January Preorder Dilemna

Posted by meronpan on January 29, 2009

Nanoha Takamachi.  What am I going to do about you?  Are you really worth 10,857¥?

Click for source (official GSC site)

Click for source (official GSC site)

I was being so good… so far January marks a record low for my preordering habits… leave it to GSC to announce a 1/4 scale beauty for preorder…

Looking back at the damage sustained this month…( I track my orders by date the order was placed)…

1.)  Technically Alice was not a new purchase since I simply replaced by Kid Nemo order with Tokyo Hunter.  Nevertheless, ordered and received Alice this month…


2.) Megahouse’s Lulu was an unanticipated release I decided to acquire…  I loved Code Geass and sadly I have no Code Geass figures so far.  What better way to start the collection than with the main character?

click for listing @ hobby search

click for listing @ hobby search

3.)  Subaru was a given, lest my set be incomplete ^^;  I still haven’t done any posts on nanoha, but as far as strikers goes… was totally not into subaru/teana in the beginning but definitely warmed up to them by the end.  A welcome and necessary part of the collection ^_^


Pic from official site (click for listing)

4.) Saber Lily… man, hadn’t thought about getting another Saber figure, but once I saw the painted prototype… couldn’t resist.

Click for source (official GSC listing)

Click for source (official GSC listing)

Love the way the did the hair.  Love the pose.  Love the base.  Love Saber.  Love larger scale figures.   I’m expecting great things ^_^

So that’s how the first month of the new year has shaped up for me.  Given my previous impulse buys I suppose adding Nanoha wouldn’t be that bad…  As mentioned earlier… I am at a record low for orders this month so it’s not like I’d be going broke or anything…  Yet I still kind of hesitate…

Pic from official site.  Click for source.

Pic from official site. Click for source.

I wish there was more detail in her hair.  Especially for this scale of figure.  I guess the smoothness on her head isn’t really as noticeable from the front, but it still bothers me.  Otherwise… the pose isn’t bad.  I’m usually not into swimsuit figures, but that didn’t come into play when I saw the pics ^^;

I guess the biggest source of doubt is that I didn’t really seriously start considering her until I read in the description that a similarly themed Fate (based on the same source art) was in the works…

Pic found at gelbooru, click for source.

Pic found at gelbooru, click for source.

So yes, it’d be nice to have both… but should I succumb to my set completion sickness again?  I’m afraid I might be dropping a lotta money just to have the pair, rather than on the merits of each alone ^^;;;  My honest first reaction to nanoha was basically, ‘pretty good, but i better save some money.’  On the other hand she looks really good and seems to be a faithful representation of the character… aaaaaa どうしよう?! (what am i gonna do?!)

How’s your January been? And what will you do?  Have you ordered Nanoha?


40 Responses to “January Preorder Dilemna”

  1. Panther said

    Not even bothering, since I was never interested in Nanoha. Further, the exchange rate is mad now. If you could, please get her through a local store or at least one that you pay way less for.

  2. phossil said

    This nanoha figure is perfect!! And if they do Fate with the same design (in blue swimsuit) what a great pair. Unfortunatly they are a little expensive for me. :(

  3. Picked “Do not want.” This figure looks as if it belongs to the DBZ era. They somehow need to put in more details for a 1/4 figure.

    For January I got Pixy and Alice Boost ver only, that’s it! Do not have many pre-orders like I did last year. I thought I have spent too much on figurines. Need to save $$$ for future impulse buys.

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Ouch, you already had 2 high priced (over JPY 10k) items from the items you mention above, and i think you’ll be in deep trouble if you can’t hold yourself.

    Remember that Alter already announced those Fate and Nanoha action prototypes and they’ll sure be released in this year, and of course they’ll be expensive.

    And yeah, if what you’re saying about GSC making Fate is true, then i think we’ll fall deeper into a dark hole of dillema >.<

  5. optic said

    I’m a big Nanoha fan but when I saw the price, that’s my budget gone so yes, i passed on her. Given by her size, it’s expected. -_-
    Well, I got 1 more order coming in this month and I have a preorder free month on Feb.
    Yeah, it’s time to save up on the ones I really really want. ^^

  6. ELTboy said

    It’s a terrible feeling isn’t it. I am always caught in such dilemma as well. I normally would give myself a cooling period before deciding. Eventually it depends on how deep your love is for the figure. And if she is within your financial means, why not?

    Personally, I find this nanoha figure great and very tempting as well but the decision was easier for me because I simply couldn’t afford her no matter how because I have set monthly figure quotas and budget for myself. T_T

    Btw, my pre-orders this month is exactly like yours. ^_^

  7. Fumika said

    I’m a Nanoha fan too, but 10500 yen for that figure is a complete rip off.

    She looks so extraordinarily plain and undetailed that it seems ridiculous that she is being offered for more than 6000 yen.

  8. meronpan said

    @panther you’re lucky you’re not into nanoha… if i hadn’t gotten into the series i woulda saved a lot of money ^^;; alas there’s not too many good options when it comes to local stores. if i do get her, it’ll be through my usual… hlj or hobby search…

    @phossil i wish i they had some pics of fate up… i’d really like to see them together to make my decision. ‘course then we’d be talking about a 20,000円 decision ^^;;

    @divine fang definitely agree about the lack of detail… though now that i think about it… it is kinda on par with the freeing bunnies, which is my only other reference for 1/4 scale releases. Not that that makes me any more satisfied with it, but i guess gives me a more sobered outlook on 1/4 expectations.

    impulse buys are the bane of my wallet. i’ve doubled my spending for a month with a single crazy order ^^;;;

    @sonic_ver2 you should see some of my previous months ^^;; definitely anticipating atler’s releases so those aren’t unaccounted for… perhaps another thing tempting me is that i still have no scaled nanoha figures ^^; ahhh but the fate combo! do want!

    @optic ahhh dang 1/4 prices… ideally i’d get two… keep one on my desk at work ^^; unfortunately that’s definitely out of the question ^^; nice on the wallet to have a month without orders… but don’t you suffer from figure withdrawal? ^^;

    @eltboy the worst part about giving yourself time to think purchases like these over is the looming fear of the figure being sold out ^^; that fear always pushes me towards a purchase ^^;;

    good taste in figures ^_^

  9. meronpan said

    @fumika unfortunately given her scale…regardless of detail the price seems to be the usual for 1/4. personally i think she does capture nanoha’s spirit pretty well, which is why i’m still considering her…

  10. Shiddo said

    Yo meronapan!
    Nanoha is nice but 1/4 is way 2 big for me ^^ Also err… yeah shes “nice” ^^ I am already nervous when some ppl look on nanael ^^; This would be 2 much fanservice ^^;

    Anyway I am temted by Lulu / Zero as well. Purple could’ve been darker but still ^^ And seems it comes with alot of options of hands and head. I am bit scared about cape thru… hope it will hold still… sumthing like T-Box Rize. Her skirt wiggled alot ~_~ Still proly i wont resist.

    Saber Lily was another DOH for me when i saw her in HS mail ~_~ She is simply beautifull and Alter on top. Pitty its 1/7… still might get it as first 1/7 fig ^^; Althru she has alot less chances then Lulu. Since Saber from Gift should arrive tomorow ^^ Cant wait. Glad it got anime head version ^^

    I am trying to resist since there is already bunch of figs on preorder ~_~ Senhime(Alter-cant wait this one!!!), Kaori(Koto), Extravaganza Haruhi trio and quite spam of nendos xD Exelica, Yoshika, Yoko, Pixel Maritan, Louise, Rin and now thinking bout Kagami and new Kureha.
    You getting any of those? ^^

    Oh yeah and HLJ just traped me on their sale ^^; Couldnt resit Fauna ONLY for 2743 Y and Haruka(Alter) 4760 Y ^^ Pitty they didnt do Beat Blades Subaru(she looks so cool ^^) You have both, said love Your taste since its very similar 2 mine ^^

  11. optic said

    one of the great things about having a preorder free month is, I can find the time and open up my backlog of figmas. I have more than 10+ unopened ones so that’s quite a lot still in the box. lol
    Well, I’ve been collecting for more than a year and a half now so a preorder free month is normal. ^^

  12. meronpan said

    @shiddo it’s just a swimsuit, nothing that scandalous, is it? :P

    i wouldn’t worry too much about lulu’s cape… it doesn’t look particularly bulky…

    your gift saber’s comin tomorrow? mine’s in customs now so i should have her by the weekend hopefully. ^^

    my preorders are on my tsuki-board if you’re interested… but yeah, got alter’s senhime, kanzaki kaori, extravangaza haruhi (only haruhi), nendoroid exelica, and nendoroid yoko ordered at the moment.

    damn, haruka went on sale? that’s excellent. she’s one of my favorites ^^ totally agree, i wish they released subaru too!

    @optic ah yes, i remember that post of yours about unopened figmas ^^; definitely a nice backlog to be going through.

    i long for an order free month… so that i can splurge on something insane later :P

  13. fabian said

    To buy or not to buy. The figure looks pretty good. Sure it isn’t THAT detailed but as long as it captures the essence of the character well it doesn’t matter all that much, does it? (Well, to me at least ^^”)

    Still, I wouldn’t buy it simply because it’s a bit pricey and also because I can’t count out the possibility that Alter will put out a new figure of her soon as well. I’m sure that one would be well worth it’s money given the quality of the other figures of their Nanoha line.

    I wonder if her figure box will be even larger than Hayate’s. :) Just got mine a few days ago. Finding a place large enough to store her box wasn’t exactly easy.

    Max Factory’s Fauna was my only impulse buy so far. I usually don’t buy on impulse as my figure budget is rather slim. I’m currently stewing over whether to get Subaru or Saber Lily.

  14. meronpan said

    @fabian indeed, my basis for comparison is the freeing 1/4 bunnies… it’s not like haruhi or ryoko is incredibly detailed, but i love ’em both ^^

    i’m also waiting for an announcement from alter for a 1/7 strikers nanoha… which further complicates my budget ^^;

    grats on hayate! i have a feeling nanoha’s box would be significantly smaller (volume wise at least) because she doesn’t have a huge skirt thing or wings to increase her footprint.

    tough decision between subaru and saber lily. i’d probably go for saber… even though i still don’t know much about her character ^^;;; love swords and chicks in armor so what can i say :P

  15. Shiddo said

    @meronpan yeah its just swimsuit but alot of ppl here find weired anime or anime figures ^^; on top half naked hehe

    yey got Saber. She looks alot more decent and less flashy then on promo photos ^^ I know thats normal but I found this one diff even more. Armour is more metalic like and as much silverish like on promos. But guess its all about lights. Still figure was worth of money. Very pretty. Specialy that transparent skirt and mirror like stand. Thx god they realy included anime head ^^. The original is fail/ugly imo ^^

    oh yeah totaly forgot bout tsuki ^^ have to update it as well. had no figures thru december then was sick so i was not in mood at all ^^

    hope you get ur saber soon ^^

  16. Shiddo said

    *not as much silverish.
    (doh lately postbox keeps acting strange. loosing words or all sentences ) -_-

  17. Rin said

    Well, money is a factor to all my pre orders…
    I have to keep in mind I’m going to Japan in the summer and I have to make sure I have to save up for that trip!!!!!
    Argh, I’ve already cut off a lot of my pre orders…so hard for an otaku in these hard times…

  18. Shiddo said

    @rin all go to japan *envious* T-T
    i plan to make a trip there 2. once i get over my paranoya of planes and learn japo~lango a bit more so i can talk 2 some1 there or atleast ask for directions ^^;

    in my case i will have to + savings for new laptop and get some camera aside from “pocket money” and trip cost -__-

  19. Vixion said

    go for saber and fate!!! coz they ‘re blondie and has a pose with armpit lol

    basicly that what i was gonna do, not really like the white devil lol

  20. lovelyduckie said

    Nanoha isn’t a big thing for me so it’s easy for my to bypass this figure. But I also had no choice but to pre-order Zero and Saber Lily :)

    If I were in your shoes getting 1 would mean I HAVE to get the other. I have completionist sickness.

  21. meronpan said

    @shiddo lighting definitely is important ^^; judging by reviews i’ve seen, yeah, as you mentioned not as good as the promo, but still pretty nice. i hope my package clears customs today or else i won’t get her until monday ;_;

    @rin yikes, going during the summer? for me at least, i just melt in the humidity. i had to go in the summer once for work and that was probably the least happy i’ve been in japan ^^;; (not to mention since it was for work i was wearing pants and a collared shirt -_-) On the other hand, it’s just nice to be in japan, regardless of the weather ^_^
    can’t wait ’till the economy recovers so i can spend with wild abandon ^^;;;

    @vixion well, saber’s already ordered ^^; looking forward to seeing a fate annoucement…

    @lovelyduckie aaa you’re lucky to be off the hook :P maybe i’ll just wait for fate and pray nanoha is still available if/when i order ^^;

  22. Shiddo said

    @meronpan yeah. her front part of skirt is weird a bit as well ^^; i dont understand why they made it different color from rest of her blue outfit but ok. funny are lighting imitating gray/white light stripes. they proly supposed imitate silk etc. looks weired when from some angles ^^;

    also shes quite tiny for a 1/8. shes like Labo Ignis or Clain Clain http://www.hlj.com/product/ATS82135. on top very similar pose ^^ they are like rivals now ^^; funny is… both quite small almoast more like 1/9, but both have enormous base oO and saber takes it to whole new lvl. so far bigges base in my collection oO its like 19cm diameter and circle.

    funny thing is the glass part of base ^^ its so ecchi ^^ u can see exactly under her skirt lolz… funny since this one is not a pantsu one. unless there are some ppl interested in medieval types of underwear ^^;; i still find it more like some white pants. well anoyence is it catches fingerpints as well and all sort of dust ^^ dunno how resistant the glass is and didnt want to risk. I went stright and cleaned it with this clout you can buy at optic shp etc. used to clean glasses. I use it for displays and scratchable stuff ^^ Lily one sure has a perfect base if they stick with one on propagation photos.

    Customs are pain -_- My first order was hell. They even messed request so I had no idea its on post and I should go to pay some tax. Well since then I keep value lower and they send it stright 2 me. So from HobbySearch I get it in 3-4 days from Japan (awesome!… EMS price is not so awesome -_-;)

    meron You order from HLJ right? I just found that they have Exelica on stock!! thought shes sold everywhere. Do You know how they proceed with multiple orders? They mention something like, they try to ship stuff together when there are more orders at same time. Well thats my problem. I dont want to ship them together cuz of value and possible customs tax >< So I am not sure if I should place her as order or wait till they send me Haruka+Fauna and then place Exelica. I already mailed them but seems they are off on weekends ^^; Maybe… since Exelica is so big they will send her alone anyway ^^;

  23. Q said

    Hmph a dilmna is always troublesome. The size is nice, but if I think about the price to go with the details there, it’s not worth my money imho. On the other hand Saber Lily is still around 9xxx Yen but the details on it is breathtaking, which is why most people are willing to spend the money on it. Well I’m not sure what to say if Fate does come out though as I’m kinda biased (blatantly).

    But then I don’t preorder things often or have many figures, so I can’t really help you too much on this orz. Other than a few gunpla I *might* look into Alter RIot Fate when the colour ver. comes out.

  24. Persocom said

    Like the figure, and I like Nanoha, but the price is too hefty and even though I like it I’d prefer her in her normal outfit, more fancy and detailed and would seem more worthy of a high price tag than something this simple looking.

  25. meronpan said

    @shiddo wow, awesome that hlj has exelica. if i understand hlj’s system correctly, all your opened orders are indeed recombined (they try to ship them together to save shipping costs). So yeah, if both are in stock, they will try to ship together. Exelica is pretty big so there is a chance she would have to go separately… but on the other hand i’ve gotten some pretty big packages from them so maybe not ^^;;

    @q if only alter would do a 1/4… would love to see if they could do something special with the larger size. as you allude to… you’re really just paying for the 1/4 scale, not any sort of extra detail in the figure, which is too bad. think i will sleep on this one (and hope she’s in stock if i decide to get her later ^^;;)

    @persocom it’s kinda funny… i usually prefer the details of the normal outfits too, but for these 1/4 i think i like the simplicity. i guess.. because there’s not as much detail, better to have a simple outfit that doesn’t need as much detail to look good.

  26. gordon said

    actually i prefer adult feito more. bikini nanoha looks ok but the 1/4 scale is big. storage will be a problem. not to mention the hefty price and my shrinking pocket due to the economic depression. :(

  27. Only Saber Lily’s on my pre-order list. I wanted to get the striker girls, but I haven’t finished the series (only on ep1) to like them enough to buy their figures especially when they’re so expensive. I’m still deciding if I should buy Hayate Yagami, and Signum. Maybe finishing the series will help me decide “orz

  28. meronpan said

    @gordon i haven’t been worried about space, but i should be… i don’t know where i’m going to put the rest of my preordered stuff… ^^;

  29. meronpan said

    @theinfernoproject you might change your opinion of them a little but if you’ve seens A’s, I would guess your feelings for ’em would probably be decided ^^ It’s definitely a big commitment though, so best to make sure

  30. Blowfish said

    Ive chosen DO NOT WANT since ive never been interested in Nanoha.I see that your one of those poor souls that has the complete set curse aswell.Its truly an evil curse.
    Id be a bit more careful with this figure since a big scale needs big attention to look alright.I dont know if GSC ever pulled such a big figure before.

  31. meronpan said

    @blowfish if i didn’t have the damn set completion curse i’d have half the haruhi figures i own, and probably wouldn’t have gotten all the shuraki… *sigh* sad part is, even with my complete sets i’m not even displaying them together ^^;;;

    given the prototype pics and ones at mikatan’s blog she looks pretty good to me…. just that she’s on the border of ‘good enough to drop >$100’ ^^;; hopefully sleeping on this one won’t hurt…

  32. James said

    You need her :p

    Buy Buy BUY !

  33. meronpan said

    @james seems like you’re always pushing me towards another purchase :P

  34. James said

    No no , i thinks it’s just the way it looks like , but you’re wrong :p

    (look at her sexy body)

    (yum Nanoha in swimsuit)

    (1/4 is always good)


  35. meronpan said

    @james … we will see :P

  36. James said

    i’m like 95% sure that you’re going to buy her in the end ^^

  37. She is 1/4 after all and looks pretty accurate to the artwork. I think she is worth it. The only problem I see is whether or not she would be high enough of a demand to warrant a preorder. If not, I sense a price drop or sale in the future, so I am hesitating as well.

  38. meronpan said

    @oneandonlyjem yeah, i also feel like she won’t be sold out instantly and should wait… on the other hand i’m not sure i’m patient enough to wait for a sale… gah, mebbe i should buy her and be down with it… i already made the plunge wtih moka and lily ^^;;;

  39. M12 said

    Indeed, the figurine looks very well done. But yes, it’s really expensive. That’s one of the reasons why I hardly ever buy figures. Oh boy, 1/4 is huge, though!

  40. meronpan said

    @m12 i do miss the days when i was primarily just a manga collector… so much easier on my finances ^^;;

    i’m such a sucker for big scales… ‘cuz the size alone just makes it an epic piece of a collection… i think @james is right … i’ll probably end up ordering her ^^;; (…what am i doing… this isn’t twitter… ^^;;;;)

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