Late Arrivals

Posted by meronpan on December 24, 2008

Just barely in before the year end, three arrivals I’ve been eagerly awaiting!


Alter KOS-MOS, Alpha Omega konjiki no yami and Griffon’s sasara! Of the three, I’m especially relieved to get konjiki no yami, as my original pre-order was canceled on me. Thankfully she turned up at Hobby Search (sold out again almost instantly shortly thereafter ^^;) and now she’s here, taiyaki and all!

As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere, I’m not much of a Xenosaga fan, but love the idea of KOS-MOS.  Thank goodness for re-releases!


Really had to get this version of konjiki no yami for the taiyaki ^_^


I remember when my collection was starting up I saw len-vesper‘s post at dannychoo.com for kotobukiya’s take on this figure. I commented how it seemed a little much for me – the maid + sukumizugi combo. Seven months later, here I am with Griffon’s version ^^;


All three gals look great, really happy with today’s lewt!


Hope to catch up on reviews during the break (heh, how many times have I said that before… ^^;;;)… right now I really need to pack.

About a week left for the contest, I’m excited to see how this turns out! ^_^



14 Responses to “Late Arrivals”

  1. Rin said

    I want YAMI!!!!!!!
    I got my Xenosaga Kos Mos already and I do have to say…it’s a really nice fugure!!!!!!!
    How did I miss getting Yami….argh….Your a lucky guy!!!!!!

  2. potato said

    any particular reason why you choose this Sasara?

  3. optic said

    Late Christmas arrivals should be the right title. xD
    If I want Yami, it’s GSC which is catching my eye. Wait, are u getting the GSC as well?
    I have one more figure to arrival before the year ends. I hope she arrive soon. SAL takes forever so I might be lucky or not. :P

  4. Panther said

    KOS-MOS. My waifu. I got her during the first release, a very lucky last-figure-at-the-local-store catch. I had no idea at the time there would be a re-release, the news did not come out till at least a month or two after I got her.

    Merry Christmas dude.

  5. super rats said

    I canceled my order for Griffon’s Sasara a long time ago. Mmmm Sasara. I really should have kept it.

  6. Blowfish said

    Yum Yum Yami with her delicious Taiyaki!
    Im envious! GSC Version is nice but this one is just perfect

    Cant wait for the review

  7. Len-Vesper said

    Yami~~~~~~~ <3

    also Sukumizu meido Sasara. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

    Don’t keep them in the boxes D: such would be a crime to otakind.

  8. phossil said

    Good you still got them in time for X-mas!! hehe
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

  9. gordon said

    KOS-MOS looks great. btw happy holiday.

  10. Persocom said

    lovely loot there, they look great together. I’m getting the GSC Yami but I still kinda want this one too.

  11. meronpan said

    @rin i hadn’t planned on kos-mos originally since she was out of stock at most places and not a character i was particularly crazy about… but once she was up for rerelease and my alter love had gone full power, very happy to have her ^_^
    yami wasn’t on your buy list when she came out? ^^; i still haven’t gotten introduced to her in the anime/manga yet i had to order her for the outfit and taiyaki ^^;; keep your eyes peeled on store stock levels, she may turn up yet!

    @potato well, i haven’t really done too much comparison and don’t have a very large th2 collection (she’s the only one atm)… but basically i was just comparing her to the kotobukiya version and liked griffon’s more. the pose sets her apart from the usual standing and she seems to be pretty faithful to the game art (unlike tama-nee figures ;_;)

    @optic well, i was going for ‘late in the year’ but same difference ^^;
    …yes… i’m getting the gsc version too XD ordered that one when i hadn’t found an alternate source for the alpha omega one… and now i don’t feel like canceling ^^;;

    @panther it seems to be pretty hard to predict the rereleases so i always jump on figures i want to avoid having to hunt on ebay later. now that you mention it i think i may have also seen her at a local store… but at the time i didn’t plan to get her…

    @super rats for anything but financial reasons, i can’t think of a good excuse to cancel her ^^; she’s very nice ^_^

    @blowfish indeed delicious! too bad the gsc one doesn’t have any taiyaki, but it wouldn’t really fit the pose ^^;;

    @len-vesper well, as the last picture shows, they’ve been out of the box and remain that way ^_^ kos-mos is on my tv, yami on my desk, and sasara on top of the detolf

    @phossil was a great pre-xmas gift for myself ^_^ happy holidays to you too!

    @gordon with her in hand i can’t wait for the swimsuit version now ^^;; happy holidays!

    @persocom i thought i’d be able to get by with just one, but i just love the deadliness of the gsc version contrasted with the taiyaki eating nonbiri nature of alpha omega’s release ^^;

  12. Lavian said

    萌~萌~萌~ (moe~moe~moe~)
    All there figures are so deadly to me… Especially Griffon’s sasara figure… That’s my type with the right pose!
    I should not surf your blog again Meronpan, you are making me poorer and poorer… LOL (just kidding, I still can survive with 3 meals per day)

  13. lovelyduckie said

    “I’m not much of a Xenosaga fan, but love the idea of KOS-MOS”

    Thath’s pretty much me too and why I ordered that figure too! I can’t wait for my Yami and KosMos!

  14. meronpan said

    @lavian hahah, that’s exactly how i feel when reading foo-bar-baz or exelica meteor ^^;

    @lovelyduckie so then the question is, do you like xenogears? ^_^

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