Upcoming Attractions

Posted by meronpan on January 20, 2009


Had finally been building up some steam with regular posts but a trip home last weekend kinda killed that.  As such, just a little babbling about what I’m planning on posting in the nearsome future…

Having finished off some anime from last season, was gonna do posts about ’em…

あか�色に染まる坂 (akane iro ni somaru saka)

あかね色に染まる坂 (akane iro ni somaru saka)



ヒャッコ (hyakko)

ヒャッコ (hyakko)

ケメコデラックス! (kemeko deluxe)

ケメコデラックス! (kemeko deluxe)

Haven’t been gaming as much as I’d like, but I did manage to finish つよきす (tsuyokiss)…


Recently made some progress on ささら (sasara)’s route… though I should be playing fate/stay night or air/clannad orz


Of course, there’s also my reading lesson posts… I haven’t given up on those yet! (though anyone reading them probably has orz)

And finally… what would a figure-centric blog be without figure reviews! I have no less than 27 pending reviews at this time -_-


I know, some are super old by now, but still… for completeness (among other things), I must deliver (eventually)!!

Before wrapping up… if you’d like to give some input on post format, now’s a good time… /beginwalloftext

When not producing a figure related post, I’m often left wondering exactly how to present the content.  Games, anime, manga… these are also a big part of my akiba-kei flavored hobbies, but having a figure centric blog makes it strange to have seemingly off topic posts.  I still maintain the ideal that my primary concern is not traffic, so it’s not like I’m not going to blog about those topics just because they’re not as popular as my other posts…  On the other hand, interacting with fellow otaku (or fledgling otaku, depending on how strict a definition you keep :P), getting to know the community…  these require a baseline level of interest from the community! ^^;

So, before I go into another random game/anime/game post, what are you most interested in?  Intros to games/anime/manga?  Plot summaries?  Reviews?

Personally I avoid anime posts pertaining to series that I haven’t watched yet… I like going in with a clean slate… i.e.  not even knowing the names of the characters (much less any details about who/what they are ^^;).  As such… I avoid even posts that are “spoiler free” by most standards ^^;;

At any rate, if you’d like to give your preference, please vote in the poll below, comment, or both! ^_^


13 Responses to “Upcoming Attractions”

  1. rangerroh said

    4 am, nothing to do but read and comment on blogs. (The only free time I have right now) =3

    Wow! you actually list the review you are going to do on excel. ^^ hahahahaha… that’s what I call being organized! Looking forward on your next post.

  2. optic said

    Hyakko is hilarious. I’m half way there but I already died laughing at ep. 5 lol
    At this rate, it might take u half a year to get through them all. Not only that, ur incoming figures just makes the list longer. lol

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    If you’re trying to catch up with that stack of undone review, you should try this way:
    Find some free time around 3-4 hours, and do photo sessions for more than 6 figures. That way, you already had some stack of photos, and all that left is (edit the photo if you need and…) write it on your blog.

    If you’re talking about anime / manga, the most important thing you should add in it is your personal thought, about the story, the character, or whatever you want to talk about. It’s your blog anyway, you write what you want!

  4. Panther said

    I agree with Sonic, you need to do quite a few at once and have photos sitting in your backlog instead of the figure shoots.

    And Hyakko was funny, finished it raw though and yet to see subbed of 12 and 13, which were not funny but still, I <3 Oniyuri.

  5. Blowfish said

    Keep your figure reviews comin! I dont care if they are as old as my grannies pantys!

    Im generally not that interested in Anime posts since im nearly always behind and well yeah dont need a recap for them ^^;

    I prefer spoilerfree posts that give some general infos and your thoughts about it.

  6. lovelyduckie said

    I have no idea what hyakko is about…but the image has made me want to watch it. Seems like it’ll be funny.

  7. Fumika said

    Summaries! Those are some what more rare, and may entice people into trying something they otherwise wouldn’t have :).

  8. meronpan said

    @rangerroh i like lists ^^; now actually getting things crossed off aforementioned lists… that’s another story ^^;;

    @optic glancing over at my category summary… looks like i’m almost exactly half way through my reviews… which would mean yes, another half year at my current pace ^^;;

    @sonic_ver2 unfortunately… it’s the 3-4 hours that’s the catch. i rarely have that much time (or want to put in that much consecutive time ^^;) so it’s usually just an hour or two of shooting for a single review (which brings up another point – 6 figures in 3-4 hours? ^^;; at my pace it’s more like 3 figures. one thing that adds to the time is that i have very poor control of the lighting situation. I take many pics at different shutter speeds and aperture settings to ensure i get at least 1 good shot per angle. Also, posing figmas, combo shots and messing with cast off options can take forever for me ^^;;).

    Breaking it down… the overhead of doing the shots separately is very small – since i have such a simple setup, it’s hardly more than a couple minutes before i’m ready to start taking pics. as such, if i did 3 reviews’ worth at a time vs. 3 separate sesions… i save less than 10 minutes overall ^^;;

    in retrospect it seems obvious, but i’m glad you mentioned putting my own opinions into whatever posts i do about anime/manga/etc. after all, there’s a multitude of sites for people to get a (mostly) impartial run down of the stories and characters.

    @panther as i mentioned to sonic, above, i would save a little time from combining sessions, but in my case i’m not sure it really adds up to much… plus, another problem i have personally is that if i do multiple figures on the same day, it gets kind of stale and i find the pics i produce aren’t as interesting ^^;

    oniyuri yukata ftw ^_^ i forget if they had an anime episode for that one (manga/anime mixing in my brain ^^;;). i forget where else i mentioned it, but i really wish they either did ep 13 earlier or chose something else entirely… there were soooo many other chapters from the manga i woulda preferred for the ending orz

    @blowfish sounds like you share my anime post reading habits ^^; mmm makes me wish i was doing my own hosting so i could edit the blog code and set up some sort of dual post system where the user would select the spoiler or spoiler-free version of the post…

    @lovelyduckie slice of life! for me slice of life is all about the characters, which, in hyakko’s case, you unfortunately don’t get a good feel for ’til ep. 2 or 3 i’d say. definitely worth a try!

    @fumika i’ll keep that in mind ^_^ unfortunately the poll doesn’t seem to indicate a strong preference either way ^^;

  9. Q said

    Oh that’s a big to-do list there. Time is such an essential thing that we severely lack, isn’t it? ^^;;

    Well at least you’ll know what to post about, which is much better than “what am I supposed to blog about this week -_-“; something I tend to suffer especially when I’m in the UK, where’s there’s hardly anything to inspire me orz

    Nevertheless I’m looking forward to your figure and anime reviews. As for the anime posts (which I haven’t really done one before), I think doing a spoiler-free info would be a good idea, as I have a sister who really hates spoiler, and she gets real mad at me whenever I accidently gave her some spoiler, so I became really cautious on how to tell someone a story -_- ;;;;;;

  10. xephfyre said

    Your lead in picture made me think you were watching To Aru Majyutsu no Index -_-

    And ya go play Fate/Stay Night orz

    (Will email you later this week, just fyi, in case you though I forgot or summat ;_;)

  11. meronpan said

    @q if i had things my way, we’d get an extra 30-50 years to master a bunch of talents/languages/whatever other skills :P

    though i may have topics, something that’s been plaguing me as a blogger is that writing has never been my thing… i find myself using similar phrases and sentence structures… i start to bore even myself ^^;;; luckily it’s diluted among the blogging community but still… now i wish i had taken more english courses ^^;;

    @xephfyre hisashiburi da ne~ well, if you thought that you’d be correct! i am currently finishing off to aru majyutsu no index – since i haven’t finished it yet, i didn’t include it in my list of anime to post on (though it will be soon enough ^^;).

    i’ll be on the lookout for your email :P

  12. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Well, regarding reviews, you know your schedule better than we do, obviously, lol. Hmmm, and regarding interest, here’s my take~ It’s less about what interests us, and more about what interests *you*. Follow your passion, not necessarily a list. Just because a figure arrived, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to review her. Right? Good luck! >_<

  13. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx ah, indeed, i don’t intend to be picking between interesting/boring subjects ^^;; I guess it’s more like… I’m happy to discuss anime/games/manga in a variety of ways – but different methods exclude certain readers ^^; (i.e. in depth discussion of the plot vs. overviews) At any rate, yes, i agree… not to be selfish or anything, but rest assured, if it’s not interesting to me, i won’t be wasting my free time posting about it ^^;;

    for figures… because it arrived… i must review! … eventually :P this blog and the reviews therein are the other half of the collection ^__^ don’t worry, i don’t buy anything i wouldn’t enjoy reviewing :D

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