Kanzaki Kaori

Posted by meronpan on March 20, 2009

Just a quick review before I head home for the weekend…


Sword (a nodachi, no less (!)), long hair, oppai, half a pair of jeans?  Yes, please.

I don’t know if it’s a good sign or bad that I’m regularly taking over 100 pics per review…


Usually that translates to about 20-30 pics I actually use… but this time it was for a mere 16 pics ^^;

Kanzaki had just enough to persuade me to make another Kotobukiya purchase.  Or perhaps a better way to say it is that I love kaorin so much from the anime that I settled for this one ^^;


She could use a bit more detail in practically every area but basically what I expect out of koto, so I knew what I was getting into.  I do admit the base is way above average though.


I think one of the more disappointing aspects is her jeans (…jean?  ^^;;) don’t look very good.  Too shiny, not very rugged feeling…


I think it was in episode 16 where kaorin was right about to go bathe when she turns and her hair swings around as a single unit… looked really awkward ^^;;


Luckily in figures it’s supposed to stay static ^^;  Decided to take a ton of images from this angle to feed into an  hdr program, played around with the tone mapping to see if anything interesting would come of it…


Can’t really say these images look “good” but I think they’re at least “interesting”? ^^;


I like the pose and expression she has…


Though I wouldn’t complain if the face had been truer to the anime or if they had chosen a slightly more menacing expression…


I think her sword isn’t quite straight ‘cuz I didn’t line it up properly -_- (the hilt is separate)


Speaking of episode 16, I had a strange snap back to reality when kaorin was dressing herself – it seemed pretty rediculous putting on such an outlandish outfit with such a serious expression ^^;;


Hmm this shot below didn’t quite turn out as I wanted… doesn’t feel like any part of the pic is focused enough -_-


Despite not being an upper tier figure I enjoyed doing the shoot… my interest in photography grows each day, as does my desire to buy a new camera.


If only the rest of the figure looked as good as the base ^^;


Below alllllmost turned out to be a shot I liked.  Unfortunately the focal point is on such a mundane area it’s hard to appreciate the dof effect -_-  Needed more detail on the saya (scabbard).


Really wish this was a 1/7 or 1/6 by Alter (like everything else :P) but considering that it’s kotobukiya, not bad!


Out of all the Kotobukiya to aru figures, kaorin is my favorite, though I really woulda liked to have pretty much the whole cast.  Alas, can’t justify purchasing the rest so that project will have to wait.


More reviews await you!

  • ELTWorld – he’s got a nice gray background and really got her hair color displayed vividly.  Hope he doesn’t mind my pingback spam ^^;
  • Toyz Workz – very sexay black background ^^

Wish kaori got more screen time… guess this pvc will have to do :P



28 Responses to “Kanzaki Kaori”

  1. Hmm….at least koto makes decent figures and are usually sold at a lower price ^^

    Taking 100 pictures is good, you should take more! My trigger finger syndrome kicks in every time and I end up with 200-300 pictures. The hard part is picking out the ones you want to post “orz I think partly it’s due to my crappy camera that I have to take a couple similar shots and choose between them…

    I’m looking towards a new camera too! I always want to take pictures with a very white background….but the white background always end up looking grayish so I literally gave up.

    Nice figure but not my cup of tea. Oh, you need to iron your white background…

    • meronpan said

      wow, 200-300?! that’s impressive ^^ i usually take about 3-4 pics at different shutter speeds per angle, more if i want to try different apertures or other settings… one of the things i’m looking forward to in a new camera is the ability to see how the shots look on my computer immediately (i think the canon models have software for that?)

      for the zoomed in shots i don’t mind the creases but when it’s in focus… yeah… need to iron orz ^^;

      • I guess that’s why you choose 20-30 pictures while I choose 40-50 pictures for my reviews ^^;

        I know the higher end DSLRs will let you hook up to your computer. I’m not sure if you can do that with entry level DSLRs like the Canon Rebel Xsi. I did some research last year about the Xsi and don’t recall reading anything about that feature.

        • meronpan said

          hmm i thought i read about danny being able to do it with his kiss (== rebel if i remember correctly) but i can’t remember for sure… i’ll have to double check sometime…

          • There could’ve been something in there about hooking it up to computer, I just don’t “recall” reading about it ^^; I was more interested in regular photography last year, so I was reading more about outdoor and indoor (museum, exhibits, etc) functions, and didn’t really look into studio photography. Read about its lens’, and didn’t even read about its macro lens :S

            But the XSi is a really good entry level DSLR, that’s what I’m certain about ^^

  2. Panther said

    I believe this one was taken from the manga series and not the anime. I could be wrong, but the face is way off from the anime screenshots I have seen.

    Otherwise, yea, Koto. We knew what we were getting into.

  3. Blowfish said

    Shes going to be my first Koto Figure when my local retailer gets her in stock.I know that shell be “only” average but i like her character too much to skip this figure.
    I wish shed pop up more often ^^

  4. James said

    I looove this one :)

    But Koto again :(

    I need to first watch the show to decide ^^

  5. Shiddo said

    Got her as well cuz i love the char ^^ I just cant resist those cool-dark-long-haired warrior females ^^

    Althru she is Koto i think figure is quite good. The face is definately off but still ok. Also her jeans are ripped on stripped leg… but the rest of details, base and pose is cool.
    As for her katana, mine is stright. Maybe just try toy with it a bit. Still I must say its done pretty lame. You get 2 parts. Hilt has this short part of blade and u stick into saya. But its realy sensitive ><

    As for Koto i think they are getting better and better. Got Octavia and I think she is very good. Also other chars from Tear to Taira, Shining Wind or Nanjyo Ran from Sengoku. ^^

    Still, yeah Alter, GSC, MaxFactory and MegaHouse have better stuff ^^

    PS: shes still in stocks after almoast 2 monhts … *shiwers* maybe she will go 50% as well ^^;

  6. kesenaitsumi said

    Wish kaori got more screen time… guess this pvc will have to do :P

    Haha..I think the episode that featured her the most is in Episode 16 which talk about the Angel Fall things. And Toaru majutsu no Index will end at episode 24, guess no more screentime..

    Zan nen for me too.

    • meronpan said

      i wonder if the author intended the other characters to get more attention than index ^^; i wish the stuff in 15/16 was part of a larger story arc, but at 21 at least there were no signs of anything -_-

      ending at 24? blegh, i’ll have to rewatch to make sure i understood everything but looks like woulda coulda been an epic series just kinda fizzled out…

  7. Persocom said

    She looks alright but the details could be better. I do like the base, that’s probably the most detailed part of her unfortunately. Those experimental pictures looked pretty cool. I don’t mind Kotobukiya’s quality considering the prices are usually more friendly. I like Kaori as a character but she didn’t get enough air time in my opinion.

  8. phossil said

    When I saw the experimental pictures, I thought they were somehow the original drawnings..

  9. I think you need to iron your background :P. My figure collection is slowly growing, so maybe I should take a few pics here and there too.

    Kotobukiya usually has decent but not amazing figures, but sometimes they come out with one that’s really nice and unfortunately this is not one of those. Their last amazing one imo was Magical Girl Maryan Senpai.

    • meronpan said

      mmm yes, the reviews of maryan really surprised me. and thanks for the reminder – needed to add her to my wish list ^^; i wish kotobukiya would turn up the quality … they cover a lot of characters i’d like…

  10. Q said

    Some areas of the figure does look a bit plain, especially the large and obvious places like the jeans, but they did pay some good attention to the base, belt and sword hilt etc.

    For Kotobukiya’s standard, I suppose it’s like their mid to *slight* mid-high tier for them already? However they did make some really good ones, so good that I would’ve thought they’re from GSC or something like that!

    I keep on thinking that she’s one of the protagonists in the show with this figure being mentioned quite often here and there (and I haven’t watched or read it), but it’s even stranger how she actually has very little screentime in reality o_o;;

    • meronpan said

      if only the good parts were her face, hair and jeans… alas ^^;

      to aru seems to be quite confused when it comes to characters… i guess the only consistent one is touma (and even he had 2 episodes of down time :P). i wonder if the last episode has been broadcast yet… need to wrap that one up…

  11. rangerroh said

    Dang it has been a long time since left a reply. ^_^

    I agree with you on the jeans. I think the jeans make her look like a plain figure. But, in all it’s a nice figure. A chick with a sword makes it all worth it.

    • meronpan said

      you’re probably better than me… i go for months without commenting sometimes because my reader list is so jam packed ^^;;

      three cheers for chicks with swords ^_^ I guess it’s no surprise they made an ero game called “maids & huge swords” (in case you hadn’t guessed, ero game site == NSFW!!!)

  12. […] super original. Le shooting est très bien réalisé, il met bien en valeur le jeune demoiselle. Source Categories: […]

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