The Gate Opener Alice Boost Version

Posted by meronpan on January 13, 2009

aka 門を開く者アリス ブースと Ver. for the Japanese inclined ^_^


Seems that Hobby Japan was behind this release, though unfortunately that meant mail order exclusivity for this Alter beauty. Kid Nemo was convinced that they could obtain some and I had originally ordered from them… whether or not they would’ve delivered remains a mystery for me for as soon as Tokyo Hunter posted one up for auction I snatched her up. Appears that the ultra pink version is also up for preorder if you’re into that ^_^

No cast off but if you’re familiar with the character design, you know Alice isn’t shy about sharing her pantsu with the world. Nsfw for most ^^;

Seems that many prefer the loli version… guess I’ll always be an oppai guy (errr why does that sound like some sorta ero anime ^^;;)


…and obviously, boost ver. alice definitely outclasses loli alice in that regard…





Love long hair, no let downs in that department either.



As previously mentioned, Alice comes with two whips and two guns… haven’t really figured out if there’s an intended dual whip configuration yet.

...doesn't seem quite right ^^;

...doesn't seem quite right ^^;

Perhaps it’s just an extra whip… and mebbe it says something in the instructions… haven’t read them over completely yet… Alternately we have the dual pistol configuration…


For now I’m sticking to the one pistol and whip for the best of both worlds.

Pantsu break! Caution: extreme camel toe ahead. … ^^;;;;


Apparently Alice grew up but her pantsu remained the same size :P


Great service to the marumie fans.


Aaand I warned you it was coming…


What looks like an unsightly seam in the above pic (to be clear, I’m talking about her leg/butt cheek! ^^;;) is more of a shading thing that looks pretty normal lest you go low angling.


Seems loli Alice’s hair thingies are now… a foot rest?


More dual wielding love.


Closer up some of the hair looks a little chunkier than I’d like but didn’t really notice until looking at these zoomed in pics.


Wings are just part of her outfit so I guess no flying?


Gun daggers didn’t seem too much different from loli Alice’s… don’t see myself wrenching those things out of her hands though so didn’t get a comparison shot ^^;;


Definitely a belt for a fashion statement…


Cuz’ that thing ain’t holdin’ up jack :P


Her finger doesn’t go around the trigger in this version and it’s a helluva lot easier to get the guns in and out.


Before and after… transformation? No clue what boost vs. loli state is about…


Love both of ’em so much I guess it’s kinda pointless saying which one I prefer ^^;


oshiri comparison


aaand as usual, wrap up as I goof around…


Alice steals Shiki's katana...


Black and White


Alice discovers the most powerful weapon of all...

I think it’s the pose and whip that really stood out and made this a must own for me.  The dynamic pose gives her the presence of 1/7, despite her official 1/8 stature.  Wish I had a better display area to get all the Queen’s Blade gals together.  For now Alice is keeping the beat blades haruka kunoichi company.

Foo-bar-baz has his usual coverage up, randomly found another review by TASTEさん if you prefer a blue background ^_^

Update: Don’t forget to stop by Exelica Meteor for more Alice love ^_^



15 Responses to “The Gate Opener Alice Boost Version”

  1. meimi132 said

    Pretty. Very pretty.

    I’m actually loving the pink one lol. Pink=WIN. hehe.

  2. vixion said

    pettan pettan tsuru pettan

    i still like the loli ver lol

    but i still want the boost ver :(

  3. ron~ said

    ooh you got this one, but yeah, agree with vixion, the DFC version is better haha :)

    pettanko > oppai !! :p

  4. Chili dog! Lol.

    the pink one reminds me of bubblegum :P

  5. James said

    can’t wait to get mine ^^

    love the pics , especialy the last one :p

  6. Blowfish said

    While im a healthy young guy and love oppais i prefer the loli Alice over this one.I cant get too friendly with her face.

    Thats one small pantsu! XXS?
    Its my guess but its probably the same pantsu as with the loli version.When she transforms?/boosts? it just crawls all the way up there

  7. meronpan said

    @meimi132 the pink version is epicly pink. i think that’s the tokyo influence (think i saw more men in pink shirts in a week there then i have in the last 3 years in cali ^^;;)

    @vixion i think that’s the glory of alice… everyone can choose for themselves or catch ’em all ^_^

    @ron~ now i will say i love the word pettanko, always reminds me of suzu screaming it to find ayane in nagasarete airantou ^^;

    @coco the bean actually it’s yakisoba pan according to the description ^^; and yes, definitely a strong bubblegum vibe ^^

    @james thanks ^_^ alice was hungry after all her hard work

    @blowfish indeed, small pantsu that appear to be the same as loli alice’s ^^; totally ends up being butt floss ^^;;

  8. Rin said

    I love that figure but I failed to get her from Tokyo Hunter…
    I wouldn’t mine owning her!!!
    I’ll get my hands on her somehow…

  9. ELTboy said

    Quote: “Apparently Alice grew up but her pantsu remained the same size” …~LOL~

    Great review! Looking at your photos made me want her more … God, I need to have her! Why didn’t I preorder her in the first place?! :(

  10. meronpan said

    @rin hopefully tokyo hunter will have some more up for sale… or perhaps a lucky find in akihabara will do the trick ^^

    @eltboy thanks ^^ alas that’s the problem with these special releases… that much harder to obtain ;_; hopefully you’ll find her somewhere!

  11. super rats said

    Oh wow the detail on her underpants is uuhh really groovy. Might have gotten if it wasn’t special order.

  12. e-jump said

    camel toe :3

  13. meronpan said

    @super rats ^^;;; yeah, usually i wouldn’t even give a warning, but booster alice warranted one.

    @e-jump ^^;;

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