Room, 2009

Posted by meronpan on March 26, 2009

3 posts in one day? I have a feeling poor sasara will be overlooked ^^; Ah well. An updated look at my room (slightly sprawled out for danny’s contest ^^;).


Pic was stiched together with hugin, a really easy to use panorama making program.  If you click for the full version, it’s 528kb, 3239×768.  A closer look if you’re interested, otherwise, see ya next time :P


Desk figures have changed since last time… moved the SOS Dan out of the detolf to guard my computer :P

My manga shelves have looked the same for a while… sometimes I shift some around ‘cuz I want a whole series on a shelf but yeah… full as they have been ^^;  Ef wallscrolls moved temporarily for the contest photo :P


My GUNNM set is finally complete!  Now I just have to read it ^^;;  At one time I thought I was going to translate the entire Xenogears Perfect Works there in the lower right corner… never got around to that ^^;;  Der Mond back from the days when I was purchasing art books more frequently.


Detolfs and some magazines I forgot I had ^^;  A bit less crowded in the shelves than previously but in exchange they’re covered top to bottom…  You can also see my insane tower of boxes orz.  I wish I had a better place to put all of them.


Still need a cushion for erika… and some furniture ^^;  Why two bed lamps?  Well, that’s actually what I use for my figure shoots ^^;;  …and yes, I sleep on a futon on the ground ^^;;  Easy to move, but alas, no under-bed storage space.

If I had more time I woulda cleaned up more, but gotta get my entry in for the contest ^^;

And now some sleep so I can make it to my early morning meeting tomorrow… orz



51 Responses to “Room, 2009”

  1. Persocom said

    very nice room, good luck with the contest! I might pass on the contest because my “room” isn’t really where all my stuff is at. Everything but a couple boxes is in the living room in my place. I’ll probably do a my room post or add it to the about us section of the new site.

    • meronpan said

      did it have to be a personal room? i just kinda figured it was more like one’s “otaku room”, wherever that may be ^^

      i’m not sure what the allure is, but i love seeing room pics, looking forward to your eventual post/pics ^^

  2. Really lovely panorama, I wanted to do something like that, but your collection is too epic to compete with ^^; I read the sasara review, and didn’t want to look like a stalker, so I didn’t comment right after you posted it…

    Did you use wide angle lens to take these shots? My room is too small to take proper pictures =__=”

    • meronpan said

      hahah no worries ^^

      just using the built in 6-72mm lens that came with my camera. i think it’s just a regular zoom lens? hmm reading a bit on that article i linked i guess there’s a wide angle converter but i don’t own it ^^;

  3. Blowfish said

    Im so gonna lose against pretty much anybodys Room XD

    Its nice to explore some of the unknown areas of your room :D

    • meronpan said

      i know there are definitely rooms that are (at least what i consider) way more impressive than mine, so i didn’t really think i had a chance either ^^;; and i still think it’s kinda weird to make a contest for people who already have a bunch of stuff… on the off chance i do win… maybe i’ll use some funds for a future contest of my own fufufu (no promises though, there’s tons of goodies to be bought :P)

  4. Shiddo said

    Nice. You can realy see that number of figs incrased (+1 detolf as well ^^) Dunno why I kinda like to check out others rooms ^^ Kinda fun now with spam of room shots on Dannys

    Tha panorama pic is alot better then previous one ase well.

    I can see those PVC boxes on figure parts. Its awesome stuff. Got some as well once I saw yours reposted on danny ^^
    Realy great idea!

    I see youre building up your figure box wall/tower as well ^^ I couldnt stand it as it takes alot of space ^^ My solution to it is to get figure of box and then put empty boxes back to shiping box. And stuff those in corner of hallway.. 4 now once I get some space I put them into valut. Hope rats wont get thru ^^;

    • meronpan said

      almost a little too much room spam on danny’s site for me ^^;; i also love looking at rooms, but maybe danny shoulda made a separate area for the room posts ^^;;;

      getting a box for figure parts was actually optic’s idea ^^; i recently had to get another because my current two are full ^^;;

      …i actually have stacks of shipping boxes full of figure boxes in my closet ^^;; i think i’m gonna have to rent storage someday or start throwing them away…

  5. lovelyduckie said

    DannyChoo is having a room contest? I can’t access his site at work and I still don’t have internet in my new home so I guess I won’t be participating. I plan on making the finished basement an awesome anime/figure/manga Computer Room though. We’re building custom shelving for my figures! I’m pretty excited about that.

    PS – I JUST bought the GSC Hime figure from Princess Resurrection. I’m going to start reading the manga! I’m excited because I love supernatural series (ex: Her Majesty’s Dog, Pet Shop of Horrors,…)

    • meronpan said

      doh! that’s too bad… if he really is going for the most epic room, i definitely place your awesome manga/figure collection in the top tier (not to mention your desk area!!). totally jealous about your custom shelving plans… i so want custom displays orz

      yay, grats on hime! the anime kinda lost it’s spark with me, but i still love the figure/character. And i think people said the manga was better anyway?

      • lovelyduckie said

        I JUST started the manga, I really really like it so far (only read the first volume) the art is gorgeous (Hime is drawn especially beautiful). But I’m scared it won’t continue to hold my interest. That kind of happened with Rosario+Vampire a bit, I was really into it in the first volume and things started to taper off a bit for me, I still plan on finishing the series though.

        • meronpan said

          i’m so bad, i have all of rosario + vampire but i haven’t even finished the first volume… ^^;; glad to hear the art is good ‘cuz it’s partially the look of the anime that turned me off… usually i don’t care so much but the plot hasn’t engaged me that much and one character just looks silly and kinda ruins it for me ^^;;

  6. Haha nice bed, I should really tidy up my own room so it looks like that. Did you get those lovely glass shelves from Ikea?

    • meronpan said

      the futon is, if nothing else, easy to move ^^;;

      yeah, the glass shelves are the infamous ikea detolfs. they’re… well… better than nothing, but not perfect. for some reason it always feels like you should be able to fit more in them… but you can’t. on the other hand, there’s hands down the cheapest display case i’ve seen so far.

  7. Blowfish said

    Oh man how did you create that Panorama Image?
    I took pictures everal times with my tripod and it always ends in a horrible mess when im running the photos through the program.My pictures are with a quite generous overlapping but it doesnt want to work somehow :(

    • meronpan said

      hmm when you say you ran your photos through the program, was it hugin, or some other program? with hugin the only problems i’ve had were when the overlap was really small… but with 20-25% it’s usually fine. you said you had generous overlap so i kinda assume that wasn’t the issue…

      i used approximately 30 images for the panorama, 10 on each of the 3 rows. They images were at max resolution for my camera 2500 or so by something but hugin resizes them down to 1600×1200 anyway so that was kind of a waste. the resulting image was a 171mb tif ^^;;

      if you’re having problems with the images being stitched together… hmm not really sure what the problem could be if you have sufficient overlap. if you’re having problems with the exposure of the final image, i noticed that hugin didn’t handle repeat images very well – it ended up doing some weirdness that completely went away when i excluded the duplicate pics.

  8. phossil said

    haha, your room is awesome. so much anime stuff in it. My room only has 2 wallscrolls. ^^

    • meronpan said

      you gotta start somewhere ^^ i’ve always loved wallscrolls since they’re more durable than posters… collected a bunch in college but wasn’t ’till recently i got anything new ^^;

  9. nanu said

    i see a faint meronpan on tv :>

  10. taketombo said

    Wow what an amazing otaku room! XD
    The shot came out really well, i would try it myself but my rooms so small and cramped it probably wouldnt be worth it..
    I envy your collection of figures and manga LOL

  11. Kairu Ishimaru said

    That room!! IS SHIT! OH WOW!

  12. konadora said

    Wow a big room… I want a room like that ;___;

  13. Q said

    Man… I often wonder how people can afford so much hobby-related items, and the more I’ve found out, the more I get curious, then the more I get frightened by the menace of otaku ^^;;;;;;;;;;

    Curiosity killed the Q x_X

    • meronpan said

      by sacrificing a large part of one’s savings ^^;; this last year has been sustained largely by a bonus… have to be careful going forward since… well, let’s just say i don’t have very high hopes for this year, given the economy orz

  14. James said

    I so love your room , looks a lot like mine ^^

  15. Rin said

    I’m just jealous…
    Your room pwns mine anyday!!!
    It’s so neat…comapared to mine…and has so many cool anime goods!!!!!
    I love your room!!!!! You get to sleep on the floor…Japanese style!!!!!!
    You also have stuff I want!!!!!!

    • meronpan said

      thanks for the kind words ^^ i still assert your room is epic ^^

      unfortunately sleeping on the floor has its drawbacks… i think i get a lotta dust ^^;

  16. xjaymanx said

    @Meronpan: Nice! Almost mind-blowing! But I got a question: Can u extend the panorama vertically so that it includes the floor and ceiling too? Especially with posters attached to the ceiling? Into the ultimate 360-by-360-by-360 image? Or maybe that’s too weird, lol.

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^ unfortunately the ceiling is way too high for posters… i’d need a huge ladder to get up there ^^; as it is, the ceiling fan probably isn’t too interesting ^^;;

  17. optic said

    This room is the sickest room EVER!!! xD
    Well, I’m trying to act kool like Kairu Ishimaru as I’m speechless on what to say next.

    I think it’s time u invested in a bigger bed for ur growing family. :)

  18. Smithy said

    Next to all those contemporary goods, Intron Depot 3 artbook, GITS, Eva and Cowboy Bebop wallscrolls spotted, the great classics, very nice! ^^

  19. mikiwank said

    Hi guy !
    It’s my first visit on your weblog, and I see that you like many things like me..
    Your room is incredibly tidy room for a fanboy,
    You can admit, you made the household before taking the picture.

    • meronpan said

      hahah, true i did clean a little but not thaaaat much :P generally my mess is contained to my desk… well ok fine, sometimes after i do my laundry i don’t quite put it away that day… but usually! :P

  20. Leonia said

    Wow! Your room is amazing O.o

  21. Superchan said

    nice room but why are you sleeping on the ground??
    where is the bed ??

  22. Hello! I saw your room a few times on the internet now and I’ve wanted to ask: Where did you get the bottom right poster in the last image? I recognise it from EXIT TRANCE エクスタシー First and I would love to get one, is it an EXIT TUNES comiket release?

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