Happy New Year!

Posted by meronpan on December 31, 2008

For residents on GMT at least ^^;;  Time flying for you?  Definitely has been for me – especially on my otaku side, getting back into anime and starting up a figure collection.

Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source

Ah yes, and before I get into my random ramblings, the contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated, and in general, tons of thanks to everyone who’s stopped by, regular readers, commenters, lurkers and all ^_^ Also a big thanks to Danny Choo and his community, without whom none of this insanity would have happened ^^;  With new years eve still upon me give me a day or two to get the results out ^^;

Just thought I’d go through some of the highlights of the year for me, woulda love to hear yours in case I missed out on any epicness ^_^


I have really broad tastes, generally never really hate anything and if I had to group into ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ categories, almost everything would end up in ‘like’. ^^; That said, some of the shows that stood out for me:

Spice and Wolf

Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source



Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source

Code Geass

and some of the recent shows I’m trying to keep up with but am still way behind:


Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source

akane-iro ni somaru saka

Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source

to aru majyutsu no index


Have been falling further and further behind, but some things I’ve really been enjoying:

kimikisu various heroines

Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source

mangaka-san to ashisutantosan to

Light Novels

I am even further behind in this area, so it’s more of… what did I actually get around to reading ^^; I think I finished the 2nd haruhi novel earlier in the year… almost done with kanokon 1… started spice and wolf 1… ahhhh no progress ;_;


Fortune Arterial was pretty good, definitely enjoyed that one. Tsuyokiss was released a while back, so not really a 2008 thing except for the fact that I finished it this year.

Click for moe imouto source

Click for moe imouto source


Ah well, started collecting this year, and it’s scary how far things have come. From nendoroid nagato to daiki kougyou’s kanu, according to my tsukiboard I have amassed 61 figures (excluding nendoroid puchis).

My favorite would probably have to be… hmmm… gads a tough decision. Probably a tie between alter hayate and daiki kougyou kanu right now … err and alter exelica. So many good releases, and my room has definitely been transformed with the influx of pvc. I even got another detolf yesterday, as figures continue to run my life ^^;


Economy’s been pretty rough and it’s probably still a ways from recovering, but here’s to the new year, regardless of what she brings!

Happy New Year!


20 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. hikky said

    Happy New Year!
    What? 2008 was your first year as collector too? oO That’s quiet a nice collection for one year ^_^

  2. Orange said

    Happy New Year! It’s still about 7 hours away from midnight here.

    61 figures in a year, it’s like over a figure a week. =D

  3. e-jump said

    Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu :3

  4. optic said

    Happy New Year meronpan. ^^
    I’m no surprised ur favourite figure is hayate. She has been the talked about figure off course. I haven’t caught up with any series from this season but a few favourites includes Spice and Wolf, Shana S2 and Itazura na Kiss from this year.

    2008 has also been a year where my collection increased significantly. I remember by the end of 2007 I had like around 10 and now, I have surpassed the 50 mark which includes the petit sets off course so if u ask me, ur have already surpassed me a long way. lol

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Happy new year! Hayate’s also my favorite figure in this year. And this year also can be considered my first year of figure collecting, except that i haven’t reached your figure number. XD

  6. gordon said

    happy new year.

    be sure to save up more money for more figures this year. ^^

  7. Panther said

    Happy New Year man. As a first year collector, that is some impressive collection right there. :\

    Hyakko gets some love finally. Oniyuri FTW.

  8. JChow said

    Happy new year!

    May this new year bring you prosperity and good health.

  9. vixion said

    Happy new year!!!

    have a fun for this year :D just enjoy it

  10. Q said

    Happy New Year! Hope the economy gets better soon, and wish you all the best for 2009!

  11. Persocom said

    Happy New Year! That’s an impressive first year. I started partway through the year and ended up at 25 or 26

  12. Kira said

    Happy New Year lets hope I learn more Japanese this year!!!

  13. Blowfish said

    Happy New Year!
    Your Figure Harem is quite impressive ^^

    Im always endless behind the shows and Mangas i watch/read.Im living in my very own timezone

  14. GNdynames said

    Happy new year! I wish I had bought stuff before the economy crashed, I began in June and only ended up with 10 figures.

  15. lovelyduckie said

    Man…I want more Yotsuba so bad…but I can’t read Japanese and ADV are being turds.

  16. kazearashi said

    Happy New Year!!!

    Gonna start reading Yotsuba for sure this year… xD I know I’m late… lol xD

  17. meronpan said

    @all hope your new year is going well and your hangover isn’t that debilitating ^_^

    @hikky yeah, it all started in march ^^; i think i’m finally caught up with the older releases so the pace should slow down now ^^;

    @orange crap, yes, never looked at it that way ^^;

    @e-jump ake ome! hmmm too informal? ^^;

    @optic aaaa i haven’t watched itazura na kiss in forever -_- left off mid season and forgot about it. i better finish that before i completely forget what happened ^^;

    @sonic_ver2 seems a lot of people started up this year. lotsa good stuff and the quality just gets better so i guess it’s not surprising ^^

    @gordon definitely. i should get a second job for figure funds… ^_^;

    @panther i can’t get enough hyakko, can’t wait for vol 5 ^_^

    @jchow thanks! Here’s to a great year for us all!

    @vixion that’s definitely the plan. i try to live life the yotsuba way as much as possible – ‘Enjoy Everything.’ ^_^

    @q hopefully the exchange rate will improve quickly… ^^;

    @persocom was definitely off to the races as soon as i started purchasing online… couldn’t stop myself ^^;

    @kira ^_^ i’m always cheering on those studying japanese… happy to answer questions as best i can… now if only i would work on my reading japanese posts… ^^;;

    @blowfish i’m afraid whenever i retire i’ll have such a huge backlog it’ll be insurmountable ^^;;

    @gndynames yeah… i wish i got my raise before the economy crashed…. because now it’s on hold indefinitely ;_;

    @lovelyduckie i still can’t believe there’s not on the ball for that one. such a great series!

    @kazearashi yotsuba ftw! slice of life at it’s finest

  18. Jintoo said

    For all otakus time is probably missing : I personnally would have liked to have more time for blogging, taking pics, watching animes, reading mangas, playing videogames… anyway I wish to spend a nice new year 2k9 and to have more time for your “otaku side” ;)

  19. James said

    Happy New Yeaaaar :o

  20. meronpan said

    @jintoo probably spent too much time in ’08 with my otaku side, but wouldn’t mind some more in ’09 ^_^

    @james ake ome~ ^_^

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