八神 はやて Yagami Hayate Review Proper

Posted by meronpan on January 4, 2009

By now you’ve probably seen your fill of hayate reviews, so why bother adding another to the mix?  For the love of figures, of course!  ^_^


The box was “reviewed” earlier if you missed it ^^;;  Another excellent release from Alter, though she’s got an impressive footprint for a 1/7, not to mention price.


Really love how the wings were done, though in a totally different way than the awesome gwendolyn stuff that’s been released ^^;


It’s a shame you can’t really see the bottom pair from the front too much because of her outrageously large skirt thing.  ‘Course that’s another thing I love about this figure, so I wouldn’t want her without it ^^;

Like in the anime, the wings aren’t all directly attached to her body.


I was really surprised by the detail on her book. Was a nice touch.


There’s a notch in the side of the book that attaches to a peg on hayate’s arm.


Love the pose ^_^


Though rein has her own little stand, I prefer her perched on hayate’s wing.


Rein’s little book has a buncha stuff written on it too!


Obviously not as detailed as her non-scale release but pretty dang good for her tiny size (why don’t they just calculate a real scale number? According to a random nanoha wiki I found, she’s ~30cm, which makes the ‘non-scale’ release about 1/1.5 scale).



おっと、パンツ! Before moving her into my new detolf, hayate was on above me on my desk… which means I was constantly inadvertently looking up her skirt all day ^^;;;  Gomen, hayate! m(_ _)m


Nice shiny finish on her hip armor thingies.


Another small reason to display her where she’s visible from all sides… nice little touch on the end of her staff for extra sexay.


I really shoulda dusted her off more carefully before the shoot. Stupid macro magnification ^^;


Though in all the official pics (and even the documentation I believe) hayate’s holding her staff on the golden part… it’s been a real pain to get the dang thing to stick.  Kept falling out and was getting fed up, so I moved her grip to the thicker wrapped part.

I’ve had plenty of other figures whose feet didn’t quite fit in their pegs without a bit of stretching… however in this case the stress from hayate’s feet not quite fitting properly case them to not fit flush with the base.  Err… not that you can see it in the below pic, but her foot reminded me of that ^^;


I think I have a thing for this sort of expression… always end up using it for my figmas ^^;


A head for unison mode is included, though I don’t think I’ll be using it since for accuracy, it would mean rein isn’t visible.



As with the rest of nanoha releases, you get all sorts of character info on the base. Wish they woulda spent the 10 seconds it takes to ask an english speaker if “Position belonging” is engrish or not -_-;


It’s a great pose I tell ya, even Exelica is doing it ^_^


Speaking of Exelica, I got an e-mail from Play-Asia recently…

Trigger Heart Exelica Enhanced [Limited Edition] tba. ->  Mar 26, 2009

Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer for the nendoroid.

Mini nanoha manekko


Aaaand speaking of nanoha, Alter still hasn’t released any info on a release for her… though it seems Subaru got some love lately…  I want a complete set! ^_^

Once again for your convenience, here are more reviews in case you missed ’em or what not…

In unrelated news… I’m insanely behind on my figure blog reading… 367 unread entries at the moment ;_;  So if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen me stop by in awhile… no I haven’t stopped reading, I’m just really behind.  Reaaaally reaaally behind orz



13 Responses to “八神 はやて Yagami Hayate Review Proper”

  1. Blowfish said

    Meister des Nachthimmels? Nice they even got the spelling right^^
    Makes me wonder why magic and german are associated so close together in japanese culture.
    Dark Pantsu?YAY! Im so sick of the usual white pantsu.My favorite so far is Nidas.We need more colourful pantsus!

    Ah yeah back to the figure…Excellent work but im not really into magical girls and i didnt watch Nanoha.The whole Nationalsocialist associations Ive seen in pictures make me wanna puke.

  2. Moe yet strong Yagami Hayate! Loved your review! But how many lamps were there? The shadows are a mess (hayate30.jpg)?

  3. meronpan said

    @blowfish what other series have you seen the german magic thing in? i don’t really follow too many magic girl or whatever series and no other examples are coming to mind… ^^; if you like non-white pantsu, airi and ymir definitely fit the bill ^^

    @divine fang that’s the result of a terrible set up orz generally the light for my shots comes from my room – 4 ceiling lights. i don’t have enough lamps to turn the lights off and create a more controlled environment yet. closest i have is a halogen desk lamp which could work for one light source? … my only other lamp current gives off some really yellow light and doesn’t look very good at all. *sigh* part of an ongoing project to improve my review setup…

  4. optic said

    Almost got her in Hong Kong but it’s a good thing I didn’t cause I have no room for her.
    I could put her on top of my bookcase but then I will be dusting her weekly which is a pain considering I’m lazy. lol

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Nice review and photos. I like that close up photo of her face. I never get tired of watching Hayate, eventhough she’s not my fav in the anime.

    Hayate in her battle jacket has a low screentime, that’s why i think this figure is special. Hayate’s armor is cool, moreover her wings make her really great. I’m just worried about her wings, they look like they’ll easily broken.

  6. Q said

    I’ve only *just* finished the first Nanoha series. Got a lot to catch up T_T

    Meister des Nachthimmels? If my German is still there in my brain I think it’s something like Master of the Nightskies. Have always been wonder how Reinforce stays on Hayate, as it’s not obvious from the front, which is a job well done to Alter.

    Need to find some time to watch the other two series, at least after the dreadful January is over -_-

  7. Persocom said

    This Hayate figure is awesome, I wish I could afford to shell out the money for her but she’s out of my price range. I’ll be settling with the Figma version later this month instead I guess.

  8. meronpan said

    @optic she was definitely picking up a lot of dust when i had her on my desk… stupid skirt is acts like a dust pan ^^;;

    @sonic_ver2 thanks ^^ now that you mention it, i agree one of the charms of the figure is getting some love for hayate in her battle outfit. not enuf hayate combat in the show!

    more than once i’ve kinda twanged the wings, luckily no breaks so far ^^;;

    @q hahah good luck with catchin’ up… after a’s you’re only halfway thru since strikers is twice as long ^^; hayate actually comes with two wings, one with the peg for rein, one without… confused me when i first saw the packaging ^^;

    @persocom if only she was easy to pick up at a local store, you could save tons on shipping ^^; i’d love to pick up figma hayate but for now i’m trying to cut purchases to a more sustainable level ^^;;

  9. ron~ said

    yah cant wait for proper nanoha from the StrikerS, I hope Alter will release her :D

  10. Rin said

    Hayate is still an amazing figure…
    I haven’t open mine yet…sadly…
    I need to do a review of her too…someday…

  11. meronpan said

    @ron~ it’d be a terrible tease if they ended up not releasing nanoha… they’ve almost got everyone else ^^; hurry up alter!

    @rin aaaa she’s still boxed? she needs fresh air! :P

  12. Blowfish said

    Hmmm…First thing that comes to mind is Fate/Stay Night with Rin doing every spell in craptastic German ^^
    The only other example I can remember is Bleach I think.I dont watch the show but ive once catched my brother and some evil dudes where doing german spells aswell

    Yup You are correct!

  13. meronpan said

    @blowfish ahhhh fate/stay night! i should make that my otaku new year resolution… beat fate/stay night, read the manga and watch the anime ^^; (well, not for the craptastic German spell casting :P)

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