Spring Anime & Games

Posted by meronpan on April 16, 2009

Just a bit on what I’m up to lately… mostly anime & Trigger Heart Exelica.  Well, we’ll start with games since that’s the shorter topic ^^;


I haven’t played a shoot-em-up for a while but the fire is burning strong now.  Sucking really bad when I started, I could barely clear the first level of Exelica without continuing.  Now I’ve gotten up to stage 4 (of 5) once and can usually make it mostly thru stage 3.  Couple more weeks and maybe I’ll actually be able to clear the game!  (i.e. I still suck, but less now ^^;)


Click for source (official site)

Visual novels have unfortunately fallen by the wayside for now and with the FFXIII footage spreading throughout the web, I’m getting a craving for an RPG.  Last Remnant caught my eye, with its PC port looking ripe for the picking.  Want to pick up the demo to see for myself, but in the meantime, anyone already have thoughts on that one?

Click for source (official site)

Click for source (official site)


Another season of anime is upon us!  What to watch?  How do you decide?  What resources do you use?  …I’m sure this has been discussed a lot already (even here perhaps? ^^;;) but I have a bad memory :P

My method caters to my anti-spoiler policy.  Well, perhaps not a policy per se, that sounds too institutionalized ^^;  Not so eloquently let’s just call it a medium-strong desire to avoid spoilers.

click for gelbooru

click for gelbooru

Basically there’s the collective.  The blagosphere.  Names of shows that crop up often enough usually are added to my list.  I don’t actually read episodic blog posts so as to maintain a clean slate, but I’ll at least glance at titles ^^;

My main rundown is at anidb.  There are perhaps better resources out there… but anyhow what I find useful is their calendar.  For each month you get a list of the shows that started to air.  Once a new season has started I go to the calendar and do an audit of all the shows to make sure I’m grabbing everything I want to (eventually) see.  Making my way down the list, any shows with enough tags that interest me or cute characters get added ^^;


click for gelbooru

Now for all that trouble… I really don’t have high standards.  I don’t do deep analysis of themes or characters.  I hardly ever catch inconsistencies or plot holes.  Most of the time I turn off my brain and just get swept away to some author’s cheezy/perverted/action packed/anguishing/scary/thought provoking/stupid/awesome world.  This is not to say I end up liking everything as the bestest evar in teh whole wide world, but I do add quite a bit to my initial watch list every season.

Props to those who actually go through the trouble of intelligent discussion while I’m mindlessly watching as if the whole season were a giant omake.  I guess it’s a byproduct of my heavy manga reading/tendency to seek out source material.  Obviously that doesn’t apply to shows that start off as anime, but with so many coming from manga/light novels/games… I think I developed this disposition so as to brace myself for the inevitable inability of the anime to capture the entirety of the original work.  …Which is not to imply that I always like the original work more but the anime versions do face uphill battles when trying to deliver content that has been spread out over years of print material.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

…*ahem* sorry, anyone still here? Let’s talk briefly about this season’s shows ^^;  Here’s how the current season is shaping up for me:

シャングリ・ラ (Shangri-la)

Saw this one pop up on quite a few blogs so decided to check it out.  Set in some sort of post-apocalyptic future (or whatever future that has, for some reason, covered Tokyo in plant life), there’s a tomboyish chick who looks like maybe she’s gonna lead a rebellion against something.


Shangri-la OP

For me half the fun of shows like this is trying to figure out what the heck is going on when I’m only half listening ^^;  If it really grabs me then I go back and rewartch to make sure I understand everything ^^;


Shangri-la ep 1

The lack of moe characters means it’ll have to deliver in other areas to keep me interested :P

けいおん! (K-ON!)

You’ve checked this out already, haven’t you?  Many blogs I read have already posted about it in some way or another ^^;  I wasn’t really feeling the hype when it first started… the whole band thing wasn’t doing it for me… Yui was a little *too* clumsy… ojyousama characters don’t usually hold my attention… and Ritsu wasn’t sparking either.

K-ON! ep 1

K-ON! ep 1

Let the episode play a couple times while working on various posts… slowly grew on me.  Kind of like hyakko (which wasn’t too great for me at first either), mediocre start, now I love it.  It’s mostly yui and mio but that’s been more than enough.

If somehow you haven’t started yet… seems like it’s slice of life + 4 member band + kawaii~… if that doesn’t do anything for ya, can’t blame ya for not liking it.   Meanwhile I can’t wait to get a hold of the comic to read ahead ^^;

K-ON! ep 2 ~ ritsu: "MATSU!" (WAIT!)

K-ON! ep 2 ~ ritsu: "MATSU!" ((I/WE) WAIT!... err depends on how you want to translate this part :P)

Really started to fall in love with Yui’s voice ^^  I totally love the Japanese language (if that wasn’t apparent already :P) and I admit, a big part of that is for whatever reasons girls sound kawwwaaiiiiiii to me :P

K-ON! ep 1 yui: "gomennasai! fukemasen!" (I'm so sorry, I can't play!!)

K-ON! ep 1 yui: "gomennasai! fukemasen!" (I'm so sorry, I can't play!!)

…I was gonna try to get through this section without succumbing to mio but I just have to post at least one pic of her :P

K-ON! ep 1

K-ON! ep 1

夏のあらし! (natsu no arashi! – Summer Storm!)

In the past, I would’ve researched all the authors of the manga I was reading and made sure I tried out whatever latest work they came out with… Now I’m swamped so I completely missed the fact that the School Rumble mangaka, Kobayashi Jin, was behind this one.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

Haven’t gotten to start yet but have high hopes :P  Short summary at anidb, and probably many other places.

クイーンズブレイド (Queen’s Blade)

I put this in the hilariously absurd fan service category.  Plot be damned, if you want oppai, watch this show in its uncensored glory.


Queen's Blade ep 1

Not that it justifies anything, but considering the nature of the original work…

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

Is anyone surprised? :P

From what little I picked up in the first episode… something about a battle to become the queen or what not.  Does it really matter? hahaha

An all-star cast including Hirano Aya, Noto Mamiko, Kugimiya Rie, and Goto Yuko of all people… it’s seiyuu fan service to fuel the fan service show ^__^

Hey, who knows, maybe it’s actually really good and I’m just unfairly assuming it’ll be totally shallow… on the other hand… well, there was a symmettrical docking maneuver in the first episode to overcome an oppai canon, so… I’ll leave that call to you :P

Queen's Blade ep 1

Queen's Blade ep 1

アスラクライン (Asura Cryin’)

I keep wanting to call this one Ashura Cryin’ but looking at the Japanese title and such… it’s a-su-ra, not a-shu-ra.


A high school boy and the ghost of his childhood friend… magical/fantasy shenanigans?  Seems interesting enough, giving it a try.  Based off a light novel, so I assume (hope ^^;) it at least has some sort of solid plot to build on.

初恋限定 (hatsukoi gentei – First Love Limited)

Here we go, comedy, romance, school life… the stereotypical visual novel setup (well, it’s originally a manga, but still), and my bread and butter :P  Ever since I made the plunge and played through ToHeart 2 and Kanon, feel like I have a much better understanding of akiba-kei stuff, and a new favorite genre.


Soon as I figure out what the deuce is holding up my internet connection I’ll be able to check out the first episode ^^;;

タユタマ -Kiss on my Deity- (tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-)

I’m a big sucker for visual novel conversions so this is right up my alley :P  Bonus points for deity characters and fox(?) ears/tail ^^

tayutama ep 1

tayutama ep 1


and… eroi!

tayutama ep 1

tayutama ep 1

Even more bonus points for Wakamoto Norio.  Love the voices he does.  Crack me up ^^;

The whole premise of visual novels is generally to craft a set of characters that the player wants to hook up with, which generally means kawaiiii/moeee which means a higher probability that I enjoy more of the characters and hence the show :P

戦場のヴァルキュリア -Valkyria Chronicles- (senjyou no Valkyria (Battlefield Valkyria) -Valkyria Chronicles)

Following this because I really wanted to play the game (which, for some reason, has the subtitle, “Gallian Chronicles”), but don’t have a PS3.  Have to content myself with anime for now ^^;;

Valkyria Chronicles OP

Valkyria Chronicles OP

Something about the art really appeals to me and given the setting I assume it’s gonna be heavy on the dramatic elements ^^  Hopefully this one turns out… though the overly paranoid treatment of Welkin was getting kind of annoying -_-;;


ティアーズ トゥ ティアラ (Tears to Tiara)

Tagged with fantasy, magic and harem.  Game had releases on multiple platforms & was originally by Leaf… Good enough for me to at least give a try :P


Tears to Tiara OP

First episode was engaging enough… nothing like starting out with a damsel in distress ^^


Tears to Tiara ep 2

While I”m at it, before closing up just wanted to say…

喰霊-零- (ga-rei-zero-)

Really liking this one.  First episode was one of those what the deuce? sort of moments but it pushed forward with purpose and awesomeness ^^  ’bout halfway through and can’t get enough yomi ^^

ga-rei zero ep 4

ga-rei zero ep 4

A nice mix of heavy action with character development.

ga-rei zero ep 4

ga-rei zero ep 4

errr no, it’s not a fan service fest as the above shot would suggest ^^; (though it doesn’t shy away from it either :P)

In vaguely related news, gads it takes forever to rip DVDs.  I just want to watch the frikkin Haruhi season without having to swap 7 (yes 7!!) discs.



33 Responses to “Spring Anime & Games”

  1. T.I.P. said

    Hmm…you’ve got some really interesting titles. I, myself, don’t care about the original works (if there was one) because it’s more than likely that I won’t experience it soon with my lack of knowledge in the Japanese language. ^^;;; I just enjoy whatever comes out, and so far, the only series that I’ve dropped after one episode was Macross 7…god was that horrible. Have dropped some others after a couple episodes, but I usually try to finish them…I’ve watched a couple with an absolutely “WTF!!!” ending. Some ended without me knowing it ended “orz Hope it won’t happen this season.

    On top of what I have backlogged (about 12 titles), I’m currently watching K-ON!, Tears to Tiara, Queen’s Blade, Hayate no Gotoku – 2nd Season (haven’t watched the first ^^;), and 07-Ghost.

    I don’t do a lot of research about the seiyuu’s, backgrounds, and what-nots, so I usually don’t have much to share with that regards. But the first episode of 07-Ghost looks promising, it has a Code Geass kinda feel to it and I can just see some characters dying in future episodes…I’ll be damned if they don’t. Might want to give that a shot as well, but I’m not sure if it’ll suit your taste.

    There’s one episode of To Love-ru OVA out. It’s a continuation (me thinks) from the TV series, though it doesn’t actually have any plot to it. You can see Lala and the other girls (and a special surprise) in all their uncensored glory. The artwork blows away the TV version.

    I’m actually looking forward to Queen’s Blade because I want to know what they’re all about. Nanael is so cute that I need to get her figure ASAP. The first episode was hilarious with all that oppai squeezing action…Melona sure is an interesting character. They just want to flash some oppai whenever possible! Maybe I’ll get to see some Alice action as well ^^

    Will add ga-rei-zero and Valkyria Chronicles to my watch list.

    • meronpan said

      hahah it’s pretty bad when you’re not aware the series is over ^^;; that actually happened to me in ffxii… i was playing the japanese version (so i wasn’t understanding 100%) and took huge breaks (weeks, months) a lotta times… got to final boss and had no clue it was the end ^^;;

      my backlog is also bulging… post was getting to long so i left ’em off though ^^;

      so much to watch… i’m not done with the regular toloveru season so i need to get through that in addition to the ova ^^;

      will have to give ghost a try…looks like many below also mentioned it ^^

  2. Q said

    I haven’t started watching any of the anime from this season, and somehow K-On’s hype hasn’t reached me (but I can’t judge anything from it without even starting it -_-). Still catching up on Nanoha StrikerS at the moment and have passed the half way mark (episodes 16+17 were good). After that I think I’ll get a start on FMA and Valkyria Chronicles, especially when I’m back to the UK this weekend -_-.

    Being made by Square-Enix (almost typed Squaresoft from time to time), Last Remnant looks graphically impressive, but a friend of mine told me that it’s got a mixed review. I also heard that the difficulty may not be something for a beginner to go easy on.

    • meronpan said

      ooo yesh, strikers definitely starts to pick up where you’re at. good stuff ^__^

      fma’s one of those huge series that i want to get to someday since it’s a big name but haven’t been motivated to do so ‘cuz it’s so long ^^; …someday!

      got a little time with the demo of last remnant last nite… as you say, looks really great. unfortunately i dunno if i inadvertently skipped the tutorial but i couldn’t figure out how to do anything and it was really confusing. need to try again after i get a hang of what the heck i’m supposed to do ^^;;;

  3. Smithy said

    I’m watching and blogging “Queen’s Blade” so I could try to say there’s a lot behind the fanservice and explicit nudity, while the second episode indeed offered better moments, alas to be honest it’s what the series is all about. Full of guilty pleasure and perverted scenes… ^^;;
    It’s still enjoyable so far but it could turn into a distaster at any time.

    “Hatsukoi Gentei” was ok, really like the character design even though animation is rather simplistic. Didn’t know it was a full blown comedy, I had more expected something more serious like “Kimikiss”.

    I’m holding “Shangri-La” aside for another time in favor of “Eden of The East”.

    “K-ON!” is the flavor of the season true, but it is a great series, fluffy, happy-go-lucky, tons of fun. ^^

    FMA, “Valkyria Chronicles” and Hayate 2 or on my to watch list as well.

    • meronpan said

      i find lots of enjoyment is based on expectations so i figure keepin’ ’em low for queen’s blade will be safest path ^^; i still don’t quite get the game… why did they even bother? does anyone actually get together with their queen’s blade books and battle while flipping through pages of ero illustrations? i have nothing against these sort of games or tabletop games in general …it’s just that the ero content of it seems like it would make social play… awkward ^^;;

      mmm i could use some comedy as a chaser to ga-rei zero so hatsukoi gentei may fit that bill perfectly ^^

      i knew i had left something off my list… eden of the east was something i wanted to investigate based on the title alone ^^;

  4. gordon said

    K-ON! and FMA for me this spring season. ^^; plus lots of backlogs i still have to finish. O_O

  5. gundamjehutykai said

    not completed Exelica yet? are you doing the 1 credit game? I can get to somewhere around stage 4 with crueltear on 3 lives but since there are infinite continues… (stage 4 and 5 really need them!)

    And didn’t Ga-Rei Zero finish 2 seasons ago? I wasn’t too impressed with the final product

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i’m trying to beat it with no continues… not to say that i haven’t spammed continues to see all the stages/endings :P the thing that trips me up is that the variable boss difficulty… i’ll screw myself in the first stage if i get enough of those yellow thingies to fight faintear imitate… since i don’t get to her consistently i don’t have as much practice…so half the time lose a life stupidly orz regardless, having a blast ^^

      yeah, ga-rei zero finished last december. perhaps it’s just my shallow partaking of it, but it’s been really good for me so far ^^; guess i still have half of the series left though, so there’s still time for it to tank :P

      • gundamjehutykai said

        I can get to Faintear on stage 1 without any problems (I’ve played the stage so many times on 3 different systems that I’ve practically memorised the enemy layout by now) but the 3rd stage is hard. I can’t quite get the 3500 points necessary to get her which means that the True ending is but a pipe dream for me.
        and the second half of stage 4 is just impossible. The blocks which just sit there and shoot. I know how to get past them, I just can’t. I start losing lives at an alarming rate around then…

        Ga-rei is an OK show on it’s own, it’s only when you start reading up on the manga when you start thinking WTF?? I mean, even more so than you have been already. An iron for a melee weapon?? Wheelchair-fu??!!

        • meronpan said

          i guess faintear’s the only one with which i can easily reach stage 1 faintear ^^; with her i don’t have to worry about grappling and aiming my throws… just obliterate everything and let the yellow stuff mature. i’m the worst at getting points with exelica yet i’m using her the most at the moment ^^;;

          stage three is also giving me a rough time… i usually only have one or no lives left and those dang swarms of ships that try to kamikaze while firing always trip me up. almost always have to bomb there and for those ships before the boss that spam the screen with all the different types of fire.

          ahh those blocks! if nothing else, it’s good grappling practice ^^; until i master it i think they key will be accumulating enough bombs to fall back on at that point ^^;

          i totally forgot about the iron ^^;;; and wheelchair? damn that reminds me i also forgot about the motorcycle stuff in the 1st episode hahaha at least with the iron yomi was like, ‘this is not working out’ ^^;; wonder what possessed them to include such over the top elements. they’re too ridiculous to really be cool ^^;;

          • gundamjehutykai said

            in ga-rei, there’s a tanuki demon (sorta like a pot bellied racoon) which can instantly transform into an impenetrable wall! good for defending against the odd rocket or 2. and the iron was introduced in the manga first so readers saw that coming.

            back to exelica, I can’t actually use faintear because she’s too damn fast. I can’t get the precision control I need to weave between the bullets! and I would strongly advise getting used to the anchor units. destroying things by throwing enemies at them actually nets more yellow bits than just shooting them alone. The anchored units also make for very good shields in places (like the blocks). I often lose 1 life on stage 3 but because of that, I can’t get the 3500 pts needed to get faintear as the boss.

            I rely on the anchor heavily so i can actually use both exelica and crueltear but I prefer crueltear simply because her bullets are more focused and therefore damaging in between grabbing another enemy.

  6. ELTboy said

    I have been really pleased with the quality of this season’s anime. Almost all the animes I have shortlisted to watch turns out quite good for me. Am now settled on K-ON!, Asura Crying, Shangri-La, Tears to Tiara, Queen’s Blade and 07-Ghost myself. Will be starting Tayutama over the weekend too. Plus I am still following Sora Kake Girl and trying to finish Clannad After Story from last season, though I have dropped Kurokami. So that’s a whole lot to follow … but i am willing. ^^

    Ga Rei Zero is really good and one of my favorites the season before last, along wih Kannagi.

    • meronpan said

      sora kake is still on my list too (only on ep 2 or 3 though ^^;;;)… don’t know how i’m gonna catch up with everything. i have the whole kurokami season but haven’t even tried the first episode yet orz think i read others were disappointed too, so hopefully i will lighten my load by dropping it ^^;;

      i’ll have to pick up the ga rei manga when i’m done with the anime. …yet another series to put on my backlog.

  7. phossil said

    Im intrigue with Kiss on my Deity. this kind of shows where girl and boy blushes are somehow interesting to me.. ^^

  8. Panther said

    This list fails for having no Eden and Sengoku Basara manliness. :p

  9. rangerroh said

    All the those anime are on my watch list for this season. You might want to add, Saki and Hayate no Gotoku to your watch list.

    I enjoyed Ga-Rei Zero alot! It explained a lot what happen between Yomi and Kagura which the manga didn’t.

    • meronpan said

      i can’t believe i forgot saki ^^; it actually is already on my list and i’ve watched the first episode. wasn’t bad, though my reaction is still the same as when i picked up the manga in the bookstore and read the summary on the back… “what the heck? mahjong manga???” i’ve played mahjong before but i’m still a total beginner and all the scoring stuff/special hands is way over my head. …yet i continue to watch for the kawaii characters ^^;;

      i have 2 volumes of the hayate no gotoku manga but only got through a few chapters so far ^^;; so if that’s any indication… haven’t watched the first season yet either orz for now i’m using that as an excuse to avoid adding a massive amount of episodes to my backlog ^^;;;

      i think it was really neat that they decided to do a prequel for the anime rather than rehash the manga story. wish more series would look into something like that (assuming they do it well :P)

  10. Seems you are quite busy with anime ^^; I should really give some of these a try but I have got my hands full with VNs right now :s

    • meronpan said

      wish i had time for both ^^;;;

      • It’s near impossible to have enough time for both if one has a full time job. I am already falling behind on the spring anime, the only thing I can manage to keep up on is just Kamen Rider Decade. My Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na marathon run has been going on for over a week now, and that’s a game released 4 years ago! It takes an average of 20-30 hours for me to clear an eroge, (it I don’t lose interest midway), more if it’s a story intensive VN and I am not even talking about full clear. But the Yoake run is worth it, I feel the anime gave the game a bad name and that was one of the reasons I decided to play it and see it for myself. I feel good now that I have learned the true story of Feena and Natsuki. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in Moonlight Cradle.

        I do rotate my interest once in a while to catch up on anime, so I am going to rely on review like yours to help me catch up :P

        • meronpan said

          i’ll do my best although i tend to only do very shallow anime posts ^^;; actual reviews are rare. though if what i’m delivering is helping, then that’s great ^^

          visual novels also take me about 20-30 hours i’d guess… usually it’s 6-8 hours for the first clear, then 2-4 hours per girl after that, depending on how much of game is repeat material.

  11. sonic_ver2 said

    I planned on watching all of those anime you’ve mentioned above except Ga-Rei Zero, because i’ve already finished watching it.

    Do you read Ga Rei manga? I never knew that Ga Rei Zero is a prequel before my friend told me. I really hope that Ga Rei will be animated… ‘Cause i want to see the sequel.

  12. Blowfish said

    My gaming skills have died down over the last year.My tight financial situation back then didnt allow me to buy games and figure back then.I wasnt a skilled gamer anyways but i was able to stand against buddies.I have so many games i still have to get.

    Im pretty,pretty slow this Anime Season.The Only Stuff i followed so far is QB and FMA.I somehow lacked the motivation to start the other stuff.I have so many series backlogged aswell.

    • meronpan said

      i keep switching between games so any skill i develop keeps receding ^^;;

      qb fan service ftw hahaha i should probably put that on hold to catch up on my backlog too but… ma iikka ^^;;

  13. optic said

    I’m still waiting on the Last Remnant PS3 version. I’m sure it will tie me over until FFXIII get’s released but considering they ran into some complication, it’s gonna be a longer wait. Hopefully not too long because, I might forget about it. Still, I read quite a few poor reviews about it.

    I’m still debating whether I should pick up Queen’s Blade. I’ve watched Kanokon so it’s not like I’m gonna be missing something interesting. :P

    • meronpan said

      hopefully the ps3 version will have lotsa the improvements of the pc version. sounded like people were pretty unhappy with things like loading time on the xbox version, but my experience on pc has been pretty good. hopefully you’ll have a demo to try out before hand.

      aside from the service, i’m just enjoying the show adding any sort of depth to the figures i’ve bought ^^;; nice to be able to finally associate a voice and personality to ’em

  14. fabian said

    If someone would have told me 6 months ago that DFC seiyuu goddess Rie Kugimiya would lend her voice to a character that is not only equipped with huge oppai but also capable of using them the way she does in Queen’s Blade… there’s no way I would have believed that. ^^”

    I’m still not sure whether Queen’s Blade is my type of series but I guess I will give it another try with episode 2. K-On sure is my type of series. The producers could probably fill whole episodes with Yui eating cake and I would still love it. Moé blobs FTW!
    Adding a cute, clumsy character is the easy way to get me hooked. This worked with Tsukasa (Lucky Star), with Tenma (School Rumble), with Potemayo (Potemayo) and with Yui as well.

    Speaking of the rest of this season I think I will most likely continue watching the To Love-Ru OVA, Hajime no Ippo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hayate no Gotoku! 2 and Eden of the East. I still have to try out most of the new anime though as I’m currently busy closing a gap of education by watching Card Captor Sakura. Someone should have told me 10 years ago as to how awesome CCS is. But then again..it looks way better now in all it’s digitally remastered high-definition glory. :p

    Ga-Rei Zero was one of my favourite shows last year. With Zero being it’s prequel I’d like to watch an anime telling the story of the manga at some point. I also hope the subs for the wide screen version of Clannad’s ~After Story~ will be out soon so I can re-watch the whole thing.

    • meronpan said

      good to see rie in other roles but i also definitely wouldn’t have believed it 6 months ago ^^;

      as for k-on, i think i could also watch entire episodes of cake eating ^^; mio’s got too many character traits on my favorite list so she stays no. 1 for me though :P

      ccs is one of those classics i overlooked ‘cuz i didn’t think i’d like the genre… kinda like nanoha… so yeah, was totally wrong and loved nanoha… should probably see what ccs is all about ^^;;;

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