Exelica Nendoroid

Posted by meronpan on April 7, 2009

After quite a delay the number of Exelica figures in my collection has finally doubled ^^


Was quite a wait, especially since I wanted to play the game… after ordering her I couldn’t justify spending another $10 or $15 or whatever to get the xbox live version while I waited ^^;  Still available at Play Asia but she’ll cost you an arm and a leg ($160 usd… used to be $130 usd orz).  Even the regular game only version is going for $90 usd!!

As such, I really wouldn’t feel bad if I hadn’t ordered her ^^;  She’s cute, a great nendoroid and all… but not the centerpiece of a collection that I usually dish out that kind of money for.


You figure that the game should only account for $10 or $20 of the price (assuming you have an xbox)… or even if you’re generous and priced the game at regular $50 prices… that still means you’re paying $80 for a nendoroid ($110 at the current price! orz).

Blegh, ok, gonna stop talking about price that’s depressing to see how much I spent on her ^^;;;  So why did I buy her?


Those are the traits I love about her.  Love the character concept, she’s kawaii, well detailed and has weapons ^^  Ah yes, and I wanted the game. ^^;

One of the great things about this nendoroid is that it comes with ディアフェンド (diafendo – defender? defend? – the orb thingy) and アールスティア (a-rusutia – alstear? alstair? – the gun thing).  Great (and necessary!) accessories ^^



Next to their 1/8 sized counterparts:


You get a total of 3 faces and 2 different sets of legs.  Her right arm can be swapped between straight and curled.


Lighting still not where I want it to be.  Will have to act on James’ advice to post a pic of my setup so I can get some tips.


Wasn’t quite feeling the close up shots, so this review will end shorter than usual.  Before that, our combo finale~


Regular and chibi~  which reminds me of the miku video I’ve been obsessing over lately ^^;

A little swapping and exelica-chan acquires even more firepower ^^


Ah, almost forgot… a ballon was included?  Really random bonus item ^^;  Melonpan eating shana not included ^^;;


勝負! shoubu! … exelica needs a boost thou ^^;


Meanwhile her satellites take out Limit Gunz’ ankles ^^;;

Ah yes, another thing I forgot to talk about.  You can now play as Faintear, love her character design too.

From the official site.  1600x900, other sizes available.

From the official site. 1600x900, other sizes available.

If you poke around the official site you’ll find other wallpaper and an info page that, if you scroll down even has some sample CG and such.   My previous post has the OP video embedded if you missed it.

As I may have mentioned… I am totally praying for an alter release of the other two girls.  It would be epic ^__^  I’m counting on you Alter!  More Exelica girls and subaru! (beat blades haruka subaru)

Aaand one last photo…


Protecting the galaxy with her mighty leek ^__^  Was really happy to get her twin tails to stick up ^^

Alrighty, that’s all.

You can find more exelica nendoroid action at:



25 Responses to “Exelica Nendoroid”

  1. James said

    I find the lightning far from bad , you’re hard with yourself ^^ The pics are good ;) (but you used too much contrast , probably to get a blacker background)

    Love the ones with Limit Gunz and Mikuuuuuuu ^^

    And thanks for the linku :o

    Btw cute balloon is cute , even if totally random :D

    • meronpan said

      I think I should get a gray background, because yes, I’m tweaking the shadows up a bit to clean up the image ^^;;

      always looking for opportunities to link other reviews… i want to make sure readers aren’t left unsatisfied ^^

      it was a good call to put the chibi art on the ballon ^^ it’s hanging on my desk now ^^

      • James said

        Gray background is the best choice , good for keeping the real colors and it work with all figures .

        The balloon is glued to my Detolf door :p

  2. Leonia said

    Aaah! Exelica is really really cute and sweet >_< We look forward to her! It’s long to wait…

    Nice shooting !

  3. optic said

    My PS3 can’t play PS2 games. It such a shame where I could be playing an EPIC game now. T_T

    The balloon came out of the blue and it was funny. xD

    • meronpan said

      i guess you could always buy a japanese ps2… or an xbox? ^^;; (why does every problem require so much money? ^^;;) it’s too bad this version is on the ps2 though… would probably look really sexay on a current gen system in hd…

  4. lovelyduckie said

    ahahahaha Miku looks cute. I wanted that nendo too but I couldn’t bring myself to pay up for it. I’m still a bit sad I skipped the dark Haired Shana nendo, I really wanted to have her in the pose from your pictures.

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  6. Q said

    GSC is releasing quite a few exclusive figures bundling with other items recently. It can get rather annoying as it’s not easy to get and it demands a great price to be paid for it. I mean, you paid $110USD for the whole thing! -_-

    Really like the Big and Small side by side photo there, and lol to your reference of the chibi Miku. ^^

    Oh man Black Hair Shana Nendo looks so cute anywhere. I might actually go and find one in a day or two @_@

    • meronpan said

      i wonder if it really makes sense for GSC to do all those limited releases. seems like people would be snatching them off the shelves if they would just sell them normally -_-

      i can’t get enuf of chibi miku. hawawawawawawa~ ^^;

      if you can find black hair shana, she’s really great ^^ pose and happy face is kawaisugi~ ^^ (well, but not as much as chibi miku :P)

  7. T.I.P. said

    Really nice pictures in your review. The pictures looks great, don’t really see anything wrong with it ^^;; The figure is really cute, and it’s great that you play the game as well.

    Mikelica looks awesome!! My guess for the balloon is that they just want to throw in some freebies to “justify” for the increased price tag ^^;;;;

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^ well, perhaps it’s a good sign that i’m not satisfied with my pics… can never hurt to strive to be better ^^

      now that you mention it the balloon did ease the pain of the purchase slightly ^^;; they tricks us! :P

  8. ELTboy said

    She is so so cute … but I don’t think I can afford her … arghhh …. >_<

    It would be cool for Alter to release the other characters … now that would be as epic as the Nanoha StrikerS figures.

  9. Yi said

    So cute.
    The combo pics are especially nice, particularly the one with Shana.

  10. Vixion said

    i also want her :( but the price makes me…

    why the price of the nendro is the same with the 1/8 scale :(

    that’s not fair :(

    nice review :D love the eating shanan with baloon pic :D

    and nice idea with miku :D

    @eltboy… it will be my nightmare if alter release her friends :(

    • meronpan said

      wholy crap you’re right, for the price of the game bundle you’re paying as much as you would for the 1/8 alter exelica…

      glad you enjoyed the review ^^ wish i had more time though… was getting late and cut things short ^^;

  11. Pic exelicanendo11 ftw! Really enjoyed reading post about this ultimate Nendoroid *because I didn’t get it*. Arigatou!

    • meronpan said

      ^^ yeah i love the combo too. i’m torn between putting chibi exelica with her 1/8 counterpart in my detolf and keeping her on my desk with me ^^; dou itashimashite ^^ hopefully prices will come down someday and ppl can pick her up for less insane prices…

  12. Blowfish said

    I only played the Demo on my brothers Xbox but Exelica Meteor is a nice little Shmup.
    Yay for Piecharts!

    Im really amazed how some people are able to take awesome pictures with a really simple setup.Your pictures arent bad !
    Its pretty hard to figure out whats lacking by yourself though

    • meronpan said

      been havin’ a lotta fun with exelica… i got to stage 3 today!

      thanks for the kind words, though it’s all the more reason to strive to improve ^^

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