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Posted by meronpan on February 3, 2009


Lucky Star Ep. 4

I fell way behind in anime in December due to the holidays and my lack of working out.  Speaking of not working out, that month off my normal routine was killer.  To quote Kagamin,


My weight
In the blink of an eye
Went up again

orz (and forgive, didn’t have the brain power to translate the haiku to an english haiku ^^;)  *ahem* Anyhow, I watch a lot of anime while working out, hence the increase in backlog.  Luckily I was able to recover in January… and man, there’s been some good stuff I’ve been missing out on!




Think I mentioned CHAOS;HEAD recently, but here’s some actual thoughts on the series ^^;  Wish the main character wasn’t so annoyingly lame but then again, perhaps the story wouldn’t have had as much of a point otherwise.  On the plus side, loved all the females… ‘cuz they all had swords ^^;;  An interesting plot revolving around a warped sense of reality… Got me interested enough to check out the game.  The ending seemed to come on a little sudden in the character development department, but I supposed a rushed anime plot isn’t exactly unheard of :P

かんなぎ (kannagi)

kannagi Ep. 10 ED pic

kannagi Ep. 10 ED pic

Was hoping to finish the manga volumes I own before getting to the anime, but in the end I broke and fished off the series.  I love nagi so I guess it’s no surprise that I enjoyed the anime.  Unfortunately I didn’t quite pick up on everything my first time through so I plan to catch up while reading.  Nagi’s great, always love cheering Tsugimi on, zange-chan’s forward advances… I love it!

セキレイ (sekirei)

Sekirei Ep. 1

Sekirei Ep. 1

Sekirei is epic.  Well, epic fan service, but hey, it’s got more than enough plot to keep my attention.  If you’re an oppai kinda guy (or gal), man, this is the show for you.  And 月海 (tsukiumi)!  Ahhh I love tsukiumi.

sekirei Ep. 06

sekirei Ep. 06

Powerful, nice touch of tsundere, touch of jealousy, classical way of speaking… *dies*  Seems Movic release a tsukiumi figure in 2007… have there been others?  I may have some hunting to do… ^^;;

Has another season been announced?  From what I gather there’s a lot of plot left to cover…  Thankfully I have the manga to fall back on ^^;  Love the characters, so basically plot be damned, everything’s gravy for me at this point ^^;

一騎当千 (ikkitousen) Dragon Destiny

ikkitousen dragon destiny Ep. 1

ikkitousen dragon destiny Ep. 1

In the spirit on getting on with anime and not waiting to finish source material, I also started on ikkitousen Dragon Destiny. Previously I only let myself watch the first season since I’d more or less covered all the content in the manga.  Another fan service fest, though with the added complexity of a billion characters and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Not sure if I’m watching a DVD version or what but it’s been really… erhm… explicit so far ^^;;  Only two or three episodes in but just the fact that Kanu got some time in the first episode has me happy.

明日のよいち (asu no yoichi)

asu no yoichi Ep. 2

asu no yoichi Ep. 2

Randomly decided to start this one and at least get something from the current season started.  So far, lovin’ it!  Immediately recognized 佐藤 利奈 (satou rina), the voice behind minami-ke’s haruka, again voicing an elder sister character.  Something about characters who are removed from their natural environment and forced to adapt to a new setting… those sorts of shows always garner a baseline amount of interest from me.  Add in the typical single guy surround by kawaii~ roommates situation ftw.  washizu the delinquent reminds me of harima and I’ve taken a liking to him as well.  Definitely going to pick up the manga now ^_^

Gak it’s really late again.  Sorry for anyone looking for a figure review :P  Though I will say, took some more pics so a review is looming!



16 Responses to “Recently Watched”

  1. Panther said

    Gah I was like, “This voice sounds familiar” and went “NOOOO” at not recognizing Satou Rina’s voice offhand. -_-

    Tsukiumi is my waifu.

  2. Shiddo said

    Chaos Head
    started very nicely but ended up bit lame imo… anyway i loved the chars specialy Sena ^^;
    Wish they could do a figures of Chaos Head chars. Imagine that. They could give you option with either twilight Di-Sword or materialized ^^ Sena holding blue twilight Di with that icecream moe ^^;
    so far i saw only nendoroid of mains char sister -_-

    was avesome. Open end was doh… The series became slow and almoast no progress but still loved all the jokes and fillers (like whole ep with Nagi in shaft) ^^ Nagi reminds me of Haruhi xD Full of energy when she sets her mind on something ^^
    another nendoroid of Nagi in progress… doh so many of them lately xD

    is pure fanservice ^^; I was expecting bit more of it. But oh well. Like Tsukiumi most as well ^^ But best scene was proly when Musubi breaks Scythe (“ey!”) ^_^ ; I laughted so hard and had to replay the scene several times ^^

    I am past GG. DD wass nothing new and I am used 2 it ^^ Glad I could see Kanu and Choun (my faws) again ^^ In GG Kanu and Choun duel ^^

    Asu no Yoichi saw only 1st ep so far to chceck what kind of anime it is gonna be. Another harem ecchi ^^;

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Just started Chaos Head, Kannagi, and Sekirei. I have tendency to watch a series after i got the complete episodes.

    Still confused with Chaos Head, but i can see that Chaos Head’s girls are great. They’re all beautiful and cute. I kinda hate the main character, a crazy otaku that surrounded by so many pretty girls.

  4. phossil said

    Lol! I like the way kagami say that phrase to Konata… ^_^

  5. Blowfish said

    Ahh…Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny…
    DD manages to keep atleast a bit of the manga storyline.
    Great Guardians is an errr…Disaster… Yet i stil watched it ^^
    If you enjoyed the first season youll probably enjoy DD aswell

    Ikki Tousen and explicit? Just wait until youll see the DD Heki Seki Onsen OVAs ^_^

    Cant wait for THAT figure review

  6. meronpan said

    @panther hahah well at least you knew rina’s name ^^;; i suppose i should’ve wrote, “I immediately recognized it was the same seiyuu as haruka”… since i knew it was haruka but had no idea who the seiyuu was ^^;;;

    *gasp* if tsukiumi is your waifu also then what do you tell KOS-MOS? :P

    @shiddo for chaos;head i’m hoping in the game the plot is developed a little better. and yes, full scale chaos;head figures have great potential!

    @sonic_ver2 i also tend to watch after the season’s over, but usually just because i’m so slow in getting through my queue ^^;; it’s always infuriating in harem settings where the guy is insanely lame, isn’t it?

    @phossil poor kagamin ^^; it was a great moment

    @blowfish yeah, i remember reading that GG departed from any relation to the manga plot… not that i know what that is ^^;;; ikkitousen is definitely one of those series i should’ve watched in one sitting or at least regularly. since i didn’t, i keep forgetting all the characters/what school they belong to/what the relationship between the different schools is -_-

  7. rangerroh said

    明日のよいち と かんなぎは いい アニメですよ! 見てますよ.

    Bah, I accidentally deleted the posted you left on my “hyakko” post. Is there a way to get it back? Plus, how do you set your post, so that the entire post wont be shown? I want it where that “read me” link comes out.

  8. rangerroh said

    “read more” i mean. ^^

  9. meronpan said

    ですよね! 楽しんでます!

    Alas, I don’t know how to recover deleted posts. For the read more, all you need to do is click on the “Insert More Tag” button on the post toolbar (it’s the fourth button from the right if you’re in visual mode, the third from the right if you’re in html mode).

  10. rangerroh said

    オオ—-! meronpanさん最高, すごい, すばらしい!!!!!! ありがとう 本当にありがとう!!!!!

  11. Q said

    lol I haven’t watched any of those you’ve listed orz

    I kept on telling myself to start Nanoha A’s but somehow haven’t got around to @_@

    That’s it. I’m gonna start it tonight. I mean it. XD

  12. Persocom said

    Gift Saber eh? I should really a post like this, as opposed to Riiana just doing reviews of finished anime, but a little summary of my currently watching ones would be cool. As for working out, uguu I need to stop slacking off in that department. I do good then I fall behind. My solution? We need to buy a treadmill, and watch anime while walking on it.

  13. Rin said

    Sadly my watch list is way too backlogged…I really need to catch up with my anime when I have time…

  14. meronpan said

    @rangerroh いや~ そんなほどでもないのに ^^;;

    @q oooo very nice! <3 A’s ^_^

    @persocom yeap, gift saber, and the review’s up now ^^
    soooo much easier to get through cardiovascular workouts when you’re catching up on anime ^_^

    @rin it’s so hard to keep up! i still can’t believe how many new shows are coming out each season. not the mention the manga spill over it creates for the series i really like…

  15. lovelyduckie said

    Ah Kannagi…lets pray that the manga gets back on track and a second season of the anime is licensed! Or maybe I’ll just pray that someone licenses the manga series for release over here.

  16. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie indeed, i was shocked to hear the manga was on hiatus orz. i hope by the time i actually read through the existing volumes the author is able/decides to resume…

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