State of the Preordered Union

Posted by meronpan on April 27, 2009

Been a pretty quiet month for me, figure-ordering-wise.  I track/limit my purchases based on the month I place the order, rather than release date, and because of that… I’m nearly out of April without placing an order!

Pic from official listing (click to go there)

Pic from official listing (click to go there)

…And it figures just as I’m writing this I get the GSC newsletter officially announcing the World is Mine Hatsune Miku release orz.  Ok, well I *almost* got through the month without placing an order.  Dark brown frame for me ^^

Yes, as implied above, I’m gonna order her.  Can’t resist.  After joining nico nico and seeing the countless miku videos, my casual fandom has leveled up… no way I can pass this up now.  There’s just an amazing community of folks producing original stuff and talented singers to let you enjoy each (popular) song twice as much!  Think I’ve… yes, I’ve posted previously on my current favorite, うさ-san’s rendition of world is mine… thanks to aaron for alerting me to romeo & cinderella… rin fans may like 炉心融解 (niconico, youtube)… I’m probably just scratching the surface, seeing as how I’m pretty new to all of it ^^;

Anyhow, miku aside… at the moment I have 16 orders open, though Lulu just shipped ^^

click for listing @ hobby search

click for listing @ hobby search

…sakura is in stock too… hopefully metatron will join her soon ^^

The complete gang, detailed on my tsukiboard is as follows… (pics from official sources… I think they’ve all been linked sometime… in the past… ^^;;;;)


Now that most of the StrikerS gang has been covered and my collection has engulfed most of the characters from series I was/am really into… think I’ll be able to make it through the year without going broke ^^;

I like graphs… let’s look at this year’s spending so far…


The blue line represents the % change in spending.  i.e. 0% means I spent the same that month as the previous month.  Or -50% means I spent half as much.  The first column is labeled “Avg 2008” – that’s the average amount per month I spent in 2008.  The faint red line are the actual dollar values, but without a corresponding axis to hide my shame :P (not that it would be hard to calculate).  Basically you can see that except for march, I’ve been making some good progress towards cutting back.  April would’ve been a zero if it weren’t for world is mine :P  Though I must mention that while I didn’t place many orders, April had a great deal of arrivals which was outstanding ^^

How’s your spending been looking?  Lately I’m seeing less and less at wcloudx‘s site that gets me all jazzed up… though multiple release annoucements have snuck up on me in the past.



32 Responses to “State of the Preordered Union”

  1. YuKi-To said

    Yea lately not much figures that I want to order, it was during March-April where I ordered a lot >..<

  2. optic said

    U should be getting Holo soon as I realised she was released just yesterday.
    I’ve got about 3 along the way and a few preordered but I look very close at my budget month and see if I have to make cut backs a few days or weeks before they are officially released.

    • meronpan said

      you were right, just got the payment request from hlj ^^

      generally i try to prebudget the items ‘cuz i hate canceling orders… still wish i had gotten shiro ;_;

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Wow, most of the figures in your preorder list are expensive. You sure you can handle them all?

    Anyway, for now i have March – May with 2 figures per month (including those Max’s Haruhi extravaganza figures), and other than that is GSC’s Moka and Alter’s Fate Sonic.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i make sure i’ll have the money ahead of time. wouldn’t want to abandon anyone ^^;

      i’m trying to cut back to 2 figures or less a month ^^; my first year was explosive, and was lucky to get a nice bonus at work… this year i don’t think i’ll be able to count on anything like that orz

      glad to see more fate orders in the wild ^_^

  4. Leonia said

    There are too many beautiful figurines to appear. It’s necessary to choose, even if it’s unpleasant.

    I have cancel Subaru, and I was not able to take Narika and Fate to Alter, and Nanoha de Good Smile (so expensive!). On the other hand, I hope I can buy Horo, she is so sweet..

    • meronpan said

      doh, that’s too bad… i put alter at the top of my list so they would be the last to go ^^;

      i’m curious to see horo in person… i ordered her even though i wasn’t 100% satisfied with the face. hoping to be pleasantly surprised ^^;

  5. ELTboy said

    Not getting World Is Mine because of the frame. And I had to take Lulu off my list to save my wallet’s sanity. I have 19 figures (and counting) on pre-orders up till August. That’s really crazy but I just can’t help it. ^^”

    • meronpan said

      now that you mention it, yeah, i could do without the frame too. however, i’m too in love with the song & illustration to back down ^^;

      19 is awesome ^^ that’s where i was a couple months ago… definitely know the ‘can’t help it’ feeling ^^;

  6. fabian said

    So far Saber Lily is my only pre-order. I’m interested in Alter’s Fate too, but her release is a little close to Saber’s plus the time my university wants to milk my wallet again. There will probably be a re-release of Fate so there might be a second chance to get her at a halfway sane price.

    • meronpan said

      ouch university is definitely hard on the finances… it would’ve driven me crazy trying to work figures into my budget ^^; i guess that’s why i got into manga then… i couldn’t read japanese very fast back then so 1 volume would last a long time ^^;;

      given the popularity of the character, i’d agree a fate rerelease will probably occur… on the other hand i thought they’d do that for shuraki shall/char… hard to predict

  7. Shiddo said

    Nice another Miku ^^ tbh this one didnt got me like “I must get her!” but I admit its original piece.
    I am sure looking fwd for your Lulu and Horo shots. So far I am still thinking if get them or not ^^ Trying to save some money as well ^^

    But today they released Alters Yagyu Jubei and here Ive got another on preorder list -_-‘ But this set cought my eye with just character animations. Getting her and Senhime 100% ^^

    • meronpan said

      as i mentioned in the post… something about all the nico nico videos really got me into this release. gave that breath of life to the character and found myself refreshing the hobby search page waiting for the listing to show up ^^;;;

      i’ll be skipping the yagyu release since i’m not familiar with her at all. thank goodness or i’m sure it would’ve been an instabuy. ^^; hope you enjoy senhime. ^^

  8. T.I.P. said

    Not really sure how my pre-/orders are doing because I track them based on the month they’re released. I’ll have 2-3 figures coming in every month except for May where I can give my wallet some rest…hopefully. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be buying one or two figures in May. :( Otherwise, I’m really cutting back on spending as well because I’ve *almost* caught up with what I want.

    • meronpan said

      sounds like you’re at a pretty good pace too. so hard to get to the point where you’re just buying new stuff, but it’s nice to slow down once you’re there ^^

      hmm thou that does remind me i haven’t decided on the freeing kanu… gah

  9. Q said

    You are getting both Volks and Alter Fate?! o_O

    I rarely preorder, so tracking and managing it is pretty easy for me ^^; Just Alter Fate from a local shop preorder and that’s it. Despite the benefits of preorder I still tend to buy them directly from shops whenever possible, and saves me a bunch of shipping fee too (but of course not all kinda of figures are available in Hong Kong).

    On the other hand, figures are getting more and more expensive these days due to the improved level of details and craftmanship. The chance of me getting more after Fate is getting slimmer and slimmer…

    • meronpan said

      but of course! ^^;; actually i did hesitate for awhile, and at one point even considered getting the trio to get vivio… in the end… couldn’t turn her down, especially with her ability to swap between zamber riot and dual wielding… and after seeing her in akiba… glad i made that decision ^^

      i wish i had a local shop i could count on… unfortunately i don’t really have any experience with local stores here and i’m suspect of their ability to get figures given my terrible experience with kid nemo (which, though not local, is us based…). i guess i could pick a figure i’m not super anxious about and test a store out, but still… getting screwed due to cancellations left a real bad taste in my mouth… on the other hand i’d be saving a ton in shipping orz

  10. I’m not a huge fan of ordering online and always prefer to purchase at retail. But.. WHY IS THIS FIGURE RELEASED IN SEPTEMBER :'(. I’m going home at the end of August.

    I guess I could just be satisfied with Black Rock Shooter though.

    • meronpan said

      if i could reliably go to a store and purchase my figures in person, i’d be there in a heartbeat.

      argh, sucks that you’ll miss your chance to get this miku in person… any chance of an extension? :P

  11. Tier said

    My spending is out of control. That’s mainly a function of me finding a new job at the end of last year and thus having to catch up on all the figures that I wanted but couldn’t afford. I think I’ve got about a dozen preorders open and I haven’t yet decided if I want Saber Lily or Black Rock Shooter yet.

    • meronpan said

      playing catchup is what did me in from the start… so very dangerous ^^;; i was so on board the bandwagon for gsc’s saber lily… instantly preordered in my case ^^; strangely enough, though i eventually succumbed to brs too… wasn’t that into her for a while, despite having seen her in person.

  12. Been too focus on my Yoake character summary for me (finally about half way done with Estel Freesia’s summary) to keep tracks on all the happenings, I went to the post office to pick up Yami yesterday and I have yet to unbox her.

    Nice graph! But I am afraid I don’t want to chart my spending or I would go crazy lol. Out of your list of preordered items, I think we only have about 6 overlap. May be it’s a good thing that I am not too familiar with Miku, I think I am going to pass on the world is mine, cause she looks a bit evil to me ;x

    • meronpan said

      ooo nice yami get ^^ i need to find a more prominent display space for her (she’s in the back row on top of my detolfs atm orz)

      i think tracking everything and keeping running totals were the only things that prevented me from going bankrupt last year ^^; it gets scary pretty easily ^^;

      world is mine miku’s evil smile is part of her defining traits… being the biggest princess in the world ^^ stay unfamiliar while you can or you’ll be kissing more of your paycheck goodbye hehheh

  13. Yes, but so far I cannot attend to Yami yet, so she is still in the shipping box. I must maintain focus and finish Estel’s story summary first.

    I never track my spending, or I could have buyer’s remorse lol.

    Selective ignorant is one of my main trait ^^;

    I am somewhat attracted to BRS so I have preordered her but otherwise I only have one other normal miku figure. Well in terms of the evil smile, perhaps its because I play many eroge games, I always associate evil smile to bad end and 鬼畜 Kickiku. Not that I dislike 鬼畜, but her dress isn’t revealing enough for me to consider her as Kickiku.

    • meronpan said

      hahah i think in this case, the ‘evil’ is more along the tsuntsun ojyou-sama lines rather than bad end/kichiku ^^; maybe i should translate the lyrics in one of my japanese reading posts…

  14. Blowfish said

    Like i wrote already in Tsukiboard:
    We share quite a few preorders this year!
    Im thrilled how Sakura will turn out.Shell be my first Alter figure

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