Teana Lanster

Posted by meronpan on March 8, 2009


My personal Lost property Riot Force 6 gains another member ^^ Teana fans, rejoice! Review should be sfw, though the requisite pantsu shot may not ^^;


Of all the currently released Alter Nanoha gals, I think Teana’s pose is my favorite. Kneeling poses are pretty rare in my collection, and the guns add to the dynamism.


Was having a bit of white balance trouble so forgive me if any of these pics look a bit off ^^;  Things were also a bit more grainy than I’d like in a lotta cases -_-


If you haven’t gotten to StrikerS yet, Teana and Subaru are the two major additions to the gang. I was really put off by the guns and roller blades (subaru) at first but they grew on me by the end of the season.


The base is standard fare. Description of the character’s rank, device and such. Great if you’re looking for a matching set, but a big let down if you’re expecting a super display piece once they’ve gotten everyone released.


As previously mentioned, you can switch between her plain Cross Mirage and dagger blade modes by removing her whole arm. I’ve been enjoying the blades for now ^^



Ever since I translated a Signum preview where the author was ranting about the fine folds in the clothing, I’ve been fixated on such details.


Definitely being desensitized by anime… wasn’t until doing this shoot that I realized, well damn, that’s a short skirt ^^;


I guess the + on her hair ribbons is for her gun’s “cross” theme?



Not sure if my camera wasn’t level or her gun is actually pointed at that angle ^^;


It’s too bad Teana wasn’t more of a close combat fighter. It woulda been pretty awesome to do some Equilibrium style gun-kata stuff :P


Some shots from behind…



Aaand let’s get her out of that jacket.


Swapped out her daggers while I was at it.


Looks like I didn’t quite have her arms set… where were you looking? :P


There was a little mess up in the paint on her bangs over her left eye. Luckily I barely notice such things so it’s only during photo shoots that I mind ^^;


Warning: pantsu incoming. Black.


“ban” is the sound effect for a gun shot in Japanese. Guess “bangu” wouldn’t have worked very well ^^;



Think once I tire of the dagger blades I’ll display Teana in this mode ^^


Tried to take a group shot but was getting tired and couldn’t get the lighting I needed in place. Ideally would’ve raised Signum up more too… Left a lot to be desired -_- Guess I have a couple more alter nanoha releases to try again…


My figma/nendoroid creative juice has been running dry of late. Miku here to express my disdain.


If you’re already collecting the Alter Nanoha girls, guess you don’t really need any encouragement to pick up Teana ^^;; For general Alter fans, I think she has some appeal in her pose and guns but it still might be hard to pay the Alter premium without some familiarity with the character.

Released with KOS-MOS at the end of January, here’s a couple other Teana reviews in case ya missed ’em:

Next up is… Subaru in June?  Do we really have to wait that long for the next StrikerS release? orz



26 Responses to “Teana Lanster”

  1. I’m definitely wanting a Teana figure now! Thanks for the pics and review meronpan. I really like her in StrikerS, but I liked her more when she was a wild cannon, more action from her back then ^^

    I haven’t finish the series yet (on episode 18 now) but I might consider getting the whole set. As of now, I’m only interested in Teana, Hayate, Vita, and Fate. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much love for Subaru as you do…I’m not really into emotional characters…me likes stone cold ones more. If they’re making Lutecia, I’ll get her too because she’s quite cute.

    Not sure if they’ll make Erio, he doesn’t get much attention in the anime neither. He only gets 5 secs in the transformation cut-scene while the girls get 30 secs each ^^;

    • meronpan said

      my pleasure ^^ yeah, now that you mentioned it, too bad she got scolded by nanoha after the team attack with subaru during training…

      mmm i like the stone cold characters too… but mostly because it makes the moments when they open up more amusing ^^;

      i wonder if it’s too much to ask for them to just do the entire nanoha cast :P totally forgot about erio haha, poor guy, he’s out of place with the female dominated cast ^^;;

  2. Your pics almost made me want the Teana figure. Then I remembered that I was broke and that want faded away lol. I didn’t even consider the Teana figure prior to this because of the, imo, poor quality of the Signum figure. Totally not interested in Subaru though.

    My favorite out of the bunch would have had to be the loli fate figure in riot form, but I can’t remember if that was alter or not.

    Currently focused on collecting the Haruhi Extravaganza series, but I can’t find their actual release date anywhere. Everyone only says.. sometime in March, well it’s March now and there’s no sign of her.
    @theinfernoproject: Erio said his specialty was speed! That must include transforming too :P.

    • meronpan said

      finances do have a sobering effect on wish lists ^^; guess it goes to show how much people’s taste can vary in figures… signum is one of my favorites ^^; for subaru i’d break her down as 50% want full set, 20% like the character, and 30% like what they did with the figure.

      hmm when you say loli fate it makes me think of this version although i thought riot stuff didn’t come until strikers (i.e. when’s she older)…

      i’m only getting haruhi out of the new extravaganza… alas goodsmile’s release date calendar didn’t have any info… though i guess i wouldn’t hold my breath on the release date… teana’s january release was like jan 31 ^^;;

      • Yea that’s the loli Fate I’m talking about. But she was released before I seriously started adding figures to my collection, unfortunately. Also, her box is FAR too big, though one of my good friends owns the figure.

        I appear to have mixed up Zanbar form and Riot form, oops :O

    • LOL, yes, his specialty is speed. But where’s the boxers’ (pantsu) shot in the transformation? I’m sure the girls would love to see that hahahaha

  3. optic said

    U will need a lot more room when u do the next group shot. lol
    While I love Teena dynamic pose, she is not one of the characters I really like. Her dagger mode guns looks super fine and very detailed.
    My next and last StrikerS figure will be Nanoha. ^^

    • meronpan said

      a lot more room and couple more lights ^^; wish i had a spare room for figure photography…

      i wish they’d hurry up and put a release date on both nanoha and fate! can’t wait to get them!

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Teana is my most favorite figure for now, and that’s because i’m a fan of her, and this figure is manufactured by Alter.

    Once again, i thank you …m(_ _)m… for providing this beautiful photos of her, before i can take my own. My works are killing me and i don’t have time to do photo sessions. >.<

  5. meronpan said

    glad you enjoyed the review ^^ looking forward to yours, hopefully your work will settle down soon ^^

    always a treat when alter releases a figure for characters you like

  6. taketombo said

    DO WANT xD
    Shes so cute and wonderfully made, if only i had the money…

  7. James said

    They looks so great together !

    But i don’t have money to buy her so i guess i’ll have to wait for the one you’re giving to me :) (what ? i heard that wrong ? oh no :'( )

    Was Subaru already on preorder ? I want her but don’t remember if i preordered her or not … :/

    • meronpan said

      it’s amazing you have any money at all given all the e2046/ori stuff you buy :P

      subaru is indeed available for preorder! best double check for your preorder! ^^;

  8. fabian said

    A photo with all the Nanoha figures after Alter released the last of them, will this even be possible indoors? :D

    A great figure review as always. :)

  9. Q said

    Teana surely is the more attractive one out of the 4 new protagonists in StrikerS. Only just started the series though, will have to pick up the time to watch it.

    Pose is surely unusual for a figure. I think I remember seeing another figure having a similar pose (a gun wielding one too), but I couldn’t remember who she is and where she’s from (heard the figure’s coldcast though). Her jacket is really tiny though :o

    Must… Save… Money and space… For Fate… Or else I’m more than just done for by now x_x (just managed to acquire a black hair figma Shana on auctions x_x)

    • meronpan said

      must’ve gotten her jacket from the same folks that make kanu’s seifuku :P

      wish they would hurry up and open up fate reorders… definitely expecting an epic price ^^;

      grats on black hair shana figma!

  10. Shiddo said

    Nice… nice figure idd. lke others from Alters Nanoha series trap of sets! “Glad” I withstood temptation of Hayate cuz I would end up getting others as well ^^;; (cries indside)

    Looking forward for Nanoha and Fate shots ^^

    btw: This is bit offtopic but do you have any idea or shop to recomend where to get figure display cases? U know plastic boxes like this http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/theearthtoys_2045_314076203. I mostly find only for car and train models. But figures… doh only seen some nendo ir petit nedo displays on few blogs. But can’t realy find anything for larger figures… guess I’ll just invest in some custom made shaft… my Bertbys are out of space and not deep enoght for some figs -_-‘

    • meronpan said

      i can’t wait for nanoha or fate either… but they haven’t even opened preorders yet orz

      sorry, can’t really help on the figure display case/box question… like you i’ve found some smaller ones (and even those were really expensive)… but nothing that would be a feasible figure display solution…

      all i’ve got is my ikea detolfs and desk/shelf space for the moment orz

      • Shiddo said

        yeah… the ones i found for car models etc are not very cheap… (on top they are horizontal – more width then height). on top when i compare size and price of it with some shaft its insane….

        btw: how bout some new pictures of your room or rather collection ^^ your number incrased since u took that 360′ shot ^^ sure room looks different now ^^ dont have to make it 360′ just some interesting spots :D like shots of detolfs filled or shafts overran by figs ^^

        • meronpan said

          happy to oblige, hopefully get something up in the next week ^^ things have gotten a tad more crowded since my daiki kougyou kanu review (panorama pic at the very end of the post) … basically the same, just with an extra detolf ^^;; but yeah, hopefully soon!

  11. Persocom said

    I’ve been looking at this figure since it was first announced and I’m not sure about it even now. It looks like a great figure, I love the pose and the gun daggers.. I just have a bad feeling if I get it I’ll want to collect the whole gang.

    • meronpan said

      hahaha, that definitely is a danger. That’s how I ended up with so many haruhi figures. I’m not particularly gaga for ryoko or mikuru yet i have the entire max factory haruhi gang (well, save the mikuru school festival version) because i wanted the set ^^;;;

  12. […] high on my wish list, decided to splurge. Had originally seen the great photos by Meronpan of Teana and Sakura, so knew they were worth […]

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