Phat! School Life Set

Posted by meronpan on January 6, 2009

No this isn’t some flash back to the 90s or whenever “phat” was popular slang ^^;  For whatever reason, Phat! is the name of the company that made a little furniture set for nendoroids ^_^;


At <2000¥ per half… couldn’t resist. Needed a home for my nendoroids. Makes me wish I had some haruhi figmas because it’s theme’d perfectly for ’em.

The set is specifically targeted for nendoroids although figmas fit fine too. I tried a variety of scaled figures, results later in the review.

The set comes in two halves, A and B.

schoollife01 schoollife02
Set A gets you:

  • Window side
  • bat
  • blackboard eraser
  • chalk
  • yakisoba pan
  • milk (plain or ichigo sticker included)
  • notebook
  • pen
  • notebook computer
Set B gets you:

  • Door side
  • coffee/soy milk (your choice of sticker)
  • notepad
  • pen
  • sandwich
  • desktop pc
  • flat screen monitor
  • mouse

Here’s a look at pretty much everything included in both sets… mmm well nagato’s chair not included ^^;


Miku, yabai! {Look out miku!}




Things quiet down…for a second ^^;  Alas, that seam between the two sets was pretty visible. Prolly be best to get a different background… (well, though I believe they do fit slightly better than I have it ^^;)



No eating in class!!

Evil Fate-chan returns!

Quit foolin' around!

Quit foolin' around!

Figma invasion!

"This lesson sucks."

"This lesson sucks."

As mentioned, a look at how other figures fit… as you may have expected…

...best stick with figmas and smaller ^^;

...best stick with figmas and smaller ^^;

So much for hare hare yukai ^^;


…not close.

Ymir almost fits ^_^;


The laptop’s screen is adjustable – you can fully close it or open it to 180 degrees if you want.  The flat screen’s angle is also adjustable.

Fun way to display your nendoroids and figmas, and definitely a nice change of pace for backdrop. I believe you can use real chalk on the blackboard though I didn’t have any on hand to try orz. Also need to put something up on the bulletin boards to spice things up a little ^^;

Good stuff, wonder if they have plans for other themes…



20 Responses to “Phat! School Life Set”

  1. gordon said

    lol no food in class but what about weapons? (‘~’)

  2. Persocom said

    lol nice pictures, I’d like to get the playsets some day, but they sold out before I had a chance to pre-order. Ryoko is huge XD

  3. kazearashi said

    The set looks really fun to play with… :3

    Can’t wait for mine, I hope HS will ship them soon…

  4. Q said

    Haha looks a lot of fun for the nendos and figma. The chairs and desk seem to fit but just a little short in height.

    Haha meronpan’s evil Fate-chan is back again for the mess

  5. taketombo said

    Ive been looking for some props for a long time now! This will defiantly be helpful :)

  6. meronpan said

    @gordon well, no weapons either but saber was overruled ^^;;

    @persocom looks like it’s in stock at hobby search, if you can stomach the ems shipping ^^; i’d hope it’s not terrible limited… hopefully a restock elsewhere is on the way…

    @kazearashi it’s great! i just need a place to display now… on top of a detolf doesn’t seem optimal…

    @q yeah, since figmas are properly proportioned, the furniture is a little cramp ^^;

    @taketombo indeed, this should do the trick!

  7. taketombo said

    Oh! i forgot to ask too, sorry for my ignorance if you’ve put this somewhere but did you buy them from the site direct? ^^;

  8. meronpan said

    @taketombo i got mine from hobby search, link in my above reply

  9. sonic_ver2 said

    Hmm… pretty nice addition to add the fun with nendo and figma. I thought this sets were made by GSC. Are there any chance of Play Asia selling these sets? HS hates Indonesia and they don’t ship here. >.<

  10. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 well they do fall under the gsc umbrella – the items are on the gsc site afterall. you’ll notice under sculptor it lists phat/gsc thou, so i take it phat actually did the work? at any rate… not sure why play asia isn’t carrying them… practically the same as other nendoroid items… couldn’t find the set on the site unfortunately….

  11. phossil said

    Multitask Yuki!!
    She is reading the book and at the same time browsing in the computer.. Lol

  12. David said

    @sonic_ver2, sorry for the plug… but we’ve got a few of these sets in stock at benippon anyone is interested. I originally though we weren’t going to be able to carry them, but was happy when they showed up one day.

  13. xjaymanx said

    @Meronpan: LOL, that’s actually pretty funny, all the various scenes. Stop motion anyone? ^_^

  14. Blowfish said

    I <3 Kemeko

    Finally someone showed how Figmas look in them.Im really interested in using it for figmas ^^

  15. lovelyduckie said

    I think I’ll buy the set when they make a version designed specifically for figmas.

    Your pictures got me thinking that of all the full sized Haruhi Nendoroids I think Yuki turned out the best.

  16. Heh heh, fun pictures!

    I still want a stage for my vocaloid figures. Maybe they’ll include a backdrop with a figma someday…

  17. Fumika said

    I didn’t know a prop like this existed! I’d like a stage for all my vocaloid nendroids too!

  18. meronpan said

    @phossil yuki’s abilities know no bounds … ^^;;

    @xjaymanx i wish i had the time to do that, would be fun ^^

    @blowfish kemekooooo just finished the anime recently…geeeh, really need to buy more manga now. Figmas fit right in, though preferably without their stands ^^;

    @lovelyduckie given the nature of figmas, i’m surprised they didn’t start with them first! nendoroid nagato sitting down reading trumps all the haruhi nendoroids for me. i love how she looks sitting on whatever random corner i find for her ^^

    @coco the bean ah that’s a good idea… figma stage would also go well the the haruhi gang ^^

    @fumika glad to spread the word ^^ seems like phat should really get workin on a stage… :D

  19. optic said

    So much fun yet so much choas. ^_^
    I kinda regret canceling these 2 play sets but I have other figmas on preorder so it was the right choice to make.

    LOL, mega Ryoko is mega WIN!!!

  20. meronpan said

    @optic alas, when deciding between figures and figure accessories… gotta give figures the priority ^^;

    ahhh now that i think about it i shoulda opened the door and had ryoko’s feet stick out ^_^

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