光明の天使 ナナエル Nanael, Angel of Light

Posted by meronpan on January 25, 2009

Was testing out some slight tweaks to my review set up and ended up doing a full review… (warning, full cast off, nsfw!)


Nanael + new background!  Lovelyduckie’s recent acquisition reminded me it was about time to make some progress on my review setup… Headed over to… Joann fabric & craft ^^;;  Never thought I’d walk into one of those stores by myself -_-  Was hard to guess how the different fabrics would behave as backgrounds… some seemed too thin, others seemed like the light might reflect weirdly… Wish I could take my camera and try all the different options ^^;  In the end I walked out with some black and white satin.  What do you use for backgrounds?

Packaging and some pics on my usual white background can be found here.


First off, let me mention that I didn’t iron (which evidently requires some special handling) so if you click for the higher rez, you’ll notice some seams and stuff ^^;


Another thing about this review is I was experimenting with the lighting.  Turned off my room lights for once and tried to see what kind of results I could get… Still have a lot more work to do in that regard…


At any rate, back to the topic at hand, Nanael!  koumei no tenshi!  Lots of sites seem to translate her full title as Angel of Light, although it seems that the literal translation is Angel of Glory/Hope or something like that.

Another nice addition to Megahouse’s Queen’s Blade lineup.  Looks like there’s some imperfections in her wings but other than that I’m pretty satisfied.


Polka dot fans will be pleased ^^;


I think I shoulda switched to a white background for the above and below pics… or fixed the lighting ^^;


Love her outfit, and the pose.  Griffon seems to have a release of their own planned, and while I also like the pose they chose… don’t like the face at all ^^;;


Mixed feelings on the sword…


Guess it’s not bad to have it floating to be faithful to the source material, but if I had a choice I’d more likely choose a pose that didn’t involve support bars.

Forgot to pick up some tracing paper to make a make shift filter… ;_;


Nanael’s little milk belt is cast off… along with the rest of her outfit.  Think I’m too lazy to keep up with making sfw censored pics so from here on out, I’ll just be posting bare eyes in all their glory.


Hmmm lighting again didn’t quite turn out as I wanted.


Cast off is pretty easy to work with.  Belt detaches easily at the buckle, dress opens up on the side.  It’s a little hard to get the top part of the dress back together, but out of all the cast off I’ve worked with, Nanael’s still ranks among the easier ones.


I apologize to those not interested in the full cast off, but I have a duty to fulfill :P


In case you don’t have anywhere to keep your extra figure parts…


At the beginning of the shoot I tried using a reflector, but didn’t really see much of a difference on my camera’s screen… later when I actually looked at the final pic… yes, it made quite a difference. Unfortunately that realization wasn’t until towards the end of my review, so I think a bunch of these pics were taken without a reflector up ;_;


Compared with pics from my previous setup…


Alrighty, back to her more modest mode. ^^;


In the high res version of the below pic you can made out some weird marks in the middle feathers of her wing…


Very kawaii all around, definitely recommended for Queen’s Blade fans and err… angel fans? ^^;


Another great benefit of my new backgrounds is that I have soooo much more room to work with!


Lighting still leaves a bit to be desired, but the main point is that before, I never woulda been able to fit everyone for a shot like this.

If you’re looking for some Nanael art, a simple search at gelbooru should take care of ya.

foo-bar-bazさん has excellent coverage as usual, also stop by ELTWorld for nanael love!



21 Responses to “光明の天使 ナナエル Nanael, Angel of Light”

  1. lovelyduckie said

    Satin looks nice! I had such success taking pictures with my new fabrics I decided to visit a JoAnn’s fabrics after work tomorrow!

    I’m torn over whether mine look better wrinkly or ironed…all mine are cotton

  2. Persocom said

    Nice pictures, I like the satin background. I use whatever comes to mind when I take pictures, but lately I’ve been liking outdoor pictures over indoors.

  3. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie looking forward to seeing your shots ^^ I could see wrinkly being ok, but alas in my case, it’s just a straight up seam which looks unnatural ^^;;

    @persocom thanks! i wish i had a balcony or for pseudo outdoor shots… that way at least i could use the sky ^^;

  4. Shiddo said

    Cast off is pretty easy to work with. Belt detaches easily at the buckle, dress opens up on the side. It’s a little hard to get the top part of the dress back together, but out of all the cast off I’ve worked with, Nanael’s still ranks among the easier ones.

    /// lol her cast off was a living hell for me ^^ i have few cast offf figs but not rly cuz of that feature. simply, somehow those castoffs are just cool with clothes up so i got them ^^; well but since manufactuers of figs go thru the pain to deliver me pain and warp most parts in protecting films ><

    so far best was new Labo Ignis. realy easy 2 remove films. no neeed to move or unplug some parts ^^;

    anyway great figure with lovely expression. nice you have it ^^

  5. Rin said

    Nice shoot!!!!!!
    I can still see a bit of fabric on some close up pictures…
    I use well, white paper (26×29) and it works well until dark color bg shoots which I wonder how it works as I’m completely stuck on how much lighting to use…
    Well, for dark color shoots….GREAT JOB!!!!!!
    I think now I should go out and buy that figure…

  6. I used a black card board and the result was SO bad. Since then I never wanted to do black bg photo shoot. But it seems to me that using a black fabric really works. Nice attempt. Best shot is “nanael27”! And “nanael21” is so ero!

    PS: The new URL is now wawawawasurenomo.com? Need to update my blogroll?

  7. gordon said

    don’t worry about NSFW. it’s the chinese new year holidays over here, nobody is working! (‘~’)

  8. sonic_ver2 said

    Does angel wear polkadot pantie nowadays? XD . Anyway she’s really sexy! And i love Megahouse for their full cast off feature.

    Anyway, you should work on the wrinkles / folds on the background. Using satin might be a good idea because it absorb light more than a carton, but you have to be careful with the wrinkles.
    You could erase the wrinkles using Photoshop, need some time but it worked well.

  9. meronpan said

    @shiddo sorry to hear it was so troublesome for ya ^^;;; I guess compared to the shuraki cast off, almost everything seems easy now ^^;; like you, i don’t really buy figures because they’re cast off… usually just ends up being a pain ^^;

    @rin i actually intended to have the folds and stuff kinda visible, thinking the texture might be a little more interesting? however after doing a shoot yesterday on the white (also unironed ^^;;), i think i will have to work to make it less visible…

    this was my first attempt on a dark bg and i think i really lucked out ^^; i was always worried about how the light would behave with darker paper so i never got around to trying it… sounds like it’s being giving ya some trouble ^^;

    @divine fang thanks! i’ve been wanting to get a dark bg for a while now… my previous reviews of characters with white clothing melting into the white background weren’t so hot ^^; hopefully this review wasn’t a fluke… i pray next time i can get similar/better results ^^

    As far as the url goes… i’ll be making a full post on it later, but basically as far as links go, it’s up to you – the old url works perfectly fine and will continue to (i don’t plan on moving to another host for a while). As such, the bigger change is the name of the blog ^^;; I’ve gone from completely obscure (いつも いつでも いつまでも, itsumo itsudemo itsumademo) to at least recognizable (WAWAWA 忘れ物 - wawawa wasuremono). I need to make a new banner graphic with romaji ^^;…

    At any rate, sorry for so much detail, TLDR version:
    New Blog Name: WAWAWA 忘れ物
    New Blog URL: http://wawawawasuremono.com

    @gordon ^_^ mmm i could use another holiday about now ^^;;

    @sonic_ver2 i’d guess only the moe angels go for the polka dots :P

    As I mentioned to Rin, above, I kind of intended for the wrinkles/folds to be visible to give a little more interesting of a texture to the shot… but in retrospect, i think i agree and like it better when it’s just a solid color. unfortunately, even after ironing i think that may be difficult to achieve… guess we’ll see how it goes next time i do a black bg shot ^^; thanks for the input!

  10. ELTboy said

    Haven’t try using fabric as a background for figure photoshoot … looks a decent idea but also very challenging. Would probably try it one day.

    I started out with photoshoots in a lighted room but now actually prefer to do all my shoots in a dark room. I reckon it won’t affect the resulting photos that much but just personal preference.

    And thanks for the link to my review! ^^

  11. meronpan said

    @eltboy found the white cloth to be a lot more challenging… looks like i definitely have my work cut out for me…

    unfortunately my room has 4 ceiling lights so if i’m not careful i get insane shadows in my shots. the nice thing about a dark room is complete control over the lighting situation ^^

    no need to thank me for the link… it’s all for the benefit of the readers ^_^

  12. Blowfish said

    Never forget this Golden Rule:

    Thouh shall not apologize for full cast off pics

    The more I see of Megahouses Queensblade figures the more im tempted to get more.To be precise id get all of yours except Alice in her boost version.Im lucky that they arent that popular and will hopefully last until i acquire more cash.

    Polka Dots are nice^^
    I cant say often enough that plain white pantsu are boring.
    I really like the expression on her face and her “rearview”

  13. ron~ said

    woah, full cast-off :O

    fabric is best used for black bg, since they dont reflect light :)

  14. meronpan said

    @blowfish hahahah but i’ve got to qualify it somehow, ‘lest i come off as a total pervert (perhaps it’s too late) ^^;;;

    i still remember taking airi out of her packaging and thinking, “wow.” definitely gave me a good impression, being my first megahouse figure. considering how nyx was even on sale at hlj, seems like chances are good you’ll be able to get a hold of them later.

    I think all of the queen’s blade gals i have have interesting pantsu… or as you know, none at all ^_^

    @ron~ i had been thinking of getting some black poster board, but was afraid it would look bad due to glare or what not…. glad i held off for fabric ^^; luckily my ignorance didn’t punish me

  15. Vixion said

    lol i used to use fabric for background, it’s kind a hard since mine absorb the light and always have wrinkles [ too lazy to iron and takes a time, when i done i lose the mood lol]

    now i’m using cardboard, it’s easier to handle and sometimes has an effect :D

    Nanael sure has a nice body lol

  16. meronpan said

    @vixion stupid wrinkles… ironing is yet another thing i didn’t expect to be doing for my figure collection ^^;

    Nanael is very healthy ^__^

  17. Nice figure. If I didn’t have 4 MegaHouse idolmasters to buy, she’d definitely be on my buy list.

    I’ve been testing photoshoots with paper as background and it didn’t work too well. I’m planning on moving to some fine cloth as well. Black, white, and whatever the most popular colour for the cardboard inserts in the boxes are.

  18. meronpan said

    @theinfernoproject hahah 4 eh? sounds like a nice set you’re building up there ^^

    my satin experiment has been goin ok so far… one thing i noticed is that it creases really easily! orz trying to come up with a better solution so as to avoid having to iron before every shoot ^^;

  19. Superchan said

    Hi Meronpan

    Are you going to buy the 2 other version of Griffon Enterprises from Nanael ??
    And make a review of it ??
    I can still not choice witch one to buy.
    I got other PVC figure of Megahouse with this Nanael is should vite with them..

    • meronpan said


      sadly no, not planning to get any more nanael figures at this time… something about griffon’s take on her face doesn’t really do anything for me.

      i don’t have too much experience with griffon but i really like the sasara i got from them. as such, i don’t think there’s any inherent danger buying griffon as opposed to megahouse (or vice versa), so just choose the one you like the best ^^

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