A Bit More WonHobby 9 Love… Since Everyone Else is Doing it…

Posted by meronpan on February 17, 2009


Here’s that Subaru that was displayed at WonHobby 9. ^^; Not sure what I think about another set of poseable figures, but in this case it looks like they have the joints hidden pretty well…


Here’s the placard that was next to her…


And so you have a feeling for what it was like getting in…


After many hours of waiting, finally get to the entrance…


Followed by this inside orz…


So terrible! orz

and while I’m being bad I guess I wasn’t supposed to take a picture of this either… (didn’t notice the sign ’till I was reviewing my pics at home ^^;;)


…not really sure that anyone that stops by this blog will be very excited about those two ^^;;


Outside they had the miku mobile and another itasha on display.



Hmm with all these posts… maybe all I’ll need is a supplement with the rest of the photos I took rather than a full blown redo with all the coverage… At any rate, wlcoudx and eltboy (probably others? my blog reading has been extremely sparse during my trip, gomen ^^;) also have wonhobby 9 coverage if you haven’t seen it already.

Extremely tired from my trip to Kamakura today. Left around 10ish and didn’t get back to my room until 8 or 9pm.


Hey, that’s Fuji-san! Errr yeah, so during my Kamakura trip I decided to go to Enoshima and it was a beautiful day, Fuji-san was visible in the distance.


After crossing a bridge to the island, you’re greeted by some shops then the above gate.


Triforce! :P

If you keep trekking up the island you eventually find a garden… if you pay enough (500 yen :P) you can enter and go up this baby…


Go up and to the observation deck…


The view was spectacular.


Really wish I had a better lens…


Well, or rather, a more appropriate lens. Ah well, it was still great.

So I’m sitting on almost 800 pictures now… not sure how I’m gonna get around to posting everything from the trip ^^;


One of the many pics from my trip to the Buddha…


Ahhh was so nice that the sun was out. Perfect day for a trip.

Finished up the day with a trip to Akiba of course :P


Another massive manga purchase and some more cd damage. …stretched this post out long enough so unfortunately that’s more to go into another day…

It’s late! Need to rest up for tomorrow…



16 Responses to “A Bit More WonHobby 9 Love… Since Everyone Else is Doing it…”

  1. Shiddo said

    Wow! Damn great shots.
    Are you there in some group or you can do whatever you want on your day? I was thinking bout doing trip to Japan as well someday, but definately dont want it as some one week sightseeing group drag. For example if i decide to camp 3 days in Tokyo and then move elswhere then I get freedom. Not like planned today we go there and tomorow there -_-
    And if You have free sheulde, you planned it yourself or some traveling company gave you support (like where to buy tickets or apartments etc).

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Nice scenery shot! I wish i was there to capture that view with my camera.

    Anyway, the Miku BMW looks pretty cool. Maybe i’d put Teana on the car body if i had a Lancer Evo X. XD (i’m daydreaming, please wake me up)

  3. gordon said

    wish i was there. :(

  4. […] to Punynari & Meronpan for the photos. You can visit their Blogs for more. Additional images and info Via Akiba Hobby […]

  5. Persocom said

    Awesome pictures, especially that Mt. Fuji one. That Subaru figure worries me, I’m rather secure with Figma and the price they go for, but CM corporation? Or was it Liquidstone? Either way those both cost a lot more than I’d like to pay.. I guess I’ll just have to wait until more info comes up about that one. Every time I see a Miku itasha I wish it was mine XD

  6. Q said

    Haha I’m always dead tired at the end of each day in Japan as we (family) tend to leave at 9 or 10ish and come back 9 or 10ish ^^;;;;;

    Those places you’ve been seems interesting, might actually plan to go there for the next trip, and wow Fuji-san is visible with such clear weather!

    Speaking of the 1/8 scale posable figure, I wonder whether I will be in trouble when they decide to make a Fate one. orz Argh I’m really stuck between Alter and Volks one right now! T_T

  7. phossil said

    Cool pics for the perfect day.. ^_^
    I like the Nanoha stand at Akiba…

  8. meronpan said

    @shiddo I’m here with a friend, but we’re not on any tour. Free to spend every day as we please ^^ That said, I must say tours are very efficient for stopping by popular/famous places — when I came with my family we bought a package that came with a half day tour of tokyo. That was just about the right amount for me – didn’t even take up the whole day and we got to go up to Tokyo Tower, stop by Ginza, Meiji jingu, the park around the imperial palace… etc.

    I’m on a very simple trip – 9 days in Tokyo. Now for me, that’s just barely enough to get my fill of Akiba :P But others would probably want to split it up into staying in other cities…

    I would say if you’re comfortable with adventuring around foreign cities, yeah, no need to get a tour. but vacation packages that include hotel/accommodations in multiple cities might save some money compared to making spur of the moment reservations (well, unless you’re planning on staying in hostels). I just booked the flight and hotel together ahead of time and was done with it.

    @sonic_ver2 it’s a much different trip for me with my new found appreciation for photography ^^;;

    yum, a teana itasha would be nice ^^

    @gordon just a plane ticket away! ^^;

    @persocom yeah, definitely curious to see how that subaru comes out. if it’s good i’m not sure how well my wallet will stand up to another line of figures…

    i totally wish i took better care of my car… i’d love to make an itasha but i never wash my car so it’d be all dirty and sad looking ^^;;;

    @q that’s a long day ^^;; i’ve been doing more like 10 to 6 or 8… well which is close i guess ^^;;

    glad i waited for the weather to clear up before heading out to kamakura. was well worth it. lotsa fate love lately, very hard on the wallet! ^^;

    @phossil they were just putting up the speech bubble when I was walking by. it’s funny how i want so many of the advertising props they have on store fronts ^^;;

  9. Rin said

    I want to go!!!!!!!
    Too bad I head to the land of otaku in end of July…
    You must give me directions to all the places you went!!!!!
    Too many figures and I want them all…I want that Subaru…

  10. meronpan said

    @rin i wish you luck against the heat and humidity ^^;; I’m planning on doin a post or two detailing how to get to the places I stopped by at… after all, directions in japan are so hard since street addresses aren’t very useful orz

    mmm i want to see the painted version of that subaru ^^ in the meantime, can’t wait for the alter release ^_^

  11. Rin said

    @Meronpan: Well, I hear what you mean. I went to Japan last summer and trying to figure out where is where was hard enough… I need a good over view map when I head to Japan for nearly a month this summer…

  12. What are you talking about? I came here for your coverage on the bear and ball-looking-mascot-thingy…really!

    Miku Bimmer Z4, and the other car is Subaru Impreza STI = ME WANTS!

    That *Triforce* symbol reminds me of Zelda…maybe that’s where it came from(?)…Great pics, nothing beats the experience though.

  13. meronpan said

    @rin wow, nearly a month?! i wish i could stay for that long. alas, gotta keep my job ^^;

    @theinfernoproject …err then there ya go! ^^

    i’ve never been that interested in spending a lotta money on a car, but those itasha do stir up some interest ^^

    I believe yes, the symbol was used by an old family or sect of something… and was probably just borrowed for the game? (obviously with a completely new meaning)

  14. lovelyduckie said

    I don’t think I could manage to wait in line for 2 hours. I definitely plan on going through Akiba someday, but I think I need to study maps and store types ahead of time since I can’t read Japanese. On the plus side I’ll save money since I won’t buy manga. But I wouldn’t mind buying some art books.

    I wonder how weird it would be if an American Girl like me accidentally ended up in the ecchi section of a store. Would I get some weird stares?

    • meronpan said

      it was definitely pretty grueling… especially since I forgot to bring something to do orz

      perhaps if you made flash cards with the text for common store names/genres you’ll be able to recognize them easier? ^^

      hmmm not sure if you’d get stares (well, probably ^^;), but at the very least, you’d definitely stand out ^^; i suppose if you wore a black suit you’d fit in with all the salary men ^^

  15. […] Alrighty, I think 3 posts on WonHobby 9 is enough, don’t you? ^^; Though evidently they’re doing it all over again soon (dc, gsc)! In case you would like a quick look at my previous posts… -two more fate pics + yoko, narika & all the nendoroids -stuff i wasn’t stuff to photo […]

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