Gift Saber

Posted by meronpan on February 4, 2009


Yum ^_^


So yeah, there’s the face thing.  But damn.  After getting Gift Saber in hand, I think I’ve started to like both faces more and more.  And even if you can’t get over it, there’s plenty more to admire.


Couldn’t stop taking photos, so just a warning this is gonna be a long review ^^;


If there was ever a figure to buy for the outfit, this is it.


Love the errr.. white… mmm… skirtish… thingy.


Took most of these photos at f/2.7 and a single light source… actually turned out better than I expected ^^;;


The patterned trim is just excellent!  In case you wanted a closer look…



Or even closer…


Now if only they went to this length of detail on the face :P


The sword just kind of fits in underneath her hand, was actually surprised how well fit it was.

Gauntlet on saber’s left hand…


A weird thing about the alternate face… her hair kind of got stuck on her collar so I kinda had to bend it a little…


Luckily the material was pretty bendy so it wasn’t a big deal, but it was just weird that it didn’t seem to fit naturally.


So let’s do a little comparison.  Above we have the Gift Saber alternate/anime face…. and below, good ‘ol saber-chan.


Obviously there’s a ton of stylistic differences, andI have a feeling a direct translation of the original art might turn out kind of plain… but in the end there’s just something “saber” that’s just missing.  A quick aside… let’s take yoko for example… in the anime she looks like this…


Yet give her to Alter and you get this…

Click for Akiba Hobby source

Click for Akiba Hobby source

I dunno about you but that’s the kind of artistic license I wish the gift figure had taken ^^;


Back to Saber.


So that’s the only pic I took of the original face ^^;;  Again, I guess what I would say is that yes, as a representation of the original saber… not so great.  But if you try to treat as an original face… it’s really not so bad ^^;;


At least the rest of the head is well detailed ^^;


Dropping down a little to take at look at legs and base…


Mentioned in a previous comment but the base came covered in a thin plastic film.  A very scratched up, dirty looking plastic film.  Before realizing it was a film… it looked like my base was scratched up to all hell and I couldn’t see myself in it at all.   Lesson for the day, make sure to take off the film before freaking out.


No pantsu today :P (well, saber pantsu that is)


The lack of pantsu makes the mirror base kinda weird… like… it’s kinda ero… but there’s no pantsu… so it’s not ero?  but you’re still looking up her skirt at her… pants?  o.O  So it’s like… halfway ero or something.


The base is very big to accomodate the flourish of her skirt, and is easily the size of  a 1/7 base or maybe even 1/6.  Makes me forget that she’s just a 1/8, but placing figma saber next to her puts things back in perspective ^^


Haruhi wanders on stage…


…into a trap!  That’s the kind of thing I usually expect from mirror bases ^^;;;

More coverage at…

If you can live with one of the faces, definitely worth it for her outfit.  Really well done, mirror base look much more elegant than the usual white plastic… if it weren’t for the face, I’d put this release on par with the Saber Lily prototype pics ^^



36 Responses to “Gift Saber”

  1. Shiddo said

    well for me altrernative face is ok. it could be better but it looks like anime and i love the figure with it. if it was not included would pass this figure ^^

    anyway the head is ok like that. its ment to be turnet on side a bit. if thats what you mean by bending. i will take a shot of mine. it looks ok.

    what troubled me a bit was that mine had some weired light dark sfuff on her left cheek >< tried to clean it up carefully. seems it was some mess and not material or paint deformation.

    anyway today morning i noticed sumthing on her right arm plate. will have to try clean it us well. hope its not a scratch. its not big deal but i am detailist ^^;

    other then that most annoying are white stripes on her front part of blue skirt. looks a bit weired. other then that great figure ^^

    cute figma mirror imitation xD

  2. Shiddo said

    add: on fotos I see You have that scrach like thing on her left hip armor plate. mine has that as well on same spot

  3. Blowfish said

    My Saber is still in Japan waiting for Payment ^^:::
    Cant wait to hold her in my hands.

    I guess the mirrorbase is for medieval long pants lovers?

    How come the first few pics are blurry?

  4. No matter how I look, I just can’t get myself to like this face. That Alter Yoko, on the other hand, looks MUCH better than the anime version…

    I said the same thing about the base yesterday when my Freeing Yuki bunny came in. “WTF, why is the base so dirty?!?” I tried to give it a wipe, then realized it was a plastic film “orz

    Me thinks Yuki bunny used the same base as your gift saber, so you can effectively call it a 1/4 base ^^

  5. Persocom said

    seriously the only thing I don’t like about this figure is neither of the faces does it for me. They aren’t really that bad, but the figure price and faces don’t justify a purchase for me. The armor is probably the best looking armor ever though. This is one of those figures I actually like but will pass up on buying.

  6. Shiddo said

    @meronapan: here is head-shots (^^;) of mine Saber


    somehow I managed that hair isnt sticking anywhere ^^;

  7. meronpan said

    @shiddo it’s nice you have such a fine eye for detail. me, on the other hand… I don’t notice things until after i’ve taken a macro shot and viewed the full rez pic on my computer ^^;;;

    and yes, the weight lighter strips on the blue part caught me off guard… i thought it might be the lighting or something ^^; didn’t notice until looking at the photos though so luckily it hardly bothers me

    i’ll have to check mine saber’s head when i get home ^^; thanks for the pics!

    @blowfish oo very close ^^ aside from the upskirt potential of a mirror base, it does give an air of higher quality, so perhaps that was just the easiest/cheapest nice looking base they could come up with ^^; or as you say, catering to the medieval pants officionados is another possibility ^^

    the blurry pics are probably a combination of the f/2.7 aperture i was using and the resizing that wordpress does. if you click for full size and things are still blurry, well, then that’s my fault for choosing that aperture ^^;;; the first pic is wallpaper size (1920×1200) so that might be why it looks kinda crappy resized so small. i’m sure the wordpress process isn’t doing anything terribly fancy.

    @theinfernoproject amazing yoko is amazing, isn’t she? ^_^

    glad i’m not the only person who tried cleaning the plastic film ^^;; was sooo relieved when it peeled off ^^;

    @persocom given the economy and multitude of figures out there, it never hurts to be a little conservative on the purchases ^^ are you getting saber lily though?

  8. Fumika said

    Wow.. I like the gift saber. The face is not so great, but the rest of the figure looks pretty gorgeous.

    Maybe I’ll be able to find myself one, once I’m in Japan.

  9. meronpan said

    @fumika looks like she’s still in stock at hlj and hobby search, so i’d imagine she won’t be hard to find in japan ^_^

  10. ELTboy said

    I think the satin backdrop is suitable for this shoot with the lovely Saber. I can’t remember well … but I think I had to adjust the hair on the alternate head as well. Probably becaue the head was by another sculptor and wasn’t made to measure.

    Anyway, guess I am the only one who prefers the original face. ^^

  11. sonic_ver2 said

    Just as i thought, Gift Saber’s detail on her clothings and armor are excellent. I don’t think any other Saber figure could match a detail like this.

    Well, coming back to the first problem, her face style isn’t that good IMO. It’s somewhat not anime like.

  12. meronpan said

    @eltboy think i probably coulda improved on the lighting, but indeed, the way i saw it was her light hair, skirt, and shiny armor would help her stand out. perhaps someday i’ll actually experiment with some color…

    poor original face ^^;; at least you’re one fan!

    @sonic_ver2 yeah, i definitely don’t know of any other saber figure that at this level. face is decidedly not faithful to the anime ^^;;

  13. gordon said

    mine arrived a few days ago. the mirror base is nice but kinda big. will take up lots of display space. and it doesn’t seems to be scratch proof as well. i used a paint brush to wipe off the dust and what a mistake it is. scratch marks appeared! O_O

  14. Q said

    Wow by looking at the pics I couldn’t tell it’s a 1/8 scale. The details and cravings on the clothings are really superb – reminds me that Saber is indeed from a royal bloodline i.e. a king.

    Still not too used to the faces, but the figure is nevertheless especially the details. The black satin background really suits well, and very nice photoshoots there!

  15. Shiddo said

    @gordon yeah i suggest to use clout for cleaning (eye)glasses. they are soft and catch dust well without leaving scratches. unless you get some hard/sharp little stuff/dust there…. then there is no help ^^;

  16. meronpan said

    @gordon saber is so greedy for display space ^^;

    that’s really unfortunatel about the scratches ;_; i’ll have to be careful….

    @q she’s from a royal bloodli- ack! nevermind! no spoilers! :P i’ve actually just start fate/stay night realta nua so i’ll find out for myself soon enough ^^;

    glad ya liked the pics! i was really hurting for a diffuser for my light thou ^^;;;

  17. Saber’s got well-defined glutes. I’m really happy that GIFT followed through and made such beautiful armor for her. They’ve got more credibility in my eyes. I’m unhappy (not really) that they did such good job because, now, I’m more inclined to get this and their 1/5 Yoko.

    Her base is muuuuuch better than the FREEing bunnies’ cheap wannabe mirror bases.

  18. meronpan said

    @oneandonlyjem the armor isn’t quite as brilliant as the original but i expected as much in the transition to pvc. as mentioned, still very satisfied ^^ luckily for me the yoko gift did isn’t wielding her rifle which was enough to save my wallet ^^;;

    wasn’t aware the freeing bunny mirror bases were so bad ^^; i’ll have to take a look…

  19. optic said

    if I look at the face as an original, then I would say she is the best Saber figure out there but unfortunately I can’t because I’m so use to her anime like face, I would be lying to myself if the faces look alike.
    Still, the outfit makes it up as many ppl have said.
    The level of detail is just WOW!!!!!!

  20. M12 said

    Saber looks really epic when she has her hair flowing. The armour looks shiny and adds to the drama. This looks like a figure anyone would want to have in their room! It’s finely detailed.

  21. Rin said

    Nice photos!!!!!!
    Not a big fan of these types of figures…I like figures that look more anime like…
    It has it’s realistic look to it too…

  22. Fumika said


    Hehe, I’m setting off to Japan today! Will keep an eye out for sabre!

    We might have trouble meeting up during your trip, but I’ll try my best to get a cellphone number that you can contact and try my best to find my way to Tokyo from Nagoya :D. Email me your contact number when you get one too!

  23. meronpan said

    @optic i notice i’m hardly ever looking at her face anyway since the armor is so nice ^^;

    @m12 between the mirror base and the armor, she definitely stands out in my collection. now if only she was 1/7 or 1/6, (and had a better face :P) she gain another level of epic greatness ^^

    @rin thanks! the anime style face is definitely more, well, anime-like… it’s just sad that it’s not saber’s face ^^;;; wish i coulda saved some money, but i craved the armor :P

    @fumika nice! no problem if it’s too much a hassle. unfortunately i haven’t figured out how contactable i’m gonna be over there… hadn’t planned on renting a cell phone but some last minute rendezvous came up so it might be worth it…. at any rate, i’ll try get in touch with whatever info i have when i figure it out ^^;

  24. lovelyduckie said

    I think everyone can agree to that armor being gorgeous. Do you think if the face had been a bit better it would be THE SABER FIGURE TO GET. Like the ultimate Saber figure choice?

  25. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie hmmm… ya know, i think the pose leaves a little to be desired for it to be the end all saber figure to get… also bumping the scale 1/7 or even 1/6 (!) woulda been nice. if lily turns out like the prototypes, i think i’d actually put that version above this one…

  26. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Ehhh, despite her intricate outfit, her pose is just too static and boring, lol. Personally, I look for more dynamic and energetic poses (when I still collected). Hence, I agree with u, the coming GSC “1/7 Saber Lily” looks superior in both dynamic energy and visual accuracy. Very nice, hehe.

  27. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx mmm saber lily… i wonder if i’ll get a chance to see her somewhere in akiba…

    i wonder if i woulda went for gift if gsc lily was already out… i think that woulda been the true test for how much i like her ^^;;

  28. Shiddo said

    bleh… she went down to 3,714 Y on HobbySearch
    >< omg omg

    • meronpan said

      gaaaaaaaaa so much money i coulda saved orz

      • Shiddo said

        yeah exactly…i mean ok if they drop/sale figures after half or one year but its not even 2 months -_-

        btw Shihodo Narika is out :3 i see you already preordered ^^ i am on her as well ^^

    • Blowfish said

      You sure know how to bring people down ^^

      • Shiddo said

        I am down 2 lol -_- i was like lets check ranking on HS. hm 1st place… 2nd place… 3rd place Saber Gift wth? price 1/2 O_O paid full price as well -_- thought she will be hot/hard to get. seems face rly turns ppl down from getting her or HS just screwed their stock xD

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