Posted by meronpan on March 13, 2009

Last Japan trip post, promise ^^;


We’ve got the view from Sunshine 60, a more few random shots from all over and finally narita-san, a template in narita.


Probably said all this before in my previous post, but it was a really superb view of the city. ^^



Was kinda eerie ‘cuz there were so few people (unlike every other square inch of the city :P)



View’s probably much better at night, especially since you don’t have to worry about the sun affecting lighting.


The ikebukuro station I had arrived at.



Crazy how the city just goes on and on and on…



Alrightythen, moving on.  Tokyo Tower!


Alas, that’s it.  Next!  ^^;

Going to asakusa, didn’t quite get off at the best station… was quite a walk ^^;


Spotted a first kitchen on the way over.  Alas, I missed out on their double cheese bacon egg burger yet again orz.  Next time!


Instead had a tsukimi~udon.  Curry rice for my co-worker.


You’ll never go thirsty in Japan as long as you have 100~150 yen on hand ^^


Finally arrived in Asakusa after 10-20 minutes ^^;


And finally got a semi-decent picture of the pagoda there.  errr… well lighting wise… and emphasis on semi…


Didn’t really take too many pics of asakusa since i’d been there a few times already, but if you missed ’em, the rest are in this post.

On to Narita!


That’s an uagi restaurant you can find on the way to narita-san the big temple there.   If you like unagi… you’ll be very happy… not because that particular restaurant was so great, but because it’s one of many!!  Every other building was an unagi restaurant!  (for the record, it was delicious)


Hot dog? … … HOT DOG.


For good luck, just get a coin on the turtle rock’s back.


Was again blessed with beautiful weather.



The temple grounds were huge!  There was even a calligraphy museum and gardens.


Wish I had some time to spend at the calligraphy museum (love that stuff ^^) but alas, had to make sure to get to the airport in time.


Gardens were nice, but I have a feeling it’s a lot better with everything full bloom.


Some shutter speed shenanigans.  1/80s above.  1/1250s below.


Wish I didn’t have that huge shadow -_-;;  1/2000s below.


‘cuz of the lighting didn’t really turn out so great, but still a neat effect ^^

And we end it all with this:


Think my previous sakura shots were a lot better, but I’ll allow it… it’s the last photo I took on my trip ^^

If you’re curious where narita-san is… unfortunately I have no idea.  My coworker drove me there and then to the airport ^^;  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s prolly relatively close to a train station ^^;



8 Responses to “日本旅行最後のPost”

  1. Sakuras aren’t in full bloom until the end of this month. I’m heading to Kyoto to get a taste of what an actual Hanami is like. Well there’s also Mikufes :P.

    You forgot to mention that while there are plenty of vending machines in Japan selling drinks for 100-150 yen, there are no garbage cans ANYWHERE!!! Yet there is no litter :O.

    I was going to ask you where Narita was, but I guess there’s no point :P.

    • meronpan said

      have a great hanami ^_^ closest i’ve gotten was the middle of march… was pretty nice… ueno park and along the meguro river were really great but not quiiiiite full bloom.

      i always end up carrying trash everywhere ‘cuz the trash can thing ^^;;; although i do notice that there’s usually a bin next to the vending machines… so i guess they expect you to hang out and drink your drink there ^^;

      other than narita-san is in nartia… ^^;; well, it’s a pretty famous temple so it should be pretty easy to find/get directions

  2. Q said

    The roads there look surprisingly empty. At what time did you take them? :o

    Haven’t heard of Narita-san before, but after looking up on wiki it looks like that it’s actually quite near Narita airport, making it a good place to stop by before leaving Japan.

    • meronpan said

      yeah i was kinda surprised by the empty roads too… both the sunshine 60 shots and the one outside the station on the way to asakusa were in mid-morning… perhaps11-12ish?

      assuming your flight’s late enough and you can deal with your luggage, yes, highly recommend narita-san as a final stop ^^

  3. phossil said

    wow, great views of the city. Its so huge!!!

  4. Blowfish said

    Nice Pictures!
    That view across the city is insane! As far as the eye goes theres just buildings.Makes you realize how small you are

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