Alter GET & Kittens

Posted by meronpan on February 8, 2009

I had hoped for this to be a full review of either KOS-MOS or Teana but unfortunately I watching my siblings’ kittens this weekend and it’s been a bit hectic…


The kittens are everywhere, and at first they were fighting like crazy (lotsa hissing and growling that sounded much more aggressive than usual…)… now things have kind of calmed down…


Instead of trying to rip each others’ throat out I think it’s back to regular playing…?


Meh, at any rate, one more day of babysitting.

A package arrived on Friday and picked it up Saturday…



Snapped these pics really quick while the kittens were trying to knock down my door ^^;;;


Didn’t notice until editing that I took these at ISO 400 (!) orz.


So yes, they’re grainy as all hell… for no good reason other than I forgot to switch my camera back orz.


I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t attempt the full review tonite or I woulda had to redo the whole thing.


…because these beauties deserve better ^^


KOS-MOS is a real sight to see.  At a glorious 1/6 (30cm) she’ll definitely be a highlight of any collection (well, most any.  I know there’s at least a handful of ya out there with such a bounty she’d get lost in the crowd :P).


Teana is another solid addition to the nanoha StrikerS line.  To swap her guns you actually remove her whole arm… makes the cast off soooo nice and simple.  Thank you, Alter. ^_^

I leave for Tokyo on Thursday!!!  …still haven’t gotten everything ready… orz.  Definitely gotta get moving.

I doubt I’ll be updating from the promised land so it’s more than likely I won’t be doing any posts (and these reviews, of course) ’til after I get back. m(_ _)m



19 Responses to “Alter GET & Kittens”

  1. Blowfish said

    Im in ur Room playing ur Playstation!

    Love how she sticks out her tongue!
    I hope that youll bring back lots of nifty pictures from your trip.Are you doing an Otaku trip or do you want to see other stuff aswell?

  2. Panther said

    Haha cute sticking out her tongue. I want cats in my house dammit. :\

  3. optic said

    I’m getting less surprised and more amazed. There’s like a new figure every week. lol
    Stray cats are kinda of a handful in my backyard. They just poo everywhere. -_-

  4. Chappy said

    Kawaii neko. I love the first picture where the neko is sticking out her (?) tougue. =p

  5. phossil said

    Thank you Alter for Teana!! Thank you, thank you!!
    Both figures, are superb!

  6. Your sibling’s cats are cute! What are their names?
    I’m looking forward to your reviews. :)

  7. Q said

    lol at the cat doing a :P face

    You’re going to Tokyo so soon? Hope you’ll have a nice time there~

  8. James said

    Teana looks awesome !

    Cats are cute , give me one :)

  9. sonic_ver2 said

    Yay… Teana! And i’m here stuck on waiting the package to arrive… XP

    Looking forward for review of Teana. Make sure you’ve done it before leaving for Tokyo. XD

  10. ELTboy said

    Nice gets … Alter never fails! ^^ … Me still waiting for my Teana. -_-

  11. meronpan said

    @blowfish with my new found interest in photography, i also hope to bring back a ton of pics ^^ my main goal is to get another year’s worth of akihabara, so i guess that’d fall under otaku ^^; i have been before though… so this time i hope to stop by some nearby areas such as kamakura and yokohama.

    @panther they’re fun, but a lot of work as kittens ^^;; spent a majority of the weekend making sure they were playing nice and not tearing my place apart ^^;;

    @optic hmmm according to tsukiboard i’ve already received… 7 figures this year ^^;;; i think it’s still a remnant of last year, coulda sworn my preorder rate has gone down ^^;; (well though i guess not for alter figures ^^;;;)

    ugh cat poo! that’s the worst part, i hate cleaning out the litter box!

    @chappy it was a great pic ^^ that one’s actually a boy though ^^;

    @phossil teana’s not my favorite… but there wasn’t a chance i’d pass this figure up ^^ so glad alter’s doing the strikers line up ^^

    @coco the bean mmm my brother’s cat’s name furrio (the one in the first pic sticking his tongue out) and my sister’s cat’s name is binky.

    @q so funny that he kept his tongue out for so long actually got quite a few pics of him like that ^^

    can’t believe my trip is so soon. need to pack and plan!!!

    @james teana definitely surpassed my expectations. alter banzai!

    aside from the problems of shipping animals internationally, not my cats :P

    @sonic_ver2 hopefully she’ll arrive soon for your own review ^^; i guess there’s a slight chance i’ll have time… we’ll see…

    @eltboy hopefully she’ll arrive soon! regardless, well worth the wait ^_^

  12. lovelyduckie said

    Kittens…damn you. I want them. I really miss my cats, they have a color/pattern similar to that striped one. I’ll have them back after a 5 year separation within this year! Be patient a little longer Duckie!!!

  13. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie 5 years! that’s a long time. should be quite the reunion ^_^

  14. Persocom said

    my cat is fat and lazy, so he’s not a hazard to figures. nice gets, definitely want to see more Teana ^^ have fun in Tokyo!

  15. rangerroh said

    OMG! that first picture of the cat is soooo Kawaii~ To bad I can’t touch or get near them. I am allergic to cats!!! T_T /cry…….

  16. WOW really nice get, and cats. I’m up to ep 5 on StrikerS, and I’m drooling for that Teana Lanster figure…and the Fate that’s due out later. If you don’t mind me asking, what camera are you using right now? I use a Sony T-100/Canon SD890, they don’t get grainy until ISO 800+ Well, it might be my low expectations ^^;

    And grats on your trip to Tokyo, I wish I can go again this year, but the exchange rate isn’t as good as last year when it was $1 Cdn = 110 yen…I really miss the old Canadian $$ “orz

  17. meronpan said

    @persocom hahah that’s what i strive for… hoping the kittens get fat and lazy so they’re not so energetic ^^;; i started packing my figures away at one point because i was paranoid… then gave up because i was too tired ^^;;

    alas, no teana will i get back… i’m sure her reviews are all over the intertubes by now thou ^^;

    @rangerroh doh! well, perhaps there’s hope… my aunt was allergic but after staying at our house and suffering through some allergies… she seems to have a much more mild reaction now ^^;; perhaps it can be acclimated away? ^^;;

    @theinfernoproject omg, the fate! ohhh that fate… she looked gorgeous!

    i’m currently using a canon powershot is s2… i believe it maxes out at iso 400 ^^;;

    ugh, the exchange rate…it hurts knowing that years ago i got $1usd = 120 yen… compared to 90 or so now orz

    oh well, i’m going to enjoy myself, whatever the cost! ^^;

  18. […] In case you’re curious, yes, 水着 means ’swimsuit’, titled the post after KOS-MOS’ listing on Alter’s site.  For all’y’all dying for a pic of the box and packaging, you can check my preview. […]

  19. […] previously mentioned, you can switch between her plain Cross Mirage and dagger blade modes by removing her whole arm. […]

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