Limit Gunz Get! + Feena Upgrade

Posted by meronpan on March 12, 2009


Quick shots without my usual setup... m(_ _)m

Limit Gunz’s arrival marks the end of my Kid Nemo saga.  They were the first store I ordered from so I didn’t really know what to expect… after getting a few orders in I figured that everything was fine.  Fast foward almost a year later… out of 28 figures preordered, 10 were canceled… over 28% -_-  In each case, I had to e-mail asking about order status… they never notified me when they were unable to fill my order.

For in stock items (if you can even figure that out) they were ok and seemed to deliver.  But please beware when preordering from them.  They have serious issues filling preorders.  Gweh.  At any rate, glad to have that off my chest.  All Kid Nemo orders now closed, no more worrying about receiving my orders! ^^


In today’s preview… we have that unsightly mass underneath Limit Gunz’ box… 一体何でしょう?!(What is it?!)

じゃ~ん! (tada~)


Err sorry about the lousy pic… was just free handing with flash -_-  Lessee how about…


Mmm a little better… meh, you can get a much better look in my loot post if ya want (without pillow).  Anyhow, a dakimakura pillow!  Now I just need a cushion for the erika cushion cover ^^

Now that I think about it, I might’ve saved some money had I taken Len-Vesper’s advice on some online stores for pillows… Was preoccupied placing my replacement order for limit gunz at the time though (yes, my final open order was for limit gunz, who was canceled on me.  In stock @ hobby search, had her a little over a week after placing the order.)  Hobby search just gotta buncha dakimakura pillows in stock if you’re looking for one… but lemme tell  ya EMS shipping ain’t the best deal for ’em ^^;;;;  I’d go for something local if ya can find ’em (or at least a store that offers SAL).

Anyhow couple more limit gunz pics before wrapping up…


New bg :P

Airi’s new neightbor.  Actually ended up swapping Limit Gunz and Airi since the gun was encroaching on Nyx ^^;


Couldn’t stand the hard shadows and limitations working with the flash so I stacked up some books to get at least one long exposure shot off ^^;


Not sure where I’m gonna put her in the review queue, but most likely sooner than later.

orz why is it this late already?  Well, I gotta get some sleep.



31 Responses to “Limit Gunz Get! + Feena Upgrade”

  1. Shiddo said

    Well, I gotta get some sleep. /// naa naa You just wanted to try out that new pillow! ^^

    Lovely Gunz. I just love the weapon, but 1/6 is out of question for me ^^; Still loyal to 1/8 vs. Nendo combo ^^

    • meronpan said

      for what it’s worth, i stand by my assertion that i do not ‘use’ my dakimakura anything like melonpan ^^;;

      i’m not sure why she labeled as 1/6… airi and nyx in the picture are both 1/8 i believe… at that scale she would stand less than 5 feet tall? (<150cm) ??? But yeah, aside from the width, i think she’s basically the same height as most 1/8

  2. phossil said

    I bet you will sleep well with the dakimakura. ^^

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Watch out for wet dreams if you sleep with Feena. XD

  4. kesenaitsumi said

    Wow…the Gun is very cool. ^^

  5. Roy said

    Wow nice figure,that gun is huge O.O could blow up an entire continent yet she can hold it with one hand * maybe its a dud XD* Anyways nice orders,don’t believe we met before,*if we did sorry,haven’t been with the blogs in months XD*
    the names David but you can call me Roy ^^ nice to meet you =3

  6. Nice figure, I love girls with big weapons ^^ But have you ever wondered if her hands will hold up over time? It is a pretty big weapon…just hope they did a really good job reinforcing her hand.

    • meronpan said

      the stand under the gun just barely fit, so i believe the entire weight of the gun is being supported by it… (in fact i was kind of afraid it was stressing the figure in other ways, since it was so snug ^^;) should be ok i hope ^^;

  7. Nice to see Feena upgrade, mine would probably end up on the wall though.

  8. […] see her in a pillow, I would suggest meronpan post and if you want more info about the PC game, shino has […]

  9. But but the man of the house need to stamp some authority onto his subjects! Can’t give hugs to any particular ones or everyone else would be jealous!

  10. Len-Vesper said

    Daki ma Daki Ma daki Ma ku ra~

    Feena is a pretty thing to put on a dakima, don’t you agree? :3

    If you want to stop super-glare from flash, put a kleenex over your flash, fold it over if it’s still too acute as far as light is concerned. If you know how to make one, a bouncer card is a good idea too!

    It’s a very nice figure, though, admittedly.

  11. optic said

    Thankfully, there are a few places in my area which stocks body pillows so that’s great. I checked the shipping for both EMS and SAL and god, not worth it at all.

    I asked my bro if I can get a body pillow at at discount price as he works in retail which stocks them. He ask me why are what for?
    I haven’t answered him yet. :P

    • meronpan said

      i was kicking myself after realizing what the shipping was on that thing orz i had applied my hobby search points to the order and when i saw the bill was like, ‘what the heck, they forgot to apply my points!’ … … it was the shipping o.O

      just tell your brother, ‘nothing suspicious.’ ^^

  12. Q said

    @ at optic… :P

    Despite reading the review from James before, seeing Limit Gunz’s weapon here is still breathtaking and humongous as ever!

    • meronpan said

      gun is as nice as i had hoped ^_^ when i was putting nida’s gun together i remember thinking, ‘crap, this thing is absurdly huge!’ … limit gunz blow that pea shooter out of the water ^^

  13. gordanham said

    Cool loot^^
    That figure caught my eye before but seeing as I don’t know anything about the character herself or where she was from she was just aa nice figure to look at. How much did she cost?

  14. James said

    Limit Gunz is awesome ^^

    I want your dakimakura , thank you :)

  15. Blowfish said

    Dengekis Feena Cover is so much better than my Dengeki Kanu Dakimakura.Mine makes me look like a total perv while yours just makes you look like you are into 2 D girls :3

    How is the paintjob on Limit Gunz?I really hated what ArtStorm did with Kanaru

    • meronpan said

      well, my other dakimakura is konomi… does that make me a loli-con? ^^;;; worst of all the konomi one was an impulse buy at an anime convention… woulda preferred tama-nee but of course they had none -_-

      the paint on limit gunz is looking good! compared to kanaru it’s hard to believe it’s from the same company ^^;;

  16. Persocom said

    I’m tempted to pick up that mag for the dakimakura but I’m not sure yet. I like it but it’s not calling out to me yet. Figure’s looking good too ^^ Farewell to Kid Nemo, they were my first too, but they failed me more than I could tolerate.

    • meronpan said

      i’d say make sure it’s callin out to you. preferably a character you really like… even the reduced magazine price is a helluva lot to pay for a pillow cover ^^;

      gwah, you too on the kid nemo failures? i can’t believe they’re still in business… they must have very few repeat customers…

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