両儀 式 Ryougi Shiki

Posted by meronpan on January 8, 2009

(Translation under the pic… or rather, this is a rough translation of the text under the pic ^^;) 日本語の練習のためにイントロだけ日本語で書く事にしました。 ビジュアルノベルといえばやっぱりTYPE-MOONというブランドが出るんですね。 「月姫」と「Fate/Stay night」というタイトルもどこも聞くけど結局遊んでないままでここまで来ました。 ;_; 遊びたいのに…アニメや漫画じゃなく、最初は原作の方で楽しみたいけどビジュアルノベルは一番時間の掛かるもので…(ま、僕にとって。 それに、そのゲームはルームメートが起きている間に遊ぶゲームじゃないんですね)。 とにかく…言いたい事はただ両義式って誰? ^^;; 空の境界も最近気づいて、名前だけ知っています。

それでももうちょっと知っています: 両義さんってセクシーだし着物着てるし刀を持つんです! それだけで満足です。 ^_^


After starting to dab in visual novels, I inevitably stumbled upon Type-Moon and their 月姫 {Tsukihime} – Fate/Stay night legacy… and yet somehow I still haven’t played either ;_;  For these classics I really want to get the experience from the source material first… but that means getting through a visual novel which is probably the medium I’m slowest to complete (yet not for lack of interest… more of… well, time restrictions… you know… not something to be playing with housemates up and about ^^;;;;).  And now that I’ve bored you to tears… all that to say… yeah, no idea who Ryougi Shiki is either ;_;  Didn’t even find out about 空の境界 {kara no kyoukai} ’till somewhat recently.

I do know this:  She’s sexay, is wearing a kimono, and has a katana.  That’s all I needed.

My new preferred review format seems to be covering the box/packing in a preview post to spare your eyes from those pics in the review proper ^^; Incidentally I’m so jealous of foo-bar-baz’s pristine pics.


Ah good ‘ol Good Smile Company.  Though before I go into fan-boy mode – at first I thought it might just be the lighting, but after looking at other reviews it seems that her face really does fall out as the weak point of this figure. It’s really soft featured and ends up appearing pretty flat.  I think there’s also slight difference in the eyes that makes it just a bit off from the prototype.  Luckily that’s not why I bought this figure.  I bought her for…


Her dusty head! What? No! Crap, ignore that.  Next pic. (note to self: dust figure before review)


There we go.  Her outfit!  I love kimono.  I love them so much I can’t even see that nasty seam in her arm since I’m so distracted by the patterns.


I’m too tired to look up all the different words for all the parts of kimono so bear with me as we go over the great looking… blue thing. ^^;


I love katana.  Such a great sword.  My roommate has one but alas all I have is a shinai and bokutou ^^;




Something just felt natural about putting her off center in the above pic…

Because her outfit’s so lovely, I really wouldn’t mind displaying her facing away…


Wish I got the lighting better… check out foo-bar-baz’s review for a better look at the patterns on her outfit…


My lighting situation is still out of whack but at least her oppai were well lit ^^;


Not as noticeable unless you view the full size… but… *sigh* shoulda dusted…


Think I already paired these two in the preview, but… I love katana. …and mishiro hasn’t gotten her review yet ;_;


Gah, shoulda used a smaller aperature… ah well, just a gag pic with saber copying shiki ^_^


Incidentally I chose this angle to hide the fact that I was using a left hand on saber’s right arm since her right gripping hand broke in an earlier incident ;_;

Alas, that dries up my supply of review photos I took over the holidays… yes, a paltry 3 reviews’ worth ;_; and January’s already started to add back to my queue… bad for my to do list, but great for my collection ^^;;

aaaah got distracted. Anyhow, I really gotta check out 空の境界 now… and get to tsukihime and fate/stay night… I assume many of you are already familiar? How much have I been missing out on?  Where would you rank the games?  The anime?  The manga?

One last thing… anyone else with a review up?  Went through my blogroll briefly but didn’t see anything… though as I mentioned I’m so far behind on reading, pretty good chance I missed some…  anyhow, lemme know if you have review you’d like linked.



15 Responses to “両儀 式 Ryougi Shiki”

  1. Rin said

    I’ve been missing a lot of anime lately and trying to catch up…
    Sadly I didn’t get that figure yet…I want it but got some figures I want on my list…that I really want!!!!!

  2. Blowfish said

    Haha I know that dustproblem pretty well :D
    The Kimono looks great if you ignore that armseam.It has a really nice pattern and flow.

    I can only talk for Fate/Stay NIght but I recommend you to play the VN.I watched the Anime first and the Fate Route was inbetween pretty looooong since I knew half of the things happening.Its still worth to play tough since there are alot of untouched Details.I havent finished Sakuras Route yet since its a time eating occupation.

    One of the most awkward things are the reasons for the hentai scenes.I would have prefered that they just wanted to get it on instead of THAT reason

  3. nanu said

    Speculating that the full-body printing is experimental on their part, I concluded that the sample photos for Shiki are just too good; I’m most disappointed by the pattern on the kimono being more subtle than the promo photos would lead you to believe, but the rest of the figure is great. I like that the kimono has a satin finish, to make folds and crinkles more apparent.

    As for TYPE-MOON fans, it seems one might generally prefer one over the other (either Tsukihime or FS/n), whichever was found first.

    Likewise to Blowfish, I’ve seen the FS/n anime and was then spoiled some for the VN but completed it anyhow since the game is as good or better; considering it’s 5 years old, the KiriKiri game engine is great.

  4. rangerroh said

    Sorry meronpan this is the first time I’ve even hear about this anime/manga. But, I am interested in 両儀 式 now, hmmm…..I wonder if local bookshop has the manga. Dang! the figure looks gorgeous!

  5. Persocom said

    Don’t know anything about it, but the figure looks beautiful. There really aren’t enough figures in kimonos out there, I’d like to see more.

  6. optic said

    The movies are still on my HD. Still backlogged atm due to time. Saw her in HK and was gonna pick her up but then again, the prices they come up are just ridiculous.

    Katana are awesome. Shana is the only figure i have which holds one. :)

  7. meronpan said

    @rin the endless plight of an otaku… keeping up ^^; after seeing shiki in person, prolly a handful i’d prioritize above her… but since i have her, no complaints ^^;

    @blowfish luckily the story heavy games are usually released on ps2 so you can just play the pg13 version ^^ that reminds me… i actually own fate/stay night realta nua …can’t remember when i bought it…^^;;; anyhow, exactly the reason i want to play the game first is as you stated… can get pretty laborious to make it through the game knowing what’s going to happen ^^;

    @nanu yeah it really is too bad about the pattern on the kimono… it looks really great in the prototype pics but you really can’t see it at a distinace in person…

    re: fate/stay night… i guess that’s what makes it a classic: timeless :D

    @rangerroh if your local book store is kinokuniya, they should have it or be able to order it. ^^

    @persocom as long as they put this kind of detail into it or more, yes, more kimono figures please ^_^

    @optic i wonder if i should wait to read the novels before watching the movies ^^;; blehhh so much reading! it’s amazing how much reading otaku must do ^^;

    wish i had a regular size shana. nendoroids are great but in a much different way ^^; enpatsu nendoroid’s nietono no shana is toothpick sized ^^

  8. sonic_ver2 said

    Still waiting for this figure to arrive. I always get a figure 2-3 months after the release date if i ordered it in my local store.

    Anyway, just as you said, she’s sexay. I love this figure even more and now i can hardly wait even longer.

  9. xephfyre said

    Ooh, I netted her when she was up for preorder. Wonderful, wonderful figure. Also, F/SN is fully english patched by Mirror moon now, so go grab it ^_^

    Also, on a side note meronpan, I have a favour to ask of you. Could I email you if that’s alright?

  10. Q said

    The light colour of the kimono doesn’t seem easy to take pictures with imo. But it surely looks very nice in terms of details.

    I have heard of Kara no Kyoukai before from people who are a big fan of Type-Moon (I’ve even heard that the novel of this came out before Tsukihime), and apparently the movies are pretty good. Maybe I will try and pick some time to find it and watch it in the future. :o

  11. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 i would be in the same boat waiting if i could find a local store that i could actually trust and save money with… it’s frustrating but that much sweeter when figures arrive i guess ^^

    @xephfyre very nice ^_^ i play the games in japanese, so no need for a patch ^^ (and in this case, i actually have the ps2 release) Always welcome to e-mail me… I think you already have my address somewhere, but if not, it’s a gmail account: madaminu

    @q indeed, my failure at lighting definitely shows because of it ^^;; if you get around to kara no kyoukai before me, lemme know how you liked it ~yoroshiku~ ^^;

  12. Lavian said

    WOW, the figure is pretty details especially for her kimono and katana!

    Meronpan, is it a good anime?

  13. meronpan said

    @lavian unfortunately I haven’t seen the show or read the books… no clue how good it is ^^; it is by type-moon if you like their work…

  14. lovelyduckie said

    I’m very excited for this figure. Still waiting for mine. I’m a HUUUGE sucker for traditional Japanese clothing so this is my #1 desirable figure for this year.

  15. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie ^_^ kimono ftw! #1 for the year though? we’re not even two weeks in yet! :P though realistically, yeah, not too many kimono releases i’d wager ^^;

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