Final WonHobby 9 Pics

Posted by meronpan on February 24, 2009

Figured I’d get the rest of my pics up for public viewing… lotsa fate love included, but I’ll save the best for last ^_^


Can’t wait to put together the helmet for my miku ^^


xxxHolic… maru & moro?


seinarukana love! ikaruga satsuki!


Wish her expression was different… something just seems… not so great.

Alas, only pic of the Tony Taka ousaka kotone was pretty shoddy orz


I wasn’t in proper position to get any pics of the max factory haruhi gang either ;_;


Huge max factory morrigan was a sight to see


No idea when it comes to gundam…


gsc Miku from the commercial they were showing…


Got a pretty good look at gsc saber lily, though my pics coulda fared better.  No regrets in placing that preorder ^^


Base looked really nice.  Nendo lily was kawaii but I don’t think I’ll order her…

GSC Black Rock Shooter… looked impressive although I’m not sure I’m into the blue eye explosion ^^;  …and my photo was overexposed orz


Loved the kureha nendo


kagamiiiiin ^_^


Lossa puchis


Might have to get nendoroid zange-chan and nagi… kaaawaaiiiiii~


Alter Yoko was lookin’ good!


Definitely gonna pick up Alter narika ^^;


GSC Nanohaaaaaa


GSC moka already ordered ^^;


If gift saber lily is supposed to be in the same pose as the silhoette… looks kinda boring compared to GSC’s… and then there’s the face issue :P


And now Alter fate-chan ^_^ ^____^ ^__________^


Can’t wait for fate!

Alrighty, I think 3 posts on WonHobby 9 is enough, don’t you? ^^; Though evidently they’re doing it all over again soon (dc, gsc)!
In case you would like a quick look at my previous posts…
two more fate pics + yoko, narika & all the nendoroids
stuff i wasn’t supposed to photo



20 Responses to “Final WonHobby 9 Pics”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    So, i already ordered almost everything i want here except Alter’s Fate and GSC’s Nanoha bikini. Have you did that too?

    Anyway, my ordered and wished figures from those photos : Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru extravaganza, GSC’s Moka, and Nendo Kureha.

    • meronpan said

      i’ve been holding off on nanoha bikini for the moment… wanted to wait and see how the matching fate turns out…

      haven’t ordered any nendoroids lately…

      haruhi extravaganza, moka and saber lily have been ordered thou ^^

  2. JefLebowski said

    Oh man, your moneystorage must be empty with all this purchases…and you Figure-storages overflowed^^

    • meronpan said

      well, the pics were just from the event, not what i bought there ^^;; only thing they had on sale were the prototype figmas and some charms -_-

      but yes, my room is pretty much out of space ^^;

  3. Blowfish said

    That Morrigan is after a Shunya Yamashita Design if im not mistaken right?
    Yoko is looking delicious aswell.
    Thanks for the pics!
    You should have raided that place with a big backpack and stuffed all the figures in it ^^

  4. Rin said

    I can’t for their release!!!!!!

  5. Fabian said

    Finally some photos of Saber Lily in a decent resolution. What I’ve seen so far (photos of lower resolution and promo pictures from GSC) wasn’t enough for me to be sure whether the figure is worth it or not. It sure is.

    Fate is a must get as well.

  6. optic said

    Seeing nendo kagami, i will feel bad if I cancel her now for the figma version.
    Right, I’m getting both. :)

    • meronpan said

      mikkumiku kagamin~ ^_^ awesome that you’re gettin’ both

      as soon as i feel like i have some extra money i’ll probably go on a nendo/figma buying spree, but currently i’m still in saving mode orz

  7. lovelyduckie said

    I need to watch Candy Boy. I keep forgetting to. I’m going to skip the Saber Lily Nendo too. Unless they somehow get a face on her that I cannot resist! I’m going to stay hopeful on the Gift Saber Lily, since they already got me to buy the first Saber there is now a 50% chance I will buy the 2nd lol. I just don’t know why but I don’t like the Nanoha girls. I guess I’m kind of thankful too or I’d be writing over all my checks to Alter this year.

  8. Q said

    Hahahhahahaha you surely are saving the best bit at the last :P

    Oh man that Alter Fate is seriously trying to burn me a hole in terms on money and space (as I’ve said again and again -_-), and with Volks one being a harder alternative to get too I think I’m done for orz

    I guess I may have to follow Optic’s suggestion and display her in the living room LOL

  9. gordon said

    now i’m torn as to whether to order Alter Yoko or not. the price aren’t cheap. >.<

  10. samejima said

    Canceled my preorder on Saber Lily cuz I hear that there would be a Kanade Sakurai figure release this July… Lurve the show and the Sakurai twins.

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