Little Asakusa… then back to Akiba ^^;

Posted by meronpan on February 19, 2009

Headed over to Asakusa to visit sensouji… I’m not Buddhist, but I enjoy going through all the motions (and I hope I’m not offending anyone in so doing m(_ _)m)… cleansing at the temizuya, burning incense, throwing coins into the offering box, omikuji ^^


There are a ton of little shops selling a buncha stuff, including goodies like deep fried mochi ^_^


If you visit, it’s just a dollar to buy your own incense, so you don’t have to get bad karma by stealing other peoples’ smoke :P


I got 大吉!(daikichi, great luck!)  If you’ve never done mikuji, it’s pretty simple… just pay 100 yen, shake the can until a stick falls out, then open the drawer that matches the number on your stick (though it may take a while if you’re not familiar with Japanese/Chinese numbers ^^; (一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十))



Back in Akiba I stopped by ishimaru to pick up some games… Final Fantasy Dissidia and… Idol Master for the PSP! They were sold out at Gamers otherwise I woulda tried over there.


My luggage is getting really full so rather than stocking up on more manga, decided to look for some lighter goodies…


Errr ok, no not that was just looking around the store ^^;; I believe that was at asobit city… though don’t tell them, since they don’t allow photos in the shop ^^;


If figmas are just too small for ya, how about a 1/1 poseable figure :P These babies were also in the asobit store but luckily they had a sign saying that photography of them was ok.


I’ll have to get my other pics of ’em up later…

@Panther, I think I finally did wander into a store with dolfie stuff — the Volks store in Radio kaikan.  (by the way, got to see Volks Nanoha, Fate-chan and Hayate in the flesh… now I want all three orz).  Unfortunately there were no photo signs everywhere and staff walking around so I wasn’t able to get any pics…

@those who inquired about a saber lily poster (well, ad ^^;;)  still haven’t asked about it yet… though I wouldn’t hold your breath… wallscrolls go for 5000 yen at some shops, so given the size of that thing… they’d probably charge more than the figure!

Decided to pick up a ton of goodies for snacks…img_4551

I think I’ve just undone the miles and miles of walking I’ve done on this trip ^^;;

Looks like it’s gonna rain tomorrow, but I guess that just means spending more time inside the stores ^^;



17 Responses to “Little Asakusa… then back to Akiba ^^;”

  1. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Seriously? I thought scrolls were typically some kind of fabric (I have two) but posters are usually paper… That Saber Lily poster would really cost more than $100 USD?

  2. Ayu said

    Ohhhh, Cosplay store… I wish I could go T_T I’ve always wanted to get some sailor fukus… or a life size Haruhi xDD

    Those pastries look niiiiice… *drools*

  3. ELTboy said

    I think these kinda temples in Japan are must visit destinations … and congrats on the daikichi! ^^

    Seems like there are loads of cosplay shops in Japan or is it because you happen to wander into these shops one too often? ^_-

    And I can see myself grabbing the 1/1 haruhi and saber and making a run … ^^”

  4. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx well, as i said, i still need to ask, but that’s my guess… i mean, it’s some sort of higher quality paper that’s pretty thick and also glossy… it just looks expensive (plus, it’s a special store ad thing, not a regular poster, so even if they’re willing to part with it… probably not without a premium?)

    @ayu i wish i could find some costumes for male characters… would love to have a full blow lelouch costume for halloween ^^

    the pastries were delicious ^^ mmm except for the strawberry manjyuu… the strawberry was delicious and the an was normal… but the mochi was kinda… too gooey and tasteless ^^;;;

  5. meronpan said

    @eltboy the temples/shrines are really fun if you’re into them ^^ kyoto is really great for that sort of thing. even for people not particularly interested in them i recommend going to at least one for the heck of it.

    actually the two times i’ve seen the cosplay stuff, the whole store wasn’t even dedicated to that sort of thing… asobit has games, dvds, manga, other character goods, etc. …it’s random chance i happened upon this second one! :P

    i wonder how heavy haruhi/saber are ^^;;

  6. xjaymanx said

    @Meronpan: Hmmm, with that description, u might be right. In any case, thanx for looking into it, whatever the outcome! ^_^

  7. I don’t think they would sell it (or give it away) before the end of pre-orders or release of the figure. They have to put out those promo signs to let people know that hottie is available. I remember taking some nice promo posters (not figures) home after the campaign. They won’t let you do it before the end because the manager said we won’t get another.

    Always worth a try though, maybe they do things differently in Japan. :)

  8. Rin said

    I will go there too!!!!!
    1/1 Scale…wow…
    Wait for more inside store photos!!!!!!

  9. Shiddo said

    buy few figures – leave some cash and your chances on getting a poster will rise xD althru not all can be given away. as theinfernoproject said they cant just sell all their advertisements ^^

    awesome ^^ i am not religious at all but i love the architecture of japanese temples, catsles and old houses. korean are nice as well ^^

    so you not getting 1/1 ? ^^ hmm seems you still need some progress xD maybe when u get more 1/4 liek nanoha you will try to get sumthing even bigger ^^;

    Dissidia! Nice game for all Final Fantasy fans ^^ I like it alot and spent alot time playing it. Started with Cloud but I switched to Squall. Love his shoot-like impales when using his gunblade.

    Those cards on top of CDs on last pic (Asu no Yoichi on top), are those comercial cards for animes etc? I got one of those comercial cards (Guyver) in last package of figures. Was wondering if thats the same or some kind of postcards or stickers.

  10. Ohhhh, Cosplay store… I wish I could go T_T I’ve always wanted to get some sailor fukus

  11. Fumka said

    I was wondering melonpan, what sort of camera are you using for all those shots?

    I’m thinking of getting a nice camera, so I can keep a record of my own Japanese travels.

  12. Q said

    Congrats on getting a 大吉! This kind of thing originated from China, that’s why it’s mainly in Chinese with Japanese translation. Actually what’s written there is really not easy to understand even for Chinese people, so people often bring the slip to a monk in the temple to get it ‘disciphed’ :P

    Oh you saw the Volks figure. Tbh I can’t decide between the Volks and Alter Fate anymore. T_T

  13. Blowfish said

    Im glad to see that you are having a fun trip.
    Im glad that i am immune against Dolfies and Life Sized figures.My hobby is already expensive enough.

    My,my…You just made me hungry

  14. phossil said

    One Saber 1/1 figma to go please… ^_^

  15. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx finally got around to asking on my last day in akiba… no go, wasn’t for sale ;_;

    @theinfernoproject alas, your description makes a lot of sense and seems to hold true in japan too ^^; as mentioned above, they weren’t willing to part with it ^^;

    @rin asakusa or the asobit city store? ^^; well, hopefully i’ll get around to a post with more in depth details but asakusa is pretty easily accessible from the ginza subway line and asakusa subway line (stop at the asakusa stop ^^;)

    if you’re near the JR yamanote line get to kanda station transfer to the ginza subway line

    for asobit…i’ll have to post the map and pictures later, but basically if you head out of the JR akihabara station (yamanote line) head down the street between radio kaikan & gamers then cross the main street and continue down one of the alleyways… i’ll have to doublecheck which one later ^^;;;

    @shiddo yeah, unfortunately couldn’t get the poster and pretty sure the amount i’d have to bribe with wouldn’t be worth it anyway ^^;;

    i also enjoy the temples despite not being terribly religious… just such great structures to behold

    looking forward to finally getting into dissidia now that i’m back at home!!

    the anime cards were freebies that came along with my exessive asu no yoichi manga purchase at gamers ^^; they’re a bit less advertisement like than the free yoake no mae yori bookmarks i got, but it does have a gamers logo on the front. the back was just blank.

    @buddhist shop maybe if i get a 1/1 figure i’ll get some sailor fuku some until then… no plans to crossdress ^^;;

    @fumika camera i’m using is the canon powershot s2 is. i believe at the time it was a high end point and shoot (i’m sure now there’s a much more advanced model…). Lets you have full control over aperture, shutter speed, iso and other goodies, so it’s been a pretty good tool for me as i try to learn about photography ^^;

    unfortunately it is a bit bulky, so not as convenient as the slimmer models that may not have as many features (thought maybe now they do since mine is so old). still smaller than a rebel though.

    after playing with a buncha canon rebels (well, kiss in japan), really tempted to make the dslr plunge soon so that i have more flexibility in the lens department, but until you need that, i’d say it holds its own pretty nicely.

    @q thanks ^^ i had a feeling it was really archaic/cryptic wording… i tried reading it a little and quickly gave up (especially with the english translation on the back ^^;)

    given the prototypes i saw, i’d say alter comes out on top in terms of sheer quality… but i really love the volks pose (which is why i’m planning to get both ^^;;;;)

    @blowfish thankfully i’m immune too (for now ^^;)… those life sized figures/dolls are just toooo much!

    just weighed myself… i think i gained another couple pounds from the trip orz

    @phossil no problem, that’ll just be… $3000 ~ $5000 USD ^^;;;;

  16. Fumka said

    @Rin I don’t think those 1/1 were in an asobit.

    I was there a few hours ago and saw no sign of those.

    Asobit is split into two sides, one is games exclusive and the other one is character goods/figures related. Funny enough, Idolmaster was being sold in both sides, and Perfect Sun was the only one left in stock. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad, that my favorite character, Haruka, is the least popular idolmaster character.

    Asobit Games is tucked into a small building on the EAST side of Chuo-dori, NORTH of Gamers. Asobit Characters and what not is on the WEST side of Chuo-dori, roughly across the street from Gamers, I think.

  17. meronpan said

    @fumika hmmm did you go up all the way to the top floors? that’s where these figures were. looking at the full rez pic of the saber/haruhi pic i think i can just barely make out the asobit city logo on the circular sticker on the case…

    according to the akiba map i have, there’s actually 3 asobit shops… one south of gamers, one north of gamers (both on the east side of chuuou doori), and then the final one (i think which is the one i saw the 1/1 figures) that is on the west side of chuuou doori, near akiba ou and soft map’s used digital/mobile store.

    ack, i’ll have to post a pic of this map….

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