Akiba Loot

Posted by meronpan on February 23, 2009

Sometimes I feel like my loot posts are just cheap filler (not that that would ever stop me :P)… but regardless, if there was ever a time for a loot post, it’s now.

Today I present akiba loot!


Sadly no… no figures.  In the end, given my shrinking available display space and the fact that I’ve pretty much ordered everything I really really want… I just couldn’t find anything I felt like buying.  This trip got me back to my manga roots ^^;  All told, probably somewhere between 7万円 and 8万円 spent on goodies (though I do have ~15000円 unaccounted for orz… did I really spend that much more on food/travel? ^^;;;).  Anyhow, let’s take a closer look…


1. Code Geass Complete Best – all OP and ED songs from the series.  Also included all those postcards surrounding feena’s face and some story booklets.

2. Fate/Device Metal Charm Collection 01, 05, and 08 – Went crazy and got bardiche (assault form), laevantein (schwertform), and Excalibur.

3. Feena dakimakura cover – came with the latest G’s Festival that went on sale the last day I was in Tokyo ^^. Nothing on the backside, which kinda sucks, then again, for 1/4 the price, expected as much.

4. Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikau Vol 6

5. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Vol 7

6. GUNNM Vol 6 – Finally!  Have had the previous 5 forever.

7. Mahou Sensei Negima Vol 25

8. Some pins that came with an okazu purchase at K-Books ^^;

9. Ikkitousen Vol 14


10. Poster that came free with the CDs (#12)

11. Some mamori from Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū – One for traffic safety and the other just for general goodness (or was it against evil? hmmm ^^;;)

12. Trance Anime CDs – Got 4 CDs by Exit Trance – CODE SPEED Anime Trance BEST, SPEED Anime Trance BEST 5, SPEED Anime Trance Ecstasy, Animage 30th anniversary Anime Dance request countdown, and umauma dekiru trance wo tsukuttemita 3 smune de yoyuu deshita.

13. Nagasarete Airantou Vol 14

14. These extra case covers came with my Idol Master purchase (#21)

15. To Aru Majutsu no Index Vol 3

16. Kimi no iru Machi Vol 3

17. Figma & Nendoroid Cycles from WonHobby 9

18. Shakugan no Shana Light Novels Vol 5 & 6 – Used books from Book Off – both of them together cost… 210 yen ^_^

19. Toradora Light Novel Vol 1

20. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Light Novel Vol 1

21. The iDOLM@STER ~ Missing Moon – Was lucky that it was released while I was in Japan, decided to go with chihaya, azusa and ritsuko.  Miki is a rival idol working for another company in this version… perhaps there’s a way to unlock her? Haven’t done any research at all nor have I played any previous version… just got Chihaya through her first audition ^^;;


22. Asu no Yoichi Vol 1-8 – been liking the anime, so decided to start up the manga.

23. Nanoha StikerS THE COMICS Vol 1 – yes, comics… with an ‘s’ ^^;; Also from book off… 350 yen used! Wasn’t familiar with the title and had a hard time finding it in akiba, but getting it used turned out to be much cheaper ^^

24. G’s Festival Vol 15 – Feena dakimakura (#3) included! Also came with a mouse pad (not oppai :P) and a cell phone cleaner.

25. Fate stay/Night Vol 6-8

26. Majikano Vol 1

27. Makenki! Vol 1

28. ef Vol 7

29. Kemeko Deluxe Vol 2-5

30. DAIKICHI! ^_^

31. Sekirei Vol 7

32. Doujin Work Vol 1-6 – I love hiroyuki’s work. Already read through Vol 1-3 while I was in Japan.


33. Haruhi gachapon – Got this little guy in either bic or yodobashi camera ^^; Makes a mikuru squeal or haruhi proclaiming, “iwayuru hitotsu no moeyouso!”

34. Final Fantasy Dissidia – Haven’t had much time to play yet orz. Busy training chihaya ^^;;;

35. Erika Sendo cushion cover – not sure what I’m gonna do with this ^^; Backside is kinda boring with just the Fortune Arterial logo, but decided to get this instead of the other one because erika was being too ero ^^;; This one I can actually keep on my bed if I get a cushion…

36. Replicant 2009-2010 calendar – figure calendar that came with Replicant (#40)

37. Another free poster from my CD purchases. This one is macademi wasshoi?

38. Yoake mae yori ruri iro na -Moonlight Cradle- Bookmarks – came free with manga purchases at Gamers.

39. Asu no Yoichi… cards? – forget what they were called, but these little card things came with my asu no yoichi manga purchase. Blank on the back and have a gamers logo on the bottom.

40. Replicant – was in a book store and happened upon this magazine. Full of great pics of figures, both pvc and some garage kits, happened to include aforementioned figure calendar (#36).


I guess this would be #41, two ef wall scrolls… they were bundled together at… animate I believe.  Was unable to finder anything cheaper… all the others were going for 5000, 6000 yen… each!!  This pair I got for 5000 so basically half off the usual price.


Compared to my other wallscrolls, the color is much more vivid and they appear more sharp… though that just may be because my old wallscrolls are old and dirty ^^;;


Haven’t decided where to put them, so for now just hanging over eva wallscrolls ^^;

So that’s it, continue on if you’d like a detailed look at some of the above items, but nothing new from here on :P


Was happy to finally get my hands on these charms from gsc… had kinda forgotten them but saw them on the way out of animate on my last day.


Unfortunately these pics suck.  ^^;  I’ll have to take some better ones later, but in the meantime… you can make out slightly more detail if you click for the full rez.


Some were sold out like the Bardiche riot blades, but I already spent way too much on these three anyway ^^;  They ended up being 2800 yen each.


Nice chrome finish, wish they used the same for PVC figures more often (like Alter’s Vita’s graf eisen).

Replicant is the only figure magazine I’ve picked up… before I always thought there wasn’t really any reason with all the info available on the web. Found this baby at the store and if it weren’t for the price I’d probably think otherwise ^^;


Gorgeous pics and, according to the cover at least, it also contains pics of garage kits. 1/4 kanu is insanity.


Wonder how long kanu will continue getting all the attention ^^;


Ah yes, don’t mind the gunnm manga, needed something to hold the magazine down ^^;;; Err and a little late, but I guess red mech chick above is nsfw ^^;;


Practically the whole magazine is just full page after full page of figure pics.


Service for James :P


Had a nice section that focused on specific sculptors, MAJOCO, above.


Some how to stuff that looked like it could be useful…


A nice look at some Lucky Star releases.


Fate always merits her own coverage ^_^


Fold out Lily image… felt strangely perverted unfurling it ^^;;;

Will come back to the calendar that was included with the mag :P

Moving on… Here’s a better look at the Feena dakimakura


Just about right for me. No bare eyes, not super ero, and feena is kawaiiii~

Again, for the record, this (NSFW) is not what I do with my dakimakura, despite the similar handle ^^;;

Magazine only cost 2400 yen and also came with (way) above pictured mouse pad and cell phone cleaner.

Speaking of the magazine, great images from the game, makes me want to get a copy…


Kawaii character bakkari~


Some full page images later in the magazine…


Again moving on… always nice to get a new prop for shoots…


Being the newb hobbyist I am, there’s a lotta troublesome flash still on the thing ^^;;

Attended the event with an uninterested friend which is why I have 2 of everything ^^; Next up… need to get a razor so I can do the nendoroid bike properly ^^;

Do you like anime music? Trance/electronica/dance mixes? (I have no idea what the actual genre is ^^;) You might want to check out the exit trance series.

Here’s one of the songs that made one of the CDs an instaget for me – a mix of yuukyuu no tsubasa, the ED of the final episode of the first season of the anime.

Another one of my favorite songs remixed, I Bless Thy Life –

Both these songs are found on the recently released SPEED アニメトランス エクスタシー (SPEED anime trance ecstasy). Nut sure how prices are elsewhere but, here it is at amazon.co.jp.

Other well known songs didn’t quite tickle my fancy as much, perhaps you’ll enjoy them… for example, motteke! se-ra- fuku –

That one’s from CODE SPEED アニメ トランス BEST (CODE SPEED Anime Trance BEST). Also at amazon.  Also on the CD, god knows, harehare yukai, butter-fly, hishoku (?) no sora, harete hareruya, eternal blaze… there’s 20 tracks on both this and the previously listed cd.

But yeah, OP and ED mixed from all sorts of series.  Between all the CDs I bought, I’ve got things from Rosario + Vampire, sekirei (<3 ^^)… err wait one sec… i love the sekirei OP so I must link that mix too…

That one’s on SPEED アニメ トランス BEST 5 (SPEED Anime Trance BEST 5, amazon).

Anyhow, back to the list of series covered… higurashi no naku koro ni, code geass, toheart, school days, lucky star, the idolmaster, pia carrot, chaos;head, nanoha strikers, zero no tsukaima rondo, bleach, nogizaka haruka no himitsu, myself;yourself, fate/stay night, gundam seed destiny, macross frontier, gundam 00, keroro gunsou… ahhh so nice ^^

Back to Replicant, nice that a figure calendar was included – helped justify the 1500 yen price ^^;;


Lotsa good stuff, wish my shots and photoshop skills were at that level ^^;


Was poking around for Fortune Arterial goodies and finally decided on this cushion cover.


As you can see the back is pretty lame, but erika’s on the other side to greet’cha.


So there ya have it… still have a buncha pics from my trip to post, but I also want to get back to figure reviews ^^;;; At any rate, lewt post complete, TSUGI!

If you happen to have any questions about anything or want more pics of something I didn’t cover in detail, feel free to ask. I may be a little slow to respond if it’s pics you want, but I’ll get ’em up eventually :P



54 Responses to “Akiba Loot”

  1. Great loot. Too bad you didn’t find any figures you need. I’d love to have a dakimukura like that, and the price is great too. My favourite one out there is Eika Ichijo, but I can’t get myself to pay 100 bucks for a pillow cover…I’ll definitely look at the magazines next time I go to Japan.

    About the idolmaster game, I think you can unlock Miki after you beat her or something. Great choice for choosing Azusa + Chihaya. Their voices = WIN! I like the Futami twins, but the voices of Azusa and Chihaya blows everyone away…

    • meronpan said

      i need to see if there’s an easy way to get past issues of g’s festival ‘cuz really that’s the only economical way to get a hold of dakimakura. (unless you want used ^^;;)… i’ve bought a $100 dakimakura cover before and… that was enough for me. ^^;

      honestly i got missing moon because i really wanted the azusa wedding limited release figure gsc did a while back… she put a spell on me ^^; glad i chose wisely ^^

  2. Oh man, I want that Bardiche charm now… So pricey though. How’s the fabric on the Feena dakimakura cover?

    • meronpan said

      feels a bit rougher/cheaper than the konomi one i have though again… only $24! ^^;

      it’s a shame the metal charms aren’t cheaper. it they were in the $10 range i mighta bought ’em all ^^;;

  3. Shiddo said

    wow O_O

    nice loot idd. i would probably pass OSTs as CDs are meh today and just take another space ^^;

    those cell / key straps – medals are cute.

    Replicant looks cool. I mean alot of shots of nice figures. What cought my eye is the “all black butterfly girl with axe” and “red dragon”

    Kanu just ownz ^^; Its realy amazing how many figures of her pop up all the time. On the other side, quite large amount of them is nothing special. All she needs now is Nendo form! (noes nendos own me!) Also still tempted by 1/6 Miko (black) version of her. Shes on shots from magazine as well.

    Well once again gratz on nice loot, hope you enjoy it as much as possible ^^

    • meronpan said

      i need to check if the kinokuniya in sf carries replicant… and see how much of a premium they charge for g’s festival ^^;

      hahah a nendo kanu would be great! it’s only a matter of time ufufufu

  4. xjaymanx said

    @Meronpan: Damn! Double damn! Triple damn! Tons upon tons of stuff I’ll probably never acquire, lol. But GUNNM Alita FTW! Still haven’t finished Volumes 7-9 of the original series, lol. Oh well. Now u reminded me, maybe sooner than later… ^_^

    • meronpan said

      well it’s a once per year thing so i let myself splurge (even though i shouldn’t in light of my figure spending ^^;;;)

      i’m barely through the first volume in the version i have (i think it’s a large print 6 volume complete version or something?) ^^;;; but i loved the anime (quite an impression left on a young high school boy ^^;) so i’ve been blindly following the series ^^;

  5. Rin said

    OMG!!!!! Big loot!!!!!!
    I want a lot of the stuff you got!!!!!
    Why must I have to wait 6 months till my trip to Japan!!!!!!
    I WANT!!!!!! CODE GEASS CDs and the EF wallscrolls…Lucky…
    It’s too bad you didn’t bring back any figures…it’s a lot cheaper there…
    I wonder when I got to Japan…how much would I bring back…

    • meronpan said

      i’m sure you’ll well outdo me just like your previous trip :P

      the code geass cds will probably be pretty easy to find… i’m not sure how wallscroll stocks usually go in akiba, this was my first time buying them there (why so pricey? orz)

      yeah, the potential savings i coulda got on figures was high but i really have most of my must haves already (which is what i’m trying to stick to in this terrible economy ^^;)… gah, but now that you mention it i shoulda went for some of the used/limited stuff i saw… as you say, was so cheap orz

  6. optic said

    Didn’t come back with a single figure. I’m very surprised. Not even a rare nendoroid u like? :)
    I’m heading to Kino tomorrow to see if they have the Festival G’s mag. available. It’s like the only Festival mag I may get as I love Feena. She is my favourite character and passing up on her pillow cover is a NO. In addition, I’m quite aware of the exchange price either. -_-
    Awesome loot. The manga’s will keep u busy for a while. :)

    • meronpan said

      yeah… everything i considered buying felt like it was just because i was in akiba, rather than because i truly wanted the figure. i feel like my collection already has enough ‘filler’ so to speak ^^;

      aaah, as a feena fan, you should be very happy with the dakimakura cover, she looks great ^^

  7. Actar said

    AMAZING LOOT! Currently saving up for my Year-End trip to Japan. Hopefully will be able to get half as many things that you got.

    A little surprised that you didn’t get many figures but, wow, tons of Manga and Art books.

    Wall scrolls look lovely as well. My room’s bare walls are indeed in dire need for redecorating. :)

    The Charms are indeed awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on Kansho and Bakuya, Archer’s dual blades. Those look awesome.

    Will be adding you to my Blogroll, could you do the same for me? (^.^)

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^; if you buy manga, it’s easy to get a lot ^^ especially at book off, if you don’t mind used manga!

      ever since college i’ve always covered my walls with something. ended up being mostly wallscrolls since they’re the most durable and easy to transport

      happy to add ya, will do so as soon as i’m done replying to comments ^^

  8. lovelyduckie said

    I really like the pictures you took flipping through your magazines.

    • meronpan said

      i always have half a mind to cut up the magazines/books and do a proper scan but i can never bring myself to destroy my only copy ^^;;

      luckily these pics turned out ok ^^;

  9. Panther said

    So did you find out anything about the dollfies? :)

    • meronpan said

      Here’s the info I collected from the Volks store:

      outfits 3000-4000 yen
      aoi – 40000 yen
      body only – 20000ish yen
      other accessories 2000 – 3000 yen

      alas, didn’t really see anything that looked like an event item…though I wasn’t sure what exactly to look for so I may have missed them

      that’s about all i could remember ^^;;;

  10. gordon said

    an amazing amount of stuff u bought. now all u need is time to digest all of them. (‘~’)

  11. Bonsaibandit said

    Dude, those Exit Trance CDs are so good it hurts my head. I picked mine up through CD Japan and now I have to go get Ecstacy thanks to your sample of the songs. Nice loot post, I would love to make it out to Japan one day, but unfortunately my uni costs are too high these days. How much did it cost you to go and stay and purchase all that?

    • meronpan said

      ah happy to see another fan, so sounds like you’ve been listening to them for awhile. had no idea the series existed ’till i heard it playing in toranoana. luckily the cd booklet had track listings for the other releases so once i figured out what i wanted i went back the next day and bought ’em ^^;

      university is definitely a way to put a strain on one’s finances. for my trip it ended up being ~$1100 usd for airfare and 8 nights at hotel. (shared a double, which significantly reduced the hotel cost, especially considering it was a fairly nice one – hotel pacific near shinagawa?). according to my receipts i think i paid between $700 and $800 usd for all the goodies. alas i didn’t keep all my receipts organized so i don’t have a precise number ^^;

      • Bonsaibandit said

        Actually that isn’t too bad of a cost for the trip. I actually have somewhere around 3k saved up in a bank account. My main problem is finding other people to travel with since I have never gone, and an internal struggle whether to spend the money I have saved. The irony is I have been saving that money for a trip to Japan, but a number like that in my bank account is hard to say goodbye to.

        Exit Trance has quite a few CDs. Some of them are anime inspired and others are just trance from the artists. My friend shoed me the first one (BEST) and I went crazy trying to find any others.

        • meronpan said

          definitely can be tough going by yourself, especially for a first time and triply tough if you don’t know japanese ^^; keep saving and eventually a trip to japan will be a drop in the bucket! well… or at least it won’t clean you out ^^;

  12. Silver Lynx said

    Is there any chance you can give me the name (or at least the series) of the fox (?) girl figure seen here? https://meronpan.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/lewt19.jpg Much appreciated. =^_^=

    • meronpan said

      happy to look that up when i get home from work, just gimme 3-5 more hours ^^;;

    • meronpan said

      alrighty, here we go:

      the girls are from the eroge タユタマ (tayutama) -kiss on my deity-
      fox (?) girl is 泉戸 (mito) ましろ (mashiro)
      the other is 河合 (kawai) アメリ (ameri)

      • Silver Lynx said

        Thank you kindly for your prompt reply! I’m sure you’ve been swamped with the recent influx of traffic flow from Danny Choo’s link. XD

        *Sigh* It’s a beautiful figure, but alas, it appears to be a resin kit. Too bad. =^_^=

        • meronpan said

          my pleasure ^_^

          got a crazy amount of traffic, but only a handful of people actually commented, so it wasn’t that big a deal ^^;

          volks has a lotta resin stuff i wish i could get my hands on… indeed too bad orz

  13. ron~ said

    woah plenty of nice stuffs there :D you going to ship the items or just bring it back all together :O

    that feena dakimakura comes with the latest dengeki festival right?

    • meronpan said

      ah, i’m already back ^^ took two suitcases, filled the carry on sized one with manga, and stuffed the rest of my goodies in the spare space in the other and my backpack. bags were bursting ^^;;

      and yes, the g’s festival included the feena dakimakura

  14. James said

    Omg you bought a lot ^^

    But no figures so i won’t speak to you again , goodbye :'(

    I love the wallscrolls a lot so i guess i forgive you ^^

    The Feena dakimakura is awesome ! I need it , going to search for it now ^^

    • meronpan said

      i think my problem was that i didn’t bring a specific list of things to look for in akiba… so my search wasn’t very focused. orz

      good thing i got the wallscrolls :P and feena ftw!

  15. Blowfish said

    What a loot!
    Youve got Ikki Tousen 13?
    Volume 12 just got released here…No Idea when Vol 13 will be out here.Autumn?

    I was astonished at all the Fate Stay/Night Loot…You really should play the Visual Novel by now :D

    Ah that Dengeki Dakimakura is more to my taste.Doesnt make you look like a pervert like my Kanu.
    Ahh the Backissues of the Denegki Festivals…They sell some over here but for triple the price.
    Havent found them anywhere else :(

    Could you tell me how you took the pics of the magazine?I always get reflections when im shooting mine

    • meronpan said

      got ikkitousen 13 a while ago… had it long before getting the daiki kougyou kanu i think. no idea when 13 or 14 will make its way overseas… i noticed at my kinokuniya i sometimes had to special order items if i wanted them earlier

      i started fate stay/night! but still in the very beginning ^^;;; aaaa no time orz

      60€?! gaaaaaaa that’s insanity ;_;

      For the magazine pics (and pretty much all the pics i take in my room) i don’t use a flash, just use a really long exposure (tripod ftw!). if you’re still getting reflections, i think it’s just a matter of the angle of your light source? i was just using the ambient lights (in the ceiling) in my room, no lamps or anything.

  16. ELTboy said

    Now, that’s what I call a loot! That’s really a lot of stuff – especially the mangas and light novels. Would love to get myself some wall scrolls as well. Those charms that you bought are also very nice, especially saber’s excalibur. Pity I don’t think I can get them here.

    Well, will save it for my trip to akiba although god knows when that will be.

    • meronpan said

      luckily the manga and light novels were the cheapest items (well individually ^^;)

      i was surprised the charms were so out of the way – the display case was only visible if you were heading to/from the elevator, and the rest were behind the register in uninteresting looking black boxes. (you had to ask for them to buy them)

  17. Feena looks incredibly cute, what visual novel/eroge/anime/manga is she from?

    • meronpan said

      she’s from 夜明け前より瑠璃色な yoake mae yori ruriiro na

      eroge that’s completed the superfecta… anime, manga, light novel and ps2 versions all came out

  18. Adun said

    Some nice purchases. Seeing posts like this reminds me of my own venture last year and only now do I think damn, I bought a lot. Though I fear that in the next trip to Japan it’ll be MUCH more extravagant than the previous one.

    • meronpan said

      your trip was so much more exciting than mine, otaku-wise ^^; and i’m still insanely jealous of your awesome lucky star kyoani pic :P

      i think for my next trip i’m gonna finally head outside of tokyo again… i’m dying to stay at a ryokan and hit up the onsen…

  19. sonic_ver2 said

    Seeing loots like this makes me wonder. How does Akihabara affect people’s mind to buy this much?

    Are there any poisonous air around there that control your mind and said “buy everything dude, you’re here only for a few days”? XD

  20. lovelyduckie said

    I’d never want someone to destroy a magazine for better scans. Not even if it’s their 2nd copy of that same magazine. Maybe if they have 3 copies I might hint at it :)

  21. Hangmen said

    Whoah…. (O_O”)

    I wish I brought that much money (and loot) with me when I was in Akihabara last year.

    This was my coverage during my trip there.

    • meronpan said

      I think with each trip I end up spending more than the last ^^;; Akiba always has something to drain one’s wallet ^^;;

      i’ll have to check out your site later today, currently swamped at work (…shouldn’t even be answering comments i guess ^^;;;)

  22. phossil said

    Thats a Giga size Akiba loot!! How did you take it home?? Well Im very surprised of the complete loot, but good you got wallscrools and Dengeki Festival!!
    Now make room for all the goodies…^^

  23. meronpan said

    it actually all fit into a carry-on sized suit case and my backpack ^^;

    my shelves are all full uguuu

  24. […] a little better… meh, you can get a much better look in my loot post if ya want (without pillow).  Anyhow, a dakimakura pillow!  Now I just need a cushion for the […]

  25. […] on the circumstance, case-to-case basis. I mean, if I had both time and money in my hands like meronpan over here, I probably would’ve have hesitated to BUT MOAR LOOT. The only thing that would […]

  26. daniel said

    es una increible colección es srprendente ya megustaria que vendieran esetipo de cosas en mi pais nicaragua

    • meronpan said

      gracias ^_^ en mi país es difícil comprar las cosas específicas que quiero… por eso cuando estoy comprando figures, yo uso las tiendas online.

      no he hablado español por muchos años… perdoname si no puedes comprender lo que he escribido ^^;;

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