Winter Giveaway: Hatsune Miku

Posted by meronpan on December 22, 2008

mikucontest So my 2nd miku arrived and I plan to proceed with the giveaway!  It’s a winter giveaway, not Christmas since there’s no way I’ll have it out before the holidays.  Anyhow here’s how I’m gonna do things (wholy crap this is a long rules list -_-  but please read it over carefully and take your time – there’s no rush (i.e. there is no ‘first person to get the answer wins’ sort of thing)…

  1. This contest is only open to those who have commented on this blog prior to this post’s publish date OR to those with a dannychoo.com account that has been registered for over 1 month at the time of post’s publish date and has at least 50 comments.  If you only qualify through the dannychoo.com account route, then you must link the account in question and it must contain a link to a site with contact information so I can verify it’s you (i.e. if you win I’m gonna go to that site and look for an e-mail address to tell that person they won.  So it better be you :P).  I apologize to those who stop by regularly without commenting, but for now, this is going to be my spam/cheat protection mechanism.  Also, by doing this, I hope people realize I’m not doing this contest to whore out my site (though it would be fun to see the traffic spike :P), but rather to thank those who have come along for the ride as I fall into figure obsession ^^;  One final way to validate your entry – if you’ve commented on this blog previously, you may vouch for someone else you know who you’d like to give a chance in this contest.
  2. The winner will receive my extra Good Smile Company Hatsune Miku, pictured above.
  3. I will pay for the shipping costs on my end, but if you have customs/tax/whatever issues on your end I’m afraid you’ll still have to deal with that.
  4. You must place your entry by posting to this thread.  E-mail or other entries will be ignored.
  5. If you turn out to be the selected winner, you must be willing to supply me with an address to ship to.  Don’t post your address here, I’ll contact you separately through e-mail.
  6. If the selected winner fails to leave me contact information (i.e. an e-mail to respond to) and/or respond within 1 week, a new winner will be selected.  Please put your e-mail in the comment form (I can get it through my dashboard), not in your post.
  7. Winner accepts prize as is.  I assume no responsibility for the item’s condition or any damage/random loss during transit.  If something happens to her on the way over, I’m terribly sorry, but no replacement will be issued.  Also, this will be the first time I’ve shipped a figure, so definitely no guarantees ^^;;
  8. Entries will be accepted from now until the end of the year.  That is, you must have submitted your entry by 11:59 PM GMT, December 31, 2008.  (if you want to see the current GMT, just search google for “time uk”, without quotes)
  9. I reserve the right to change these rules at any time (sorry, but for the moment it’s my miku, and my contest :P  This isn’t any fancy corporate sponsored event.).
  10. If the winner decides that he/she does not wish to receive the prize, he/she may pass to the next eligible candidate, however, no consolation prize will be issued.
  11. The winner does not need to get the answer exactly.  If no one gets the answer exactly correct, the entry closest to the answer will be declared the winner.
  12. If more than 1 entry is within +/- 5 of the correct answer, tie-breaker question 1 will be used.  If more than 1 entry is within +/- 2 of the correct answer to tie-breaker question 1, tie-breaker question 2 will be used.  If more than 1 entry is exactly correct in answering tie-breaker question 2, a winner will be selected at my discretion.
  13. Entries should contain answers to all three questions, though if you only answer the main question, the entry is still valid (you simply lose any tie breakers, should the event arise).
  14. If no other description is given, the three numbers in an entry will be considered as answers to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd questions, respectively.
  15. You can submit up to two entries, but in the case 2 are submitted, only the 2nd entry will be considered.  Submitting 3 ord more entries will void all of them.

Agree to all that?  Alright, on to the actual contest content.  Simply answer the following question:

How many volumes of Japanese language manga will meronpan own when the contest closes?

Easy, right?  :P  There’s various pictures of my collection around this site, though I’m not sure if any of them were taken with all volumes present and accounted for.  If you’re wondering why I specified Japanese language, that’s to leave room for the tie breaker questions (though I imagine they won’t be necessary…):

Tie-breaker 1:

How many light novels will meronpan own when the contest closes?

Tie-breaker 2:

How many volumes of English language manga will meronpan own when the contest closes?

Keep in mind, with Christmas and vacation coming up, I’m liable to add to the collection before the contest closes ^^; So there you have it, enjoy, and thanks again for stopping by!  Ah yes, and before I forget, with  Christmas coming up I probably won’t be posting as often as I’d like.  The following week will be better hopefully!  Good luck and in case I don’t get another post in in time, Merry Christmas!

From gelbooru, click for source page

From gelbooru, click for source page


45 Responses to “Winter Giveaway: Hatsune Miku”

  1. Rin said

    Nice idea…
    Sadly already have Miku so I won’t try…
    I hope this contest of yours goes out well Meronpan!!!!!!

  2. James said

    Lol hard questions :o

    It’s nice from you to do this :)

    Good luck to those who try to partcipate

  3. Optic said

    I’m not even gonna try because keeping updated with ur manga collection is impossible.
    I’m working on something so i can do something similar. xD

  4. phossil said

    Well, Am I an recurrent reader of this blog to participate?? mmm Yep.. So im gonna give a try althought I dont know the exact number but I think youre gonna reach or had reached the quantity of 100 mangas in Japanese. As for the tie-breakers.. mm well.. light novels probably they are like 12… and English mangas?? I’ll say none.. Lol..
    Well Im actually guessing. I tried to figure out the anwsers looking for the posts and photos… >_<

  5. meronpan said

    @rin i hope so too ^^;

    @james pretty hard, but you don’t have to be exactly on, you just have to be better than everyone else, and so far there’s only 1 entry! ^_^

    @optic hmm i wonder if i didn’t clarify enough, you just have to be the closest, not exactly on ^^; optic contest also? lookin forward to it ^_^

    @phossil you just needed to have 1 comment on this blog prior to the contest post, so you definitely qualify ^^; Anyhow, thanks for your entry, and as you can see, so far you’re the only one… we’ll see how long that lasts :P

  6. GNdynames said

    First time popping in here and I see this T.T

    I honestly don’t like number games >.< but since it’s just phossil then I guess my chances are decent ^^;

    btw, would you like to trade blogroll links?

  7. GNdynames said

    As for my entry…

    I’m guessing around 290 Japanese manga, tie breaker 1: 25 light novels, tie breaker 2: around 20

    btw, my blog address is gndynames.wordpress.com, apparently wordpress left it blank again >.>

  8. meronpan said

    @gndynames irasshai~ added ya and thanks for the add! Given my small readership, I think there’s a pretty good chance for participants… was considering posting at danny’s site though, which may cause a surge in applicants ^^;

  9. Persocom said

    Hmm, well I’m going to guess, 306. tie breaker 1= 27, 2=35 and good luck to those who participate! thanks for making a contest meronpan ^^ I really should do something like this in the future

  10. meronpan said

    @persocom all taken care of ^_^ i’m curious how this will turn out, i haven’t counted in a long time ^^;

  11. Blowfish said

    Now thats a long list of rules but better this way than you getting sued over some trivial matter.
    Its a nice and fair contest youve set up there

    I dont know if you need a validation for GNdynames but hes one of the good ones with the Hots for Saber ^___^

    Ill post my guess later.Theres plenty of time left and its too late to think straight.
    Good Luck to all contestants

  12. meronpan said

    @blowfish yeah i definitely recognized the account so gndynames was already well qualified ^_^ as you say, plenty of time, just don’t forget before the new year :P good luck!

  13. ron~ said

    yah hard questions :)

    good luck with the contest, that miku is worth it :D

  14. nanu said

    It’s been a while since I’ve entered read-write mode here and elsewhere, huh.

    I know you’re running out of space for goods so I’ll take a shot to help you out and numb my sense of opportunism xD

    340 Japanese language manga, 34 light novels, 12 English manga.

  15. I should make people guess how many Japanese manga I have. Total. In storage too.

  16. Eetaku said

    Hmm….I say…..120……20…and 40! Great idea btw! I’m too broke to make contests like this…and I don’t know if this is for everybody but your website has been loading really slow lately.

  17. meronpan said

    @ron~ i was aiming for hard + random so that if you wanted you could increase your chances by digging around the site, but doing so still wouldn’t guarantee a win. we’ll see how successful i was ^^;

    @nanu ohisashiburi~ one and all (who meet the criteria ^^;) are welcome, good luck!

    @pure trance you should! i’m curious to know

    @eetaku hmm that’s weird, it loads fine for me and you’re the first to mention anything like that… it’s on wordpress.com so the only thing i could do to affect that would be having a bazillion images… well, i’ll be on the look out, thanks for the heads up!

  18. Fumika said

    Wow…. I’m going to say 250 Japanese language manga 50 english manga and 50 light novels.

    This is really hard to guess….

  19. burfordus said

    Ooh goody. Tis Burford from DC.com here.

    I expect: 400 Japanese language manga, about 60 light novels, and 200 english manga.

    Cant wait for teh results!

  20. Xiani said

    Xiani from Dannychoo.com

    1. 292
    2. 27 (I had to look up what a “light novel” was >>; )
    3. 33

    *crosses fingers*
    I have horrible luck at winning things, so here goes nothing.

  21. Pus2meong said

    pus2meong from dannychoo.com

    haaah, I’l just add +1 (too lazy to checking out XD)
    1. 293
    2. 28
    3. 34

  22. najica said

    Naji from DC here ^^’
    ( http://www.dannychoo.com/home/eng/najica/ )
    question1: 381
    question2: 23
    question3: 18
    q2 and 3 are pretty random answers,i guess i’ll just have to hope for the best :P

  23. Kira said

    Kira from DannyChoo


  24. lovelyduckie said

    You know me ;)

    1. 375
    2. 65
    3. 8

  25. Tachikaze said

    Tachikaze from dannychoo.com

    1. 315
    2. 40
    3. 19

  26. heat horn said

    heat horn from dannychoo.com

    1. 360
    2. 36
    3. 18

    *gotta go to temple to wish for luck* ^_^

  27. meronpan said

    welcome to all the dannychoo readers and again, good luck to all! i think i better start counting ^^;

  28. Monkee said

    Monkee from DC.com

    1- 396
    2- 51
    3- 23

  29. Akari said

    Akari from dannychoo.com

    1- 352
    2- 48
    3- 23

  30. Litokid said

    x_x I feel bad, since this is my first time here and I’m digging around your posts for hints. But then I tell myself: this is for a Miku figure! There is no shame! And…here I am. xP

    Yay for complete random? ^^;

    1 – 265
    2 – 33
    3 – 18

    Unfortunately, I link to my YouTube and I can’t put my e-mail up there. xP A random comment or message would be fine. My DC profile has my e-mail anyway.

  31. najica said

    I change my options!
    question1: 391!
    question2: 23
    question3: 18
    and i dont think i need to id myself again..do i? ^^
    *pats meronpan on the head*

  32. Blowfish said

    Alright here goes my guess!I tried to estimate all of this from taking some looks at your shelf^^
    I dont know if i asked this before but where did you get those shelves from?They have a good Manga format

    Japanese Language Manga: 462
    LightNovels: 16
    English Manga: 33

    Your Manga Collection is the Runners Up price right? :P

  33. loli1983 said

    Although i may not win this figure, i’m putting an effort of posting in your blog comments, subscribing to your blog and adding your RSS feed.

    I’m not really interested in Miku Hatsune at the moment but good luck anyway. x]

  34. Syranide said

    1. 455
    2. 21
    3. 18

    I don’t think I’ll win but yeah. My username is the same on dannychoo as here, I don’t have a website on there because it isn’t finished. But if by some miracle I win, I’d be happy to post something that you ask in a comment on dannychoo as proof I own the account.

    For the record, NICE COLLECTION.

  35. JChow said

    Dannychoo: http://www.dannychoo.com/home/eng/stargazer/

    Answer: 263
    Tie Breaker 1: 25
    Tie Breaker 2: 83

    New Years Eve/New Years BANZAI!

  36. memoriesoffaddict said

    memoriesoffaddict from dannychoo.com


    Answer: 165 japanese manga
    Tie Break 1: 20 light novels
    Tie Break 2: 40 English manga

    If I happen to win by chance, i’ll post something about winning on your contest to prove that I own the account.

  37. Orange said

    Hiya, let’s give this a shot.. =]

    I believe I’ve made a comment here before, but I’ll link to my Danny Choo account anyways:


    As for my guesses:

    Answer: 385 Japanese Manga
    Tie Breaker 1: 32 Light Novels
    Tie Breaker 2: 10 English Manga (Have absolutely no idea about this)

    Whee… That’s a lot of manga…

  38. Orange said

    And just to add something… Yay for guessing! Good luck to everyone that enters! And it’s about time I added you to my blogroll… haha…

  39. memoriesoffaddict said

    Decided to change my guess


    Answer: 330 jap manga
    Tie Break 1: 35 light novels
    Tie Break 2: 50 eng manga

    dont think i’ll win buy yeah its another guess, at least i’m more confident on this one lol!

    Feels like playing “the price is right.”

  40. nanu said

    second entry, assuming the shelves are now entirely dedicated to paper:
    430 Japanese language manga
    37 light novels
    9 English language manga

  41. Orange said

    I think I’ll just make some changes to my answers. For my second try I’ll use the following:

    Answer: 395
    Tiebreaker 1: 32
    Tiebreaker 2: 8

    Close to the deadline, huh… =]

  42. Seija said

    Oh, first time popping up here. I’ll do this for kicks and laughs. Hee hee.


    There’s your link. As for the results, I’ll so get these wrong. I’ll guess anyway.

    1. Japanese tankoubon – 200.

    2. Light novels – 40.

    3. English tankoubon – uh, since English ones are more expensive, 45?

    Uh, Happy New Year in advance! =P

  43. phossil said

    My second entry:
    1. 375
    2. 30
    3. 14

    After viewing the shelf (panoramic of your room) I realize you have more than 100 mangas..haha but Im still guessing..

  44. meronpan said

    Just for my own records, contest is closed now! Entries below this will not be counted!

    Thanks again to all the participants, and have a Happy New Year!

  45. […] out this is the figure I gave away for the contest I held last […]

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