千姫 ~ Senhime

Posted by meronpan on April 4, 2009

Senhime comes from the eroge 戦国ランス (sengoku rance), and is brought to us in 1/8 form today by Alter.  You may notice they list her as 戦姫 on the Alter figure page, whereas the official site (the specific page link is sfw, although if you start browsing around I’m sure it will quickly become nsfw. it’s an eroge site, people!) lists her as 千姫. Both read ‘senhime’, and the second character is the same in both (hime == princess)… but the first character is ‘war’ or ‘fighting’ in Alter’s spelling and ‘1000’ in the official site’s.  She’s a fighting girl so evidently 戦姫 (war princess) is her nickname.


I haven’t played any of the rance games, so I don’t know much firsthand… a little poking around web suggests that she’s involved with the Tokugawas.  In the game I suppose you probably have your way with her after capturing a territory or something?  I believe sengoku rance is one of those strange products that are ero but could perhaps make it in the non-ero market like eien no aseria.   Looks like some sort of strategy game, but if you’re more interested in the… hmmm… ‘cut scenes’ I believe there’s a variety of resources out there, such as gelbooru (nsfw).  Anyhow, let’s get back to the figure :P


I love her character design and what Alter’s done with her.  Beautiful long hair ^_^


Combine that with a nice spear and awesome base, and you’ve got a winner ^^



I don’t quite get what’s with the snake… chins?  Or whatever those weird growths are.  At any rate the texturing of the snakes gives them a stone kind of look which I thought was neat.


Her bangs have that nice crisp Alter touch which I’ve come to expect.


Free-handed a top down shop with the flash for once.


Last week’s preview pic without the exaggerated highlights & shadows.


The log she’s standing on has some sort of ofuda (?) on it which I thought was a nice touch.


Not too much detail on her spear thing but where there is something to look at, it’s at least well executed.  The spear splits in two and has a peg so that it can firmly attach to senhime’s hand.  It was kinda bothersome to get in unfortunately -_-


Any sort of tranditionally themed clothing usually gets bonus points from me ^_^


Love that face



A little detour to check out the pantsu situation.


minisuka ftw


Standard white pantsu, so no luck if you were hoping for a change of pace :P





More points for the fact that I like this figure from so many angles.  I think the dynamic pose really helps in that regard.


Again, love that expression.  Very similar to my favorite face for figma saber ^^;


Not sure where this pic is from (official or fan made?) but it’s nice and prolly woulda also made a nice figure ^^

Click for gelbooru source

Click for gelbooru source

nooooooo, mikuuuuuu!


Yet another game I’ll have to get around to… someday.  Loved the execution on this figure.  Character design was already to my liking and Alter delivered nice hair, a sweet pose, and unique base… all with the quality I’ve come to expect from them.

senhime received 4/5 stars from foobarbaz.  I’d say Alter is to figures as foobarbaz is to figure reviews.  Beautiful shots as usual, though not as artistic and creative as the excellent work you’ll find at happysoda.  Alas, looks like super rats didn’t pick this one up :P  Nor have I spotted other reviews yet.  No senhime love? :P

Pour une traduction partielle en français, s’il vous plaît visiter:  shadonia

In non-figure related news, if you haven’t checked my previous post updates… I’ve recovered from my degraded raid 5 but still need lots of tweaking to get my system back the way I like it.  That combined with taxes coming up == orz  Hopefully those two things won’t slow me down too much… I have so many posts I want to do, not to mention blogs I need to catch up on… (301 unread posts… seems to be my usual orz)



36 Responses to “千姫 ~ Senhime”

  1. Leonia said

    Great picture, this figure is amazing but… too many bosoms, not enough loli (lolicon powa xD)

  2. T.I.P. said

    Almost everything receives a 4/5 stars from foobarbaz ^^;;; What happened to your pie chart? I would love her if I know who she was…or if she’s got a ribbon on her pantsu ^^ But too many figures to buy…not enough money for senhime.

    Great pics and review!

    • meronpan said

      but he mostly buys good stuff, so i tend to agree with his ratings :P

      pie chart was already posted in the preview post so i left it out ^^;

      usually i’d also wait until i was familiar with the character but alter is the exception to that rule ^^;

      • T.I.P. said

        Ahh, I see…thought you would put it into your reviews. I always thought he gets some free samples, and I remember looking at his Atelier Sai Yuki Bunny review…2/5 stars which I totally agree on…I might’ve given it a 1/5.

        Never knew you were that big a Alter fan…now I know :) Oh, btw, I also started a blogroll and added your blog to it if you don’t mind. It’s too late even if you do :P

        • meronpan said

          hahah, yeah i’m definitely a big alter fan. that’s the only way metatron got on my list ^^;; (no clue about demonbane ^^;)

          happy to be a part of any blog roll ^_^ have returned the favor~

  3. Yi said

    I think what strikes me the most about this figure is the base.
    It’s an awesome base. Still I this is not going to be on my purchase list because I don’t know who she is, the figure itself is not too special, and she’s just not my type. Still it’s a pretty figure over all.

    • meronpan said

      especially if you compare the base to the usually flat white crap, it makes it that much better ^^ can definitely understand not buying a figure for the base alone ^^;

  4. konadora said

    I’ve seen a lot of Sengoku Lance figures being made, but had no idea they were eroges. Thought they were anime-based o.o;

  5. Rin said

    It’s a really nice figure!!!
    I would get it if my budget wasn’t that small right now…
    Looks like I might have to wait till my trip to Japan if I’m going to buy that figure…
    Either way…really nice shoot!!!!!!

  6. Sengoku Rance is a very good game if you like area conquering simulation. Senhime is one of my favorite general (I already two figurines of her not including this one, but both of them are painted resin not PVC), along with Uesugi Kenshin. Since Senhime is an optional character, there isn’t a big background story for her. I briefly talked about Senhime’s background on dannychoo when someone posted images of this figure.

    • meronpan said

      it’s always weird when eroge are good games even without the ero content ^^; i remember when i was playing eien no aselia: spirit of the eternity sword… not long into it i was thinking, ‘wow, this is a pretty good rpg’ ^^

      it’s always too bad when a good character doesn’t get the full route treatment… guess that’s for doujin and sequels to take care of ^^

  7. Blowfish said

    Shes an awesome figure! Didnt maker it on my list due to money problems.As far as i know you can download the early Sengoku Rance games for free on the publishers Website.I once had the link but ive lost it somewhere on the track…They seem to go back until the early 90s.No Idea in wich game she appeared though…

    Those Snakes Chins are quite uh interesting :D

    • meronpan said

      senhime is in sengoku rance (7th game) but i have no idea if she has appeared in any of the other 6 games.

      not that i have time to play them but was poking around alicesoft’s site and couldn’t find anything -_- i swear some companies have the worst organized websites. ah well, will have to check it out later….

      weird snake chins ftl ^^;;

  8. phossil said

    I like the snake base but I dont feel the same with the chins in those snakes

  9. Persocom said

    Very nice figure and the snake base is win. You’re right she looks great from all angles so that’s definitely a good buy. Glad you recovered from your raid crisis, and don’t stress over falling behind it happens to all of us.

    • meronpan said

      was a big relief to get my data back, especially after i had gotten into a failed raid state (usually that means all data is lost)… sadly i also lost a lot of blogging fire… i was on a roll and had a ton of posts lined up (think i started 3-4 drafts earlier)… now i gotta get back on track and somehow finish them…

  10. ELTboy said

    My Senhime is still in her box, and probably will be staying there for quite a while, as it will be for all my future figures. -_-

    I feel the figure is great though the first thing I noticed when I received her is that the paint on her hair and bangs are glossy. Not that it is a bad thing. Anyway, Alter did a wonderful job on her.

    • meronpan said

      doh! you out of space? whatever the reason, that’s unfortunate.

      the paint on the hair is a bit glossy but for some reason it doesn’t really bother me at all in this release. i guess it’s the good glossy. ^^;

  11. Q said

    Haven’t heard of other people having this figure at the moment, and I think I saw one or two at some local shops in Hong Kong recently (yea I’m home briefly right now). It seems a little overlooked I think.

    The snakes’ texture looks ivory to me. Since I know nothing about the game I can’t judge much form them. But still there are still a lot of attention on the details. Another good work from Alter :o

    • meronpan said

      yes, ivory! that’s the word i was looking for. looking into the game a little more… i was really surprised to find that there’s no voice acting! that will definitely be a big obstacle for me in terms of being a fan… i am in no way nostalgic for the voiceless era of games. strange that alicesoft kept with this tradition even in the latest iteration of the game…

  12. Smithy said

    Nice photoshoot! Lovely figure. ^^

    Good job on that freehand shot, very sharp photo.

  13. James said

    Where’s my comment ? didn’t work again ? :(

    Anyway , love this one a lot , sad that i didn’t buy her :(

    nice pics and great review , you sure took pics of all the cute details ^^


  14. mikiwank said

    If only I had the money to buy it. I’ll wait to find occasion

  15. optic said

    The movie “Snakes on the plane” just came back to me. xD
    In honestly, it was a crappy movie. lol

    Awesome shoot. As expected by Alter quality and detail to their works.
    If I had to choose my favourite part, it will have to be the details of the snakes. ^^

  16. meronpan said

    hahahah snakes on a place was epic ^_^ you just had to go in *wanting* to see a crappy movie. then it was hilarious and great ^^;

    i think i’d agree with you about favorite part of the figure. hard to find such a dynamic and great looking base in most figures, really makes senhime stand out ^^

  17. […] Meronpan, je l’ai découvert grâce à mon côté fouineuse, qui m’a poussé à aller de favoris en favoris jusqu’à atterrir dans son antre. C’est son article où il parlait de Senhime et Louise Uniforme, qui m’a poussé à le contacter. Ayant fais l’article sur la seconde, je me suis dis qu’il serait intéressant de poster l’article de Senhime, que vous pourrez retrouver sur son blog. […]

  18. […] elle est toujours sublime. Les photos sont vraiment bien réalisées, c’est plaisir des yeux. Source Categories: […]

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