Got a package today~ [preview]

Posted by meronpan on April 25, 2009

Not quite sure what I was thinking, but decided a little bit ago to see what these CM’s Corporation figures were all about.


Forgive the quick pics, no time for a proper shoot tonite… you’ll have to wait for the full review  :P


Not really sure how this series of figures survives.


I mean jeebus, look at the price.  Over 10,000 yen!


I admit… it’s pretty awesome to have a poseable figure that’s what… 1/7 scale maybe?  Riot zamber is soooo big!


No question though, not worth the price at all… but will do wonders in easing the wait for alter feito ^^;;


I guess the nice thing about free handing with my crappy flash is that I can churn out pics fairly easily ^^;


Sleep time.  Hopefully have the review proper finished before the weekend’s out.



38 Responses to “Got a package today~ [preview]”

  1. YuKi-To said

    oh my… lol, rmb theres volks fate too! :3

  2. Q said

    Omg you actually went for this Fate? And that’s 10000 Yen Including shipping right? o_O

    I’ve seen this on ToysDaily Forum from time to time, and we all seem to have universally agreed on one thing: Too fat to be Fate -_-;;;

    • meronpan said

      i wish the 10000 yen included shipping ^^;; lots of things make this figure not worth the price, but fat? for me at least she has a long way to go before i’d lump her in the fat category ^^;;

  3. optic said

    How’s the joints? Is it on par with figma flexibility or worst? 0_0
    WOW, 10000 Yen!?
    I’m interested from ur response if it’s the best Fate figure in the world. Judging by the quality, it’s not likely it is. -_-

  4. すみません、1万円の価値はフィギュアから全然見えなく、品質はフィグマより微妙だ。

    Soz man, I’m not seeing 10,000yen value to this figure at all. The quality is quite awful, worse than a figma.

    • meronpan said

      ドンマイ :P 確かに1万円は高すぎるんだけど品質はフィグマよりというレベルはどうかな。

      Haha, don’t worry I knew I wasn’t getting 10,000 yen worth of figure when I bought it. Hopefully get this review up soon so I can elaborate on everything ^^;

  5. T.I.P. said

    “…but will do wonders in easing the wait for alter feito” <— that’s quite an expensive “easing”. I think 4 cases of booze will do better than that. ^^;; But hey, whatever works for you. I was wondering how these CM’s action figures actually looks like. Her Riot Zamber was bending in promo-photos, any problems with the real deal?

    • meronpan said

      A major reason for the purchase was due to a similar thought… what’s up with these CM releases? It is slightly flexible so I imagine it will bend if i leave it suspended for too long. not that i prefer this situation, but rewatching ep 24, i was reminded that riot zamber does look like it can bend, so at least it’s not completely uncanonical ^^;

  6. Tier said

    I like the Iria backdrop!

  7. Ayu said

    It’s so not worth it. The hair parts are different colors, the legs are horrendous, and … so many things are off…

    • meronpan said

      totally agree it’s not worth it ^^; though i would say… the color on the hair is probably just the shading standing out in the horrible lighting conditions (hand held flash photography)… i think the bigger problem is that the overall color itself is too bland, looks dull.

      i actually thought the legs were ok, especially compared to the freakish calves on the figma (they seem to be inverted ^^;)

  8. Persocom said

    wow, you really pushed it here didn’t you? well I can’t blame you for trying them out though, when I saw Vita before I thought about it, but I think I’ll be waiting for Max Factory to make a Figma of her, since they’re doing Signum now it’s bound to happen. Perhaps the price you paid was crazy but I’m eying up two Liquidstone figures right now, probably be doing a post about it soon… and if I manage to get ahold of them, it’s going to hurt a LOT. Next step, dollfies? Our bank accounts weep whenever we think about these things XD

    • gundamjehutykai said

      The Liquidstone figures are nice, but take it from me, they = PAIN!!!!

      I got the liquidstone fate kit a while back and it was so much work putting her together (they don’t come complete like the one Meronpan got). She is awesome tho. I really need to get an accompanying nanoha tho…

    • meronpan said

      it’s amazing how far fandom will take one’s wallet ^^; interested to see the liquidstone stuff, don’t think i’ve seen much of that around.

      dollfies… while i’ve gone from ‘ewww dolls’ to ‘waa, kawaii’… still a significant hurdle before i ever buy one. my wallet is safe for now ^^;

  9. What the fudge? What happened to her face? I think I like my Gift Saber’s face better than this lol. The rest of it is pretty good though. I guess this is not the vmf that this other company made… who was that now? Taki?

  10. Leonia said

    Nice version of Fate. She is dynamic ^^ But I prefer Volk and Alter version ^^ I’am waiting the first (set of three with Vivio ^^). Nice pictures!

    • meronpan said

      hard not to prefer the volks or alter versions :P on the other hand, there’s only one reason to get this version which those releases lack: you can pose her! now is that worth the price when there’s a (albeit much smaller) figma on the market?

      …that’s how i’ll be approaching the review if i ever get around to shooting it ^^;

  11. Blowfish said

    10000 Yen? Whew!
    This Series is called Butto and Kuro Figure Collection? :P

    She doesnt look worth the money but on the other Hand the Medicom Real Action Hero figures arent worth the money either.I own the Rei RAH figure,I bought discounted 60% in the beginning of my figure collectors career and shes crap…The Plugsuit totally restricts movement >.<

    Atleast Fate is fully Poseable :D

    • meronpan said

      i think at $40-60 this release might be competitive with figma. the larger scale is really awesome and the added detail in the hair is welcome. however that all assumes you like the look… and the price is way higher so… yeah. ^^;;;

      but yes… gak! if i don’t get my review done soon everything i have to say will be in these comments haha

  12. Roy said

    Was this a case of impulse >.> or just easing the pain of a long awaited Fate ^^ ouch 10000 yen,never heard of the company and never will ^^

    She looks too…grown up I guess,idk,the swords are cool though :D maybe get a dynamic Fate and then pose this too copy or sorta look like she’s fighting her clone, Fate(PVC) vs Fate(This one) ^^

    • meronpan said

      prolly a bit of both :P

      i don’t think cm corporation is that small/no name of a company… they have a link in hobby search’s side menu while freeing (!) does not. (weird, huh?) I’m only familiar with the fact that they make these poseable figures.

      but at any rate… again it looks like i’m in the minority actually liking her general look. and isn’t fate supposed to be grown up in strikers? ^^; of course, to each his/her own

  13. I skipped out on this CM Fate, I guess that was a good decision after all. Thanks for the pics.. now I know I won’t have to regret not gunning for this Fate chan

    • meronpan said

      exactly, see? I’m taking one for the team lol

      But really i’m not even dissatisfied enough to try and sell her… it’s just that i wish she wasn’t so frikkin’ expensive ^^;;;

  14. Hahaha, that last shot of her looks like some serious camel toe action going on there! But I agree with the others, this doesn’t look at all like Fate. The sword is a very nice accessory though.

    • meronpan said

      i was never that into the art in strikers so perhaps that’s why the figure doesn’t look off to me ^^;; given all the similar opinions above though, guess she’s got issues haha.

      the accessories are indeed very nice. adds a third zamber form bardiche to my collection ^^

  15. phossil said

    Im not sure If I would be interested in this figure. My only interest is having Fate in 1/7 and posable but in that case I would chose a Figma or Revoltech figure instead.

    The funny shot was the low angle (with odd pantsu)

    • meronpan said

      seems that with all posable figures pantsu shots look terrible ‘cuz of the joints ^^;;

      figma or revoltech will definitely get you more bang for the buck ^^;

  16. Yi said

    It’s not a bad figure. I think my main problem I have with it is that it looks kind of thick overall. Her thighs are fatty and too large compared to her calfs, and her shoulders are wide. In general, her proportions are just not to my taste.

    • meronpan said

      i did notice that the arms seem to be a little separated at the shoulders which might be contributing to the width there… not sure if it’s my lack of attention to anatomy or just different tastes but didn’t really notice anything about her proportions ^^;; ah well. i think in the end, if nothing else, volks & alter’s fate will just stand out that much more :P

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