Another Fate

Posted by meronpan on April 29, 2009

Hands down the most negatively received figure I’ve ever previewed but let’s finish up a full review for CM’s Corporation’s Fate Testarossa ^^;


If you’re reading about this release for the first time, you might ask, why all the fuss?  First and foremost I’d say is the price.  As previously mentioned, she retails for over 10,000 yen.  That fact alone kills the figure for most.  If not, there’s the issue of her appearance.  Most don’t really think she does Fate justice, adding further insult to injury.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a decently scaled posable version of Fate… your options are kind of limited.

My reasons for buying were quite simple…


As I mentioned to Wolfheinrich, taking one for the team :P  Buying insane figures so you don’t have to.  Ok well, so fine, maybe no one in their right mind was going to anyway.  Still though, I was curious :P

I’d say if they could’ve priced her at 5,000 or 6,000 yen she might be a more feasible choice.  Some people obviously wouldn’t buy her at any price due to her looks, but at least it’d be inline for figures of similar size.  I think also, being at such a premium might cause people to view this Fate a lot more critically than usual.  (or maybe I’m just being defensive :P)


Anyhow, let’s put price aside for now.  She’s way too expensive, that’s obvious… no need to dwell on it :P

Here’s what you get in the package…


Riot zamber, riot blades, yellow cord thing to connect the riot blades, 3 different faces, 3 sets of hands and a stand.  Err figma nanoha not included.


Still waiting for a figure with an LED lit blade ^^  At the moment I only know of one figure that comes with built in lights.

Probably the most disappointing thing for me about this figure was the range of motion.  Pictured below is about as high as her arm will go.  A far cry from the range of a figma or revoltech (check out the links for nice in depth coverage at The Inferno Project).


Leg movement was also somewhat disappointing.  Without an inhibiting skirt like the figma, I hoped that she’d have a full range of motion.  Alas.

Though I’m in love with Fate figures, I’m not too attached to her appearance in StrikerS… any deviation from that doesn’t bother me too much.


As such, this figure captures her character just fine for me, though your mileage will likely vary ^^;


Fate is happy to show you her riot blades.


Up close there’s nothing too special.  Obviously more detail in her hair than a figma but sadly things like her gauntlets are just simply bigger, no details to appreciate.  Finish on her hair is somewhat rough and the coloring would’ve fared better if they went for something more vibrant imo.




In the end I’m really just disappointed about the range of movement.  Looks and finish… I can live with that because those aren’t really the reasons I buy posable figures.  But if I buy a posable figure that I can’t pose as I like or easily… well then we have a problem.  Other problems included hands that were incredibly hard to switch (my fingers were raw after doing these shoots ^^; ) and the lack (missing perhaps?) of some sort of holding arm to pose her for mid air shots and what not.


cmfeito21 cmfeito22 cmfeito23
cmfeito24 cmfeito25

Size comparison with various gals from the collection ^^  The figma is about 2/3 the size of this Fate.  After making this I kinda want to do some sort of short stop gap animation :P

Didn’t even both looking for other reviews of her… but I’m sure they’re out there… she’s sold out at hobby search, so someone’s buying ’em :P

Do I regret buying her?  Surprisingly, not really.  I knew what I was getting into on the aesthetic side and the posability issues don’t trouble me as much as it may have sounded above.  How else was I gonna get my hands on one of these to try ’em out? :P  Won’t be buying any more CM’s Corporation stuff anytime soon at this price but, say sometime in the future if they’re at 50% the current price… Fate could always use company ^^



36 Responses to “Another Fate”

  1. optic said

    The good thing I can think off about this review is
    1) U experienced it first hand what CM figures feels like and
    2) Now other ppl know how crappy CM figures are.

    Still, it’s surprising she sold out at hobby stock. :s
    Must be the Fate fanbase. ^^

    • meronpan said

      knowing’s half the battle. ^^

      if only she wasn’t so expensive… if that hadn’t been the case i totally would’ve justified the purchase for the awesome accessories (no such thing as too many riot blades) ^^;

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Uhh… i don’t know why people bought this, and i think buying this figure is a waste of money. That’s why i never really can trust figure manufacturers beside MF, GSC, Alter, and Kotobukiya.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, maybe all of cm’s corporation’s revenue for this line of figures comes from first time buyers ^^; i find it hard to imagine putting down that kind of money for a second…

      no megahouse on your list? :P i’d say their stuff is dependable, especially if you trust koto ^^

  3. At 10,000 yen, I would expect this Fate to come alive and “service” me. Thanks for taking one for the team, I’m staying away from all CM figures now. Perhaps its sold out because they knew how bad it was going to be and only ordered a limited quantity to be sold in the first place.

    As for a figure with built in lights, my Hot Toys Iron Man Mk 3 has lights in the eyes, the chest arc reactor, and the repulsors in each hand. Although that’s not an anime figure I guess.

    • meronpan said

      hahah for a fate that provided that sort of service… i’m sure they’d charge a lot more :P

      think you’re right about a limited quantity explaining the sold out status… or maybe this somehow appeals to some ultra rich otaku population…

      now that you mention it i remember seeing that iron man around dc a bit back… leds make everything better ^^

  4. Q said

    I really thought that this Fate was just below 10k yen… Must have been my eyes…

    “Let’s see what these overpriced CM’s corporation figures are all about.” Interesting. Man, but I am still a little surprised that you actually went for it. The prototype shows her Zamber blade bending downwards due to gravity! I hope this isn’t the case for the real product right? Nanoha on the other hand seems to have slightly better proportions, or it could just be my eyes again.

    Now I’ve seen the damage on your figma Fate’s wrist. Quite a pain in the heart to look at, I have to say. >_<

    P.S. Nice gif showing comparison in sizes~

    • meronpan said

      crap did i forget to talk about the riot zamber? i did, didn’t i. think it was because i commented on it in the preview comments… anyhow, yes i believe it would probably bend if subjected to any sort of prolonged stress. the plastic isn’t very stiff. a small consolation, but i believe when we see fate wielding the riot zamber it does have the ability to bend, although maybe that was an energy wave… regardless, not that you’d want to have this accessory bent out of shape like that ^^;;

      i want to pick up a replacement figma fate but i can’t help but thinking, “why bother” since i’ll just break the new hands, i’m sure orz guess that’s another small positive to the cm corp version… i’ve had to apply extreme amounts of force to get the hands on and off and so far they haven’t broken :P

  5. I really did think about getting her… but your generosity in taking one for the team will not go overlooked, I guarantee it. My original plan was to get this CM Fate so she can duel with the Daigenguard model that I acquired back in March, but I think I will pass or your sacrifice will be for not. I think I will have a much bigger Feito chan to aim for in a few days time.

    • meronpan said

      glad to be of service ^^;

      i see from your tsukiboard you also have the alter and volks fate on preorder… but those were up for order a while ago… are you getting a dollfie or gk or something? ^^

      • Although it’s still premature for me to commit to a final decision, I am set to put in my lottery for Rin and Fate in the up coming dolpa event, the final decision will be determined by the dollfie that is already on her way to me. If the result is proved to be good, then it’s highly likely that my top five girls will all get the dollfie treatment.

  6. Rin said

    Even though I’m a huge Fate fan…I’m thinking about this figure…
    Not sure should I get this one this time…or I should get it in Japan…
    Still, really nice poses and photos!!!!!

    • meronpan said

      be sure to take a good long look at her before committing… there’s a lotta good figures you can buy for cm fate’s price ^^;;

      glad you enjoyed the review ^^

  7. “Sold out” doesn’t always mean that it’s popular though. Maybe they didn’t make that many and just enough people bought them lol. Oh and your link goes to Hobby Search, not Hobby Stock, just letting you know :)

    Either way, thanks for showing us what CM’s is capable of or incapable of ^^;

  8. Shiddo said

    Imho this one is a fail. I am not big fan of posable figs (specialy cuz i don like joints etc) except Nendos (mostly). But for example Figma delivers atleast nice visual quality for OK price. If this one was not so damn expensive I could close eye over the looks… but 10k ? wth… big joints big moneyz not thx ^^ atleast you will have spare swords ^^ nah i saw rly awful figures this one is still not in that category ^^ nice pics thru.

    PS: you monster! you cut of chibi figma fate right hand! ;_;

    • meronpan said

      perhaps it was my experience with figma that caused me to look into alternative posable figures. figma fate’s hand was the first of multiple hand breaks i’ve suffered through. really sucked because not only did i lose a grip hand, but it was the ball of the joint that snapped off and i was unable to remove it. == i can’t put any other hands in orz

      • Shiddo said

        try some pincette or little pincers it could go out possibly. or atleast looks like on the photo ^^ dunno how hard stucked it realy is ^^; 2nd option = superglue ^^;;

        or you could get her some hook… yaaarrr ^^;

        • meronpan said

          ah, you’re probably seeing the blutac i stuck in there to try and get something to stick ^^; the actual ball is really recessed in… there’s nothing to grap onto. i think at this point i’d need to either drill or pierce the ball and then somehow be able to pull it out…

          hahah i should just find a hook and superglue it on. it’d be my statement of disappointment towards figma hands ^^;

  9. phossil said

    I prefer figma fate if you ask me but I understan your characters love reason for buying this figure.

    • meronpan said

      if i was doing this over again, maybe i’d go for 3 figma fates ^^; figma have a nice balance of posability and aesthetics but (at least the earlier ones) have some series quality issues. either that or i’m really unlucky. at any rate, posable figures that break when i pose them == orz

  10. T.I.P. said

    Nice review of this CM Fate. Like you said, what bothers me the most is her insane price tag. I thought she would be a lot bigger than that. I am also quite surprised at her range of motion given that she doesn’t have anything to hinder her range of motion. Aside from that, I don’t see much problem with the sculpt on her in your photos, though people are usually more critical about something they don’t like. Thanks for taking one for the team meronpan. ^^

    Btw, thanks for the mention to my reviews. :)

    • meronpan said

      yeah, given the insane price, i’m was inclined to say something like, “if you’re gonna spend this much on a posable figure, you’re better off with a dollfie.” …unfortunately that takes the price problem to another level. evidently the dollfie will relieve you of over 800,000 yen. …so you can spend too much and get an ok figure or waaaaay to much and get a nice dollfie ^^;;

      always glad to link useful/interesting posts ^^

  11. Blowfish said

    Okay I admit I know nothing about the nanoha Series so i cant be turned off by the looks like many others.The main reason that killed her for me was the insane price for a poseable figure.
    It sucks that shes not as poseable as you expected but atleast shes more useful than my stupid RAH Rei -> http://www.flyingpussyfoot.com/2008/09/03/my-first-time-rah-rei-ayanami/
    The only thing you can do with her is move her arms…Stupid Plugsuit doesnt allow her legs to be posed different…

    • meronpan said

      yeowch, yeah not being able to move legs is a pretty serious offense for a posable figure ^^;

      alas cm’s corporation. i gave ’em a chance and they didn’t deliver.

  12. Yi said

    “Buying insane figures so you don’t have to.”
    Well said. Actually, it’s reviews like these that make me decide on which figures to look for/ avoid whenever I go shopping.
    Still can’t get over those manly shoulders though. And in the eighth shot, is that a vein popping out of her bulging biceps?

    • meronpan said

      lol hahaha now that you mention it, yes it kinda looks like that. just goes to show that i wasn’t really examining her as critically as i do static figures ^^; on closer in spection it looks like a seam between the top and bottom halves of her arm. not so great -_-

  13. Persocom said

    Well now we know the secrets of CM corporation. I’ll never buy a figure from them myself, but the size is much bigger than I expected. As you said, the price kills it, and I guess she could have looked a little more accurate, but it’s not too bad figure if you don’t factor the price in.

    • meronpan said

      it’s really the killer… i think my whole review was basically, ‘well, if you ignore the price,’ or ‘if you have money to burn…’ … ^^;; really isn’t the case for most ^^;;;

  14. Q said

    lol I wouldn’t have expected that CM’s doing a re-release of it in June:


  15. […] I’d say still a better deal than the even more expensive CM’s Corp fate i got […]

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