久寿川 ささら Kusugawa Sasara

Posted by meronpan on March 25, 2009

While my quest for a tama-nee figure is still ongoing (though that quest should be over when the recently discussed provocative 4-Leaves version is released… yes i ordered her ^^;;), I do actually have one ToHeart 2 character.  kusugawa sasara!


Lighting didn’t quite turn out how I wanted above but I really like the shot from that angle ^^;

This is a release from last year (oct?) by Griffon.  So far, I think she’s the only Griffon figure I’ve got and the quality seems decent.


She comes with a black base that has a name plate which reads, “Kusugawa Sasara, Sukumizu Maid ver, ToHeart 2”.  Sorry, can’t really read it in the pic ^^;  I decided to take advantage of her pose and just do away with the base for the rest of the shoot thou :P


There we go, all gone ^^  Sasara wasn’t part of the original PS2 release of ToHeart 2 – she was introduced in the PC version, “ToHeart 2 XRATED” (goes without saying, link is nsfw).  I’ll let you figure out the nature of the content added to that port :P


Didn’t really buy sasara for the stunning detail, or even my love of the character.  I’m still only just beginning her scenario so I don’t even know much about her except that she starts out kinda cold and reserved.


So why buy?  For me this figure was all about the pose and outfit.  The absurd combination.  Sukumizu + maid?  Who comes up with these things?


Yum, she’s got a nice expression too.


The detail in her outfit is pretty good I guess, though feels a little rough.



Incoming, obligatory low angle shot.


Some oppai while we’re at it…


sasara is quite well endowed (163cm・87/57/83), though doesn’t quite beat tama-nee (165cm・89/58/82).  Gotta love the thoroughness of the japanese wiki entry :P


Unfortunately she’s sold out at hlj & hobby search at the moment… perhaps your local dealer still has her if you’re interested.


Again, from a technical standpoint, I’m not sure she really stands out at all, but her overall execution struck a chord with me that sparked a purchase.

In celebration of Alter Fate’s recent preorder, fate cameo!


Fate!  何すんだよ?! (what the heck are you doing?!)

And to celebrate the tama-nee order… here’s a sasara… pillow… shot


Hmmm ok, well the connection there isn’t quite there, but ignoring that…


Lulu’s back to his old (? ^^;) tricks.

Anyone else get this one?  Don’t remember seeing too much love for her on the blogosphere.

Time to wrap up so I can prepare an entry for danny’s latest contest ^^  If he’s only going to pick the most insane otaku room I have no chance compared to the others out there (though that seems like a weird contest to have… giving the prize to the person who already has everything? ^^;;)…but I was already planning to do an updated room post anyway (as suggested by shiddo).



14 Responses to “久寿川 ささら Kusugawa Sasara”

  1. Lovely figure, I have been thinking about her as well ^^;

    Thanks for the shootout, I may decide to get her now :3

  2. […] by meronpan on March 26, 2009 3 posts in one day? I have a feeling poor sasara will be overlooked ^^; Ah well. An updated look at my room (slightly sprawled out for danny’s […]

  3. Lucy is my To Heart 2 girl. I think Sasara is really hot too, and there was a time when I wanted to get all of the To Heart 2 girls. My thoughts have changed, and To Heart girls have fallen off my list…maybe if they release a smexy Lucy figure…

    Lovely figure you got, and I was tempted to get this figure…but that didn’t stay with me for long ^^; I like her more than Tamaki, but I like Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad even more. Off topic, but I think they need to release a Kyou figure as kindergarten teacher…*drools* the sexiness…hmm…starting to sound like a freak…*stops before I scare meronpan*

    • meronpan said

      ah good ‘ol lucy. actually used her in my last japanese lesson i think ^^;

      arrrrgh i’ve been soooo bad on my visual novels. i have no idea who kyou is (don’t tell me!!) because i want my first clannad experience (hatsutaiken? lol) to be the original game… which i haven’t even started -_- i was going to play the key stuff in order (i’ve done all the kanon routes, so air would be next)… but i feel like i’m missing out on a lot given the clannad anime and such orz

      • Yes, you’re really missing out on Clannad…I prefer original Clannad over After Story. There’s a lot of epicness in both, just download it before it’s too late. I have the game in my hdd, but I’ll have no clue what’s going on since I don’t know Japanese…yet.

  4. Persocom said

    Quite a nice figure, I don’t believe I’ve seen her around before. I also like odd things like that combination of outfits, quite interesting indeed. Recently taken an interest in To Heart 2, I know I’m way behind. Going to check out the anime first

    • meronpan said

      you’ll have to tell me how the anime is, i’ve only played the game ^^;; though if past experience is any indicator… it’s really hard for the anime to stand on it’s own since the plot of a visual novel is so focused on a pair of characters. almost inevitably you get the non-committal harem ending or the “main” heroine ending. which isn’t to say i don’t enjoy the anime versions of visual novels, in fact it’s practically the opposite – for me the anime is just like a huge omake so i don’t really care what they do to the plot or what not… just enjoy the characters in whatever story they end up in ^^

  5. Blowfish said

    Naughty,Naughty,Wicked Fate!

    Well you cant blame her with that position!
    I dont own any Griffon figures but my brother does and i think those big bases are quite annyoing.YOu are lucky that shes in a position where you dont need the base

    • meronpan said

      luckily the base isn’t as insane as haruna’s :P for this pose i actually think the size isn’t toooo bad. the name plate doesn’t really do anything for me though, so i’m glad she’s high up at the moment where i can’t even see the base ^^;

  6. lovelyduckie said

    She isn’t my type of figure but I do love maids :) (gestures toward box of yet to be unpacked maid figures)

  7. fabian said

    A beautiful figure, especially its face. I’m somewhat glad I never got into To Heart, there are just too many figures I would have to buy. It would probably be worse (=more expensive) than being a Nanoha figure addict.

    The Figma, the “old” Fate by Alter and soon the new one. I guess you’ll soon own a whole harem of Feitos. :D

    • meronpan said

      for visual novels it’s not always that bad… depends on how picky you are :P Generally I’ll only realllly like 2-3 girls out of a game, if that. on the other hand, even a single additional figure ain’t cheap ^^;;

      feito harem ftw! ^__^

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