涼宮ハルヒ 激奏ver ~ Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Version

Posted by meronpan on April 12, 2009


Max Factory nailed this one. I think it’d be hard for a haruhi fan to go wrong in acquiring this version, she looks great. 1/8 scale standing 21cm tall and retailing for 7800 yen… (7057 at hobby search, 7429 at hlj)… make sure to gets yours while you can :P

Box is nice and vibrant to match the energy of the figure



Everything’s attached so no need to mess with attaching the guitar (thank goodness). Just pull off a little protective plastic and you’ll be face to face with the goddess herself.


I haven’t gotten a Max Factory figure in awhile so haruhi was a refreshing reminder of the quality they can put out.


She looks pretty good from any angle, though most interesting from the front due to the detail they put into the guitar ^^


Shot against some good ‘ol poster board for a change.  Had a feeling that my slightly improved lighting situation would make it acceptable… definitely think these turned out better than anything from my white satin experiments.


Poster board is pretty restrive though.  Have to pay more attention to angles and such to make sure the shot is framed on the background ^^;  Guess it’s a small price to pay for a cleaner bg.


On the other hand, maybe the ambient daylight coming in through my windows helped a little… usually I shoot at night and limit the light sources to my lamps.  You can see in the above pic some still turned out a little gray due to lack of light.

Mmmm… her face, the mic, guitar, dress, necklace, tights, shoes… lovely!  Here are the things that motivated me to buy:


Bonus points if you recognize all the lyrics/quotes ^^


Mmmm lovely guitar


Lovely tights… or wait, stocking?




Ok, so there were some flaws on her back…


I haven’t tried to clean them up yet, so don’t know how serious the smudges are.  Thanksfully it’s not visible from the usual viewing angle.


Well timed release for whatever haruhi-isms may or may not be in store for fans in the near future.  If nothing else there’s haruhi-chan to enjoy ^^


Someday I’ll learn guitar…


Love how the figure captures the haruhi spirit… and oppai?


Mmm no comment we’ll leave that to mikuru-chan.


I guess another shortcoming is regular pantsu?  :P


Can’t go wrong I tell ya, long as you have a little haruhi love left :P





Looks like this brings my haruhi figure count to 5.


People have noted that the previous 1/8 release is smaller… and I don’t think the height difference can be explained by her slightly bent over pose… especially since gekisou version has her legs in a slightly wider pose.  It’s weird… but on the other hand figure manufacturers haven’t been known for their amazing scale accuracy ^^;

Great execution, solid work from Max Factory.  Check out more reviews:

Hmmm is that it so far?  Those are all that showed up while searching my rss reader…  Well, should be enough to keep you busy for now :P



57 Responses to “涼宮ハルヒ 激奏ver ~ Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Version”

  1. elczenius said

    Looking awesome! You have buffered my resolved to eventually obtain the Gekisou trio. A bit pricey but the details seem well worth the cost. :)
    You have a lot of Haruhi’s, hehe. I personally prefer to avoid doubles, and have a bit more of a variety..though I guess that’s just a matter of taste, space and money. xD

    • meronpan said

      i was trying to avoid picking up any more haruhi figures in general but when i saw the prototype pics i just couldn’t resist this one. seems any sort of rule i try to make for myself always ends up getting broken ^^;;

  2. Persocom said

    Nice review ^^ I couldn’t be happier with a Haruhi figure I don’t think. It’s a shame yours has smudges on the back, hopefully they’re easy to clean up. I’m all the more excited now for next month’s Yuki release, Max Factory impressed me well. I like the iHaruhi shot, caught my attention earlier on Flickr before you posted the review XD Thanks for linking my review also.

    • meronpan said

      i liked alter’s take on haruhi, but in the end i think max factory’s releases capture her character a lot better. will probably be my favorite haruhi figure for a long time ^^

      always happy to link reviews. i think just like with the figures themselves, people have different tastes in review styles, so best to provide readers with a wide variety of choices ^^

  3. optic said

    A very lovely review. I love the improvements u made in ur shoot.
    Sadly, my one is still in process at HLJ. I canceled her a few weeks back before her release and after seeing the actual photos of her, I had to put my order back.
    Considering I chose SAL, I might not get her until next month which is a bummer. T_T

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^

      ah, too bad about the cancel and reorder ^^; at least it doesn’t look like she’s selling out so you were able to reorder with no problems. worth the trouble though!

  4. Smithy said

    Looks very nice. With the incredible amount of Haruhi figures out there I’ve never been able to decide which one to get. ^^;;

    This one looks lovely but I might prefer one in her original school uniform.

    • meronpan said

      definitely lots to choose from…

      personally i think the original seifuku max factory release is the best bang for the buck thou i’m not sure if it’s easy to get that one nowadays.
      freeing bunnies are great if you like large scale and/or have cash to burn ^^;
      as mentioned above the alter seifuku one isn’t bad, though i prefer the max factory pose
      mmm goth lolita releases from griffon looked pretty good, and even the kotobukiya swimsuit version seemed decent ^^;
      oo and i love the pose of the daiki kougyou release.
      …and there’s still more ^^;

      good thing i’m not a super haruhi fanatic or i’da bought all of those too ^^;;

  5. Pic gekisouharuhi06 may not have a white bg but I think it’s the best shot. Color space looks wide and contrast is good! (What camera did you use?)

    Wow! You got the space to put all your Haruhis together!

    *still waiting for mine to arrive desperately :(*

    • meronpan said

      still need to work on my understanding of lighting… all the pics were taken on a white background so i was surprised how gray the background turned out in some shots ^^; i also liked how it turned out so it was just dumb luck ^^;

      still using my canon powershot s2 is. since i still need to do a lot of saving, i’ll probably be stuck with it for a while. got my eyes on a canon rebel xsi… though by the time i actually buy a dslr i’ll probably have to reevaluate my choice (they just introduced the t1i?? gads, i’m so behind).

      was just barely able to cram everyone in for the shot ^^; that’s why i’m sad the satin didn’t work so well… i have even more space with a nice large cloth bg

  6. Leonia said

    Great reviews ! Your pictures are very nice ! Shad and me are waiting her (but SAL… two week or more) ^^ She is the first Haruhi that I want ^^ But in this collection (Gekisou Version) I prefer Mikuru that she is more cute and sweet ^^.

    • meronpan said

      i wish i could get SAL but when i do they leave the package on my doorstep… makes me uneasy ^^; would save me a ton in shipping though…

      wish i got a better look at mikuru at wonfes. for now i’ll probably hold off, even though i want to complete the set now orz

  7. Vixion said

    nice reviews, Haruhi has a beautiful eyes, i mean real eyes :D like her stocking :P details really great

    i wish i could buy her :p

    lol , i haruhi :D

  8. usagi_joou said

    I cancelled my preorder on her due to the salary reduce T__T. I’ve been choosing between her and Alter Yuki Nagato and as I already have Max Factory uniform Haruhi and no big PVC Yuki – Yuki won.

    Besides I wanted to buy all Gekisou girls or none. I’m trying to be a collector *__*. But I really disliked photos of Gekisou Yuki, I thought she was pretty boring (especially her face). Mikuru didn’t inspire me as well.
    So I canceled all three of them *__*. Instead I now can buy a whole load of figmas ^__^.

    • meronpan said

      yum, nice choice on the alter yuki. tough decision, but i think i probably woulda done the same… not to mention yuki’s my favorite of the alter haruhi releases (yet i don’t have her orz)

      you know, strangely for me, gekisou yuki isn’t boring *enough* ^^; it doesn’t feel right when she’s not just standing straight up, nonchalantly strumming ^^;

      that definitely is a lot of figmas you’ll be able to buy now ^^

  9. oo thanks for linking to my blog :). It sucks that yours has smudges on her back. I have yet to notice a single problem with mine *touch wood*.

    Great pictures too :P. BUT MINE ARE BETTER!!!! Just kidding :P. Keep it up, I always enjoy reading the figure reviews.

    • O just wanted to add, that I personally think that this is the best Haruhi figure that has been released up to this point. It’s also the first Haruhi figure that brought me over the deep end and had me buy it :(. Now I have to get Mikuru and Yuki too. Those two have likely been delayed until May and June respectively though, since Haruhi was also delayed by 1 month.

    • meronpan said

      no prob ^^

      given my cheap setup, it should be fairly easy for anyone to achieve similar/better results ^^; i’ll be posting a pic of it next time to get some feedback and remind others that it doesn’t take much to see big improvements ^^ (well, at least in my case, since i started out pretty low on the quality scale ^^;;)

      luckily there’s only three girls in the set, i had to get 5 to complete the original max factory run ^^;;

      really looking forward to pics with all three girls together, especially since i’m not planning to get them myself.

  10. James said

    You did a great job with the pics and the first one is my fav ^^

    Gray is the way to go , told ya so :p

    Can’t wait to get her , my first Haruhi ^^

    Really nice review :)

    • meronpan said

      no arguments about the gray, definitely turned out nice – the problem is that (as i mentioned to divine fang above) it was a white background! something about the white balance or lighting conditions caused it to come up gray ^^;; I need to get a real gray background so i can control it better ^^;

      wow, your first haruhi? it will be a glorious occasion! maybe ^^;

      doumo ^^

  11. Oh cool! I want one!

  12. Blowfish said

    This figure looks really nice and besides the minor smudges in the back shes pretty well made.Like the Guitar playing theme aswell.Would be an instant buy for me if it wasnt Haruhi ^_^
    Im excited how my first MF figure will turn out in June

  13. sonic_ver2 said

    Oh wow! That’s a great photoshoot here. You did the photo session pretty fast man, while my Haruhi’s still sitting in the box, waiting for me to open her XP .

    • meronpan said

      yeah, things happened to line up schedule-wise. picked up the box on saturday, shot pics during the day on sunday and wrote it up that evening.

      she needs fresh air, let her breath! :P

  14. louki said

    meronpan: You should add the link of the great review of chappy, http://chappypyon.wordpress.com/2009/04/09/max-factory-18-haruhi-gekisou-ver/

  15. T.I.P. said

    I was thinking “how did you get that white background to be so white?” I usually end up getting a grayish background since I do my shoots at night, that’s why I use a silverish background instead. Thought you shopped it.

    Really nice figure, and absolutely love the details. But I think I’ve had enough Haruhi figures, I think they’re just milking the series too far. I understand peoples love for them, but there seems to be three or four Haruhi releases every month.

    Ehh…who am I to speak…I got 5 Nagatos “orz

    • meronpan said

      With my two light sources, it’s usually enough to keep the background white… and in the past it’s usually been more of a white balance problem… somtimes things turning yellowish and such. still not quite sure to what extent the ambient sunlight that was getting into my room affected things. was trying not to let too much light in since my white balance would get all terrible.

      we’re bound to see even more haruhi figures if indeed this second season exists. ^^; even without it, the haruhi-chan stuff has probably sparked up some new sales too. i’m just amazed the market is so big. guess i underestimated the power of the sos dan…

      hahah looks like we both have a lot more haruhi figures than we intended to to have ^^; 5 nagato ftw!

      • T.I.P. said

        HAHAHA…yea, 5 Nagato FTW!!! I think it’s more like the same people buying all those Haruhi figures over, and over, and over…and over again. Their love knows no bounds ^^;;; My love is only limited to Yuki, though it knows no bounds too…

  16. RyoBase said

    Great review! The figure looks incredible and I like the guitar detail. Quite expensive but I think it’s worth it.

  17. Chappy said

    Great photo of all the Haruhis. XD
    Personally, i am not a great fan of Haruhi, but this one is too great to be missed.
    The detail of the guitar is amazing.

    • meronpan said

      perhaps the true power of haruhi is to get all the lukewarm fans to continue to buy merchandise ^^;;;

      you also had nice pics ^^ and you have the camera i’m considering! waaaa wish i could splurge on that now…

  18. Saku said

    Nice review!. The details on the guitar are really nice and it’s worth the price tag. Too bad I have no interest in it ^^;;

  19. Yi said

    I love that costume. It’s just so cute!
    Definitely can’t get enough of Haruhi.

    • meronpan said

      lately with haruhi-chan and rewatching the wawawawasuremono clip my interest in the series has definitely picked up again. though i think yuki still amuses me the most in the anime ^^

  20. Shiddo said

    This figure is just awesome ^^ My 1st Haruhi since i missed the original uniform one… but I guess I am happy now since I like this one even more. Amazing details… + I love guitars. And this one tops Chua Churam that had no strings (was down for me) Now waiting for rest of the gang ^^

    This brings me another wish along with new anime. I want K-ON band figures ^^; (Mio~~~) Along with all instruments! Specialy drums could be a challenge for sculptors ^^ (any figure with drums so far?)

    Got mine Haruhi along with Yami (guess thats your next review ^^). Golden Darkness is awesome as well ^^ Foo gave both a star ^^ Guess no1 can go wrong witht these 2 figs ^^

    • meronpan said

      looks like the guitar was a strong point for everyone. definitely agree, it takes the figure from good to great ^^

      mmm mio… that could be a really great set of figures ^^ don’t think i’ve seen drums in figures yet ^^;

      great pair of releases indeed ^^

  21. Rin said

    Really nice shoot!!!!!
    I feel the lighting is off a bit…
    Still…it’s an amazing figure and is a must have!!!!!!
    Good thing I didn’t cancel my order!!!

    • meronpan said

      i’m always struggling to control the lighting orz it’s also what makes my sessions so long… my preview screen is so small it’s really hard for me to tell how the pic will look full screen… so i end up taking 3-5 shots per angle and pray i get one i like

      very good you didn’t cancel, that would’ve been a tragedy! :P

  22. Q said

    This Haruhi surely is up on a higher level on par to companies like GSC.

    One thing I’ve just noticed from your pictures is that Haruhi seems to have two different necklaces: one with the cross, and one “built into” the skin o_o

    Even though it’s another Haruhi figure, it’s a good one to keep fans and figure collectors bored from having figures of the same character~

    • meronpan said

      yeah, now that you mention it, the one on her skin is kinda weird since it’s just dotted around her neck -_- luckily the cross necklace (hopefully) draws your attention away from it ^^;

  23. konadora said

    This Haruhi is probably one of the sexiest and most accurate figures ever. And one of the non-uniform figures. I’m so glad I pre-ordered it, going to pick it up sometime this week.

    • meronpan said

      i usually don’t rank max factory at the top of any list but when it comes to haruhi, they definitely nail it (her?… … that doesn’t sound right :P)

  24. Great Haruhi, lovely details, but… I have to pass on this Haruhi… must resist.

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