エロゲー 壁紙 ~ Eroge Kabegami

Posted by meronpan on April 22, 2009

No, not the explicit ones :P

Was digging around the タユタマ (tayutama) game site and found they offered 1920×1200 wallpapers!


My current wallpaper ^^

You’ll want to head to the official page (that page should be sfw, but navigate the rest of the site at your own risk. *cough* character pages *cough*) for the original bitmaps, though if you can’t be bothered, you can click the image for a jpg.  Decided to browse some other visual novel sites for more wallpaper and wasn’t disappointed.

Sadly none of the other lumps of sugar game pages seemed to have anything and I ended up at UNiSONSHIFT’s product listing.  Not bad… pretty much all the games had 1600×1200 offerings.  (gonna be a mix of sfw and nsfw links probably, all visual novel games pages, so definitely even the sfw links are in danger of being nsfw ^^;… and as such, gonna stop bothering to label links from here down).  Click the links below and scroll down to find a bunch of 1600×1200 wallpapers for the corresponding game.

Alice Parade






Flyable Heart

Flyable Heart

Flyable Heart

Unity Marriage

Unity Marriage

Unity Marriage... where's the figure for her? :P


If you're tired of Melissa, here's Emile Maybe

If you're tired of Melissa, here's Emile Maybe

What do you look for in wallpaper?  I generally like… mmm… how to describe it?  Simple designs?  Pure?  err… minimalist?  Basically I want the art to be the focus… not any text or extraneous stuff… though with official wallpapers I’m a little more forgiving.  Speaking of simple, after watching haruhi, I really wanted a wallpaper of just the H with haruhi’s silhouette that appears in the ED… yet at the time I couldn’t find it anywhere.  In the end I took a screenshot, blew up the image and made my own:

haruhiThe silhouette is a little rough ‘cuz I didn’t take the time I shoulda cleaning it up… but was good enough for me ^^;  Simple and elegant.  Had it on my work computers for awhile (lots of “what is H?” questions ^^;;).  Anyone know of an official version? ^^;

If you’re going on your own wallpaper hunt at the official game sites, simply look out for one the following words:

ダウンロード – だうんろうど – daunro-do – download
オマケ – おまけ – omake – freebie/bonus/extra
壁紙 – かべがみ – カベガミ – wallpaper

I’ve included both katakana and hiragana for completeness.  Or another good trick is to check the url of the link… they’ll often use an english name for the page (i.e. download.html).  Happy hunting ^^

In figures news, yami’s hand arrived!


Three cheers for Hobby Search!  Handled with the kind of professionalism I expect from a business.  In case such an unfortunately event happens to you, here’s how easy things are:

1. Open package and orz when you notice a part is missing.

2. Send an e-mail according to their FAQ guidelines.  If you check the FAQ link, you’ll be presented with a link to a “form” to fill out – basically just a link that opens up an e-mail with a specific subject line to alert them to your problem.  In my case I provided my name, order number, and some pictures of the item to illustrate the part was missing.

3.  They responded in a day or two saying that they were contacting their product representative and apologized for the inconvenience and late response (after my dealings with kid nemo, the 1 day turn around was blazing fast and I was actually surprised to hear from them so soon).

4. Got another mail the next day… they had the part and sent it out EMS shipping at no cost to me.  Exactly what I wanted.

In the end, just took 1 e-mail and 2 business days later, the part was mailed out.  Very easy, great service.


Love the blade.  So sexay.  ^^  Couple more chapters and I’ll be wrapping up ToLoveる volume 4… I think yami makes her debut in 5 ^_^

Once again… just wanna mention my rss reader queue is overflowing with 367 unread items… been busy lately and haven’t been able to make my rounds as often as I’d like ;_;



25 Responses to “エロゲー 壁紙 ~ Eroge Kabegami”

  1. Rin said

    For me, I some times make my own wallpapers. I used to do anime grpahics a lot 2 years ago for fun and was a good anime graphic artist. I barely do any nowadays. A few weeks ago I did one for just the heck of it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/25686043@N03/sets/72157616656232593/ some examples on my flickr…
    If I’m looking for one, I most likely look for something cool or something with my favorite characters. Cool effects and such are good too!!!

    Nice you got Yami!!!! Even nicer is that you got replacement parts!!!!!!!

  2. Leonia said

    Yami is so cute !!

    Thanks you for wallpapers. They are nice ^^ I prefer Mashiro Mito and Alice Parade ^^

  3. YuKi-To said

    Yessuu.. would love a yuhki otome figure :3

  4. Haha.. meronpan and kid nemo… ahhahaha… worst store ever. I will NEVER get involved with Kid Nemo again, not even if I’m poking them with a 10 foot pole.

    Glad to hear that Hobby Search is the right store to go for this sort of thing. I’ll deal with them next time, rather than getting it over priced at J-List.

  5. Tier said

    I agree, where is Yuhki Otome’s figure? A figure of her would re-define epic.

    Main thing with wallpapers for me is that I don’t like text on them. If I see an official wallpaper that I like, I’ll usually crop the picture to remove the text and logos and resize it as appropriate.

    • meronpan said

      can totally relate to the no text thing. i used to be the same and would crop everything (get the next higher resolution, crop and resize down)… i dunno if i’m just more lazy now or my tastes are slightly broader now. i guess it’s probably both. ^^;

  6. sonic_ver2 said

    Usually, official wallpapers like that are lacking of arts and style, that’s why i never collect wallpaper from official source.

  7. phossil said

    Downloading the wallpapers (*right click*) ^^

  8. Yi said

    Thanks for the wallpapers.
    I generally like simplicity as well, but more than that, I like wallpapers to have good design. I usually really dislike a wallpaper of just a character/characters on a checkered background or something like that.
    And I hate text too.
    Also, love the blade.

    • meronpan said

      no prob. maybe i’ve been corrupted by corporate culture so i don’t mind the branding/logos so much anymore ^^; but for me at least, it still is pretty rare that i prefer having the text over not.

      finally got through some chapters of toloveる with yami-chan. hard for me to get suuuper into a character that’s in such a service heavy series but nevertheless, liking what i’ve seen so far ^^ i didn’t know that she can morph herself into whatever other weapons she sees fit too ^^;

  9. Blowfish said

    Great Service from Hobbysearch!
    HLJ isnt as generous as HS with the EMS shipping.They ship the parts via SAL.Its still great that businesses take care of your problems fast though

    • meronpan said

      i totally wasn’t expecting the ems shipping for such a small part. seemed kinda wasteful ^^;; not that i’m complaining. prompt service ftw

      though it may not be ems, glad to hear hlj takes care of stuff like this too. they’re my number 2 store after all :P

  10. fabian said

    Most of the time I end up using wallpapers or resized and cropped artworks I stumbled upon at moe.imouto.org or konachan. The designs I’m looking for aren’t always the same, it’s highly dependent on my mood. At times I use a dark wallpaper that looks like the cover art of a heavy-metal CD and a few hours later a sugary pinkish one. Though I dislike unnecessary text on my desktop background.

    So Yami’s blade finally arrived. Good thing that you did the upskirt shots earlier. :p

    • meronpan said

      ah yes mood. that affects my wallpaper selection a lot too. i usually like using a wallpaper changing program for that reason. i still need to find a good one though… (was using rainlendar or something, but it was half broken for some reason (perhaps because of vista 64 compatibility issues? never figured it out)

      hahah indeed. after not making any manga progress in months, i’ve finally read volumes 4-8 or so in the last week. didn’t know one of yami’s catch phrases was ‘ecchi wa kirai desu’ ^^;; (i hate perverts/perverted stuff) …and damn it’s been a while since i’ve read a series with so much bare oppai. seems like with every new character you’re bound to see her oppai within a few chapters ^^;;; now what little of the anime i’ve seen seems waaay tame in comparison ^^;

      • fabian said

        Was using John’s Background Switcher to change desktop backgrounds a while ago. It had way more features than I would ever use but it did its job well. In case you want to use transparent PNG images for your wallpapers you should convert those to BMP first, unless you like white borders. ^^”


        Without the oppai there would hardly be a point in reading To Love-Ru. The story itself is not THAT interesting. ^^

        • meronpan said

          oo thanks for the link! looks like a pretty nice program.

          now that you mention it, yeah, it definitely is the service that carries toloveru ^^;; service and kawaii characters ^^

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