Kaguya & Kaori!!

Posted by meronpan on February 25, 2009


She’s finally here!  Kaguya!  Preview mode engaged!

My first Volks figure!  If you’re not familiar with them, they’re notorious for not being available through most online stores for those outside Japan (which I find weird, ‘cuz they have a whole english site for their dollfie stuff??).  To get around that problem I ordered her through good ‘ol Tokyo Hunter.


Decided to just take the pics against my manga shelves for old times’ sake.  Learning a bit more about focal length and background blur as I prepare to make a DSLR plunge… my latest revelation… backing up and then zooming in on a subject rather than moving the camera closer will greatly increase background blur.  I think I might’ve been told about that in the past but didn’t quite wrap my head around it at the time ^^;;  Alas, though I was getting the background blur I wanted my lighting was still killing me… too hard and shots are overexposed orz.


Seems that the game Kaguya’s from (無限のフロンティア スーパーロボット大戦OGサーガ, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier) is getting ported, so those averse to importing will get a chance to experience the oppai insanity.


Volks is also releasing Aschen (split personality robot babe) & Suzuka (unagi princess hehehe)… the bases will connect to form a single circular base (pictured half way down this post).

Read at tsukiboard that she was cast-off and to my surprise, yes, she is!


Her skin’s kind of pale, the oppai paint work wasn’t that great, and there’s a hole from where her outfit attaches so it’s not very well done… well, I’ll have full coverage of that in my full review later ^^;  Yokopai will have to do for now :P


Moving on, Kaorin (hmm doesn’t seem to be the type that would let anyone call her that ^^;;) arrived right before I left for Tokyo… but was so busy preparing I didn’t even have time for a preview.


ELTboy has his review up, mine is still a bit aways away ^^;;  Want to cover KOS-MOS, Teana, and Kaguya first ^^;


As far as my Kotobukiya expectations go, she falls on the slightly better than average side of things.  Still has a way to go before I’ll consider them as top tier material.


Kaorin’s character design definitely swayed me into a purchase, but no regrets ^^

That’s all for today, kitaishite ne~



19 Responses to “Kaguya & Kaori!!”

  1. Shiddo said

    My Kaori still in Japan ~_~ After delay of Senhime I stacked her with nendo Yoko and Yoshika but they are taking their time nice till end of month -_- Yoko in stock message arrived 2day but it seems Yoshika will be moved to Mar as well >< doh. Another recombinations.

    Kaori was on my 1st order/preorder :D Finaly “she is here”. I like her pose and design. Pitty face is a bit different from anime one but still like it ^^

    btw: is it hard to put on the sword/belt on her?

    • meronpan said

      oo i totally forgot nendo yoko is coming soon. will be nice to add her to the gang ^^

      her sword/belt is not hard to attach at all. she separates at the waist and you just put the belt in place before putting her back together.

  2. Blowfish said

    Il have to wait some time until ill get my hands on Kaori….Gotta wait until my european retailer has her in stock.
    I immediatley preordered her when i saw pictures on panthers blog.Im glad i like her Character in the series aswell^^

  3. optic said

    Gotta be honest, that’s one of the best base I’ve seen. I know it looks simple but sometimes, the simple stuff are the best as long at they are original. ^^
    Unfortunately, I passed.

  4. lovelyduckie said

    Waiting on Kaori myself! I love her look too. I’m not that fond of the show but I don’t mind her character in the episodes I saw.

  5. rangerroh said

    Oh Kaori….Drool……..

  6. James said

    Don’t like Kaguya , Volks are quite far in PVC from their awesome work in the GK world … But she does look nice :)

    I love Kaori but didn’t buy as it’s Koto ^^

    • meronpan said

      juding from the comments, not too many kaguya fans ^^;; wish she had gotten the alter treatment but i’ll take what i can get. she fulfills my preferred character profile perfectly ^^

      every time i think i’ve bought my last kotobukiya figure they release something that no one else is making figures for orz

  7. sonic_ver2 said

    DSLR? Are you planning on getting one? What will you get? I suggest getting Nikon for figure photoshoot because it’s very sharp. See ron~’s photo if you want to know Nikon’s result.

    Anyway, that background blur (DOF) is affected by 3 factors.
    1. Aperture value : lower number, the better the blur.
    2. Focal length: higher zoom, the blurer it gets.
    3. Distance between lens and object: the closer the better.
    That’s why, if you want to get the most background blur, you need to get close enough to the figure and use the highest possible focal length you got, and don’t forget to set F value the lowest possible value.

    • meronpan said

      i was actually looking at canon stuff (specifically the rebel xsi, aka the kiss digital x2, aka 450D… that and their EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens), being a canon user at the moment ^^;

      still a lot of research to do before making a purchase though… and nikon’s definitely a consideration. When you say you recommend nikon because it’s very sharp… do you have any specific details on that? like, is that because their lens quality is better? or because CMOS sensor is better? or because particular model of camera is better at a certain price range? etc. all the stuff i’ve been reading basically ends up saying… the two brands are pretty comparable ^^;

      i usually open up the aperture to max to decrease dof but recently i was reading that zoom lenses tend to perform better in the middle of their range, so was seeing if i could tell the difference by using a more intermediate F value rather than the lower extremity. on the other hand, not sure my camera and lens is good enough to see the difference ^^;

      • sonic_ver2 said

        Talk about Nikon sharpness, i don’t really know techincal details and stuffs. But if you’re planning on getting Macro lens (which is also in my wishlist :D), i think you’ll get the same sharpness.

        I’ve done so many close up shot and i’ve compared my photo (using Canon 400D+very standard lens EF-S 18-55mm) with Ron’s photo (using Nikon D70s i think), and i can see that Ron’s photo is far more sharper.

        But remember, you might want to get Canon if you’re planning on preparing at least USD 2000 for Canon’s L lenses. Those lenses kick ass.

        Then again, if you’re out of your budget and thinking of using standard kit lens for a long time, consider geting Nikon.

        • meronpan said

          i think i may have read that the canon rebel/kiss/400-series kit lens is inferior to nikon’s, which would explain the differences.

          not sure if i will ever have a use for the L lenses… aren’t those pretty much just for professionals? ^^;; always fun to dream thou ^_^

          will definitely keep the kit lens differences in mind as i move forward, thanks for the insight!

  8. James said

    Nikon , Canon or Sony , it’s the same at the start (the body doesn’t change anything) , the only differences are the lens .

    Buy any of the 3 brand and a good lens (macro if you can , don’t buy a telezoon :'() and you’ll be happy :) . But yeah the kit lens from Canon is really bad when the Nikon and Sony are ok but i believe you’re not going to buy the kit so it doesn’t matter :)

    • meronpan said

      thanks for the input, definitely have my sights set on a nice macro lens. i guess the question’s more and more becoming… when can i afford to spend that much ^^;;

  9. […] previously mentioned, my first Volks figure.  Pretty happy with the quality and looking forward to having the […]

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