Hiyori & Saber GET

Posted by meronpan on February 1, 2009

Got a package this morning! ^__^  1 GSC Hiyori Pixy, 1 Gift Saber.  Woo hoo!  Took some preliminary shots of each, reviews are underway…


Forgot to put in her momiage ^^;  Mmm just a few more teaser shots (one is nsfw!) then I need to get to bed… ^^;;

More black satin today. Actually got around to ironing it.


Some hyakko in the reflection ^^;;



Did not realize there was a protective plastic covering on Saber’s base. With it on, you can barely make out vague shapes in the reflections… it hardly acts as a mirror. I freaked out accordingly before finally noticing and peeling it off ^^;;;


kawaii hiyori~ ^^


Gift Saber is very nice ^^


Though I’ve always preferred the alternate face (and have swapped it in, as you can see above), in person… the original didn’t bother me so much.

Looks like KOS-MOS and Teana are also on their way so hopefully I finish these two up before they arrive ^^;;

and now, to bed! おやすみ~



17 Responses to “Hiyori & Saber GET”

  1. Nice, I’m still waiting for my Hiyori to arrive…maybe it’ll be here next week…I like the face of anime Saber more than the Gift one, something doesn’t feel right with this one. Does the alternate face look closer to the anime version?

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    I think Hiyori is waaay cuter without her stuffs equipped on her body.

    And that Saber, her body and armor looks so grand, but yeah… i never like that original face. Face is pretty much main factor of deciding figure, and i never really like this kind of face.

    That reminds me, i also never really like Shunya Yamashita’s illustration style.

  3. kazearashi said

    Nice! I love my Hiyori too… Wondering will GSC release one more character from chu x idol (the one with long hat?), not too fond of the character but seeing the figure might change my mind… xD

  4. optic said

    I like Hiyori but not really a fan of total cast-off figures. Might be because my sis. threatened to throw them out whenever she sees one. lol
    As mentioned, the armor is awesome but the face is a real disappointment.

  5. Nekkid > Full Armor!

  6. phossil said

    Hiyori figure is kawaiiii~~~~

  7. Blowfish said

    I favor the alternate face of Saber aswell but to be honest we didnt buy that particular Saber for the cute face eh?
    Hope that ill get mine soon ^_^

  8. meronpan said

    @theinfernoproject the face in my pic shows the alternate, more anime style face. it’s ok, but nothing great. the original is even more off ^^;; neither face does the original character justice.

    @sonic_ver2 agreed about hiyori… i’d prefer to display her without the weird leg frill things (would do so except for the stupid pegs they’re attached to would show) and hat…

    for me a single strong point sometimes overcomes deficiencies in other areas… in this case the work on the armor compensating for the face ^^;

    @kazearashi uesugi uta? mmm braids and the hat… not really my thing. not holding my breath for a release, but as always, will reserve judgment ’till such a time ^^

    @optic your sister’d never know if you kept her clothes on! :P ‘course even with her clothes on, she’s practically nekkid ^^;; if you ever get to see saber in person, you might not mind the face so much… at least, that’s what happened with me (though I did start out thinking i’d hate it… so lots of room for a slightly improved opinion ^^;)

    @divine fang ^_^

    @phossil kawaisugi! :D

    @blowfish hahah good point ^^

  9. Shiddo said

    in my case, if Saber would not come with alrternative head, I would not buy no matter how pretty the rest of figure is ^^

    the original is one of ugliest faces ive seen ^^; dunno how gift came with idea of it ^^; when on preorder ive shown figure to few friends (they dont collect) and when they saw it with original face reactions were “WOW ugly!” >< I always had to post shots with anime head ^^;

  10. James said

    Hiyori is nice but don’t like Saber’s face … sad because the detail on the armor and dress are awesome !

  11. meronpan said

    @shiddo now that you mention it, i actually was so put off by the original face that the beautiful armor *didn’t* make up for it ^^;;; once the alternate face was announced i placed my order. Alas, the sculptor took some artistic license with the face and ended up with something that most people don’t seem to click with. I mean, objectively it’s not bad, but when you’re expecting the face of a character you know and love… not so great.

    @james i’ve found the easiest way to deal with the face is to pretend it’s some other random character… with the same armor as saber ^^;;

  12. rangerroh said

    Wooo! Saber look awesome! Is there a Saber Lily version out? I am in love with the that version.

  13. Shiddo said

    @rangerroh yeah Gift one is pretty but a bit tiny ^^

    the Alters Lily 1/7 is now on preorders, out in June.

  14. meronpan said

    @rangerroh lily will be a while unless you want to part with a lot of money to get the figma version that comes with the limited version of the game ^^; GSC’s 1/7 will be out in June.

    @shiddo I believe it’s GSC, not Alter ^^;

  15. Shiddo said


    O_O ;;;;;;;;;;;;

    what the… thx man lol… I somehow categorized her in Alter ^^;;; system error ^^;

    @rangerroh sry, meronpan is right its GSC -_- ;

  16. Addasin said

    I think there to cute… im looking everywhere for an Uesugi Uta but i cant find her anywhere… any ideas?

    • meronpan said

      hmmm i’m not aware of an uesugi uta figure, though i haven’t been actively looking… think you might be out of luck at the moment ^^;;

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