Trigger Preview Exelica

Posted by meronpan on April 6, 2009

Quick post to start the week off~


There she is, the little expensive bugger.

Luckily I was also interested in playing the game so the insane cost wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been for just the nendoroid.


You can see I have a penchant for insane shoot-em-ups… even though I suck at them ^^;;

If you’re not familiar, the game on the right is mushihime-sama.  Here’s what the insanity of that looks like:

Trigger Heart is easier… well, I think.  I still die all the time ^^;  At least I made it to the 2nd stage without a continue ^^;

They made a number of additions to the ps2 release, including an anime intro…

…and also fully voiced visual novel style cut scenes with nice looking CG.  A perfect addition, adding fuel to my exelica fan boy fire ^^  Before I wanted figures of the other gals (crueltear & faintear)… now I *really* want ’em ^^;

Will close up with a shot of the cutie herself:


I had plans to catch up on my blog reading this weekend and failed miseably ;_; If you haven’t seen me around it’s been a combo of recovering my computer and doing taxes orz

Ah well, time to make it through another week… Time to sleep!



17 Responses to “Trigger Preview Exelica”

  1. James said

    Glad you got yours !

  2. I’m pretty into shoot’em ups too, but my playing is largely confined to Touhou. I’ve seen the mushihime one, and that just seems more of a pain than fun.

    That’s a cute nendroid though.

  3. mikiwank said

    Nice purchase. I look forward to your shooting ! :)

  4. Leonia said

    Héhé ! Nice purchase ! Shad and me are waiting to her (two week..).

    She is really pretty and sweet !

  5. T.I.P. said

    Hmm…shoot’em’ups ^^;;; The latest one I played was this NDS To Love-ru mini-game…I didn’t beat it because the boss, afro mojo(?) was insanely hard…for me at least. Never came across exelica, I’m more of a RPG person. Cute Nendo though. The Alter version is most awesome too.

    • meronpan said

      i forget… are you an xbox owner? trigger heart exelica was on xbox live (including a demo) if you wanna give it a spin. muuuuch cheaper too ^^;

      the alter exelica remains near the top of my favorite figures list. perfect combination of moe & mecha ^_^ (well, that i’ve seen in figure form so far :P)

      i still consider rpgs to be my main genre even if i’ve been slacking on them for awhile ^^;; before i used to love the 60-80 hour games and would scoff at the ‘short’ 20 hour ones… but now with my lack of free time i wish all games were 10 hours or less ^^;;

  6. Yi said

    Mushihime looks so hard, and I thought Touhou was hard (I can’t even beat easy for any of the Touhou games…)

    • meronpan said

      the final boss in mushihime is off the charts. there are times when the whole screen is pretty much covered in enemy fire ^^; ‘cuz of that it’s more of a novelty to me… no way i’ll ever beat it legitimately ^^;

      trigger heart… i think i might have a chance ^^;

  7. Snark said

    I burn with insatiable jealously…seriously, I think my chairs about to catch fire

  8. […] Trigger Preview Exelica […]

  9. G2 said

    Great purchase. Still consider expensive to me, especially when I dun play shooting games.

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