Yoko, Yoko-chan

Posted by meronpan on March 15, 2009

A lil’ old and a little new.  Didn’t quite feel like doing a usual length review for nendo yoko so it’s a combo with enterbrain’s release from last year ^^;


Seems my background needs some ironing too -_-  Ah well, donmai donmai


I think this is one of the best box pics I”ve ever taken lol ^^;;;


Yoko is the last nendoroid I had on preorder.  Maybe if I get a raise or something I’ll start ordering again ^^; (though zange-chan is kawaisugi~ orz)


After seeing yoko in the above pose in this post on mika-tan’s blog I had to order her ^^

Enterbrain yoko I’ve had sitting in my detolf since july or something, so pics of her are long overdue ^^;


At the time she was the yoko figure I liked the best, despite her shiny, sparesly detailed hair.  Wish I had waited for Alter’s upcoming awesomeness but this version has its own charms.


She stands tall at 26cm and really the only thing that bothers me is the hair.



Actually one thing that got in the way of yoko’s review was her gun…


Can you see how the stock is a little off?


When trying to pull it off to fit the gun in her hand… ended up snapping the whole thing off orz.  Had a helluva time supergluing it back because it had to be done with the gun in her hand.  To top it off the superglue I was using seemed to eat away the plastic or something so there’s that crap at the joint -_-;;;  Luckily she’s holding her rifle behind her body so it’s not something you notice right away ^^;

Nice work on her boots I thought.  Most figures lack shoe detail :P



Aaaaa writing a post while catching up on Toradora was not a good idea…


What was I going to talk about? hmmm… Well, no pantsu shots to speak of so oppai shots this time :P



hmmm mebbe make a wallpaper out of this one… dang that shiny hair though -_-


I need some chalk to write on the blackboard…


Kagamin helps yoko with some homework.



I kinda like the yoko head on nagato body ^^


miyoko & yomiku



Lotsa figures still in the queue… some more old releases I’d like to get around to…




bleh, been getting harder and harder to figure out what to do next ^^; Limit gunz also awaits, of course…

Anyhow, yoko nendoroid is great. Kawaii and the usual nendoroid quality. Enterbrain yoko was nice at the time but given the choice now, I’d hold off for Alter’s release (unless I was a super yoko fan ^^;). ‘course I’m not sure if stores even have the enterbrain verison in stock anymore since it’s almost been a year ^^;



22 Responses to “Yoko, Yoko-chan”

  1. ELTboy said

    Nice Yokos! Enterbrain’s Yoko is certainly one of the better Yoko figures around when she was announced. But her price kinda put me off then.

    Nendo Yoko is cute and I need to get her … as soon as my wallet recover from my recent spendings. -_-“

  2. Shiddo said

    have only one ^^ nendo ^^ and i am happy with her ^^ was pain to arrange her ^^ that gun and her pose >< but somehow i did it in the end ^^ (i noticed they probably forgot to paint mine Yoko’s gun-barrel inside -_- I can see white/pinkish color… seems your is black lucky ^^; will have to carefuly paint it laterz -_-)

    was thinking about Alters Yoko but meh… i’ll pass ^^

    btw: ur Nida cap is backwards ^^; it keeps falling down eh? ^^ its ok as long as you dont move her, but its realy senstivie ^^;

    • meronpan said

      too bad about your yoko gun, hope your fix goes well ^^

      thanks for the heads up on my nida, i’ll have to fix it when i get home ^^;;; i really wish it was a magnet, it’s always falling off! orz

  3. optic said

    Canceled her for the time being but will try and pick her up again in the near future.
    Miku in Yoko body is absolute WIN!!! ^^

    • meronpan said

      luckily nendos generally aren’t so hard to get after release ^^

      i dunno why i haven’t done nendo head mixing more in the past. it’s great! ^_^

  4. K4M1 said

    Was put off Enterbrain yoko at the time because of the pricetag; but I must say it does look good, ‘specially her tights(?).
    Got a preorder open for the 1/5 Yoko by Gift set for April release, costly though (even more so with the current exchange)…But hopefully will be a winner!

    • meronpan said

      ooo nice… i really liked how the gift version looked but with alter’s version already ordered thought i had enough yoko for the moment (plus i’ve really partial to the ones where she’s posed with her rifle ^^;)… nevertheless, looking forward to reviews when they start popping up ^^

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    The sniper rifle from Nendo Yoko is a nice property to have. Sometimes you can use a figure’s property on the other figures to make something up.

    I put my bro’s Musha Gundam’s katana on figma Haruhi’s hand, and it’s pretty cool.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i love sharing the accessories that come with figures ^^ the only problem is when the accessories require special arms or such (like kemeko’s rifle)… then it’s not so shareable ^^;

  6. lovelyduckie said

    Currently I only own 2 (and one is a trading figure) but I have many on pre-order. I really like my Enterbrain Yoko too but my gun almost broke when I put it in her hands. It got a small crack in it when I put it in her hands. She is one of 4 figures I’m packing very specially and personally carrying into my new home this week. I don’t dare try and take the gun out of her hands now.

    • meronpan said

      dang, you had gun problems too? i suppose your gun isn’t permanently glued together, but sounds like we’re in the same boat… that gun’s stayin’ where it is ^^;

  7. Persocom said

    I really love the nendoroid Yoko, the other one doesn’t look too bad either, I agree about the hair, and the face seems a little squished but not bad enough to not like it. Sounds like they need to work on props like the gun though if it’s breaking so easy.

    • meronpan said

      i wonder if the gun got messed up by sitting in the heat in my room for so long (she basically cooked for half a summer in my blazing room) ^^; Regardless, not too happy about it breaking -_-

  8. WOW, that Yoko Nendo is really cute ^^ Might consider getting her after Alter release, but I’m one of those who don’t see the “awesomeness” of Nendoroids…they definitely don’t justify the $40 price tag imo.

    I’ve had some problems with the hair on my Enterbrain Kurumi Imari too. They seem to really suck at sculpting hair…it looked like spaghetti on Kurumi “orz And they love to use shiny paint all over…double “orz Vowed not to buy another Enterbrain figure.

    It sucks that superglue ate away at your figure. Superglue is a hit or miss thing, I’ve had it work beautifully on some figures and mess up on others. I go by the saying “don’t fix it if it’s not broken”, so I try not to use fix my figures unless it’s an eyesore or absolute must. But I think it’s a must for your case :D

  9. meronpan said

    i like nendos for 1) their kawaisa, and 2) poseability. since figmas have a habit of breaking on me nendos fit the bill quite nicely ^^; They are a little pricier than figmas, but they should be in the mid to low 30s? nendo yoko goes for 3333 yen @ hlj

    definitely two lessons learned from the enterbrain yoko… make sure to reconsider enterbrain purchases and beware superglue ^^;; as you said, sadly it was was a must in this situation orz

  10. Blowfish said

    The Gun is one of the few weak spots of EBs Yoko.Ive read about it breaking on many blogs.
    Hope to snatch a Nendo Yoko later on ^^
    Im waiting for my 1/5 Wave Yoko atm.

    Are those Items you used with the Nendo Yoko Re-ment items or did they come with the playset?

    • meronpan said

      the food desk, chairs, computers and such were all part of the phat playset… which reminds me i want to order the new one that just came out…. but i need to save money…..orz

  11. James said

    enterbrain Yoko is still for me the best Yoko available until the Gift and Alter version comes out ^^

    I always wanted it but never bought :D

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  13. […] Alter announced this figure I kicked myself for jumping on Enterbrain’s earlier release.  They did a decent job but as I try to trim down my purchases… woulda preferred to just […]

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