on… i’ll have to take a closer look at her when i get home to help you more, but in the meantime i’ll just say that you shouldn’t have to bend or stress the parts to get them in place.

    In the end I spent a lot of time looking at foo-bar-baz’s review pics and trying to get my pieces to match orientation. One thing that helped a lot was that I tried to fit in the pieces on her outfit while it was cast off so that I could at least get an idea of how it fit without her arms in the way.

    Hopefully I’ll have some time tonite and I’ll take some pics to illustrate how to get those thorny things in

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