Alter Lewts!

Posted by meronpan on March 28, 2009

Preview time~


Louise, I’ve been her hunting for quite awhile.  The previous Alter release was sold out when I arrived on the figure scene, leaving mostly alternate costume versions, which I wasn’t going to consider ’til I had one of her in her uniform.  Kotobukiya’s release was also not in stock for a while at my preferred stores, but luckily I delayed and Alter offered up their latest incarnation.

Senhime falls into the, “I don’t know who she is or what she does, but I don’t really care” category of purchases ^^;


Well, I know that she’s from the eroge 戦国ランス (sengoku rance, psa: eroge links are nsfw :P), but that’s about it ^^;


I enjoyed ゼロの使い魔 (zero no tsukaima) more than enough to warrant some figures.  Glad to finally have one.


Have been tempted by Siesta but never quite made that into a purchase.


Gonna see what I can do about the lighting, but unfortunately Louise’s hair turned out really plastic looking -_-


But I love the pose ^^

Been considering giving a little more quantitative side to my reviews, but I’ve never really liked putting scores to reviews… I know inevitably I’ll end up with some inconsistency where a figure I liked gets a lower score than one I didn’t, not to mention the different qualities than contribute to the overall goodness of a figure for me.  However I do love pie charts and decided that I could at least give scores on what I like about the figure.

These charts basically summarize the things I value most in a given figure.  As such, they’re not for comparing different figures, but identifying the strong points (from my point of view, obviously).


So basically, those are the reasons I bought Louise.    Note the scores are only relative to each other and simply add up to 100%.  Some terms I’m using…

  • Character Spirit – how well does the figure capture the spirit of the original character?
  • Character Love – how much to I like the character?
  • Detail – could also be ‘quality’ — in general, how well made is the figure? (or how good do I think it’ll be)

While we’re at it, here’s my break down of Senhime:


Note there’s different categories… some new, some missing… Just a result of some things not being a factor in my purchase decision.

Well, back to pics ^^;;  If you’ve wanted a great Louise pantsu figure, this fits the bill.


More to come in the full review.


Senhime is very impressive with her dynamic pose and base.  Very pleased.



Will have to work on the full reviews immediately.


Before wrapping up, just wanted to mention that I’ve started up a twitter account for my otaku bumblings which you can see in the twitter widget on the left.  Now you can stay up to date with every last boring thing I do!  Woohoo! ^^;;;  Generally I’ll just be blabbing about what I’m watching/playing/reviewing/etc.  “meronpan” was already taken so I had to resort to “nomihoudai” (pronounced “know-me-hoe-die” == all you can drink), a spin-off of my smart.fm account, “kuihoudai” (all you can eat).



19 Responses to “Alter Lewts!”

  1. optic said

    I’m really tempted to click on the “Buy this” button at HLJ for Louise but ur note on her hair looking really plastic got me curious? What’s different about her hair quality compared with the other Alter figure hair?

    • meronpan said

      mmm i think it was just my lighting. in the pic it kinda has that plastic sheen that was bothering me. it does feel a liiiitle chunkier than i like but nothing that would kill a purchase for me. hopefully i’ll get a review up soon…

  2. Persocom said

    Louise looks good, and I would like a figure of her in her original outfit, but I just don’t know about poses like that, while I like it I’m not sure it’d look good on my shelf or something like that. Well, my first Louise figure will be the goth punk one next month, although it will probably look odd next to Kotobukiya Tabitha. Senhime’s base is awesome and I like her pose too. Also, yay for Twitter! XD The notify me of follow-up comments has been added to my site now as of last night ^^

    • meronpan said

      at the moment i haven’t figured out where to put louise ;_; she’s off in a corner for now orz i’d think she’d prolly still go well with tabitha – the matching seifuku along with the pink/blue bases together… though then again i’m not terribly aesthetically inclined…

      will have to try out your comment notifications ^^

  3. Kairu Ishimaru said

    Did I just saw a tundere bitch?

  4. T.I.P. said

    Haven’t finished Zero yet, so have to wait for Louise purchase…I don’t want to add any more to my list unless it’s an absolute must.

    Great figures, looking forward for your Louise review. I don’t like putting scores/rating figure by numbers because it’s subjective. Two totally different figures on the opposite spectrum can end up with the same score. I like putting the facts out there and let the readers decide :)

    • meronpan said

      yeah, regarding scores, i decided on a “what do i like about the figure” system so as to eliminate the figure to figure comparison issue. in my system, all scores add up to 100%, and the individual categories are only relevant to each other, within the same graph. So, for example, even though i have pose at 27% for louise and 26% for senhime, it doesn’t mean that i like the pose better for louise. You can’t ever directly compare categories from figure to figure because they change. … err just dawned on me that you might’ve already understood that and were just commenting on the pitfalls of the regular rating systems… in which case… nevermind ^^;;

  5. Leonia said

    This version of Louise (with her uniforme) is the first figure that shows Louise in everyday’s clothes , and more great(the other uniform version of Alter was too small). I am satisfied to wait for her, and shall continue to purchases with the version Gothic Lolita and the Nendoroid version (Louise fan addict) ^^

    Nice picture of her, I prefer Louise because Senhime isn’t cute ^^

    • meronpan said

      hahah yeh, senhim definitely doesn’t fall into the same kawaii category ^^;

      i was really tempted by the nendoroid version but will have to wait until i have some free nendoroid money ^^;;

  6. Q said

    Interesting system you’ve adopted there, taking all the good things and round them up to 100% ^^

    I was thinking about registering for Twitter, but I felt that I won’t be talking about anything interesting, so I gave up on the idea at the moment… And gosh… Fate… 12800 Yen + size is gonna be a huge dilemma for me 囧

    • meronpan said

      hahah you should never worry about having nothing important to say on twitter… i think that’s the whole point ^^

      fate is a killer on all fronts ^^;;

  7. sonic_ver2 said

    Lately Alter keeps releasing popular “old” characters with a new unique dynamic pose. Haruhi, Yuki, and this Louise are the proof of it. And because of that i also keep worshiping collecting Alter’s figure and become a fan of Alter.

    Anyway, i hope Alter will make a “dynamic pose” Mikuru to complete the Alter dynamic SHnY set.

    • meronpan said

      can always use some more alter figures ^^

      i’m waiting for a release of subaru (beat blades haruka) and the other trigger heart exelica characters ^__^

  8. Blowfish said

    Nice Idea for the Rating System!Quite Fancy :D

    Hmmm…Louise…I never really bothered with Zero no Tsuikama since its another one of those Tsundere Animes…Didnt like th Character Design and the Fantasy? Setting.

    Its just not my cup of coffe I guess

    Seems like I have quite a dislike for Tsundere Characters with Rin Tohsaka,Iori Minase and Satsuki Kitaoji beeing the excemption ^^

    As for Senhime: <3

    Youve got the snake thing wrong.Its gotta be:

    • meronpan said

      would definitely be hard to get into zero without liking the characters or setting ^^;;

      looks like i’ll be adding sengoku rance to my list of things to get familiar with ^_^

      hahahah metal gear ftw!

  9. Pie charts! Now that’s an innovative way to rate your figures, love it!

    Too bad I ordered Senhime late and had to go to Toylogic and they are super slow on delivery, I am looking at end of April before I can get my hands on her, Freeing Uesugi Kenshin would be even later Orz

    • meronpan said

      pie charts make everything better ^^

      totally feel ya on the late delivery days… found myself stressing too much over them and took the lazy way out… order pretty much exclusively from hlj/hobbysearch now ^^;;

      if only kid nemo hadn’t shaken my confidence for order fulfillment from us stores… i’d probably be saving a ton on shipping if i stuck with local stuff ^^;;

      • I too had bad experience with Kid Nemo, they do not have good inventory of their items. Got cancel on first ever order with them and don’t intend to use them again. Some US stores are pretty decent, and they allow me to procrastinate a little before I decide if I want certain figures ;3

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