Choco Corone

Posted by meronpan on February 15, 2009


Anyone else want to eat a choco corone after watching Lucky☆Star? Been looking for them in Japanese grocery stores and bakeries but figures that it took a trip to Tokyo to finally get my hands on one ^^;

Yes, I’m sure there probably is somewhere I can get them in the states, but I failed at finding it. Though strangely enough, I found this choco corone from Andersen bakery (was at Tokyu Hands), the same bakery they have at the Japantown in San Francisco.


Was pretty tasty, though nothing special ^^; Some bread and chocolate filling. Not sure how Konata sustained herself on ’em ^^;

Picked up a bunch of other sweets from the bakery…


So many deserts all over this city. You may already be familiar with the fact that department stores here have a basement floor grocery/food court… but it always feels like half of the area is devoted to cakes, cookies or whatever other treats.

So far two days have passed and I’ve spent over half the time in Akihabara ^^; No heavy purchasing yet, but already some wallet damage.

Decided to get some CDs today, pictured above. The Code Geass Complete Best is a compilation of all the OP and ED songs from the series (both seasons), along with a DVD containing creditless versions. Even came with a set of post cards and picture/story books. I’ll have to go into more detail once I get back…

The other CDs were a completely random find – dance mixes of tons of anime/eroge songs! I love ’em and will be looking for the other CDs in the series later. Some of the tracks on them include remixes of 悠久の翼 (yuukyuu no tsubasa, ef), Still I love you (school days), I Bless Thy Life (Angelos Armas), 沙耶の唄 (saya no uta), and Find the blue (CHAOS;HEAD). Will try to post some clips later…

Also made the rounds to Harajuku and Shibuya…


Always fun to see all the madness.


And don’t forget some crepes :P Gads, there’s a crepe shop like every 15 feet in harajuku ^^;


Alas, taking a short break from Akiba to see Yokohama and Kamakura over the next two days, but after that, the madness will continue ^^


Lily poster in the Kotobukiya store

If you have a sharp eye you may have noticed some manga purchases from the receipt on the first pics… more stuff I’ll have to go into later :P



21 Responses to “Choco Corone”

  1. Shiddo said

    lol at those goth-gals ^^ ok now aim for school girls ^^;;

    8209Y, the other one is covered -_- wonder what will be a total sum of your bill collection at the end of your trip ^^;

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Everything i saw there looks so delicious. Both the bread, crepes, and Saber Lily. XD

    Anyway, the choco cornet is pretty big. I don’t think i can’t eat it all by myself if i have one.

  3. phossil said

    Where did you started to eat the choco corone? lol-

  4. Blowfish said

    Im glad that i only have to ride 15 minutes with the train to get my hands on some Corone.I prefer them Vanilla flavored tough

    The second one reminds me alot of our german Puddingbrezel -> http://www.mrbaker.de/img/plunder/Puddingbrezel.jpg

    Have fun! Hope to be there one day aswell

  5. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Damn, if I pay u, how much does that “Saber Lily” poster cost? {Wants} Gotta be cheaper than the figure, right? ^_^

  6. You can get a chocolate coronet from Clover near Mistuwa :)

  7. Don’t try those *tasty looking* treats…IT’S A TRAP!!! Some of them are really tasty, but a lot of them tastes like leftover treats bundled together for resale. Especially those gift box types. ^^; Chocolate is the safest bet. I love watching the cooks make those red bean paste cakes.

    The crepes look so big and delicious in the sample windows, but turn out to be fist size (but delicious) in the end. Ahhh…false advertising trap…so many traps in Japan.

  8. *same question as xJAYMANx*

  9. rangerroh said

    The choco pan looks pretty good. I actually preordered the “saber lily” figure a few days ago. Just got to wait till June…… Such a long wait.

  10. Those crepes look delicious, and your pic makes me want one. There’s like, one crepe shop in my entire city and I can’t find where it is T_T

  11. meronpan said

    @shiddo every time i’ve ever even thought about snapping a shot of a schoolgirl… it’s waaaay too creepy to be doing such things ^^;;;

    @sonic_ver2 it’s smaller than a cd case, and was very light bread so it felt like i hadn’t eaten anything at all ^^;;

    @phossil i had to do it the konata way :P the choco didn’t spill out of the other side, unfortunately ^^;

    @blowfish i’ll have to look out for a vanilla corone ^^ and the puddingbrezel does look really similar. hope you make it out here soon!

    @xjaymanx ^^;; it didn’t really look like it was for sale… i suppose i can ask although that probably won’t be until wednesday (japan time)… today is kamakura day

    @pure trance aaaaa they must’ve been out the times i’ve gone ;_; i’ll have to stop by there ^^

    @theinfernoproject hmm i dunno how the ones i saw could’ve been traps… they were delicious looking cakes and pasteries ^^;

    my trips have given me a japan sense for portion size, so i’m not as disappointed by the actual size anymore ^^; ‘cuz yes, as you say, it appears much smaller, and that isn’t limited to the crepes… ramen, curry, beef bowls… it’s like everything! ^^;;

    @divine fang as mentioned, happy to pick it up if it’s for sale… i’ll ask ’em

    @rangerroh nice choice ^^ i think it’ll be worth it, she looked great ^^

    @coco the bean doh! ^^; somehow i’ve resisted all the crepe shops so far… i should definitely pick one up before i leave…

  12. Yeah…they’ll have them eventually…now I want to go to clover dammit lol.

  13. Rin said

    Really nice!!!!!!
    Ah, the land of otaku…so cool!!!!!!
    You must tell me where you got that choco corone in Tokyo as I’m going in the summer…
    I want to eat one soooo bad!!!!!!

  14. meronpan said

    @pure trance i’ve actually kinda been avoiding bakeries here since yesterday i polished off 3 things in one sitting for dessert ^^;;; you should go to clover, support the business! :P

    @rin hmmm lessee before i forget… it was either from the bakery in the shibuya tokyu hands or shinagawa station mall grocery store/food area (b1)… i’ll have to double check which one… but i imagine they’re not so hard to find here ^^;

  15. Persocom said

    would like to see more goths from Japan, I rather like the fashion compared to American style, which I’ve dabbled in XD You made me so hungry that I didn’t post a comment the other day when I read this, I love baked goodies. Wish I could have that wall scroll of Saber Lily, I don’t think I’m going to be buying her… but then again she’s not sold out yet… we’ll see.

  16. Q said

    Where’s the Kotobukiya store? I may check it out properly next time I go to Tokyo this summer. :o

  17. meronpan said

    @persocom hmm well i have a couple more pics of the peeps from harajuku, those will come later ^^;

    cracked me up that you were so hungry you didn’t post a comment ^^;; i also have a weakness for baked goods, as seen above haha

    given the amount of people after lily i guess i won’t be surprised either way… they’ll make a billion and who knows if it’ll be enough ^^;

    @q the kotobukiya store is on the ground floor of the radio kaikan, which is visible right as you come out of the akihabara station. i’ve been thinking, will probably assemble some photos to make a better picture guide to akihabara ^^

    don’t forget to visit the second floor of the store (which is kind of confusing to get to since the stairs don’t necessarily take you directly there) – that’s where all the figures are ^^

  18. lovelyduckie said

    Oh man I have so much to learn before I go to Japan myself. I’ve read a few guides already but I like the bits of info I pick up from you on your posts.

  19. James said

    After this post i became hungry , don’t know why ? :(

  20. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie glad to be of service and happy to answer questions ^^

    @james now i’m hungry too ^^;; crepes and baked goods!

  21. James said

    i want some too , thanks :'(

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