Posted by meronpan on March 25, 2009

Click for Alter's Official Listing

Click for Alter's Official Listing

Preordered.  ^______^ That’s all.



21 Responses to “FATE!”

  1. Thanks! *heads over to hobby search* Preordered…umm…where did you preorder? ^^; Will wait for hobby search.

  2. ELTboy said

    You are really fast my friend. ^^

    I will be getting her from my local store as soon as they open pre-orders. I think her box is going to be gigantic and I can’t handle the shipping cost if I order online. ^^”

    The most important for me now regarding Fate is where to house her. So huge and space hogging. Time to hunt for a new cabinet.

    • meronpan said

      was browsing through my hobby search rss (yes i subscribe to their release feed ^^;;) and my eyes practically jumped out of their sockets when I saw her… ordered immediately ^^;;;

      i’m semi-seriously considering building a custom display for her and the rest of the alter nanoha gang ^^;;

  3. Persocom said

    I’m fighting the temptation, that price just may kill me in the month of my birthday because of Black Rock Shooter being such a must-get for me. Though if she doesn’t sell out too fast I might have a chance.

  4. Shiddo said

    Holly…. 12,160!!!! doh… but that large sword is realy something! O_O

    Weired… HS didnt even send and comerical email on her oO

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Crap JPY 12K, that’s gonna hurt… I’m glad it’ll be released at August 2009, i don’t have anything else to order at that month so i can focus my wallet there.

    For now, i have to wait until Play-Asia open the pre-order.

    • meronpan said

      definitely a big hit to the wallet, but i guess i was expecting it… seems like a pretty huge demand, so a high price makes the most business sense ^^;

      with any luck the economy will pick up a little by august and help out on the exchange rate ^^;

  6. phossil said

    Me would like to preorder her too!! nya~~~~

  7. optic said


    …nuff said. xD

  8. Q said

    I am

    Already Dead x_x

  9. I am a pretty big fate fan, I think I am going to order this :3

    BTW, I hope you don’t mind if I am to add you to my newly form blogroll?

    • meronpan said

      how can you not order this as a fate fan? :P

      honored to be a part of any blogroll, no problems ^^ will return the favor soon as i post this comment.

      • >.>; Yeah I know but I been thinking how she would take up a lot of space… done, pre-ordered.

        I just rolled out my blogroll, it’s just standard links to kinda remind me sites to visit often ^^; Hopefully, I can dress it up in the future to something nicer.

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