Posted by meronpan on January 15, 2009

Three things today.

1.) Fauna到着


Fauna arrived!  Actually arrived earlier… but after picking her up from the post office… I left her at the office ;_;



Definitely kawaii, but don’t think she makes it to the top of my list like she does for danny ^^;


As always… full review later… *sigh* orz

2.) Nyxパーツに付いて

A little preview to Nyx and PSA regarding her outfit, here’s a humble effort to explain how to get her damn thorn thingies attached ^^;


Forgive the over exposure, but wasn’t really focusing on that sort of thing for these shots ^^;  So here we see her left thorn thing… when attaching it, keep in mind you shouldn’t have to to stress the pieces to get it in place.  Basically once you’ve figured out the angle and right piece to attach, it should fit in place pretty easily.


From a slightly different angle I believe this shot also lets you differentiate between the two pieces (somehow it took me forever to figure out which piece went on which side ^^;;).


From the other side, this piece also fits in between the layers of her clothing, fitting around her arm.


Yet another angle for reference.


As I mentioned in an earlier comment, the key is simply getting the orientation right, and you might want to try fitting the pieces on the dress while it’s cast off to get a feel for how the pieces should fit in.  If you need more full body shots for reference, check out foo-bar-baz ^^

3.) 日本旅行

JAPAN!  Finally got my trip finalized!  Will be in Tokyo from 2/12 to 2/21… well 2/13 since it takes a day to get there ^___^  Anyone else gonna be around?  We should hit up an izakaya ^_^


…or a maid cafe ^_^

Last year I was able to go about in time for 花見 {hanami}… which I’d love to do again… but unfortunately my company has been having forced vacation time pretty much every quarter to cut costs or something…  This quarter is February, so that’s when I had to plan my trip -_-;


Believe a friend called this a weeping cherry blossom tree?

Luckily akihabara is available for enjoyment year round ^_^


Since the violence earlier this year, they’ve restarted the Sunday road closure I hope?


Experienced it for the first time on my last trip, and I must say… akihabara is paradise, but on Sundays it’s twice the fun ^_^


Bonus Japanese vocab lesson:

到着 - とうちゃく – touchaku – arrival
パーツ - ぱあつ - paatsu – parts (don’t confuse with the similar looking パンツ :P {pantsu})
に付いて - について ー ni tsuite – concerning
日本 - にほん ー nihon – Japan
旅行 - りょこう ー ryokou – trip



18 Responses to “Fauna到着、Nyxパーツに付いて、日本旅行”

  1. Blowfish said

    Thanks alot! Im gonna try it out as soon as i hit home!
    I had my problems to differentiate those pieces aswell and to be honest i tried to attach them the completley wrong way when Im looking at your reference picture ^^;;;

    I hope youll bring alot of loot and pictures home from your trip

    LOL at the Possibly related posts:

    Top 10 reasons why i dislike breastfeeding ^____^

  2. optic said

    Must have got Fauna from HLJ huh. ;)
    Enjoy Japan. Looking forward to u loot. Will it be twice as big than ur last trip. I think so. xD
    I wish my company force us to have vacation time. T_T

  3. Fumika said

    Hai hai!


    Fauna is awesome.. now I want one too.. even if I’ve never played the eroge.

    I love the Miku Cosplay! The last time I went to Akiba it was on a week day, and I didn’t end up seeing that much.

  4. meronpan said

    @blowfish no prob, hope ya get the pieces in without incident! Not sure how much loot i’ll be able to manage this time… and with those recent posts on dannychoo i am slightly worried about bringing manga back… hopefully it won’t be an issue thou ^^; and omg that related post is insanely off topic -_-;

    @optic indeed, couldn’t pass up the deal ^^; hmm forgot to mention that in the post… seems she’s still in stock and on sale ^^

    will definitely enjoy japan, she’s never failed to deliver ^_^

    in this case forced vacation isn’t as great as it sounds — we accumulate time off that normally we’re free to use any time. Unfortunately with these forced vacations, we have to spend that accumulated vacation time – it’s not extra.

    @fumika そうですか? いいね。 私日本にいる時携帯を持たないんですが、ホテルの連絡先で何とか出来ますね。 ふみかは東京にいる予定がありますか? なかったら名古屋はさすがに遠いですね。。。ま、これからオプションを考えましょうね~

    fauna’s still in stock and on sale at hlj if you’ve got some money to burn ^_^

    i was definitely surprised by the difference, was like being in akihabara for the first time all over again. funny thing was i had totally forgotten about the road closing and arrived before it started… went in a store, came out and people were all over the streets and cosplayers were out and about… pleasant surprise ^_^

  5. rangerroh said

    Just wondering which anime does Fauna come from? Very pretty figure tho.

    Nice! You’re going to Japan! How fun…… wish I could go back to Japan again. Ahh……… too much work too much overtime… “sigh” T_T

  6. ron~ said

    I think nyx photos are too bright (or the contrast was set too high), some details were lost.

    hoo you can attend Wonder Festival! scheduled on Saturday, 14th Feb 2009 :) lucky!

  7. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Buy as many figures as u can in Japan, lol… Gotta save on shipping! ^_^

  8. Fumika said



    I wonder why I typed that in Japanese. Well, let’s try and get in touch once we’re both in Japan haha.

  9. ELTboy said

    Japan … Akihabara … oh wow … enjoy your trip! I was planning for March/April. But my figure purchases tore up my plans…*sob* … hope to be there soon too. Was tempted to get Nyx from HLJ too…but need to resist. -_-“

  10. meronpan said

    @rangerroh she’s actually from the eroge megachu (nsfw, it’s an eroge site!). though later it was adapted into an ero anime so i guess technically you could say anime?

    hope you’re getting well compensated for your overtime hours ^^;

    @ron~ yeah …i was quickly throwing together some shots of the thorn things so unfortunately i wasn’t paying attention to her skin being overexposed… i’ll be sure to do it right (err, well, better at least :P) for the real review ^^

    i thought they canceled the wonfes in feb? if not, definitely will go!

    @xjaymanx not sure how much i’d save ‘cuz i’d probably end up having to ship them all back ^^;;; last time i filled up a suitcase with manga alone ^^;; well ok fine, nendoroid nagato was in there, but she was the only figure ^^;

    @fumika いい練習でしょう? まあ、私にとってね Anyhow, sounds good!

    @eltboy definitely will ^^ been a couple times for vacation and a couple times for business trips… still love every moment ^^ ok, well maybe not the airport ‘limousine ‘ bus ride to tokyo. :P

    Yeowch, figures ate up that much of… err… I really shouldn’t talk ^^;;;; If you do make it in late march, early april, it’s a wonderful time — HANAMI! well, if you’re into the whole cherry blossom thing ^_^

  11. sonic_ver2 said

    Going into Japan menas that you have prepared some cash. I wonder how many loots you’ll bring back home.

  12. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 this will be my first trip to akihabara since i started my figure collection… i’m scared ^^;; well, luckily i’ve already spent an insane amount so i think i should have some restraint…

  13. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: LOL, oh well… As for your insanity~ Waste your money *now*, because you might not be able to waste it *later*. (Believe me, I know.) Hey, that sounded pretty good! Please credit me, lol. ^.~

  14. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx hahah, sage advice? definitely follow it for the time being ^^;;

  15. Blowfish said

    I was able to fix Nyx thorns today.It was a hell of a fight but ive won against some little plastic pieces ^^

  16. meronpan said

    @blowfish excellent! ^_^

  17. […] Ive had my fair share of problems with assembling Nyx`s Thorn Thingies and that I had to rely on meronpans help. Guess what?New Queens Blade Figure-Same […]

  18. […] Ive had my fair share of problems with assembling Nyx`s Thorn Thingies and that I had to rely on meronpans help. Guess what?New Queens Blade Figure-Same […]

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