金色の闇 ~ Konjiki no Yami ~ GSC

Posted by meronpan on April 14, 2009

Now for the second figure that arrived last week!


Wish I had more background choices… but in the meantime I guess it simplifies things when I’m trying to decide how to shoot ^^;  Woulda been really hard to see anything on black, so white was a no brainer (well, barring any sort of stylistic shoot ^^;)

For once there’s actually something intersting about the packaging pics.


Can you spot it?


Or rather… what’s missing?  orz

No blade arm!  Gaaaaaaaaack.  Currently awaiting Hobby Search to get a hold of their contact or what not to figure out what can be done.  Alas, I had fully intended to display her with that blade, but guess I have to wait ;_;

At least everything else seemed intact.



Though… though I haven’t even gotten far enough into ToLoveる (neither anime nor manga) to see her… she was just one of those characters that demanded a purchase ^^;


Great pantsu pose :P


Just love how graceful she looks.

otto, pantsu shot again ^^;


And a nice cold expression to top things off.


Key points of the figure for me…


Speaking of pantsu…


You can see the results of bad white balance in my now blue background ^^;;  Ah well, sorry but I don’t put too much effort to perfect the low angle shots ^^;


White pantsu.  Futsuu. :P


Figure manufacturers sure are loving on the one legged poses… or maybe it’s just the figures I”m buying ^^;  I’m scared of the fast approaching summer…


Speaking of figures on one leg… discovered my lala had a broken peg in her foot ;_;  Decided to just super glue her to the base rather than risk her being unbalanced and be prone to leaning.


The alpha omega release was gonna be my only yami until my ordered was canceled on me.  Unable to find a store to order from, got this one out of desperation.


In the end I was able to get an order secured… couldn’t bring myself to cancel this one ^^;;


Mmm… everything is kind of simple… yet elegant and well executed.


Really wish I had that extra hand orz


Also absolutely love the way her hair flows around her.


Nicely adds to the dynamism of her pose ^^


Took a group shot… and totally forgot to add in sairenji ^^;;;;


I guess that shows where she ranks in my ToLoveる figure lineup ^^;  Too bad since I liked her a lot in the first couple volumes of manga I read…  But compared to other releases, she just doesn’t have as much oomph.

Great release, very solid in many aspects.  And with the blade arm she even gets that bonus appeal to peeps unfamiliar with her character by just looking badass :P (now if only I had mine orz)

Before closing out, thought I’d post a pic of my super ghetto review setup.


It’s amazing what you can do with the boxes figures are shipped in ^^;

Made up of…

1. Homemade diffuser from cardboard box and tracing paper
2. Reading lamp for overhead light
3. Halogen desk lamp for main light
4. Tons of boxes that my figures were shipped in to serve as a makeshift work surface and get my lamps to the right height, etc.
5. Some poster board for a background and reflector. (Alternately some black satin for the bg.  The satin is approximately 1mx2m and really expands the working area.  )

Now you know why my pics look as good/bad as they do ^^;  Shooting with a Canon Powershot S2 IS and a cheap $30 tripod.  I was hoping to get some full spectrum flourescent lights, but if I did I’d probably have to replace both lights else deal with white balance issues? You may have noticed in lotsa my pics that the bg isn’t quite white… I believe I need better light to fix that… or a gray bg that looks that way to begin with ^^;

Most of this is inspired by super rats lighting tutorial.

Always glad to hear any tips/suggestions anyone may have!  Also been wondering for awhile now where/how foobarbaz gets the bgs he uses… so much more interesting than just plain colors, yet not too over the top so as to distract you from the figure.

Well, that’s it!  As usual, to aid those left unsatiated by my review, here you are:



54 Responses to “金色の闇 ~ Konjiki no Yami ~ GSC”

  1. Shiddo said

    Haha I knew this is comming ^^ You had same package (Haruhi + Yami)as me from hobby search ^^ now ya scared me oO I must check the blade as well. Both Haruhi and Yami are in their boxes for now till I find some display space -_- I think I saw blade in there … but realy nervous now ~_~ Hope you get your blade *cheers*

    The only thing i hate about those two is release date -_____- I had them in order with Itoshiki Nozomu nendo… well he was released in March while those 2 moved to April + Early April (were Early April both in the end)… and since HS holds items max to end of month watch this…

    originaly one oreder supposed to be released in March
    02.04. Itoshiki Shipped
    02.04. Haruhi EX in stock !!!
    06.04. Yami in stock !
    08.04. Haruhi+Yami shipped -__- ;

    • meronpan said

      Guess it was a popular combo ^^;

      anxiously waiting to hear back from hobby search. would hate to get shafted out of the part orz

      argh, sucks on the shipping. they are pretty strict about their shipping policies unfortunately. must have a really small warehouse or something ^^;

  2. rangerroh said

    Yeah, She would definitely look much more epic if she had blades. Pretty weird, I thought most of these figures come with a weapon or two? Maybe you have to buy them separately? That would suck if they did make you buy a separate piece.

    Sairenji would complete your “To Love Ru” figure collection. ^^

    • meronpan said

      hopefully they’ll just send me the blade that was supposed to be included. already paid for the figure once, don’t want to have to pay anymore -__-;;

      ah, when i said i forget sairenji, i meant i forgot to include her… as in, i have completed the trio ^^; just forgot to photo her (though maybe that’s just as well with her stupidly large base orz)

  3. Yi said

    I saw this a while back. I am so jealous you got this one! I can’t wait to get mine. Her hair is beautiful. I love that photo from the top of her head. Hope you get the sword soon.

    • meronpan said

      the joys of ems shipping from a japan based company ^^;; (now if only my shipping costs weren’t killing me orz)

      i also like the top down shots ^^ really highlights her spinning pose ^^

  4. T.I.P. said

    I just realized that this Yami is in 90% exact same pose as the GSC Lala “orz [rant] Not that it’s a bad pose, but…they could’ve came up with something better…I think. It’s Yami-chan, her character was so epic in the anime. They could’ve sculpted her with twin blades with 50 fists in her hair all captured while she is jumping towards you trying to kill you. That’s just me, but I’m happy with it since it’s Yami-chan. [/end rant]

    Hahahaha….love your set up, you’re coming up with some nice pictures. I’ve been wondering where foobarbaz gets his backgrounds too. Maybe he went to a printing company to make some custom gradient backgrounds…maybe I should ask around for price…

    • meronpan said

      i actually think the similar poses complement each other pretty well, at least from foobarbaz’s shot ^^; of course, to each their own ^^

      i almost broke down and bought some umbrella lamps… seems like it would save a lot of setup trouble ^^;

  5. ELTboy said

    Have seen foo-bar-baz’s review and so I actually noted the missing blade from the packaging. That sucks … it’s more of GSC’s fault. Guess you will receive either a replacement blade or if lucky, an entire replacement figure.

    She is really beautiful and the pose is awesome. I can’t decide how I would like to display her … hand or blade… oh well, guess it’s not important since she is likely to stay in her box till end of the year. -_-;

    • meronpan said

      was in such disbelief when i realized it was missing. not a huuuuge deal but definitely very annoying -_- specially right before a review. bleh, anyhow, yes, hopefully the replacement will be on its way soon.

      with the hot summer coming up i may have to put mine back in her box too… makes me nervous having so many figures exposed to the heat every day for months on end… (which reminds me i saw a leaning alter haruka in an akiba store… not sure what happened there but certainly shook my confidence about their resilience…)

  6. Leonia said

    AH ! I hate you all (You, James, Persocomholic, Foobarbaz..)! You already receive the figure, while Nihonju didn’t send her >_< *jealous* I want my Yami!
    You realized a very beautiful shooting with this nicely Yami. Congratulation Meron’ for this purchase !

    (I received Nendoroid Exelica this morning. I shall make picture today or tomorrow to make a review. But, she is really cute! The wait pays… YAMI-CHAN I WANT YOU!)

  7. sonic_ver2 said

    Wow, she’s cute and cool. I like her hair. Seems i have to wait for a longer time… i’ve ordered her in my local store and it means Looooong shipping time (but cheap).

    Anyway, nice photos! I think you should get a stronger light for hair lamp, because with a stronger light, you can eliminate shadow generated from side lighting. Or just photoshop it if you aren’t lazy enough to clean the shadow.

    Talk about WB (white balance), if you have DPP (Digital Photo Professional) software bundled with your Canon PowerShot, you should use it. I think most Canon should have this software. Try taking those pictures in RAW, and using DPP, you can edit the WB EVEN after taking the photos. With this help, you can experiment with WB, and even tune your WB with “click White Balance” tool. Try it!

    • meronpan said

      i also love her hair ^^ definitely a highlight of the figure with it flowing around her.

      hmm yeh, I think you’re right about the light… actually both lamps could probably afford to be brighter… i can always pull them back if they’re too intense, but too close and i can’t shoot ^^;

      hmmmm i’ll have to see if i still have those cd’s ^^; although… my camera doesn’t have the ability to the shoot raw… orz

  8. James said

    Awww sad about the arm :(

    But i’m sure HS will send you the missing piece soon :) (or you can contact GoodSmile for a faster reply) .

    Anyway , glad you got her , great pics with more pantsu shots than on mine ^^

  9. Persocom said

    I hope they get the missing blade arm to you soon! Two reviews by us on the same day for the same figure lol, nice. I really like the Yami, she’s plain and simple but looks very nice. I want that AlphaOmega Yami too eventually, but I haven’t been able to find her. I’m also scared of the fast approaching summer, actually I’m just scared of pre-orders in general. I used to only get a figma or two here and there, now it’s so hard to not buy figures I want the only thing that stops me is if I go broke suddenly, or get close to it. I got 2 figmas and another PVC coming late this month, a 4 shirts and some other stuff, and a PVC that just left customs. Then next month… The summer isn’t too filled up YET, but it’s getting there slowly.

    • meronpan said

      ah for me, the summer brings the terrors of heat… i.e. i’m afraid that everyone will start leaning ^^; last summer i boxed up everyone and didn’t really open much (which sucked -_-;) this summer… i dunno… i’ve read of people having way hotter rooms than mine and being fine but it still makes me uneasy. specially seeing a leaning haruka and lately having my lala’s foot peg break. i might just end up boxing some of the more precarious looking girls i guess…

      hmmm though now that you mention it… an awful lot of figures are still to come, aren’t they ^^; my preorder list isn’t shrinking very fast…

  10. Smithy said

    Great figure! The pose is so dynamic. ^^
    Hopefully they’re able to ship the arm out to you soon.

    Super rats’ tutorial is very good. I do notice you’re still getting some hard shadows. Maybe try a thicker diffuser? (A white cloth instead of tracing paper, or add a layer of tracing paper?)

    • meronpan said

      hmmm i could definitely try adding another layer… though maybe it’s just that i need a diffuser for my top lamp… the side lamp seems pretty dull already ^^;

      ah, and in case anyone was wondering, the top down pic (gscyami19) has really hard shadows because i free handed with flash ^^;

  11. phossil said

    Long hair is over sexiness?? Well, I cant argue with that, because sometimes I have the same feeling.. Lol^^
    Nice pictures. I think I will try your setup for figure photo taking.

    • meronpan said

      long hair ftw ^^

      super rats’ advice is pretty solid – just make sure to follow through with every part. the more work you put into the lighting, the better… when conditions are right the pics just take themselves ^^

  12. Roy said

    wow they forgot the arm O.o hope it gets to you soon so we can see some killer shots :)

    She really is epic,especially the hair,love the overhead picture of her,really shows how intense the hair is,didn’t really see it/or remember anybody viewing her completely overhead so nice job ^^

    * I think I have that same overhead lamp X_@ *Good job with the pictures even though the WB is a little off,still better than any of my pictures ^^

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      actually now that i think of it… yeap, the official listing has a lovely top down (well, mostly) shot, blade hand included ^^

      hahah, i can guarantee you that the lamps are at least slightly different though – because my dad modded this one so that it turns on by touch ^^;;; he loves tinkering, other than that, can’t remember why he would do such a thing ^^;;;

  13. Q said

    Blade arm gone missing? Hope you’ll get the part soon :o

    GSC got it really nice just like the picture used for the figure. I think the character is supposed to be highly resemblence of Eve from Black Cat. Great pose with dynamic hair. Definitely a nice get there~

    And haha I feel for your “ghetto” set up. I’ve only done one photoshoot like that once then I’m already too lazy for it (A4 paper only fits for my Candy Bikini Shana, which is even smaller than figmas):

  14. Blowfish said

    What the Arms missing?No!
    I missed Alpha X Omegas Yami and when I saw Yami with her Blade i knew i had to order this one.She simply HAS to be displayed like this.
    Im still stuck with Volume One of the Manga.Hope Yami will be as fun as in the Anime :D

    Your Ghetto Setup isnt very different from mine.The only difference is that im using my Desk.

    Id recommend trying Ron~s True White BG Tutorial.I havent tried it myself but the pictures always look awesome: http://www.otadesho.com/tutorial-how-to-make-low-cost-true-white-background/

    • meronpan said

      should be getting the blade in the mail within a week. props to hobby search for prompt and professional service ^^

      wish i had room on my desk… that would be 2 less boxes to stack ^^;;

      thanks for the link! looks like my suspicions were right… need more light orz

      • Blowfish said

        I tried Ron~s method myself today and dont even try without the appropriate amount of lamps…Its not negotiable like he wrote.
        Im glad you get a replacement this fast :D

  15. super rats said

    Wow, that’s never happened to me. I hope it never does, obviously. I think I’d be really upset.

    Also, thanks for the link!

    • meronpan said

      luckily it was very easy to resolve. hobby search took care of everything and is sending me the part at their expensive ^^

      no prob, always happy to link you stuff ^^

  16. fabian said

    Fortunately over here it hardly gets overly hot for a longer time during summer. At least my Fauna didn’t lean so far and I sure hope Yami won’t either.

    I got mine yesterday. Being a huge fanboy there was simply no way around it. It also was the first time trying out EMS shipping. EMS sure is a lot faster than SAL and it was nice to see that one of my figure packages was actually handled with care for once. A few of my earlier packages looked like someone mistook them for a soccer ball. (The contents were fine though. ^^”)

    I think the figure was based on this illustration and meant to be posed together with the Lala figure GSC released last year. Didn’t buy Lala and I’m not planning to since Yami still looks great without her.

    I hope you will get the missing part soon. :)

    • meronpan said

      i love ems… just wish it didn’t hate my wallet so much ^^; glad your previous packages made it through the shipping ordeal ^^;;

      i’m such a bad fan, didn’t even know about that pic ^^; thanks for the heads up ^^ though i’d like a matching pair, i’ve already got the alpha omega lala so gonna hold off. agree that yami stands just fine by herself ^^

  17. konadora said

    Ahahaha nice photo shoot setting XD

    I love Yami, her design as well as her character. And this figure, as you said, is simple yet elegant.

    <3 the pantsu shots. I’ll probably be looking at them everyday when I collect her this week XD

  18. Rin said

    Now I’m so debating on should I get her…
    I want her but the price is a bit much…
    Get her in Japan or get her now…hmmmm….tough choice…
    Love the photos!!!!!!

    • meronpan said

      if you’re at all a fan of the character, i’d say, YES! ^_^

      she’s still in stock at hobby search… which perhaps is an indicator that she won’t be too hard to find? that’s my new favorite method for figures i’m not sure about… wait a bit and let the availability decide for me ^^;

  19. She was in my wantlist and at that time, I didn’t know who she is. But when I came to know about her origin, I prevented myself watching ToLoveRu… because I didn’t want to get poisoned LOL!

  20. optic said

    Love the top shot of her dynamic pose. I never realised she looked very dynamic until that shot. ^^
    I’m not even halfway through the series so I’m not sure what’s all the attention about with Yami. Looking at the fan bases, seems to me she’s more popular.

    Missing arm blade? 0_0
    By any chance did u noticed if the package was already opened before it was shipped to u?

    • meronpan said

      i did notice that my package was inspected by customs for once. They ripped off the tissue paper that hobby search usually wraps each box in, but as far as I could tell, the boxes were both unopened (the tape was still intact). guess it’s still possible something happened during the inspection… but it looked innocent enough…

  21. My Yami should arrive in a few days time ^^; I haven’t even started on To LoveRu but this figure demanded I order her :s

    • meronpan said

      i’m actually making headway in the manga thanks to the figure. i want to know what her deal is! almost through volume 4 and she’s on the cover of volume 5 so i’m guessing i’m practically there :P

      totally forgot how much bare oppai is in the manga. it’s a festival!

  22. […] May 4, 2009 Decided to finally do a review for Alpha Omega’s Lala, spurred on by the recent yami release and having plowed through 5 volumes of the ToLoveる manga in the last week or so […]

  23. Vixion said

    i also got her and just review her yesterday, she is indeed a great one

    [if you interested]

    wow, you didn’t get the blade!!!??? i quess you’ll get another Yami chan :( that’s not fair coz u can display them one with sword and one with hand [i enby you , chiii]

    it’s easier to them to sen a new figure than just a blade ii quess :D

    i myself like it without blade [even though the main reason i bought her is the blade ^^;]

    • meronpan said

      oo nice, added your review to the mix.

      actually the issue was resolved rather painlessly when they sent me a replacement blade arm. so no double for me :P

  24. […] son arme, mais bon, de toute manière, vous pourrez trouver d’autres présentations sur : Wawawa wasuremono, Exelica Meteor, Foo Bar […]

  25. punynari said

    Awesome review. Was putting together a list of items I will be searching for when I get back to Japan. GSC Golden Darkness is on there if I can find her for a good price. Such a beautiful figure, can’t believe it took me so long to finally cave in and try and buy her.

    Good to hear you did get her blade arm, I will certainly be checking before I buy her.

    • meronpan said

      hope you can find her! with so much to absorb my eyes quickly moved on when it was a figure i owned so i’m really remember if i saw her in stores or not.

      luckily you should be able to see her blade arm easily in the package so yeah, definitely something to look out for ^^

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