Quick WonHobby 9 Post

Posted by meronpan on February 14, 2009

So WonHobby wasn’t quite what I expected, but despite the painful 2 hour (3 hours?) wait… it was worth it to see…


Fate-chan! Oh GAWD she is beautiful. Really amazing to see in person.

Unfortunately I don’t have my usual image editing tools here so this bare with me until I get home for better coverage…


The hair! They did such a lovely job with the hair!  And it was a pleasure to see the Riot Zamber.

Yoko was also on display…


I must admit I was having some sliiiight doubts when I saw pics of her earlier… but having seen her in person, she’s firmly in the must buy bin.


Narika was also on display, and though I have Kotobukiya’s version… I think I’m going to have to give in and get Alter’s version too ^^;;

Again, forgive the rush job, but here’s my pics from the Nendoroid wall… was quite a site to see every single Nendoroid on display.


I believe wcloudxkumo has a bit more in depth coverage of the Nendoroids, so head over there for more nendoroid love.

Ahhhh so many more photos I’d love to post but I gotta go out for dinner ^^;



18 Responses to “Quick WonHobby 9 Post”

  1. ELTboy said

    You must be having a ball of a time there! ^^

    You know, I am already pondering how to fit Feito-chan into my display cabinet. She looks to be taking up so much space in the front with that Riot Zamber. And glad to hear from you that Yoko looks awesome in person.

    Btw, did you take photos of those supposedly “Phototaking prohibited” figures? ^^”

  2. meronpan said

    @eltboy it’s always relaxing to be home in akiba ^^

    i’m also wondering if fate will fit in a detolf… hayate barely does… i guess i could probably figure it out if i gathered up those dimensions that were floating around…

    i got a shot of that poseable subaru by goodsmile…some weird mascot looking characters… but alas… was right about to snap a picture of the freeing stuff (including an insanely large konata (1/4?) … but the staff guy stopped me. i decided to not be an ass and complied ^^;

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    I’ve been thinking, judging by people’s coverages, most hobby fest in Japan aren’t about sale but showing off new products and kept us drooling over new / future products. It’s kinda annoying to me…

    While in my country, all figure events are all about sale and digging for treasure. Do they really sell some nice old rare figures with nice price in the festival?

  4. Q said

    Wow you get to go to WonHobby and get on the Internet to show us the photos!

    I’ve read about Fate on someone else’s blog (Toys Workz):

    … And I kinda wish I haven’t read about it, because I seriously do not know how to face it (want to buy but it will seriously rip me a new one in terms of money and SPACE). Argh I really don’t know what to do! T_T 囧

    And given her huge size, I really have no clue how people can store Fate in a Detolf. The hair and the sword(s) going in different directions surely kill the space, and think about the box size too! o_o

  5. phossil said

    So many nendos!!
    The Nendoroid invasion! Lol.

  6. fabian said

    Fate is definitely a must get. I hope she’s high enough that I can put a few of my 1:8 figures under her hair. That way it would be easier to find a place to display her. :D

  7. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 i have a feeling that this event and others of similar size are different from the usual wonfes and such — very small venue, no garage kits, and i think there were only 4 things for sale (the prototype figmas (is that what they were called? anyhow, those clear ones) and some miku keychains or something?) On the other hand, the event was free to get in, and I got a figma bicycle and papercraft nendoroid bike ^^;

    @q was very lucky that our hotel offers free internet access. fate just made my jaw drop. she was already on my buy list, so no change there, but again, just absolutely gorgeous. i think she’s going to have to go on top of my desk… or maybe i’ll work to build a custom display case for her (don’t want to have to dust that hair off every week ^^;;;)

    @phossil it was an epic wall… and sooo many people, it took me like 30 minutes or more (felt like an hour ^^;;) to take all those pics

    @fabian ^^ might be tough since her swords are angled down, but maybe… ^^;

  8. lovelyduckie said

    I’m definitely buying Yoko and Zange-chan!

  9. Shiddo said

    nice nice ^^ you just got there and already scouting hehe ^^
    Thx for shots.

    nendos invasion is crazy! i mean doh! saw some new ones and here are those i will proly get:
    Saber Lily
    Zange-chan (kawaiiiiii!)
    Prism Arc
    Kara No Kyoukai Nendo

    Narika from Alter looks great. Only the pantsu are 2 exposed lol -_- oh well I guees I will have to find some special angle to display her ^^; My hopes on Alter now that they release 3rd Beat Blade Subaru >< I want her :3

    And there is more ^^;

    Well hope you enjoy it there and possibly get us some more shots ^^

  10. James said

    Fate is awesome :o

    Have fun and next time , take me with you ^^

  11. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie i was really tempted by the zange-chan stuff… kawaaaiiiii!

    @shiddo lots of nendoroids i wanted but i’m not sure how many i’ll actually end up with… been kinda cutting back on them until my figure spending gets under control ^^;

    i also have high hopes for an alter subaru now that they’ve released narika ^^

    perhaps will get a couple more shots from the event up later, but for now i’m sleepy ^^;

    @james she’s too awesome for me… i can’t stand it, i need her now! ^^; unfortunately you’ll have to join the queue of people who want me to take them to japan…and the list isn’t exactly being processed very fast ^^;;;

  12. Persocom said

    awesome you actually got to see them in person! nice pictures, I’m really anticipating a lot of figures this year, I’m not sure the bank account can handle it all

  13. Fate…must…buy…*drools*

    Yoko…m…u…s…t…b…u…*slap on face* must resist….

    What other *no photos* previews were there? Any Kagamin scaled PVC from GSC, Alter, or Max Factory?

  14. Wah! The Great Wall of Nendoroids! Gotta catch’em all! I shall be looking forward to your full Akiba travelogue, *can’t wait!!!*

  15. meronpan said

    @persocom i can’t believe these figure manufacturers keep pumping out stuff i want… there aren’t that many new anime/manga series i want figures from ^^;;

    @theinfernoproject hmmm i don’t remember any kagamin… i believe eltboy has scraped together a comprehensive look at all the figures if you haven’t seen coverage elsewhere yet…

    @divine fang i’m relieved my set completion instinct has not applied to nendoroids or i’d be broke ^^;;; there were soooo many!

    hopefully i’ll have time for another post tonite, but that depends on how tired i end up… and i’m not sure how i’m gonna do the complete posts… i’ve taken sooo many pics! it’s gonna take forever to process ^^;;

  16. lovelyduckie said

    I JUST realized you took these pictures yourself! I missed the whole “2 hour wait” statement at the start. I’m pretty amazed. As much as I love figures I probably wouldn’t go to a Figure Festival myself.

    • meronpan said

      i’m not sure i woulda went if my schedule had been more compact… luckily i scheduled 5 days for akiba ^^;;

      was really great though… faaaaate! ^_^ will post some more pics tonite…

  17. […] it all over again soon (dc, gsc)! In case you would like a quick look at my previous posts… -two more fate pics + yoko, narika & all the nendoroids -stuff i wasn’t stuff to […]

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