Thanks Danny & Tenso ^_^

Posted by meronpan on April 8, 2009

Pic from GSC's official site (click for BRS product page)

Pic from GSC's official site (click for BRS product page)

Was recently honored to be one of the 10 runner-ups in Danny Choo’s otaku room contest.  Thanks to that I had 2,000 yen to spend which I ended up putting into a preorder for Black Rock Shooter. If you missed it/are curious, my 2009 room post is here.

Big thanks to TENSO.com for sponsoring and Danny, of course, for having the contest.


I hadn’t planned on picking up BRS… was gonna go with World is Mine and leave miku inspired figures at that… but damn, a really sexay figure which, at Amazon Japan, is “only” 7427 yen.  The domestic shipping to tenso will be free so that means I’ll be paying for the figure + comission + EMS shipping to get her.  Not bad considering her price at my usual stores.

Will definitely be looking to tenso in the future for price comparison – basically if I can find a figure for an amount that is less than domestic shipping + the tenso commision… it’ll be cheaper to order from them ^_^

Once again, thanks Danny, and thanks TENSO!


40 Responses to “Thanks Danny & Tenso ^_^”

  1. Leonia said

    Congratulation ! I have happy for you ^^

  2. T.I.P. said

    Grats, I really thought your room would win with at that stuff. Maybe you shouldn’t be so organized for the next photo contest ^^;;;;;

  3. Dancing Queen said

    i found so many figures i had pre-order at amazon.jp for more than half off. i’m so glad i got a runner up as well if not i would never have even bothered using tenso

    • meronpan said

      yes, there was a lot of good stuff at amazon for amazing prices! the bunny kallen is only 2700 yen!! shopping just got a lot more complicated since i should consider all the japanese stores now too ^^;

  4. Rin said

    This reminds me…I have to do that too!!!!!
    Grats on runners up too!!!!!
    I have to figure out what to use my 2000yen on…

    • meronpan said

      lots of amazing deals out there or there’s always preorders ^^ i was also tempted to put the money towards the koihime kanu…. argh dunno what im gonna do about her…

  5. gordon said

    congrats on the win.

  6. elczenius said

    I am jealous! :D Congrats though! Gorgeous-looking figure; I think I prefer this one over the World is Mine one, personally. :) It’s such a unique take on Miku. ^o^ Never considered using Tenso myself, before, but I might check it out now. Is it simple to use?

    • meronpan said

      it’s too bad she doesn’t come with the huge chain display they had her in ^^;

      so far tenso seems pretty simple in terms of registering – their site is in english and everything is explained pretty clearly (and you can go ahead and sign up for free). i think the hardest part would be ordering from the japanese store. however, if you’re ordering from the japanese amazon, it’s not as bad since you can get a partially english version of the page ^^; but yeah, they explain what info to type into what boxes for the shipping address and stuff… since i already had an amazon.com account i was able to just use my existing account and simply had to add a new shipping (the tenso japan one) address.

      can’t comment about what happens after since i gotta wait for brs to be released ^^;; seems simple enough though… the item is shipped to tenso, then they bill you shipping & handling and ship it to you.

  7. Q said

    Congrats on the prize~ You will get to use it well and wisely just as you have proven with your pictures. I rarely preorder things online (and even so with figures) so it won’t be much of a help to me if I were to have such offer ^^;

    • meronpan said

      not to sound ungrateful but it figures that i get the prize right after ordering too much and being at a point where i shouldn’t have spent any more ^^;;; oh well, i figure i’m doing my best to support the world economy ^^;

  8. Persocom said

    Great choice! Let me know how Tenso does, I’m using Japan to Door and it’s kind of a pain XD

    • meronpan said

      will do, thou that’s many months out ^^;; i’ve used goody japan in the past but not for amazon, just a random japanese store i found that had the gifts i needed to order. they charge ~15% commission but ordering is pretty simple if you can just find the product page – simply enter the link to the product page of the store you wish to buy from and they take care of the rest. (i.e. they then place an order, then notify you when it arrives at their offices, charge you shipping & handling, then ship it to you). …hmm though looking through japan to door’s website it looks almost exactly the same, so dunno if that’s any better lol ^^;;

  9. Congrats to the win btw, your photo shot was inspiring! After a few days I noticed a lot of people changed their photo to your style and stitching their photos in the room contest -_-, well it’s not that important! I have a long time service I use call Big Fish J-shop, they charge 15% commission flat for everything they get for me. I had to call them up to get the Volks online exclusive Fate ;s

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^ i was happy to see people starting to stitch photos together – 正々堂々! kinda why i linked the program i used, didn’t want to get an unfair advantage just by getting around the 1 photo rule ^^;

      i actually ordered fate through tokyo hunter… was lazy and didn’t bother to check if his price was better than using a proxy service ^^;;

      • I noticed you quoted the source of your program ^^; but I am too lazy to modify my entry and I felt I would be better off to concentrate on my clean up and construction projects. I was tempted to go through him as well, but since I have no prior experience with him and there are only few days left on the preorder schedule; I decided I should go with a source I am already familiar with. Good luck on the tenso purchase, do keep us informed so I may consider them next time.

  10. Yi said

    I think I prefer this one to World Is Mine as well. It’s much more unique and cool. Definitely a figure I’m going to try to get my hands on.

    And congrats on the win.

    • meronpan said

      thanks! i now curse nico nico douga… totally sparked up miku fandom in me ^^; don’t think i’ll be able to resist world is mine at this rate…

  11. phossil said

    Congratz. I saw your pic’s room and I think you deserved it!! :)

  12. Smithy said

    Glad to see you were among the winners. Your room was one of the most tastefully decorated ones (and still clean and in order). ^^

    I haven’t a clue about Black Rock Shooter but I too must admit this figure looks stunning. Nice that you’ll be able to add it to your collection.

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^_^

      if you’re looking to get up to speed on brs, she’s either the character the song was written for or vice versa (never remember which ^^;)… definitely glad to have an excuse to purchase her ^^;

  13. konadora said

    Congrats! Made a wise decision choosing BRS XD

  14. Roy said

    hey congrats on the win,your room was definitely awesome :)
    wow BRS looks amazing,prefer it over world is mine but having both ain’t so bad ;)

    oh yah don’t think we met before,the names Roy,nice to meet you ^^ :P

    • meronpan said

      thanx! someday i’ll develop self control, i swear ^^;

      actually i believe you did drop by before… ah yes, to comment on limit gunz ^^ be that as it may, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ ^^

      • Roy said

        Oh I did? sorry haha I had been gone from blogging since august I think,just came back like a month or two ago :P

        Anyways I’ll add you to my blogroll so that I’ll remember you better ^^ Ii-Desu
        (I think thats how you say O.k. XD)

        • meronpan said

          no prob ^^

          returned the favor ^^ (…think one reason to move to my own host will be to get a plugin to rotate blogs in my now massive blogroll ^^;;)


          if you’re wondering ‘daijyoubu’ is the literal word for ok, but ii (good) can be used in a pinch ^^

  15. G2 said

    Congrats. Your room looks nice and tidy, do hope that I have a room myself too.

  16. Blowfish said

    Ohhh! This sounds like a good alternative! Be sure to keep us up do date!Ill finally be able to obatin some figures I missed from the Big ones this way

  17. RyoBase said

    Congrats, you truly deserve it b^^

  18. Congrats! I’m thinking of getting BRS with Tenso’s help too. It just means I won’t be posting anything about Tenso just yet ^^;

    • meronpan said

      thanks! and grats to you too, of course ^_^ probably better for tenso with our delayed orders… spreads out the advertising we’re doing for them :P

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