Kanu Unchou! Now with more Daiki Kougyou

Posted by meronpan on December 30, 2008

Yet another anomaly in my collection.  Good ‘ol 關羽 雲長 {kanu unchou} is not my favorite character by a long shot, yet I now have 3 versions of her… two of which are in the > 一万(10000)円 range.  Wholy hot damn though, I am very pleased this Daiki Kougyou release.


No regrets here… yes it was painful to drop 50-100% more on her than a ‘normal’ 1/6 but she’s reaaaaally nice.  Detailed outfit?  Check.  Detailed hair?  Check.  Wielding a weapon?  Check.  Cast-off?  Check.  Oppai?  Check and check.

I’m tired and didn’t go through the trouble of making separate censored pics, so this review is NSFW, proceed at your own risk, yadda yadda ^^;

Box is kind of a non-standard shape… wider and taller than most, but then not that deep.


Packaging is of the sandwich variety, which I prefer. Once you cut loose the tape, the three layers separate without any fuss.


On to the goodies.


She separates at the torso, so the hakama (I hope that’s what it’s called ^^;) is easily removable.  Kanu’s oppai also detach so you can swap it with the nude version.


One thing I noticed right away was the black marks on her mouth.  At first I thought it was a botched paint job, but after comparing it to the source pic, I know what they were trying to do.  You can click the pic below to get a full size comparison (for newcomers, in general, all pics link to a high res version).


You’ll see in the cover art the artist renders the mouth by only inking the edges. Looks fine in 2D but in 3D it looks to me like her mouth is dirty ^^; Ah well, it’s really my only complaint about the figure so in the end, no biggie.

Though not my favorite, I do love a lot of things about kanu, including her hair.


Personally think they did a very good job with the hair on this one. Black instead of blue also really turned out nice.



After getting her unwrapped the first thing I did was take some shots in shitagi mode since I hate messing with castoff stuff ^^;


Up close you can see the seams where her oppai detach but in normal viewing, I can’t see it at all (or maybe I got it in snugly afterwards ^^;).

chiisai shitagi.


You can barely make it out in this pic, but her hand has a notch so that her guandao is secured firmly.


yokooshiri? Sometimes I feel the whole, ‘tight clothing squeezing the skin’ thing is exaggerated and looks unnatural but in this case it seems alright.


Is it just me or does she look weird from this angle ^^;


As mentioned, you detach her at the torso and can remove not only her hakama, but oppai, and replace with some bare eyes.


The seams are a tiny bit bothersome but I got used to it pretty quickly and soon didn’t even notice.



All dressed up, just giving the twins a little air ^_^;


After a little swapping, kanu’s back to a more modest look.


Might’ve been the lighting, angle, or just not a solid join but the underboob seam is a bit more visible in that pic above. Looking up at her now at my desk I can’t make it out at all though…

Again, I hope this thing is a hakama, ‘cuz that’s what I’m gonna call it. My pics here don’t do it justice ‘cuz of crap lighting, but in person the painting is very nice and it doesn’t look so plastic-y.


The guandao is standard fair. Wish one of these days they’d give it a metallic finish for ultimate sexiness.


Kanu’s top (haori? kimono top? -_- wakaran.) is another attention grabber.


For one, the thing is huge and heavy! There’s actually a hole in the base and (I think) a support pole that are included… but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get the damn things to work together. There’s not enough vertical space (as far as I can tell) for the pole to get in and support anything. -_- It seems like the top kind of rests on kanu’s hip, and it actually is attached to her (you have to take out a piece of her back) so it seems fairly sturdy for now… Update: Make sure to get that support pole in.  She’ll lean if you don’t!  Hopefully you’ll have an easier timei than I did.  If you don’t… just keep trying different angles until the pole is in position.  It’ll fit!


It actually took me a while to figure out how the heck to get the top attached. No instructions and I didn’t see the removable piece in her back for a while. Luckily it was smooth sailing after that discovery.


From this angle the gap in her torso is very visible but I think it’s just this angle and the lighting. In normal viewing this eye sore isn’t very noticeable. (Also may not have had her pressed together all the way…)

More under-boob.


Triple threat.


Definitely very impressive at her 1/6 size. Great figure, though she carries an epic price tag. Hobby Search and HLJ both have her in stock for the low price of errr… 15,010¥ and 15,800¥, respectively ^^;; Or if you prefer, you can preorder (hobby search / hlj) the black version slated for March.

Very hawt. Very sexay. Very kanu. Hopefully she’ll stagnate in stores due to her high price and go on sale someday… because she belongs in every kanu fan’s collection!

Update: Tier has a superb review of the black version!  Lovely diorama shots!


Here’s how she looks in my room… along with everyone else! (well, the detolf didn’t really make it in completely…) Took a buncha shots and made a panorama with hugin. The file is a whopping 9916×787 and 1MB in size so be patient if you click for the full resolution.


A huge improvement over the previous attempt I posted in my room page (which I should update ^^;;).

Again, don’t forget to get your entry in for the contest!  Though not everything, the above pic may help you refine your answer :P  Also remember you can have up to 2 entries, but only the second one counts!!



15 Responses to “Kanu Unchou! Now with more Daiki Kougyou”

  1. Dukester said

    They should bring out a non castoff version at lesser price ;p

    Seriously its an amazing figure, and if it ever goes for a slighty more reasonable price I’ll be sure to grab it.

    PS: Great taste in figures you have there, can’t wait for my re issued Kos mos.

  2. James said

    Awww you got your Kanu , happy now ? :p

    And cool , now we can spy our room !

  3. Blowfish said

    Haha im in the same situation as you!
    Kanu is far from beeing my fav. Character and yet i have 2 figures of her (aswell as Hakufu and Ryomou^^)
    I would have bought her if i had the money and shed be cheaper.

    Hmm my guess that the second shelf contains of 3 parts and not 4 was correct! :D
    I cant be bothered to count and guess again.Ill keep my old numbers.That picture makes your room look huuuuuuuuuge,Too bad it isnt ^^

  4. super rats said

    What is with all this fascination with Kanu from all these people making figures? She’s not bad, but there’s so many different girls from Ikki that are hot too! That said, though it’s a nice figure, especially the way she carries that robe type thing and how it drapes.

  5. Persocom said

    This one is really good, but for that price I’d rather drop it on the Fate Unlimited Codes bundle or something myself XD This is one of the best looking Kanu figures out there though, that’s for sure

  6. meronpan said

    @dukester thanks! yeah, if they had a cheaper non-cast off i definitely woulda went for it. i don’t tend to change up my cast off figures very often, if ever.

    @james very happy ^_^ wish i had more material for panoramas, i love makin’ em ^^;

    @blowfish well my room is actually fairly big (by standards around here) since it’s the master bedroom ^^;

    @super rats yeah, i remember that pic floating around that had all the kanu releases and it was absurd ^^; i really need to figure out how to fit t hat support pole under her top because it seems to be making her lean ;_;

    @persocom ahh i wish they wouldn’t bundle limited figmas like that… i have such a terrible time with broken parts i can’t imagine spending that much for one ^^;

  7. lovelyduckie said

    I wouldn’t mind owning that figure. That’s the first ikki tousen figure I’ve ever said that about.

  8. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie hahah, i guess that says a lot if you’ve been uninterested in the horde of ikkitousen figures out there ^^

  9. Dann said

    oh just ordered it today can’t wait, did that original illustration came with it?

    I think that all people who buy this figure go through the same dilemma ‘epic price’ vs awesomeness, in the end most will fall by her charms and even if the price seems unfair I guess you can make exceptions when you’re so much in love with something, she will be the most expensive figure in my collection and hopefully for a long while.

  10. meronpan said

    @dann alas no, that’s volume 13 of ikkitousen, whose cover art the figure is based off… guess it looks pretty flat in the pic, but it’s a full tankoubon ^^;

    grats on the acquisition, think you’ll be very pleased ^_^

  11. Dann said

    It doesn’t make sense if I say all people who buy this figure….. in the end most will fall by her charms (‘~’) I meant all people who CONTEMPLATE buying this figure in the end will fall…. ^^;

    Forgot, beatiful room there I like particularly the wall scrolls

  12. meronpan said

    @dann no worries, original comment got your intended message across ^^;; also thanks, i’ve always liked keeping all my walls covered with wall scrolls…lucky to have a lot of space in my current place

  13. […] like a kimono, maybe. It’s rather heavy and I had no idea how to attach it to her, but Meronpan’s review of the red miko Kanu was a great help in figuring out the solution. You have to separate her torso […]

  14. az said

    I just got this one, and it’s amazing. It’s bigger than I thought, it doesn’t fit where I have the rest of my toys, so it is now the only figure on display on a brand new shelf :P

    • meronpan said

      wow, she was still available somewhere? or did they rerelease? at any rate, nice get ^^

      especially compared to 1/8, she does have quite the presence… and definitely worthy of new display space :3

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