来るんだぞ They’re Coming…

Posted by meronpan on January 9, 2009

Just a little preview before the weekend…


First GET of the year… and not a good trend for my wallet ^^;;  I had originally ordered the Boost version Alice from Kid Nemo… but after having so many cancellations, I figured there’s no way they were going to get her in stock.  Good ‘ol Tokyo Hunter had her up for auction so Immediately jumped on the opportunity.  Cancelled my Kid Nemo order and had Alice a week later, GETTO!

Early meetings have been eating into my usual figure review time, but I managed to get a couple pics in earlier.


Was confused when I saw the two whips and two guns… looks like I have a few permutations to try out ^_^


Ahhhhh reaaally happy with this version, must say I prefer oppai to loli :P


Took a lot of messing with manual focus, aperature and what not to get the above pic… *sigh* I’ve still got a way to go as a photographer ^^;

Owners of loli Alice will be happy to know that the guns are eary to fit in the hands, not to mention there’s nice instruction explaining everything ^^

So, RE: the post title… what’s coming?  Preorders are lined up… it’s going to be a great Alter month ^^


Think this is an official pic, but grabbed it from Hobby Search, linked below

Signum arrived at Hobby Stock recently… hoping she ships soon…

KOS-MOS‘s sexay self should ship along with Teana at the end of the month…


'Nother (official?) pic from Hobby Search, linked above


'Nother (official?) pic from Hobby Search, linked above

Hiyori-chan will probably be the most daitan figure I’ve ordered so far ^^;

Pic from official site, linked above

Pic from official site, linked above

Gift’s Saber is also due out this month last I heard, though she didn’t seem to be on GSC’s release calendar?  I don’t quite understand if everything on the site should appear on that calendar or if only certain products are distributed by GSC…

Pic from official listing, linked above

Pic from official listing, linked above

Last, but not least is Limit Gunz, though she won’t arrive for awhile… being my last remaining Kid Nemo item.  Unless I cancel and obtain from another source, I’ll have to wait out the usual US based store delay…


So much good stuff!! /wai wai ^_^



18 Responses to “来るんだぞ They’re Coming…”

  1. optic said

    U have no limits and I congratulate u. :)
    The only figure from ur list is Signum and I can’t wait to get her. She’s already shipped from Play-asia so maybe next week. ^^

  2. ELTboy said

    Wow … except for KOS-MOS … we have the exact pre-orders coming up! ^ ^ … looking forward to an extensive Alice review .. such a lovely figure … not sure why I didn’t preorder in the first place.

  3. Len-Vesper said

    Awesome GET.

    I prefer the lolita version of the figure, I owe it to the face expression and the gratuitous pantyshot pose (plus tucked panties for <3), but this one is quite nice just as well.

    Good call with dropping kidnemo.

  4. meronpan said

    @optic i try to have limits… i’m just really bad at it ^^;;; my preorders is about at half of what it was 4 months ago thou, so i guess it’s an improvement (for my wallet ^^;)? have you seen other photos of signum? at hobby search they had their own set and i must say i was slightly concerned about the coloring… hoping it was lighting and background color ^^;;

    @eltboy then, good sir, you have excellent taste! ^^ perhaps because she was a special release of sorts i didn’t see too much love for the boost state alice preorder… took awhile for me to decide to actually get her ^^;

    @len-vesper those are definitely strong points for loli alice ^^ i must say, though i prefer this version, it’s not by much… love them both ^_^

  5. optic said

    I checked out other photo’s at play-asia and I was a bit concern with the colouring as well. Well, I really hope it’s the lighting because already, I see a seam on her arm which I do not like. T_T

  6. Q said

    Man they just keep on coming. Your preorders are truly impressive as always ^^

    Looking forward to see your SIgnum. She looks quality from the picture as expected from Alter!

  7. Rin said

    So much good stuff but so little money…that’s the bad part…
    I need to spend a bit less due to that fact I’m going to Japan again…argh…the hole in my wallet just keeps growing…

  8. Blowfish said

    LimitGunz and Gifts Saber are still on my preorder list aswell.
    The longest Delay in a Figure i ever experienced must be my Yoko that should have been released in October and is now scheduled for end of Januaray o.0 I hope shell look like that ! ^^

    Hmm…I dont know but i like the face of Loli Alice more.Im still waiting for loli Alce aswell :/

  9. phossil said

    Signum and Teana are my favorites, and Im thinking in getting them in a few months.. :)

  10. gordon said

    i’m waiting for Gift’s Saber to be released. hope she live up to expectation as we what see in the pics.

  11. theinfernoproject said

    That’s quite a list you got there, how do you keep up with your reviews? i’m way behind on mine =__=”

    I ordered Hiyori Pixie too, and I have to disagree with you on Alice’s oppai, me likes loli more ^^; just got my hands on one through ebay, just hope it arrives without any problems…

    My wallet’s not looking good on for the month of January…and it’s only the 10th “orz

  12. meronpan said

    @optic i went looking around again and found foo-bar-baz’s review. slightly relieved. i like the lighter hair and darker colored outfit in the prototype… but i’ll take what they give me ^^;

    @q i’m very curious to see what i’ll think of her in person… coloring is different from prototype… we’ll see how much of a difference it makes…

    @rin ooo you and me both ^_^ was gonna post about my upcoming trip soon… ‘course your trips dwarf mine in terms of loot ^^;;

    @blowfish i hope gift saber turns out as good as the prototypes… the alternate face is slightly better, but i’m still buying 95% for the armor… so they better nail it! hope your yoko and alice come in… two great characters that belong in any collection!

    @phossil i never got into tea’s gun magic stuff… but nevertheless, didn’t even think twice when she went up for preorder ^^;

    @gordon indeed, just as i said to blowfish… they better execute on that armor!!

    @theinfernoproject i… i don’t keep up ;_; if you look at the kategori area on the left side bar… i’ve got 26 review posts… then looking at my tsukiboard… i have 62 figures ;_; yes, some reviews covered 2 figures but still… i’ve got at around 30 reviews queued up orz

    everyone’s got different tastes, that’s why i try to say things like “i prefer” rather than, “oppai > loli” ^^;

    it’s times like this i really wish my raise wasn’t on hold indefinitely… stupid economy…

  13. Blowfish said

    Im buying her for the armour aswell ^^
    I really,really hope they dont mess up.Lets hope th best since shes delayed

  14. Lavian said

    @Meronpan, if for me, I will straight away aim the gift saber. The pictures showed in goodsmile website is much more attractive. However, I can foresee the price must be relatively…. higher too…

    But no worries, i am stocking bread as my dinner now. Hopefully one month suffer could exchange for this saber figure…. She rocks!

  15. meronpan said

    @blowfish just remembered danny had already acquired her… found this pic… armor doesn’t have the polished look unfortunately… mmm hopefully a more in depth review will shed some more light….

    @lavian bread for a month to afford her? ^^; now that’s dedication :D

  16. lovelyduckie said

    I’m excited about my Gift Saber pre-order. The face is fine but I’m mainly buying her for her gorgeous costume.

  17. Blowfish said

    Hmmm…I somehow missed that pic.Hope to see another review aswell :/

    I guess everyones buying Gift Saber for the Outfit^^

  18. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie, blowfish it does seem that everyone’s out for the armor ^^ wonder who out there actually likes the face ^^;;

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