Dark Elf -Lineage II-

Posted by meronpan on January 28, 2009

Time for a review of an older figure… Not exactly the review I’d hoped for for NC Japan’s Dark Elf but it’ll have to do for now.  (no nudity but I suppose nsfw due to the revealing nature of her outfit?  meh, ‘course in that case I should put nsfw warnings on all the pantsu shots… hmmm actually that makes sense ^^;;)

Dark Elf (NC Japan)

Dark Elf (NC Japan)

Trying out the white satin… left a bit to be desired.  Well, actually in the above pic I didn’t mind it so much… some of the later shots… err well you’ll see.  On with the review!

Dark Elf was released… gads, well over a year ago – May, 2007 with a rerelease in April 2008. It was a limited run and I was lucky to snag mine from Tokyo Hunter last June.


She comes as pictured, her mantle castoffable and her sword blades attach to a handle that’s permanently attached to her hand.


Her pose and face are probably what did me in.  At the time I was just getting my collection started… played with fire and got burned :P


mmm just look at those eyes, love ’em.  ack! no, not danny’s definition of eyes! (though those are nice too ^^;)


You is liking elves?


…I think it really is the nice work on her face that makes this figure for me.  The detail on the armor is nice, but not jaw dropping.


Something about the paintwork just seems a bit… rough?  From a distance it looks pretty good, but up close… I dunno, feels like it’s lacking something ^^;


According to the Good Smile page she wields the “Sword of Miracles”… never played Lineage II… is that a good weapon? ^^;


Definitely follows the RPG traditions… females armor ratings are invesely proportional to the amount of skin covered ^^;



*sigh* there’s that crease in the fabric i was talking about -_-  guess i could’ve photoshop’d it out, but that’s not a very good long term solution.


A guess a little break from the usual moe every now and then isn’t so bad.


Despite the effort put into the human mage base, I actually prefer the simple logo of the dark elf base.


Taking a look at the cast off mantle and sword blades removed…


oshiri shots!


Has she put you under her spell? Or perhaps you rolled a 20 on your saving throw? :P


Not quite a full party… ^^;


Yet another recurring theme… food in hand!


The dark elf prefers… ichigo gyuunyuu!

Worth the original price?  Probably.  The premium for obtaining a limited release from a third party?  ehhh probably not unless you’re a lineage fan.  ^^;

foo-bar-baz gave this release a full 5 stars!  He obtained his during the original run, so I wonder if it’s a difference in the runs or my photography abilities that makes his look so much better.  Possibly a bit of the former and a lot of the latter ^^;;



11 Responses to “Dark Elf -Lineage II-”

  1. rangerroh said

    OH!, nice photos of the back. I’d hit that, lol j/k. ^^ I’ve played Lineage II and thought that is was a boring game. Not as good world of warcarft but that’s just my opinion.

    foo-bar-baz gave the figure 5 stars huh. I think it deserves 4 stars and not 5, cause the figure looks like it doesn’t have that “BAM” factor and she look emotionless. I don’t know maybe it was the crease in the fabric that didnt make the figure stand out.

    Yeah! I am the first to post! woohoo! ^^

  2. Panther said

    Well though it looks real nice, I was once interested in this figure but no longer. I never played L2 as well, though I do like elves. The thing is, it just does not make the mark into the “must-have” list, which is the only list I buy from now, and I am very critical nowadays. Worse, this figure is a limited.

  3. meronpan said

    @rangerroh though i also would give her 4/5 stars, i must say i like her expression… rather than emotionless it comes off as a cold, piercing stare to me ^^

    @panther yes, the limited nature of this figure is definitely a big turn off (well, unless that’s one’s thing ^^;). if i didn’t pick her up last year and had an opportunity to get her today… would probably pass. As with all my figures so far though… once they’re part of the family, they’re here to stay. ^^

  4. Otaku Dan said

    this figure is really I would get it but I’m not into this type of figure

  5. ron~ said

    hoo very sexy :O

    i like this one better than the human mage :)

    nice photo angle :D

  6. meronpan said

    @otaku dan yeah i’ve noticed the style doesn’t appeal to a lot of people. alas she bewitched me and stole my money ^^;;;

    @ron~ me too, human mage lacks the punch this figure has. maybe if she had long hair… i’m a sucker for long hair :P

  7. ELTboy said

    I love every bits of this Dark Elf figure. I have been wanting to get her but don’t think I can ever get her at a decent price. She is out of stock everywhere and the prices on auction now are astronomical. So will stick to admiring photo reviews of her for now. -_-“

  8. meronpan said

    @eltboy i imagine it’s probably impossible to get her for a regular price at this time… if you aren’t bothered by recasts you can get a kit pretty cheap… but then there’s the whole assembly and painting part ^^;;;

  9. Blowfish said

    Welcome to Blowfishs German lesson part 3:

    Since we already covered the subject Magierin were gonna cover Dunkelelf today…. ^^

    Nah!The Idea with the fabrics looks nice but theres certainly room for improvement.The more youll work with it the more youll get the hang of it.

    oh and smexy figure

  10. meronpan said

    @blowfish the next time i do a shoot with the white will the true test, now that’s it’s (somewhat) ironed. the shots i took with the ironed black satin yesterday were more along the lines of what i was expecting when i got the stuff, hopefully the white is similar.

    definitely smexy ^^ one of the main reasons to get her!

  11. […] As this figure is rather old, there are a few other reviews on the web. Foo-bar-baz has one, of course, as does Meronpan. […]

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