Choices, Choices

Posted by meronpan on March 23, 2009


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Recently spotted the “provocative” version of Tamaki up for preorder at hobby search.  Didn’t even know this version was in the works (not terribly different from the temptation version, but still ^^;)…  She may end up being my first Tamaki.

Besides the palette swap, her expression is different, and she comes with some chain belt accessory thingy.


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Sexay expression, new accessory and a pillow base… not to mention 1/6 yet priced under 8,000 yen…  These are all strong arguments :P  Guess I’d be willing to try out 4-Leaves again…

Speaking on Tama-nee, why is it so hard for figure designers to get her face right?  She has quite a few releases (searching for ‘kousaka tamaki’ turns up over 25 results), yet I haven’t quite found a release that really hit home with me.  Here’s how she should look:


Above is the first CG you get of her in her seifuku… Here’s her devious expression:


Maybe it’s just my warped memory, but somehow none of the figures have seemed to really nail her.


Anyhow, provocative version is now on the wishlist… which is what I was originally gonna post on, so let’s get to that.

Been using tsukiboard to manage my wishlist, which now sits at 90!  Luckily it’s not all that ambitious… tsukiboard added the ability to rank wishlist figures based on desirability – 0 to 5 hearts.  I’ve decided to use those as follows:

  • 5 hearts – will buy as soon as it goes up for preorder
  • 4 hearts – will probably buy
  • 3 hearts – maybe… still considering
  • 2 hearts – like these and if I had some spare cash, wouldn’t mind getting them, but they’re low priority.  Generally characters I know and would like figures of but haven’t found a must buy version of yet.  Alternately, characters I’m not familiar with but the figures looks pretty damn good.
  • 1 heart – probably won’t buy, but if I could, would definitely “complete” my collection (i.e. has things like alternate color versions of figures I already have, figures of characters I already have enough of (at the moment ^^;), figures that are way too rare/expensive, etc.)
  • 0 hearts – needs to be categorized.

With that in mind, out of my 90, only 10% are seriously up for consideration… I’ve got 3 must buys, 1 probably, and 5 maybe’s.

The rest of the Alter’s StrikerS releases (Nanoha, Fate & Shamal) make up my 5 heart selections…


fate-chaaaaaan~ ^^

My one 4 heart selection is GSC’s 1/4 swimsuit Nanoha.


She prolly woulda been at 3 hearts or lower but KOS-MOS sparked the swimsuit figure fire :P  I am waiting a bit on her still though… 10+k yen is quite a hit and reservations are closed at hobby search.  HLJ still has orders open but at the elevated (msrp?) price of 11429 yen. -_-  Even if the opportunity does pass, there’s still the 1/4 fate swimsuit possibility…

At 3 hearts I’ve got tama-nee as talked about above… and two that have been getting a lot of attention… BRS & World is Mine Miku.


BRS definitely looks amazing, no arguments there.  Something just isn’t screaming “GET” for me though… and quite frankly I’m happy to leave it at that to save myself a truck load of money ^^;;  On the other hand, I have a terrible feeling I’m gonna regret not getting her, so I’ve left her relatively high on my list.  HLJ won’t be opening orders until June so I guess I still have time to decide.

World is Mine Miku is probably more like a 3.5 or 4… I should re-rank my list…

Click for Akiba Hobby source

Click for Akiba Hobby source

A great take on miku (why can’t someone take this kind of artistic liberty with kagamin and make a figure?!), and I seem to have a thing for pillow bases :P  I’ll probably end up getting hime-sama or BRS but both is unlikely at this point since I’m trying to save some money ^^;

The rest of the extravaganza is also at 3 stars… again it’s my set completion sickness.  I am overflowing with haruhi figures… and yet this insane part of my brain is nagging me to pick up mikuru and nagato (already caved and ordered haruhi).

Click for GSC source

Click for GSC source

Again… love the f igures… that’s not what’s holding me back.  It’s just hard spending another 15+k yen on haruhi figures when there’s so much other series that need some love.

Click for GSC source

Click for GSC source

I think I’ll hold strong, but only time will tell ^^;

After that, not too much that’s been in limbo for me… narika was a must buy so she’s already preordered.  Have I missed out on any upcoming releases?  Just hasn’t seemed like much has grabbed my attention lately.

I’ve got some Alter goodies in the mail, and chibi exelica should be shipping soon too!  My review queue is at 27 but they’ll probably get bumped for the new goodies unless I happen to slip a review in before they arrive ^^;

How’s you wishlist looking?  Tough decisions?  Cut and dry?  Changes you’d make to my list? :P



28 Responses to “Choices, Choices”

  1. Shiddo said

    Whoa! New design! Nice Nice ^^ Need bit more polishing and it will be cool.

    Bout figs. I couldn’t resist BRS… she looks ust 2 gorgeous ^^ And took Mikuru and Nagato to have atleast one set done (If I dont count Ikki Tousen Akter duo (wish alter done more) and Haruka + Narika (wish Alter make Subaru) ^^ Also I dont own any other Haruhi Figs so far so they are actualy 1st representatives ^^ Trhu I was realy thinking to order Alters Yuki instead.

    Somehow I dont understand hype around World is Mine Miku but then again some ppl like it like I like BRS. I dont like face of hers ^^ Pose is interesting and if they include the sheet it could ne nice. Althru they could make it from some fabrics.

    As for Nanoha 1/4 I see she is still quite big temtation for You ^^ In your post before looked more like You have her around 2-3 hearts and look now she is 4 ^^ Swimsuits make miracles ^^

    Definately cheering you up at rest of 1/7 Nanohas ^^ Since you have already so many and your fav Fate is coming up ^^

    Tamaki is to seeexy ^^; I would prefer if she was holding the strings of her bra with hands or had it fixed around neck. Not realy fan of these “moe” mouth holding lolz…

    • meronpan said

      still a work in progress, but i guess it was actually kind of refreshing doing some web work ^^ unfortunately i’m not very well versed in css so my changes take a lot of trial and error ^^;

      guess it all comes down to personal taste withe brs and world is mine… i actually really like the world is mine face… definitely very hime ^^

      you have a good memory about my thoughts on nanoha… she definitely has been creeping up my priority list… no thanks to james :P

      hahah for me tamaki holding the strings in her mouth practically defines the whole figure ^^;

      • Shiddo said

        Tell me about it… althru I can handle css quite ok its still pain, specialy when you have to edit someones else css. Its quite different when you write down css for page yourself. When you edit you have to check where and what classes etc hes using -_- Most painful thing however is that each browser reads css bit different -_- Now come options either to try balance layout and css to look in all browsers as simmilar as possible or to make a sign that readers stop using IE or dont whine about weired errors ^^ ;
        Still in like middle of ccsing my own blog -__- so far IE realy screws up most of things… but so many ppl is using it -_- FF is best so far. Guess Ill make a pool what browser are ppl using when i finish up with it -_- Or will release it half baked (dont want that) ^^;

        • meronpan said

          a benefit of sticking to simple changes for now is that i don’t really have to worry about browser compatibility ^^;; i hate worrying about that crap orz

  2. Nice design, didn’t see this template before ^^;

    I think the Griffon Enterprise Tamaki is the best looking one, though I’m not a really big fan. This “provocative” one just looks weird to me for some reason, I think the “temptation” version looks better.

    Hmm…speaking of my wishlist…

    Alter Fate, Vita, Nanoha, Teana, Chua Churam…
    GSC Azusa Miura…WILL KILL FOR ONE!! Unity Mei, Konjiki no Yami, Saber Lily, Black Rock Shooter…
    Max Factory Miki Awakening, Taiga…
    MegaHouse Haruka, Yayoi, Miki, Yukiho…

    I keep track of my figures, pre-orders, purchases, etc with excel “orz maybe I should use tsuki-board…

    There’s a lot of hype with that Miku, but I’m not really sure about figures lying down…I got the Alter Rei and she doesn’t look too good on my shelf “orz maybe more pictures will change my mind.

    There’s WAAAAAAAY too many Haruhi figures out there (at least 70?)…they should stop making them and do us a favour by releasing some Minami-ke figures…Chiaki-sama is long over-due!!! Maybe a nice Kagamin by Alter/GSC would be nice too ^^

    BTW, when you say 100+k and 150+k…you mean 10k yen, and 15k yen, right? 100k-150k yen is really expensive for figure buys ^^

    • meronpan said

      ELTboy is actually using this theme too… it’s one of the few three column flexible width themes available on wordpress.com ^^; i also went for a css upgrade so with that i was able to add a custom header. ideally i also want to add some way for 1024×768 readers to be able to view images sized for reading at 1280xwhatever but I’m not sure if that’s possible with CSS alone. as it stands, if i make the images too large, you would have to manually size your browser larger than your screen then scroll to see the image ^^;;;

      anyhow, back to tamaki… are you referring to the released swimsuit version? i love that version too, but for me it lacks the tama-nee spirit… like… it’s kawaii of it’s own accord, but it almost feels like a different character…

      mmm azusa… you know, tokyo hunter had her up for auction last year and I got outbid on her ;_; That was probably my best chance. i’ve ranked her down in my wishlist because i know it will be impossible to get her for a non-insane price now ^^;

      excel is good too… i use spreadsheets for tracking figure spending and review status separately ^^; but tsukiboard is just nice to have a public record to share with the community

      i made a news post at dannychoo about minamike figures… last september! … which wouldn’t be interesting except danny responded and said they would be coming “soon”!! guess they ran into some trouble or something -_- i would love to see any of the characters… and i’m dying for alter to announce something from another series i’m familiar with (totally unfamiliar with these tower of druaga characters…)

      yes…10 and 15k… thanks for catching that… fixing my post now ^^;;

      • Ahh, I see. Maybe that’s why it didn’t catch my attention because it didn’t come with custom header.

        I’m not too familiar with Tamaki so I just rate her on what looks right to me :)

        I see. I think I saw some Minami-ke resin kits on dc.com before, and one that caught my attention was a bunch of Fujioka (Chiaki’s bear) lying around. *crosses fingers* And hopes that something will be released soon.

        I pre-ordered that Alter Fatina, and Choko figure just because it looked cool. I’ll catch up on the anime after ^^;

  3. Blowfish said

    Are you sure HLJ will open up orders for BRS in June?
    I preordered mine about a month ago at HLJ…

    Have seen quite some Tamaki figures on Sale lately in HLJs bargain bin.I actually have no idea wich series shes from.She must have a pretty strong mouth,holding those oppais with two tiny straps.
    My Tsukiboard Wishlist is relatively short since I dont feel like entering all those figures id like to get.Its basically just high priority figures id like to get or find some day in a shop ^^
    At the moment the list counts 20 figures

    I recently preordered MaxFactories biiiiiig Morrigan but Ive gotta say that the price is pretty hefty.ah heck,whos able to resist a sexy Succubus? :D

    • Shiddo said

      Tamaki is from To Heart ^^ Or rather To Heart 2

      You ordered the 1/6 one for 12,190Y ? 0_0 Definately pricy, but nice. (again 2 seexy for me to display eh ^^;)

    • meronpan said

      ah, guess i already missed out on the first wave of preorders then ^^;; the message on the site shoulda said “reopening”… but yeah, if you follow the link i posted, you can’t preorder her at the moment -_-

      tama-nee is indeed very strong… makes the male characters cower when she wants ^^

      ooooo morrigan! nice! definitely looking forward to pics… i just didn’t want to order her myself ^^;

      • Blowfish said

        Okay I checked it and you are right!
        I already thought you were unlucky.Gives you some more thinking time but youll end up ordering her anyway ^^

        Haha thank god thats the blogosphere offers enough pictures of figures you dont wanna buy yourself ^^

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    I’ve been searching for a nice Tama-nee figures, and so far i haven’t sen any nice figure of her. I did find the Kotobukiya maid version of her in local store around my place. But after seeing her for a closer look, i decided not to buy it. Well… just as you said, i’m still looking for a nice Tama-nee, maid is preferred here.

    Anyway, i quite surprised on 3 hearts you gave on Extravaganza set. For me, those items are must get!

    Alter’s Nanoha collection is a wallet killer. I have to be prepared for Fate and Nanoha (still prototype). And for that cause, i’ll have to pass GSC’s bikini treat.

    Black Rock Shooter have a below 10k yen price, it’s pretty amazing, i suppose, but that’s a not buy for me. World is Mine Miku, well… the face isn’t just anime enough.

    • sonic_ver2 said

      Oh and i forgot to mention, very nice new design! I like it!

      Anyway, now we got the same character (and the same figure) attached in our title bar. Teana Lanster FTW!

    • meronpan said

      ideally i want one of tama-nee in her seifuku (i like having at least one with the character in their original outfit)… but at this point i’ll take what i can get ^^;

      if i hadn’t already picked up the majority of the previous max factory haruhi line, extravaganza woulda been a must get for me too… or perhaps if they were 1/7 or 1/6… but i have soooo many haruhi figures and it’s not even my favorite series! ^^;

      glad ya like the design, although it still may change a lot ^^; …though that depends how much free time i have for coding ^^; i hope that title graphic is loading ok for everyone… it’s 1920×160 lol.

  5. JefLebowski said

    An now he prayer:
    Oh my Harui, let my be strong infront of the Sculptures insight me,
    cause I need the money to spend otherwise.
    Let me forget my cravings for the Yuuki Nagato extravaganza,
    thus saving my coinpurse from suicide.
    Oh Harui let me be stro….
    **** it , sooner or later I will give in, buy my first real PVC-Sculpture… and hundreds after the first one

  6. Persocom said

    A few of these are instant gets and already pre-ordered. That first figure I showed to Riiana and she said she could pull that pose/look off, huhuhu. I’ll be passing on that figure XD New features on Tsuki-Board and I didn’t notice? :o Well thanks for the heads up I’ll have to go heart all my wishlist now lol.

    • meronpan said

      hahahah that’s an awesome response :P

      i forget which page it’s on, but be sure to use the interface that lets you check off a bunch of figures and move them all at once… i didn’t see that at first and was manually clicking figures one by one through each level of desirability -_-

  7. Ayu said

    I SO AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE KAGAMIN ARTISTIC FIGURE COMMENT. I am still waiting for a good Kagamin figure. I have the same dilemma with Nagi’s face… no figure has been able to get her face right. I think it’s sad when figure makers focus so much on the sexiness and body of a figure than the face is almost like a part that comes with the body rather than the focus. I guess normally it’s ok if you don’t really know the character, but with a character you really like it’s hard to accept a half-assed figure ><;

    • meronpan said

      deshou?! deshou?! ^^ it just doesn’t seem like a very hard project to tackle… need more kagamin!

      a figure needs a lot going for it for me to overlook the face (like gift saber ^^;)… definitely agree – face is a key focus point that needs a lot of attention.

  8. Q said

    Just Alter Fate in mind, but just that and I felt I’m already done for. The size and price are equally costly, especially for a Hongkonger >_< I’m always impressed with how people can afford so much money and space for their hobby stuff!

    • meronpan said

      i find money by spending way more than i should ^^;;; luckily things have slowed down a bit in the last couple months… my purchasing as gone down by 1/2 or 1/3 of what it was some months last year ^^;

  9. James said

    i’m glad you listened to me , the swimsuit master , about the Nanoha :p

    i just KNEW you would buy it and you will ^^

    • meronpan said

      you were right, sir. i subscribed to the hobbysearch reservation notification list and surprisingly got an e-mail the next day… she’s been ordered ^^;;;

  10. meimi132 said

    The temptation Tamaki is a mighty fine looking figure… bit scantily clad for my likes though…(But Haruka is my skimpiest figure atm, not much difference between the two lol..) And I don’t like eyes that big… getting into the realms of gross… but not quite there. And its a To Heart 2 girl…. so it basically cancels out any issues I might have lol.

    • meronpan said

      hahah now that you mention it her oppai is definitely on the ‘insanely huge’ end of the scale ^^;; i used to shy aware from the figures showing too much skin… but swimsuit figures and hiyori pixy seemed to break whatever reservations i used to have ^^;;

  11. optic said

    When I read u had 90 on ur wishlist, I almost fell off my chair. :P
    Canceled the Haruhi extravaganza set but may pick up Haruhi herself when she’s released.
    Other than than, Alter Nanoha is just the one which is really on my mind.

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