Alter’s Xenosaga III KOS-MOS 水着Ver.

Posted by meronpan on March 1, 2009


In case you’re curious, yes, 水着 means ‘swimsuit’, titled the post after KOS-MOS’ listing on Alter’s site.  For all’y’all dying for a pic of the box and packaging, you can check my preview.

One of the first things I ran into doing this shoot was KOS-MOS’ long bangs made eye level and down angled shots a little… well…


…they cover half her face! ^^;;


Can just barely see her eyes behind all her hair ^^;


On the other hand her other eyes are perfectly visible ^^


Was having some issues with the light reflecting off her hair, alas, wasn’t able to figure out what to do and just went with it.


Nice and tall, almost stands as high as Airi’s scythe.

Now for a better look at those eyes… :P


Even if you’re not into swimsuit figures, perhaps the unique style and KOS-MOS’ curves will pique your curiosity?


It looks like it could be a little uncomfortable… is that armor? ^^;;

Had to futz around to get a view behind KOS-MOS’ long hair…


But the view was worth it :P  (aaa what am I saying?! ^^;;  変態じゃないよ、僕…本当です!)


mmm himo… hiku?


So how the heck are her feet supposed to stay in those heels?


KOS-MOS comes with some sort of assault dagger thing and an ankle strap to hold it on…


Didn’t really care for it so I’m leaving it off for now.  In the instructions, they explain how you can use double sided tape to stick it directly on her leg… but you have to provide the tape orz.


Really love how they posed her with her arms under her hair.


Rotating the rest of the way around…


Had to extend my tripod to max height and zoom to get these shots…





Finally some shots with her eyes showing~


Not like anime where eyes magically appear through hair ^^;;


Didn’t have time to push out a double review.


Hmmm need more swimsuit figures…


Highly recommended for KOS-MOS fans and non-fans alike ^^ Lovely Alter quality in an impressive 1/6 package.

James has more if you prefer a white background ^_^


23 Responses to “Alter’s Xenosaga III KOS-MOS 水着Ver.”

  1. ELTboy said

    She is quite lovely, and her swimsuit is really quite uniquely designed. Lucikly I am immune to buying swimsuit figures. ^^”

    Ironically, one of the swimsuit figures that really tempted me was that Suzu figure in your last picture. So full of life!

    • meronpan said

      weird that your comment got marked as spam o.O

      i used to be immune to swimsuit figures but they’re growing on me ^^;

      good ‘ol suzu ^^ usually i go for the “regular” version (i.e. wearing their ‘normal’ outfit) before getting others but had to make an exception

  2. James said

    Awesome pics ! You did really great with the black background :)

    Glad you got her , and yes you need more swimsuit figures but it’s fine , as you already have the two best ;) (you just need Kokoro and Hinagiku)

    • meronpan said

      thanks! i was also pleased how this came out ^^ after doing the shoot i got some tracing paper to make a ghetto diffuser so maybe next time will be even better! (hopefully! ^^;)

      aaaa kokoro and hinagiku are very tempting, but i need to save money orz

  3. optic said

    I already have quite a healthy collection of swimsuit figures so I’m happy to pass from her. Speaking of swimsuits, my next one is Nagi from Hayate by Koto. With a dynamic pose like that, it was too hard to pass up. :)
    Love the shoot. I gotta say, those are some muscular thighs.

    • meronpan said

      aaa that nagi looks kawwwaaiii ^^ …but i need to resist until i figure out what to do with my room… manga/figures and other goods are overflowing… so messy orz

      being a battle android or whatnot, i guess it makes sense for kos-mos to have powerful legs ^^;

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Those armor things seem pretty annoying to me. Is there any way to remove them and let us see more of KOS-MOS’ body? XD

    Anyway, very nice photos, and nice job on the background.

  5. Panther said

    Man I am still wondering if I should do a shoot of her with a lousy camera now that there are so many of her out anyway. She is still an awesome figure.

    • meronpan said

      i always say, yes, for the love of figures (or i suppose KOS-MOS in your case? ^^) do a shoot!

      i almost didn’t start this blog ‘cuz i figured there were already much more professionally done reviews out there. eventually i decided it was more about sharing with the community, and am happy i made that distinction for myself. ^_^

  6. She’s lovely! Quite a unique swimsuit figure.

    As for her heels, I think theoretically that little piece might have something connecting it to the main part of the shoe between the big and index toes. But I imagine that would hurt a lot. Maybe it’s magic? :P

    • meronpan said

      hmm yeah a strap or something that wasn’t worth sculpting would definitely fit the bill… thoughi suppose in the world of high technology, floating slippers wouldn’t be that tall an order, would it? ^^;

  7. Did she have some sort of cast off? or it’s just the fact that you can peel back her swimsuit? Not on my buy list now, but she does look really nice. Might buy her if I have extra dough or if she becomes 50% off…I love sales ^^;

    • meronpan said

      didn’t really seem like there was any intended sort of cast off. some parts of the suit are a little bendy, but i’m hesitant to try to remove them ^^;; i’m sure there are plenty of doujinshi to take care of that sort of need anyway :P

      alter figures on sale are wonderful, perhaps you’ll get luck ^^

  8. Q said

    She’s one of the few figures with translucent hair I’ve seen other than that like Shana’s flaming hair.

    While swimsuit figures are usually not my kind of thing, my first scaled figure I have is actually Kotobukiya’s Candy Bikini Shana. Speaking of irony lol…

    • meronpan said

      for me it’s part of her charm… so many unique things about her (at least, as she stands in my collection)… translucent hair, swimsuit (a unique one at that), and standing tall at 1/6. ^_^

  9. Blowfish said

    Shes one of the few figures with translucent hair i actually like.The way she runs with her hands through her hair is pretty unqie aswell.
    Shes a great figure but i cant really appreciate her since ive never seen the series

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  11. Jegan2020 said

    Why did you take a photo with her swimsuit’s front push back to show her uncolored nipples?

  12. […] a pretty popular figure so there are a number of reviews around such as Exelica-Meteor, WaWaWa, Polyvinyl Crush, Vision of Vixion and Akibahobby (Japanese) – but as usual you may have seen […]

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