Winding Down

Posted by meronpan on February 18, 2009

So with my day trips completed and only 2 full days remaining, fatigue is starting to set in and I took things a bit easy today.  If you’re looking for detailed figure/anime/manga coverage… sorry, not too much of that, please wait for me to get back from Japan ^^;


First order of business: find a stuffed animal for a friend’s girlfriend… to ikebukuro!

Just my luck that took me here…


And that wasn’t the only hello kitty store I visited orz.  The first one (in shibuya) didn’t have the particular character, so I had to try again.  It’s… really not my thing to walk into a pink, glittery store by myself to buy a stuffed animal -_-

Thankfully mission accomplished so I wandered around a bit.  There was a Tokyu Hands that I wandered around a bit before heading up to the observatory deck of sunshine 60.


Another great view… I’m starting to really enjoy finding high places for photos ^^;


Not really sure what the above building is… seems like it should be famous… it’s so weird!


Really beautiful day again, and fuji-san was just baaarely visible.  Alas, taking pictures through the glass wasn’t exactly ideal.


Lotsa buildings in… shinjuku i think?


On the way to and from dinner with a former coworker, snapped some pics of Tokyo Tower.  Really beautiful at night… wish I had brought my tripod (and had a better camera/lens!).

Between dinner and sunshine 60 was… akiba of course ^_^  Spent some more time browsing stores to see if any figure purchases were worth making.  I noticed that the Liberty (?) store has a bunch of used/damaged figures… also some older and event stuff for sale… might pick up that other lucky star nendoroid puchi set but still not sure…

I noticed the miko kagamin from the original lucky star nendoroid puchi run is really popular… one store had her going for like 1500 yen.  But anyhow, back to Liberty, they even had movic’s tsukiumi… though if I remember she was almost 10000 yen and had a scratch on her cape orz.  Lots of other tempting goodies since they were marked down due to being preowned or having slight imperfections.  Gads who was it… mmm… blegh, can’t remember but it was some 1/8 scale figure for like 2000 yen or so… cheap!

In the end no figure purchases but I did get some manga… asu no yoichi 2-8, nagasarete airantou 14, and to aru majutsu no index 3.  Note to self: buying manga from Gamers seems to result in free goodies ^^  Got more bookmarks, this time yoake mae yori ruri iro ya ~ Moonlight Cradle characters.


Also checked out one of the more… *ahem* adult stores… and no not ero anime or manga… like… av & tenga stuff ^^;;;  I was originally heading up to see their cosplay stuff… but that was only accessible after wading through av dvds, onani toys/aids, and lingerie.  Once I finally made way up… gads, never seen so many school uniforms and gym outfits… given their placement in a porn store…  kind of unsettling ^^;;;

I’m thinking of putting together a rough picture tour of Akihabara… not sure how many are already out there, but guess it can’t hurt, especially with Akiba’s constantly changing landscape.  Need to take more pics!

Aaand let’s wrap up with one last pic.  This is from my kamakura excursion…





11 Responses to “Winding Down”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    The 4th and 5th photo give me the feeling as if i’m playing Ace Combat 0. XD

  2. Panther said

    So did you find any dollfie shops? :D

    That famous building must be a phallic representation!

  3. Shiddo said

    Suge~~ wow cities look bigger from high places ^^ That tower is realy sumthing. Also like city with Fuji in bgr and Tokyo tower ^^

    Do you have any shots from TT or you passed visit on this trip or saving it for other day ? ^^

    Always amazes me how they have these anime/manga related comercials and billboards around ^^

  4. Mt. Fuji! *Sigh* the disappointment when I went last year…completely wrong season to go. I think I’ll go around March/April or Sept/Oct next time. I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji after going to Fuji Station and making some other transfers to get closer…still no luck.

    Great pics, and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 isn’t that still a bit low for a plane? :P

    @panther yes, I did see some dolfie stuff in the volks store as i mentioned in my latest post… anything in particular you wanted to know aside from pics of the goods?

    and yes, that’s definitely a reasonable possibility for that building ^^;;

    @shiddo it was pretty crazy to see the whole city from the building… spralling out in all 4 directions…

    I went up tokyo tower a couple trips ago, so I decided to skip it this time. unless I go at night and bring a tripod and/or get a new lens/camera, probably not worth going back at this point ^^;

    @theinfernoproject dang that sucks… yeah, i really lucked out on the weather… at first it was looking like it might rain for half my trip, but in the end, it looks like only 1 day will have been affected. though i guess historically that’s about right since february isn’t really that wet of a month.

    hopefully you’ll get a good view next time… it’s breathtaking!

  6. sonic_ver2 said

    That height will be your usual height if most of your targets are on the ground.

  7. Panther said

    Meron I want to know if they are selling event exclusives from past years. Prices of the goods as sold there would be appreciated as well, if they can be compared with other shops. Thanks!

    • meronpan said

      woo, trying out the new nested comments ^^

      So I did get a better look around the volks store…
      outfits 3000-4000 yen
      aoi – 40000 yen
      body only – 20000ish yen
      other accessories 2000 – 3000 yen

      alas, didn’t really see anything that looked like an event item…

      that’s about all i could remember ^^;;; next time at least i know what to look for ^^;

  8. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 ahhh, gotcha. goes to show how many flight simulators/flying shooters (or whatever the genre is) i play ^^;

    @panther event exclusives and prices in general? hmm… i’ll do my best though i’m gonna be kinda rushing about for some final purchases before i leave tokyo tonite ^^;;;

  9. Q said

    Ikebukuro… Other than Sunshine CIty and the Animate store there I haven’t been much around Ikebukuro. Should spend some more time there in the future.

  10. meronpan said

    @q it seemed like it might be kinda interesting since there were so many shops…. but on the other hand… that’s kinda like every district in tokyo ^^;; alas, didn’t really do much of interest besides the observatory and buying a stuffed animal ^^;

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