ヒャッコ Hyakko

Posted by meronpan on January 21, 2009

Hyakko love!  Thanks to all for the input on my last post… with that in mind, posts will be spoiler free unless otherwise noted.


To all those that have seen hyakko, share wha’cha love!  To those that haven’t, hopefully this will sway you one way or the other~

When it comes to slice of life shows, I generally evaluate them by two simple criteria – characters and chemistry between said characters.  Sooo, let’s see how hyakko stacks up.


The series focuses on a group of 4 girls:

能乃村 歩巳 (nonomura ayu) – voiced by none other than hirano aya!


However, aya fans, don’t get too excited – though the show begins with ayu…can’t really say she’s the star of the show.  Honestly if I didn’t recognize her voice… I’d probably like her character a lot less ^^;;  (well, not that I’d dislike her… but rather I wouldn’t really notice her)  In 3 adjectives… shy, polite, and kawaii!

伊井塚 龍姫 (iidzuka tatsuki) – voiced by neya michiko.  Soul Calibur fans like myself may be surprised to know she’s the voice of Sophitia!


The ojyou-sama of the group.  By the book, can come off as cold, aloof.  Do you know the adjective katai?  Literally it means hard, solid, or stiff – applies to personalities too though, and tatsuki.  Personally one of my favorite character types to see brought out of their comfort zone.

早乙女 雀 (saotome suzume) – voiced by yuzuhara konomi ochiai yurika.  Aside from konomi in ToHeart2, seems that ochiai-san has also did yukiho’s voice in the Idolm@aster.


torako’s side kick ^_^  On the quiet side, but that definitely doesn’t mean shy ^^;  Always seems to be surprising ayu and tatsuki with her daitan behavior coupled with an ice cold expression.   torako’s used to it… for the most part :P

上下山 虎子 (kageyama torako) – voiced by orikasa fumiko, Shirley Fenette being the only other character of hers I’m familiar with… though that’s just my failure as an otaku ^^;  fumiko-san has quite a lengthy resume :P


Here we have, in my eyes at least, the real star of the show.  Energetic, care free, whimsical… a great friend ^_^  A touch of irresponsibility too… torako’s the type to try first and apologize later ^^;

Aside from the big 4, there’s a multitude of other characters in case your type isn’t covered by the above girls ^_^

杏藤 �々 andou nene

杏藤 子々 andou nene

幕之内 潮 makunouchi ushio

幕之内 潮 makunouchi ushio

古囃 独楽 kobayashi koma

古囃 独楽 kobayashi koma

蕾家 祈 tsubomiya inori

蕾家 祈 tsubomiya inori

大場 湊兎 ooba minato

大場 湊兎 ooba minato

涼ヶ崎 知恵 suzugazaki chie

涼ヶ崎 知恵 suzugazaki chie

I won’t go into all of them, since half the fun is getting to know them ^_^

There’s a handful of males in the show too, though my favorite is amagasa kyouichirou sensei ^_^


Poor guy has to deal with a class of weirdos :P

~character interactions~

Once a show has got my attention with the characters, then it’s about how they work (or fight :P) together!  I think this is the highlight of hyakko for me.  There are so many combinations of characters that produce amusing situations for me.

torako + tatsuki = fun loving crazy girl + formal katai girl = hilarity ^_^

nene + torako = class president + torako … what could possibly be interesting about that? You must watch and get to know nene ^_^

ushio + torako… torako isn’t exactly a model student, so she hangs out with another delinquent type from time to time. It’s great seeing torako’s beaming cheerfulness clash against the seemingly mean spirited ushio.

koma + ayu/torako (well, mostly during art class ^^;) – episode 4, art class, I loved it ^_^

inori + iori – unfortunately you don’t see much of these sisters in the anime or manga, but I enjoy the little time they have a lot. I think it may be the influence of moe sadako.

minato + ushio = timid, quick to tears type + rough delinquent type (with a soft side :P)

hitsugi + torako – hitsugi is a younger student you see from time to time in the anime. She has a much bigger role in the manga that unfortunately wasn’t covered in anime. At any rate, torako befriending hitsugi is good for the lols ^_^

oniyuri + torako = strict, beautiful onee-san trying to discipline torako. Good for the awwww kawaii~ moments ^_^

kyouichirou + torako – I absolutely love how torako and amagasa sensei interact.



A great slice of life in my book.  Best complemented by the manga imo though… because if you enjoyed the anime as much as I did, you’ll want more :P  Currently 31 chapters span the 4 volumes of manga published.  In this case the manga has a pretty rough feeling compared to the anime, but the content is the same goodness.

I’m curious what others thought of the last episode – I knew what was going to happen since I had read the equivalent chapter in the manga, perhaps took a lot of air out of it for me.

Optic recently posted about the OP, you can find the ED on youtube, below.

And there you have it.  Hyakko!  Be forewarned, seems many were turned off by the first episode, which, admittedly, doesn’t do the show justice.  As such, I highly recommend watching at least 3 episodes to give hyakko a chance :P


10 Responses to “ヒャッコ Hyakko”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    Surprisingly enough, i’ve just started watching this anime today. And only 1 episode, more episodes later i think.

    All i can say for now is, Hyakko is somewhat interesting. What’s interesting is the combination of character personality, just like in Azumanga Daioh…

  2. Panther said

    Ok I knew Neya was the seiyuu for Sophie up till 3, but getting reminded…sucks, since Neya is now among my respected veteran seiyuu after her works this past year. :(

    And I love Oniyuri. <3 Hyakko was a good comedy series for me.

  3. Q said

    Interesting. Quite a few Hyakko posts here and there all of a sudden. Most mentioned that Hyakko is a good series that many seem to dislike for some unknown reasons though (art style perhaps?).

    Sounds interesting for a slice of life genre, which is something i don’t often touch upon. Not high in my priority yet, but may check it out in the future.

  4. Persocom said

    Hyakko was a very enjoyable series, and I’m now interested in the manga. Might have to see if I can get ahold of it soon. I wonder if they’ll make another season someday, I’d welcome it that’s for sure.

  5. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 hahah, good timing ^^ alas i haven’t seen azumanga daioh… though i thoroughly enjoyed the manga ^^

    @panther sophitia’s one of my favorite soul calibur gal’s so now i’ll definitely have to pay more attention to neya’s work ^^ hopefully volume 5/another season of hyakko will provide us with more oniyuri…

    @q guess i got influenced by the masses ^^; strangely enough i haven’t seen any negative reviews yet ^^;; though i guess i don’t really stop by many anime blogs…

    @persocom they definitely need another season! as i mentioned, hitsugi gets a lot more attention in the manga (around vol 3) and it’s more win ^^

  6. Rin said

    I watched a bit of it then stopped…
    I just have too many anime to catch up with…sadly…

  7. phossil said

    I will add it to my wait list by the moment. But I think its a show that deserves a shot.

  8. meronpan said

    @rin as for too much to catch up with… you and me both ^^; still in my queue are: toradora, jigoku shoujo, kannagi, rosario & vampire, to aru majutsu no index, yozakura quartet, shikabane hime, and ef. …and that’s just for last season orz

    @phossil definitely worth a watch for slice of life lovers. doubt it’d make any converts for those that don’t like the genre, but might sway you if you haven’t tried before ^^

  9. M12 said

    Thanks for posting about this underdog. Many people criticise Hyakko and say it sucks. I loved it, though. I also reckon Torako is the best, followed by Suzu. It’s so refreshing to see a girl who doesn’t fall into the moe stereotype.

  10. meronpan said

    @m12 i love torako simply because she’s always the one making the interesting situations ^^ while not stereotypically moe, she does have something of a moment during art class :P after her… mebbe tatsuki and/or nene… but really another thing i like about the show is all the different characters… something for everyone!

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